I hope you guys are doing fantastic and having a beautiful day. I know this. I shaved off my head. I had a lot of hair fall, you know and a lot of things so it’s just been, i think about four days, and i still have already i have hair so today. This vlog is all about the new drone that i own, which is from dji and it’s, known as a dji mavic air 2.. Now, what exactly i’m not going to do with the unboxing and everything on that as such, because i believe you guys have seen a lot of unboxing on youtube. So there’s, no point of me doing it once again, so that makes no sense. Instead, what i’m going to be doing is that i will show you how the drone looks from the inside, and this is the bag that comes with it, because i got the fly more combo, and this is how the packaging looks like the carry case or the Travel bag, whatever you want to call it, but i still just don’t, take it off like this. Instead, i put it in my small backpack, which makes it very much easy. So this is a 5 liter backpack, i believe, and it just fits in perfectly now. Let me just open up the drone and show you guys how it looks from the inside. So when you open up the travel bag, what you get inside is basically the remote control, which is the most important part of the drone.

Uh reminds me of my old days or my remote controller cars that i used to own, so i used to have a pretty big joystick, but then i used to have the other one. I don’t know if you guys ever use any kyosho, uh racing cars or tamiya racing cars, so they have the other one, which is like a gun kind of thing, and then you have to rotate it uh. You have to you know the left and right movement of the car like that, and then you have a trigger too. So this is a little bit different, but then it’s very nice. The build quality is perfecto. I got no complaints about it. This is how it looks, and then you have the cable over here where you can connect your mobile device. So i use a type c mobile device. So then, i have type c into type c, so that is the cable connector that i’m using right now and that’s, how pretty it is. So what do you have to do? So you just put your smartphone over here, and it just holds it quite well. Quite decent, i must say, and then you just plug it in and you can connect your dji drone just like that, you know and then the wire and everything goes in properly. So you don’t have to pull off the wire on and off from the remote controller. That’S, a very good thing, it’s, a plus point i should say so.

This is how it is you close it, and that is the very simple remote control. There are the sticks. The sticks are basically placed down below the joysticks, so you just need to screw them up over here and you’re good to rock and roll alright. So this is the remote controller, and aside from that, these are the mini batteries that comes with the drone. I got like three of them because it’s a fly mode combo so two outside and one with the drone. So you have a total of three different batteries and each battery can do about 30 minutes of flight time. But i wouldn’t recommend it let’s say at the max 20 minutes of each battery is more than sufficient is more than enough for me and i think it’s more than enough for anyone. You know so i use it for basically for my projects and all those kind of things it does a pretty decent job, so i think it should do a pretty decent job with you guys too. We have the the charging hub over here like this. This is how it looks you can place your batteries over here like this. So this is how you place your batteries, so you can put all three batteries at once and charge the uh the battery simultaneously. So that is a beautiful thing and you can get that done on the go. Secondly, i am sorry that i am not carrying my adapter today, but then the adapter is a simple adapter.

I don’t know if you guys want to see this is the image of the adapter, how it looks it’s a normal, pretty decent adapter does a quick uh charge to the device or to the batteries. The adapter basically charges your remote controller and it also charges your drone battery so which is a beautiful thing, and this drone includes an nd filter which i haven’t been using, and i don’t see a use of it as of now the dji branding on it. And this is how the filters look over here here we go. Can you see that that is basically the nd filters which uh i haven’t used yet, and i got some extra propellers with me: packed haven’t taken them off yet because these are extra additional i’m just carrying with me just in case you know, maybe god forbid. I have a fall or something so i’m on the safer side, the most important part, which is the drone yep. So this is the dji mavic air ii. So this is the branding of the drone and pretty nice drone. I should say it’s very compact, very small. This is the size of my palm, and this is the size of the drone that’s it that’s it. Let me give you a very quick example. This is my smartphone and then this is the drone which is about 6.6267 inches, if i’m not mistaken, so it’s under 7 inch, and this is how it is so it’s, very small, very compact in size and uh, which really fits in quite well and, most importantly, When you just open up the fold of the drone, this is how it looks it expands and it looks pretty decent.

You know, so the size is pretty good. This is how it looks. Obviously, before the flight you have to take off the gimbal cover, so it just like protects your gimbal, so you have to take it off before any flight or before. Turning on the drone itself, amazing, fantastic small compact, something rayleigh – that i need myself so in the upcoming vlogs or in the upcoming days or in the upcoming shoots, you’re going to see a lot of drone flight, and this drone believe me or not – i’m, using it. For commercial purposes and i’ve been using it on uh, you know for doing videos, commercials and all those kind of things and uh. This is doing pretty well that’s. What i can tell you and uh it’s, not something very confusing, it’s not to an advanced level, but it can do a lot of things and can help you in almost any aspect that’s. What i can tell you. So this is the amazing and the most beautiful drone that i have, which is very light, very compact, very small, so talking about the drone itself, it comes with an led light over here, so this is basically for you know, while landing you can just turn on This light, so it has a proper or maybe you have a proper view of the place and while it lands and uh. Secondly, it comes with the bottom sensors and it comes with the back sensors and it comes with the front sensors.

But yes, it doesn’t come with the top sensors, neither the side, sensors, but still does a pretty good job in tackling the you know the obstacles around it, which is a good thing. It starts beeping, crazy loud when it finds you know, obstacles in between uh. The subject or something so that’s a good thing, i should say – and you know that’s one of the very important points to have this kind of drone. I really don’t – want to get into the specifications or anything or how you can set the drone up or anything. That’S, nothing complicated, just download the dji fly, app connect it to your drone and it does everything by itself so that’s. How simple it is. You just have to make sure that the propellers are just uh. You know the mark. Propellers are supposed to be uh. You know placed on the marked uh motors, so that’s the most important thing, so a person like me didn’t take any time to understand how it’s to be done. So i think you can also do the same i’m, not very smart and very brilliant enough to understand this physics, so it’s very easy. I should say reason me going for this and not the dji mavic pro it’s, not um, so there was no, i mean like there was a difference in the price, but yes, why didn’t i go for the hasselblad sensor, um it’s, nothing complicated! Frankly speaking, i wanted something very small compact like this, and this could do a lot of things which were very similar to the mavic pro.

So i thought why to invest in the mavic pro it’s, not only for the one inch sensor, of course, and it has a lot of side, sensors and all those kind of things. But then this is the latest iteration from dji and they have put the most advanced level of electronics into this. So this is more like the recent one and the dji mavic pro is like the dated one which has been launched since the last two years. I believe, obviously uh the last two years. Dji has taken enough time to understand the flight technology and the kind of uh you know accusing program and what else? What not is included so there’s a lot of things that went into you know making this run and they have tried their best and they have perfected in making the best drone in the best price range and, most importantly, it has almost everything you know. I can’t understand that has a little bit more. You can have a little bit more play to that. It doesn’t have a fixed aperture, you can, you know you can change it. So there is a so that’s a whole different thing. I don’t want to get into the specific details and all that kind of thing but i’m just giving you an overview and overview idea, but this does a pretty decent job. You know, and i am basically satisfied. The most important thing is that flight time. Yes, i have it sensors.

Yes, i do and the range yes i do, it can fly quite far. Yes, it can, but then, if you have um, if you buy the mini 2 or the latest one from dji, which is the smallest one, but that uh in india they have come up with a restriction where it can only fly for 15 meters above ground level. So that is a very less amount of you know, height that it can take off, and i think the distance that it can go max is uh about 500 meters or something 200 meters, i’m, not really sure. But since it has been categorized as a toy drone and the government wants it to be like a toy itself, so no point of me buying that, though it’s a small drone. But then this you have more flexibility with this drone and you can do a lot more with this drone than the other drone and the distance that it can cover is about 10 kilometers radius. I mean like who does that you never do that, but then uh you have uh the you have the capacity to do that though i wouldn’t recommend it and what i’ve noticed so far by flying this drone is that when it goes to a certain height and Uh, like you could say about 200 meters away from you uh, you just lose the side of the drone i mean like it gets so freaking small, because when the drone is flying, it has a bigger footprint, so it doesn’t fly like like this.

Obviously, it flies like this so when this flies like this, so the only thing that is noticeable. The only thing that you can see is this part. So this is only visible for someone who has a good eyesight for about like let’s, say 100 meters, and i have a good eyesight. I mean, like i have a 20 20. I say, but thank god to that. Obviously, but then what i can tell you is that uh after beyond 140 meters, you cannot really i mean, like you, rarely can see the drone. I mean it gets so tiny. So if the drone is going about 500 meters away from you in the sky, you won’t be able to see it. So that is a challenge you know so for me to get the drone back or to understand where the drone was flying. So i had to press the home button so that the drone could come back, and so i could just see the drone somewhere close by you know, so i had to get it in the range of about 140 to 100 meters so that i can uh. You know see the drone with my naked eyes, so this is uh my take and my personal uh opinion on this dji mavic air i’m. In love with this drone, i, like the drone it’s a brilliant drone. Uh has a lot of functions has a lot of functionality to it. You can do a lot of things with this drone, if you’re, using in the right way, because a lot of people misusing the drone.

Today we are suffering from this drone. You know, regulations and all those kind of things, so please just be sensible, uh citizens or wherever you live in any part of the world, but just be very careful. Wherever you fly the drone, you need to have a proper permission that’s more than better. I mean like, if you are basically shooting in a project or in a in a closed space, just make sure that you have the permission from the authority or the concerned uh department of the person that uh who owns that place. So that’s my personal opinion and my personal take on this beautiful drone. I love this drone. I got no problem, i got no doubts on it and i have yet enough time and enough hours to fly this drone and uh to give you a better understanding, but this is my first take and my first understanding of this beautiful drone uh, i don’t know If you guys are layman or you guys, don’t know how to fly this drone, you still can’t fly this drone. I mean this is how easy it is. But then i still wouldn’t suggest you to buy this drone rather go for like something mini so that you can display on your hands. You can get used to how to fly the drone and all this kind of thing if you know how to fly an airplane. It’S very simple to that or if you know how to fly a helicopter it’s even better, you know it’s the same theory.

Actually, the physics is the same, so that’s how easy it is that’s what i can tell you and uh yeah, so that’s like it for today’s, quick and short episode just to let you guys know how the drone is and how it’s doing and how it looks And what i think about the drone personally so yeah so that’s like it and i’m going to catch you guys in the next episode. If you guys have any questions, you want to ask me anything regarding the drone, my camera gears whatsoever. Please feel free to contact me and i’m going to catch you guys in the next one till then take care of yourself.