tv and if youre new around these parts, then ive made it my mission to empower tech enthusiasts to unlock their creative potential with technology and today were checking out the mavic 3. Again. This time were checking out the mavic 3 zoom, and what i mean by that is the mavic. 3 has two cameras. It has the micro four thirds that wide angle camera. It also has a telephoto camera. Now this is a zoom camera, so it gives you the full control to zoom as well as capture. You know, 5.1 k footage from the wide angle lens, so youve got the two camera systems. Unfortunately, you cant use them together, so you have to use one or the other, but when you go into the zoom mode you have a few options most of the features arent available until the january update, which is kind of annoying. But you can take photos and videos and the zoom is quite impressive. The telephoto camera has a half inch cmos sensor. It says that its capable of digital zoom up to four times, but it actually goes up to 24 times, which is insane. You start losing a lot of quality at that point, but what theyve obviously done here is its got like a hybrid, a kind of a mixture. I guess you could say of optical zoom as well as digital zoom, so it is zooming to some extent with that. Top camera system, it has um some form of optical zoom, but then the majority of it is a digital zoom.

So its really interesting how theyve done that here? I think it works really well. Actually, at most of the different zoom options you can go to 24 times is a little bit ridiculous and you do lose some of the quality, but some of those middle range ones actually look really nice. When you want to enable the telephoto camera, you actually have to click on the binocular icon, and it will take you into this exciting new explore mode and theyve actually referred to it as a 28 times hybrid zoom. But as you dive into the specs, it refers to it as four times: digital zoom, so theyre not 100 clear about whats going on here, but i believe that theres, a hybrid uh zooming system going on here weve got optical zoom and then weve got some digital Zoom as well and thats, where the image quality really suffers, when you go into the explore mode, you actually do have a few different options here, so you can play around with master shots and quick shots and a few other modes, those modes, those features arent available Until the january update, but right now as of december 3rd, you can use the video and photo options when youre in the explore mode. So, unfortunately again it is limited where, if you want to record in 4k, you can only record 4k 30.. So i use 25 fps based in australia thats. What we use here as a default 25 frames per second, but i cant do that.

You know i have to use 4k 30 thats capped out at that point and thats the same with the 1080p option. Its just capped out at 30 as well so thats, very limited. I would like to see some other options there, but right now its just 4k 30 is the best that you can get in the explore mode. And then, when you start zooming, you go from just one time zoom to two times zoom. Then you go to four times zoom and then, as you go to seven times, zoom thats, where i think you found the sweet spot, it looks really nice there. The 14 times looks decent, but you can see it starts to lose a bit of its quality and then 28 times is just ridiculous. It just loses all of its quality. I mean you can use it to scout out areas. You can see how far im away from like some of these boats, that im zooming into and some of these random things that are clearly like a significant distance away from me. Like im talking a couple of kilometers away from me – and you know its cool to zoom in and get that kind of focus, but i found that the seven times looked really nice. I was actually quite impressed with the quality from the seven times and it does give a different perspective. I love that about a uh like a telephoto lens like any sort of zooming option here you know we can play around with that micro.

Four thirds all we want, but the fact that we can kind of scope something out from a distance and the fact that we can create different perspectives when we are zooming in on different angles: different heights and different locations. I think it actually does make a big difference if you are brand new in the drone space and youre feeling really nervous and overwhelmed by the whole experience of trying to fly a drone. I definitely know how you feel and thats actually why i created the fearless drone academy, which is a drone course tailored for beginner drone pilots who want to fly confidently and fearlessly, but just feel anxious and overwhelmed by the whole experience so thats. Why? I created this course 15 sessions packed with insights and wisdom from myself, ive had over 500 flights and zero crashes so check it out, use the code dans tube to save 10 off the feeler strong academy. If you are considering picking up the mavic 3, then i also have a really cool special for you. If you go over to the d1 store and use my code dans 100, you can save a hundred dollars off any mavic 3 purchase, whether thats the cine edition. The fly more edition or just the standalone mavic 3 edition, thats a hundred dollars off your purchase, and you also get some bonus gifts as well. If you use that code, so you get 128 gigabyte micro, sd card, you get a battery safe bag and you also get a landing pad as well, so make sure to use that code.

If you want to get the mavic 3 and save that 100 with those three gifts but anyway bringing it back to the telephoto camera, its really fun, like ive, said throughout this video to play around with some zooming options on a drone, it really does create a Whole new world of you know experience and exploration because it opens up so many options now you know it really does create a new perspective. If you wanted to create a similar kind of representation of what im getting from some of these zooming shots, you would actually have to fly quite a distance away. Youd have to fly – maybe 500 meters to get into the position to then replicate that photo. So the fact that i can get to seven times zoom and the quality is really nice at 4k 30 or i can just capture a photo at that seven times zoom and it looks really nice like super crispy, nice and detailed thats, the sweet spot. I love the seven times zoom then you know this is a really cool offering and a fun thing to play around with on your new mavic 3.. The main thing to mention here is that this mode, the explore mode, is quite limited at the moment. Most of the features arent available until that update, you can literally just use photos and videos. You cant do anything else. Youre also capped out with the quality of the video. So 4k 30, like i said, is your only option you cant play around with anything else.

Same with 1080p, its capped at 30 frames per second. I really really hope they change that as thats very limited for such a high end, prosumer drone youre spending a lot of money on this thing. It really should have more options for that telephoto camera um. But besides that, i have been impressed with that seven times: zoom, not too impressed after that point 14 times looks decent. It looks okay, usable and then, after that, its no youre, not a fan at that point, but anything before that is quite nice. You know the obviously the two times zoom the four time – zoom quite nice, but that seven times zoom just looks really crispy and it does create a unique perspective. So i do love this and i think its a creative way to play with your brand new mavic. 3., instead of just diving straight into that micro, four thirds also play around with the telephoto lens, as well as there are a ton of creative options here, thats my initial thoughts on the hybrid zooming options from the telephoto camera on the newly released mavic 3.. Obviously it goes from one times up to 28 times ridiculous stuff sounds amazing, sounds really impressive, but that 28 times is pretty much unusable. Like you look at the footage and theres just no detail in the image. So, if youre using this for anything relevant like any sort of commercial work or even sharing it on social media, i mean the quality is so low that its probably not worth your time but like ive, said throughout this video seven times and below, and also that 14 times you can probably get away with so its quite a usable, hybrid zoom, and i do love that we have this option.

You know this is really cool to be able to zoom, as well as use that micro, four thirds sensor so anyway, id love. Your thoughts in the comments below ill have my full thoughts in my like main review. The before you buy the dji mavic 3 and thats, where ill talk about this a little bit more at depth, but thats it. Thank you so much for watching make sure to have a fantastic day and peace out.