It really does its very impressive. You can see her nipples, the color palettes nice yeah, the bikini is that is it wet? Is her bikini wet? I love it is that pink that is so pokey. She really needs to shave. Oh, were recording, oh god, Applause. I want to thank scott from sks video for loaning me, his mavic 3. His website link is in the description. First thing were going to do is remove the muzzle this guys little mask is magnetic. This is a really solid drone. Let me show you another thing: im impressed with gimbals on ill turn: it off watch it lock into place. This is off theres no power and its already locked into place like that, its like a parking brake. You can break it out its not going to hurt anything theres, some kind of evil magic going on in there. I dont know how theyre doing it with the power off, but its a very cool thing. Look how steady that is! I do like the warning. Beeps are theyre less annoying, but ill. Try to hit us in the face see it wont. It wont. Let you hit yourself in the face and for some people thats good. It does fly a little wonky, but, as you can see in the gimbal, it does compensate gon na bring it down and do a a reveal of this magnificent property. As we come up over the rise to reveal your new home.

This could be yours. Oh look at that its a beautiful little one bedroom, one hallway no stairs lets try the zoomy mode. Can you even hear it anymore, its so much quieter than the other mavics all right, so emma sue is over there in the field, sunbathing today on a 33 degree day, and we want to check out her new seven piece bikini. Oh two times zoom four times zoom, oh im, starting to see her arent you seven times zoom. Oh there, she is theres emma sue on her back porch. Looking all sexy, yeah 14 times. Oh, my goodness, you can see the polka dots in her outfit now. Oh emma sue 28 times zoom. Now we can start seeing freckles. This is perfect camera for the pervs Laughter, so you can pinch also yeah. Oh emma sue. You dirty girl. You dirty girl. All right here comes the car im gon na see. If i can track him and zoom – oh yeah, oh my goodness, keith is about to buy one of these go ahead. Keith you try it out. Man follow a car and pinch to zoom. You can see how good the zoom is. Oh wow yeah yeah its more controllable than i expected yeah yeah wow. Still at 37 percent battery weve been flying this thing all day. Ah man mavic 3.. Its awesome. Do you agree, it is awesome. Would you trade your pinky toe, oh yeah, if somebody really yeah, if somebody said cut off your pinky toe, well, give you one of these pinky toe, no problem yeah.

I might do it if they included the smart controller and goggle support theres, no goggle support. Yet on this controller, but its coming right – yes, its just one of those things that dji is like, oh not yet, but in the future. But still this thing is rock solid. It is good. Looking video is good. Looking whats the range on this little beauty, 10. Kilometers, i think it might be a little bit more than that, a little where you going bud. Ah dude! Well thats it thanks for watching thanks for subscribing until next time, hey boss. How did i do today good or what uh huh yeah like really good uh huh? Oh awesome cause. I know some people are worried about my price yeah yeah, yeah, no youre, a great guy. That dude is so horny toity i mean hes got a real food. Ah, stickers stickers, i hate stickers, these kind stickers stickers. I like stickers. Yes, i do oh ow stickers, damn it ow, oh stickers, stickers. I like stickers more than you huh well now, thats, weird its all tilted. Oh theres, no floor, oh theres hardly any floor. Oh, this is trippy theres, really no point of reference. The house is not, as they say, plum. I hope it translates in the video because it really is weird. This is worrisome actually thats, really a good zoom all right, let me just say, for the people worried about being spied on by a drone.