I work for the faa and was really surprised to see this tiny drone have adsb. It has all the features of some of the best more expensive drones out there. Ive only had it a few weeks, and there are so much more to play with i really like the e5 shot im a photographer and love the dynamic range you can achieve with a five shot hdr using the eep feature. I also turned on raw for all the photos, as i noticed, some of the jpgs had an odd tint to it, probably from guessing what the lighting situation was shoot and roar, and you can select cloudy sunny, etc in post. Videos are really neat and im still learning. The drone felt a whole lot better made than it looked online. Only con so far is my dogs want to attack it and no side or back sensors to prevent collisions in all directions, but if it did have them, it would leave nothing for the pro versions. However, it sees ahead while flying and compensates very well rewriting this review, so i got a replacement drone and it is extraordinary. The camera quality is exquisite and controls are simple. The technology is right on the money. I wholeheartedly endorse this product. The one i got in the mail did not lift off the ground. I had to request a replacement will update when i get the new one. This is my first ever drone and i love it.

Ive been wanting a drone for quite a while and im so happy. I waited for this. Gem produces great quality and captures nice photos was pretty impressed with it. Considering im a beginner at flying.