The drone reviewer here, if you like the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell. So you dont miss any future content. With that lets begin. The other night i hosted rotor talk, live and was joined by mr marcus crawford and mr ron braun. We spent the better part of the evening discussing all about the rumors regarding the dji mavic 3s. We also discussed the gps issue at length and why it still is rearing its ugly head and also why we havent heard anything regarding the dji mini 3., so without any further ado lets roll that clip in its entirety. There is talk and im going to show you guys an article mavic 3s theres strong rumors, that a mavic 3s is coming. I kid you not. This is not an april fools joke. Okay, its not april 1st, guys, okay, its, not an april fools joke. This. Is this is real stuff and let me go ahead and get this article up? Okay, because when i saw it i was almost looking like. Is this april 1st – and i know hey, kestelu and hey doesnt, pull your chain with stuff: okay, hes, not that kind of person, okay um! So let me go ahead and share this, because this is this is some incredible stuff here all right, dji mavic, 3s rumored for a possible fault release. I was like i see this out there and im, like you have got to be kidding me is this: is this for real and lets go through what the rumored specs are and see whats going on here? Okay, now you know im going to read part of hayes.

Article now remember everything that you see on here its out on billa jones, reviewer, facebook group and page all the articles links to all everything will be out there, so you can look at these later. Okay, mavic 3 has been plagued by missing features since it was released in fall of 2021 drone maker dji has been playing catch up with firmware updates to make the drone live up, promises at time to launch one of the biggest gripes in both professional hobbyist drone Pilots has been incredibly long time. It takes for the mavic 3 to establish satellite connections, so presumably the yet to be released. Mavic 3s is going to fix all the problems. Okay, now mavic 3s s stands for satellite makes sense. Doesnt it no kidding aside ggs rumored to be working on a new version of the mavic 3.. It would be called the dji mavic 3s and offer a number of improvements. One. The sensor for the telephoto camera would increase to one inch to the main battery. The main camera would would remain unchanged. Three, the battery capacity would be increased by roughly 15 percent for a longer flight time. The release of the mavic 3s might be as soon as this fall or quarter one of 2023 and the mavic 3s might come in different color options. Now, please keep in mind. These are very early rumors and thus likely to change. We first wrote about the mavic 3s in december of last year.

Fyi, the dji mavic 3, has a one half inch cmos sensor for its secondary camera with a telephoto lens. As far as the satellite problem, the current mavic 3, it seems that the latest firmware update has not resolved the issue for all pilots. Initial user feedback is mixed, to say the least more about this in a later post, and we all weve already talked about that. In the meantime, what do you think of the mavic 3s arriving on the market, something to look forward to? Is it too soon and should dji focus on cleaning up all the issues with the mavic 3 before launching yet another drone, or do you think it makes sense? The air, 2 and air 2s were launched very close after each other. The same goes for the mavic mini and the dji mini 2.. They were about one year apart. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below wow wow. All right, wow, just you know, were all you know were all into the into the world. You know you know all in all, all in the mavic mini three: okay were all in mini three mode and were waiting out there with beta breath to look out on the fccid database nothings out there. Oh cedar lab quiet as a church, mouse, okay, nothing out! There were not seeing a thing: okay and then boom. This hits all right. So now you can see why all right this is.

This is exactly why were not hearing anything about the mini three, all right its because you know theyve kind of i know the mini three is going to be a great seller for them all right. You know that thats not not going to be be an issue. Okay, this – what happens here? Okay with this okay, these are tied in these – are tied together. All right dji is not going to be doing this without just costs all right. I can tell you that now steven ewing just put up there uh, surely that that is admitting a liability that theres a major problem. This cannot be legitimate, leaves them open for so many losses: stephen youre right, thats, a thats, a very good point. Um. You know um this forum, article seemed very accurate in terms of describing whats going on here, and you know this is one of those things. Did you guys give any expectations on how long gps shots will take the lock dont think so the chips are working case closed. Um, i dont know floyd, you know its. You know some people see it some people dont um. You know church and mouses in my neighborhood are very verbose, yeah yeah, i i kind of think so. Okay, i i agree with you: okay um. You know that is a good point floyd. That is a really good point. Um. You know from from everything now that were reading and with that the great information that bill thomas forwarded to me.

You know this is this look could be a two pronged issue, not only the software but the hardware: okay and the chipset and um. You know and like you just said, you know stephen ewing, you know this could open up dji to a whole host of issues um, you know and cost them a boatload of money now lets lets. Go lets remember this here: okay, the mavic 3, all right! What has been is, and not the cinever and were not going to talk to sooner version. The standard version is the most expensive consumer drone they have ever made. Okay, mr ron brown, how are you, sir mills uh im good tonight? Sorry, a little late. I had a little bit of a audio problems and uh sound problem, theres a band playing right outside the things that had the sequester to the bedroom. Here, to get some that i didnt want to sound like i was coming from a party. It wasnt no its not its a its a italian thing going on down at the uh im gon na call it the pool area and they got live music and everything like that. Theyre playing a lot of good old songs that you and i would like from the 60s and 70s, but i dont think that you know the uh. The drone audience would particularly care for him, though probably probably not uh, you, you were probably right. Um were talking about the revelation today that we found out from hey kestelu that there is a mavic 3s on its way, supposedly and supposedly its going to fix this gps issue, and i got to thank bill thomas.

I dont know if he forwarded the article to you, but he did to me. It was from one of the dji forums about what whats going on with that and it was very detailed and i spent some time going over it and again. I want to thank bill for that. That is really educational and finding out things, and you know i have to believe it is part hardware. It is part software um. You know and weve brought up the point in the discussion which uh steven ewing is right. You know this could open up dji to a whole host of lawsuits and um. You know just some ang really angry customers uh. You know i i hope im giving good information here bill. I think hey castle has already drove xl, has already uh come up with a uh, an article since that, where hes talking about um something original doughboy said in his video and its, not everybody, but a commenter on the videos made some kind of comment. Anyhow, i i in the article so long and so detailed. I did not get to read it all before i went to show, but i think weve already got kind of an update uh on that original article about the was somebody disputing some of that um. So um i i dont have a link for him. Sorry, i looked at it right before i ate dinner. I didnt have a time to read the whole thing, but it may be even more updates.

Wow, okay, im gon na go but um yeah yeah its breaking news all the time on this bill uh, you know my only question is bill. If it it okay lets get into the the nuts and bolts bill. Um, the the the post that caught the forum comment, the guy described that they had a shortage of their usual gps chips and they used the automotive gps chip. Have you covered that bill? Yes, it doesnt have as much on board memory. Okay, that i buy all that, but then why doesnt everybody have the same: uh gps, lock time? Why is the times? What, if that? Okay, if that throws out the excuse that thats gps salads, then why do some people in different regions get faster times than other people do if its not gps, satellite related, because they were all using the same automotive chip? Should they all have roughly about the same gps, lock time bill? Yes now i i got that article up right now and im going to go, go ahead and share that and thank you for calling my attention, and i think this is some important information to share with you its a lot to unpack in that thing, thats, why? I didnt have time to market welcome marcus. Now very apparently, it said dj removed the entire thr on the official forum. Ariels up two posted a very lengthy, detailed possible explanation to what may be the cause of the mavic 3 gps issues.

Dji removed the entire threat and even proceeded to ban aerials up to from the dji forum, allegedly because ariels up to was trolling the drone maker with various accounts um, which is very interesting, because, let me let me look at this here. This is this is from snoopy too this isnt ariels up too, and this is a very lengthy, detailed explanation, its the same essentially bill and – and i im just telling you, i think, the guys after clicks thats what i think yeah, i think, youre right. I i think, youre right about that now um, you know he gets into talking about. I mean it really what youre seeing here this is pretty much what i had gone through talking about the ephermis data, um medtechs counter perspective, not gps, chipset expert, so its hard for me to say this correct or not. However, medtechs response to the above post, spoiler alert mad tech, who knows a thing or two about tech. Cesaros up to is completely wrong in the comments on original adobos youtube channel. So here we go uh. Can the article on gta 4 is not factually correct? People are so desperate for info theyre, just starting to make stuff up the chipset theyre using is the same its just the automotive version that has higher compliance requirements for car use uh. It says the m80 30 no matter. The version has the same gps performance. The another industry version simply costs more for those applications, usually with higher temperature requirements and designed to comply electronic councils.

Various grade specifications um. I see i put a big post there and he removed it with the thread 99 of what he is saying is totally wrong. Theres, a lot of hype and fake around info around this right now its getting silly, because dji has an issue but its not specifically related to the automotive chipset. This was my full response to him, um and – and he goes into the response here – thats what you call a specious explanation. It sounds logical, it sounds really good, but its just a bunch of baloney. You know you know its right and you know youre right and you know i think it it hit. You know it, it fooled a lot of us. You know we really thought. You know that this was something that made sense. This was something that you know. This was an explanation for things, but you know the curious thing and im gon na say this and pose this to both you guys, okay, with the news of the of the mavic 3s on the horizon. Here you know and and also and likely too – and i know you guys have have noticed this and you addressed it. You know theres been its been quiet about the mini three. There hasnt been a peep, no nothing fcc id database social has been quiet. You know um, the other guy on there hes been quiet, theres been nothing out there, so their kind of their attention has probably been directed toward this good battle or bill bill you, but do you buy my theory at all that they wont lose the mini three Until this salad issue is resolved, because if the mini 3 has the same salad issue as the mavic 3, its going to be a much bigger deal because uh 10 to 1 people are buying more mini threes and they are a mavic 3.

Oh, i agree 100 and its if we think its a big issue now wait until people go from their mini to where they get satellites in 30 seconds to the mini three, where they get in four or five minutes uh, when they upgrade uh its going to Be could we say revolution bill or yeah, yeah youll, see, pitchforks and – and you know, torches – and you know the the the faithful will will be in mass with something like this, but i agree with you 100 on that ron thats why the mini three talk has Stopped theyre focused their heads down. They want to get this right, they dont want to screw it up, because this is their. You know, and i said before you guys came on you know this is their most expensive consumer drone theyve ever made all right. You know not even talking about the cina version, just the regular version, its the most expensive, its over two thousand dollars and their markup is. This is the consumer drone they make that they make the greatest markup on yeah, and i think ron has made this point. Many times that was the start of what got people off on the wrong foot with that drone people were shocked by that price, initially and – and and of course, weve all talked about this, since when you analyze it, it really isnt that expensive, but it it seemed Like it when it came out – and i think that kind of put a sour taste in peoples mouth and as ron has said many times its now – the drone that people love to hate yeah, even ken, even ken herron, agreed me when i said at the boardwalk.

He he agreed wholeheartedly with that and i and a lot of the hate towards the mavic 3 gp issue: gps, slow, slow gps is you comes when people dont even have a drone, its just a way for them to the stockpile they theyre out to get it Anyway, so they just stockpile once again a lot of gps. Hate comes from people, they dont even have a drone. Now again, a lot of people do the drone and theyre legitimately upset by it and thats. Okay. They you know, theyre theyre allowed to be upset by the gps. Usually they paid their money. They had expectations uh bill just for uh get a benchmark. Today i did a gps lock test on the mini 2 in the exact same location that i did the mavic 3 two days ago, uh and the mavic 3 that day got it in a minute 40 seconds, which is totally acceptable for most people. But the mini got it in 40 seconds same exact, spot same time of day same weather conditions and beat it by a minute yeah, so right bill. I want to add so the reason that you buy a drone like this. I took it up today. I was just uploading some video off of it. I took it up into the boise foothills up into the mountains 36 mile, an hour winds guys. I i had. I had gps lock in about a minute and a half took the drone up, flew it around up in the mountains, 36 mile an hour gusts, the drone didnt even know it flew excellent.

I was able, because of the obstacle avoidance because of the intelligent return to home, that this drone provides. I was able to fly it down into some draws and things like that, but i guarantee i wouldnt do with a mini drone, because if you lost contact with that that things going to turn around and smack right to the side of the mountain, whereas this guy Will fly out, you know over the top, but again ocusync 3 excellent connection, so i totally get the problems that people are having with gps, its a legitimate complaint, but the other than that and ron has said the same thing. This is by far the best drone ive ever owned. I agree, but but what i say is okay. Once you get this drone once you get your lock and you get up about 50 feet in the air, its the best drone, i own or whatever. From that point on, or whatever once its up and and pull my, i usually get 1920 salads on the east coast when im when im flying around when it gets it all the way in and thats good enough. It comes back. I get precision a lot. Ive been precision landing lots of times. It knows exactly where i am so again once once you get those lock and you get in the air. It beats everything else that i own out there and marcus agrees. Yeah. One more point that ill make is: you know theres people that are very unhappy with it return the drone send it back to dji if its.

If its an issue for you i mean the the great thing about dji is theyve got a great return policy. Send it back hey you put lawrence come out there. He he once raw in um in the tel in the long lens mode did. Did you see one of the three s rumors? Is that the the tele lens is going to be a one inch sensor in the in the 3s mode? That would be awesome because ill tell you i the bit. One of the biggest complaints i have with the drone is. I am not super happy with that. Zoom, even when youre cropping on that micro, four thirds sensor, it doesnt take very long for it to look pretty rough and pixelated and then it pops from four by two seven by and i hate that jump i dont know about you guys. I hate it when you get that jump from four to seven yeah, uh and and then the seven looks really good and and ill give that a buy, as you start zooming into 28, hey, how good is it gon na get yeah, but my air 2s? I, like the crop zoom better on my r2s than i do on the mavic 3.. I agree marcus because ive noticed the quality on both and the air 2s, its just that that zoom its just its just its sharp its clear i mean up until like the last iteration, you know, youre getting some really good stuff from the air 2s versus the Mavic 3.

. I agree i agree and marcus if i, if i didnt, think i needed like a real long zoom, i wouldnt even turn the tele lens on. I would just use the regular lens on the on the mavic 3, where it could stop at the four by or whatever, and not even go over, like like you just and if i thought i was gon na really have to zoom long. I would just start at 7x and not not take that jump, that youre talking about thats unpleasant right, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. Well, you know again, you know ron really kind of nailed it here. You know the the the the wheels have been stopped. The wheels of motion regarding the mini three right now, because everything their heads down theyre focused they want to take care of this issue with the mavic 3.. Okay, it needs it needs full on attention all right, because you know if ron can attest to it. Markets can attest to it. I can as well. Okay ive, never flown a drone like the mavic 3 before all right. The stability in the uh up there is phenomenal. I had 20 25 mile an hour winds, nothing. It was nothing for this drone. Okay, the quality, the video coming back; okay, just no, no special modes, no hyperlapse, no, nothing just the quality, normal quality like 4k, okay or 1080p, its stellar okay uh on even even on cloudy days. Okay, the detail is there, the sharpness is there.

The colors were good, okay, not having to do anything in post to it. I mean it just it just really kind of popped. It was great. You know and thats one of the things that i like about this drone and then the battery life. Okay, thats. One of the things people dont talk a lot about the battery life on the mavic 3, but its a kicker. Okay ive only got two batteries guys. You know thats all im, bringing you know its all going to be in my case, because you know what i dont need more than two batteries. I really dont, because you know the runtimes that i get with this are insane okay, i dont need more than two batteries. I really dont yeah yeah, no thats a good point bill, i mean um, it gets it gets lost in the shuffle from the gps issue. Youre, just like you could both you guys mentioned the battery is fantastic. As marcus mentioned its performance in high wind, it is bar none, uh, uh uh, the best, in fact the real short story. I had a meet up with captain ray and tj alexander last week down here at the judo fishing pier and i got there and they were already there and they said ron. We got ta go to a different spot. We cant fly here its too windy. This is sunrise and it was a beautiful sunrise. It hadnt happened yet i could see whats going to happen.

It was clouds beautiful. I said guys. We got to stay here and catch the sunshine and captain ray said you go firsthand or whatever and i flew. I and i flew just as high winds like the day a day before, whatever i knew was good and i took the magnet there and said: listen guys were not going to go high and were not going to go far, but we can go high enough and Far enough to capture this beautiful sunrise, and they were amazed that that thing just got there and just stuck in the wind and i you know, i moved it back and forth and it didnt have an issue at all and then they got brave and they got Theirs out up in the air, i mean uh, but i i understand not not not believing it could do it, but marcus hes flown. He knows what it can do. I know what it can do and uh so theres theres two things that has gone for it over uh. You know so. People talk about the bad and not the good. With the mavic, 3 and thats. You know thats a shame that the gps thing messes up and marcus popped on right. We got done talk about it. I kind of even before that article came out that bill just read from from drone xl, i was kind of buying the automotive gps ship. To begin with, because, okay, if that truly was the fault of this gps chip being an automotive one night november, almost all of us would have the same gps lock time if we were all on the same chip, but i know, for instance, marcus gets much better Times than people on the east coast, and that wouldnt be the case if, if it was just a chip that chip overload thing, we all have five minutes four minutes three minutes whatever the time is, everybody would have roughly the same time.

So, for me, that kind of blew that whole uh theory out of the water right away – i mean you know i dont have any. I dont have any idea what it is. You know because it could be many different things, but that just didnt ring true to me because of the evidence of varying gps were not engineers are we ron were not about but were getting a holiday, but we did stay at a holiday inn express yeah yeah, But im going to take this guy to florida with me, and i know what its done for me here in idaho and in nevada. I flew in nevada as well uh, but when we get to florida well see ron because you have experience with yours, yeah bill, you have experience with yours and we can quickly. I cant wait to see you. I cant wait to see the difference in yours when you get to the east coast and you you compass calibrated, i i yeah i just cant, because youre thatll be the ultimate test, youve taken it across country and see you know what varying degrees and – and we Were trying to talk marcus last night, android nation and bringing his little all tail drone along, because a lot of us have never seen that nana but john, even if he doesnt bring a giant drone flyer promised to break his own bill. Youve never seen the nano either right. So no, i havent.

No, you loved it. Youd love to see the natto up close right, oh absolutely yeah! I i i kind of was confused. I was confused too now autel, you know, im not sure you know and ill say this, and this is no disrespect, but a lot of times. They try to translate pure chinese to english and it doesnt go well. Okay – and i think – and this is just me because i did take a look at it – it just didnt, sound cohesive, it didnt make sense um. You know i wasnt getting anything really out of it ron i mean i, i read it and i wasnt getting anything like whats it doing. Okay, you know, besides the standard, fix issues, blah blah blah kind of stuff. I mean i i understand it was going to add hdr but didnt say which droid was that in hdr too yeah. I read that it had a it had 8 bit log color profile, but again i didnt understand which model marcus youre, the old youre, the all time man here now, uh uh, you probably have uh your uh pulse. You know pulse to the ground here or whatever. Youre saying yeah, im gon na finger on the pulse so to speak or irritable yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. So so what i im going to try and update it. In fact, right after the show here, uh and and see how the update goes and by the way i have two of them now, ive got the red one and ive got the orange one that autel sent me and the orange one.

Thank you all tell pals right the courtesy of alltel pilots yeah no kidding but uh. The the hdr should be interesting. So anything to me that improves the video quality man im all in right now now is. They said the tracking is only on the light which again people were complaining about this drone that it wasnt ready to go right out of the box. These autel drones theyve had all these features that they promised in all of their ads. At least dji told us when you get it its not going to have them ill. Tell you marcus tell us how the tracking is on the mavic 3 thats, one of the things thats just absolutely phenomenal about it, yeah and in conjunction with the phenomenal uh uh obstacle avoidance, its just its just worry free anyway, that so that, but the the the Autel youre not gon na get that tracking. Yet on the nano you will get it on the light. But if, if that hdr improves the video, ah man im all in got a question for both of you, guys: okay, the this mavic 3s, that that theyre talking about what do you guys think about that whats your? What are your thoughts about that? Go ahead? Ron uh: well, i think uh who was it is it? Is it ken kendo that posed that in his video he said if they release a mavic 3s in the fall and the main improvement is mavic 3, as it gets salads faster uh that i you he has? Will that be a slap in the face? I think that will be a slap in the face: everybody that was an early adopter and bought the mavi 3 um.

You know, and – and i know people are going to say well – they should offer an upgrade program yeah. They should but theyre no theyre, never going to offer upgrade program theyre going to educate, nor that they, you know, act like nothing ever happened with the mavic 3 and you got to pay another uh uh well, theyll bump the price up a little bit, uh 23.99. For the the s model or 25.99 for the s model, uh, like marcus, said earlier, i mean, if youre really that unhappy, you should contact whoever your dji or whoever bought the drone from uh, send the mavic 3 back now and wait for the s in the In the fall of course and thatll be delayed, so it wont come in the fall, it may actually come in the winter or early 2020, so youll be without a premium drone for probably quite a long time. Yeah youll get it on like december 27th or something yeah, yeah yeah thats my thoughts. I i i mean like, like uh ken said when, when when uh hi kessler puts an article out like that or whatever i mean uh, he he he may have, he may have the fine details wrong, but hes probably not awfully too raw long on some on A drone coming out so im going to say it probably is marcus. Well so ron, you said it earlier. The thing that would get me excited about a 3s is an improvement on that the zoom and the things that we talked about earlier.

If i could get good solid crisp zoom in man, that would thatd be huge and look and laurens raw photos on the zoom right and yeah lauren wants raw photos, yep yep, i i agree we, you know, you know for me and i got to want to Add this on top and i and i concur 100 with what both of you guys said, but for me right now: okay, you know my dad always used to say if it aint broke, dont fix it. Okay and you know my mavic 3 – is running fine. Getting good battery life im getting great video from it taking great stills, you know what its gon na youre gon na have to really press a heart, its going to have to be a hard case for me to go ahead and sell my mavic 3 right now And pick up pick up a mavic 3s but theyre going to have theyre going to have to up the ante okay. For me to do something like that personally, okay, its going to have to have that kind of camera improvement. Marcus is talking about its going to have to have lightning fast gps, and i mean, like click, your finger fast, its going to have to have that battery life. That theyre talking about like an added kind of battery life. To that um theres got to be more than just what were seeing right now: okay, uh, you know from what weve seen from the mavic 3 theyre going to have to up the ante its going to have to be youre going to have to have to have To have to really kind of sweeten the deal, maybe and im just throwing this out there.

This is just one of those things. Okay, maybe theyll have have a different smart controller for it too. You know who knows: oh there you go, but that bigger screen, yeah, hey bill. You mentioned about lightning fast, gps. Somebody, somebody told me: i never got a chance to go back to research, the um. What would you call it the build up to me? Somebody said when they advertise the 93: they advertised faster gps than that. I think youre right, that was one of the features, was quicker: gps, lock or whatever so uh right there and there. If you can find that fine print and you contact their support, you can show them that in their ad and say i need to return, because you put this in your advertising and and its not true. You know, and i can demonstrate the lock time in a video if you want me to ill, be right back shes, asleep and theres somebody ringing the front doorbell: okay, oh okay, all right! Maybe it may be all tell down there so uh yeah yeah yeah. I mean uh, i dont think you know, i i think the g i think the firmware update for the gps has helped. It definitely hasnt hurt me. But again, what do you? Everybody miles varies or whatever everybody has different results, but for me, ive seen a slight improvement bill whats your final verdict on the firmware update uh on the firmware update.

You know, i i think i think they they they. They may have addressed some of it, but not all of it. Uh you know, and and taking into account what weve just read and everything all right. You know it sounded good. It sounded good on the forum, it kind of made some sense, but you know the three of us are not engineering people. Okay, we dont have that. You know technical type of background to know what these chip sets actually consist of. The memories how the memories are worked on, if you add too much into something all right and i think what they did was they tried to force some things here with the software and thats personally thats my opinion. After reading what we did tonight, because im leaning more its more of a software type of a related issue, because i think they tried to force a little too much into this without properly testing it and i think thats, where theyre running in the problems of the Gps right now, thats my thats, my theory, thats a good one bill and and looking at that from a bigger picture. Okay, it it said lets, say youre, entirely correct on this: okay, it was released in november, and people are from at the mouth of november. Just think if the drone still wasnt out now just think that maverick 3 was unreleased at this point. What what? What would the community be saying right now that there was no? There was no mavic 3 at all.

We, it was just pure speculation. Still at this point, we havent seen the pitchforks and the torches and they theyd be walking down main street okay. Where is it? Where? Is it its? Not here its? Not here you know and – and you brought up, this is a fantastic point. You brought up ron because you know what its you know: they are every they will every bit as much cave in. To that you know, i dont want to call pressure, but you know the incentive to make sales, okay and a high dollar item without with a big markup on it. Of course they want to get that out there. Of course they want to get it sold. Okay – and this is what i think is happening here with dji okay, they kind of pressed the issue and havent we seen this before. Last year, the phoeni mini the infamous hubsan uh mini okay. You know they were forcing the issue and you saw the disastrous results that happened, but even even the all tile drones came showed up too early yeah again, you know, you know forcing these things too early. They need to like stop, refocus and say look. We need to get this right because we need the mini three to take off like hotcakes and not have anything coming out of the gate. Okay, not have any issues not have a gps issue, not having any kind of firmware issues: okay, but be ready to go when its.

You know when its sold and i think thats what theyre trying to focus on right now, focusing on taking care of the mavic 3 and this and focusing on getting the mini 3 right right. Getting that firmware. Uh issue correct: if the mini 3 has the same exact for you know: software chips or whatever theres the same software and hardware or whatever its going to have the same issue we dont, i we dont know this were just speculating. It may have the same stuff. Maybe it has different hardware. Maybe it has different gps software, but uh. If it has the same as the battery 3, then we kind of know why this uh the things like and bill just that whole scenario. You explained its amazing how a company, like apple, can release the new phones every year, the same week or whatever and year after year, they release the phone with no major hardware or software glitches or whatever, that that, like that, calls a problem like this or whatever Its its amazing how a company like that just somehow always always hits the you know, hits the date they have to hit and and and and and everybody has some kind of issues, but no major issues year after year question of the day.