By now you ve heard that DJI is releasing their new Mavic 3 Drone.. Well, I didn t receive a free drone from DJI that s no surprise.. I say what I think, and I m pretty direct in my reviews and I don t think that sits too well with them.. So I waited for the announcement to be made watched all the first videos from good reviewers and the sunshine pumpers, and in this video I m going to talk about what I think of the Mavic 3 s features specs and pricing.. Probably the most unique feature of the Mavic 3 is the fact that it comes with two cameras.: The bottom camera ups, the game from the Mavic 2 Pro s 1 inch sensor to a new micro 43 sensor, which should provide better dynamic range and image quality.. My primary video camera has a micro 43 sensor and I love the quality it delivers. So I m excited to see raw footage from the Mavic 3 to compare it with other drones.. The bottom camera sports a fixed 24mm wide angle lens, with a variable aperture of f2.8 to f11 and shoots 20MP stills.. It shoots 5.1k video up to 50fps 4k up to 120 fps and 1080 up to 200 fps.. It also provides a remarkable 200 megabits per second bitrate in H.264 and 140 in H.265.. Add those features to the larger sensor and this drone may shoot truly awesome. Footage.. The top camera has a sensor and a 7X optical lens, roughly a 162mm DSLR equivalent with a digital zoom out to 28x.

. The top camera shoots, 12MP images and 4K video.. The Mavic 3 features 360 degree obstacle avoidance, which will hopefully be available in all modes.. The Mavic 2 Pro had omnidirectional obstacle avoidance, but not in all modes. Sensing for leftright directions was only available in ActiveTrack, POI, QuickShot and Tripod mod.. So I m hoping these limitations have been overcome with the Mavic 3.. The new Mavic features an advertised transmission range of 10 miles, which is probably 50 times farther than you can legally fly it. With a range like that. It will need a longer flight time and DJI advertises 46 minutes of flight per battery with this drone.. That probably translates to 35 to 40 minutes of actual flight time, which is remarkable.. The Mavic 3 uses the DJI Fly App, which is a shame I still think Go. 4 is a superior, although more cluttered control, app., The Mavic 3 comes in three options.. The base model comes with one battery extra props, a cable and a controller.. It has 8GB of internal memory. I don t understand why they didn t increase this, since the video files from this drone will be larger than any previous Mavic drone.. So the internal memory is a disappointment., A Flymore combo of the configuration I just described is available.. It includes 3 batteries a case. Some more extra props 4 ND filters, a 3 battery charging hub. This is the typical Flymore upgrade from the base model.. The third option is called the Mavic 3 Cine.

. This drone has 1TB of internal storage and it will need it.. The drone shoots Apple Pro Res 422 HQ video, which delivers even better color depth, dynamic range and bit depth.. The downside to this is that the files will be massive compared to the H.264 and H.265 files we re used to handling.. You ll need a high powered computer, a good video card, massive amounts of storage capacity and a video editor capable of working with these files. If you want to shoot in Apple Pro Res., The Mavic 3 Cine comes with a new version of the Smart Controller 8 filters. Extra batteries and a nifty carry bag.. What about price? Well, the base Mavic 3 1 battery and a controller is 2200.. The Fly More combo is a full 800 more at 3000. And the Cine version empties. The bank account to the tune of 5000.. Now I ve been listening to all the chatter going on about the Mavic 3 for the past several weeks and now that it s out – and we have the details finally made public. I have some strong, positive and negative thoughts about this drone.. Let s start with the Cine version, because this is an easy call. The whole Apple Pro Res 422, with its massive files, is crazy overkill for hobbyists, certainly, and for a lot of people who fly for money as well. For people who are shooting higher end video. For TV movies or other advanced applications, this may be a consideration.

, But if that s, what you re shooting and you re spending that much money, wouldn t you want the Inspire 2 with its larger interchangeable lenses. If you re willing to spend 7500 to 11500 on a Ronan 4D, if that s, the kind of cinematography you re shooting, maybe spending 5000 for the Mavic 3 Cine is right for you.. I m just not seeing the value of the Mavic 3 Cine for myself and the vast majority of users., Which takes us to the Mavic 3.. Here s. What I like about the Mavic 3., I love the increased sensor size.. I m confident the larger sensor will deliver greater detail and dynamic range that you can really see. So this is an exciting improvement.. The Mavic 3 offers improvements in bitrate and framerate as well.. The bitrate is a bigger motivator for me. If it gives me better image, quality., I m not as fired up by the higher frame rate, although it s a nice benefit.. I like the idea of real 360 obstacle avoidance without limitations to when it can be used.. If that s, what the Mavic 3 offers that s, a nice improvement over the Mavic 2 Pro., I m, also really excited about the increased flight time. 35 to 40 minutes per battery is enough of an improvement that you may be able to get by without buying, As many extra batteries so that offsets the price of the drone by a little bit.

, The variable aperture on the main camera again, not a big motivator for me, but it s nice to have.. Apparently, the Mavic 3 will have an improved Active Track system, as well as a better APAS system, with a coming firmware, update. After DJI screwed up APAS in the Mavic Air 2S. I m hoping they will restore this feature to the smooth capability we enjoyed with the Mavic Air 2.. So I, like all those things. Having said that, what other real improvements does the Mavic 3 provide over the Mavic 2. The second camera is a gimmick to me.. In most cases, if I want to zoom in on something I ll just fly, closer. Zooms from 2X to 4X are digital zooms on the primary camera. I can recreate that in post. If I want. The 7X magnification is the actual focal length for the top camera, which is nice any magnification beyond that is digital and from the samples I ve seen so far. They re not good. Worse. The top camera only has a sensor, has a fixed aperture and does not shoot in manual mode only with automatic settings.. Overall, I guess the top camera would be ok in a search and rescue application or maybe doing inspections on buildings or towers, something where image quality. Isn t your top priority. With a fixed f4.4 aperture and a 160mm focal length. I guess you might be able to create some bokeh or blurred background if you re isolating a close subject.

, But is a small sensor image really worth that? I m really doubtful that. I d ever use the top camera.. I m not thrilled with the Fly app and I haven t heard any mention of waypoints. This is a tremendously valuable feature we used to get with higher end drones.. I d like to see it come back. Active Track meh.. If you want something to chase you around, the Skydio II is the drone to get. And based on what happened with the Air 2S, I m adopting a wait and see attitude on the new version of APAS with the Mavic 3.. All that s to say, I was hoping for a little more improvement in the specs and features from what the Mavic 2 Pro offered three years ago., Especially with the shocking prices for these drones.. These prices are really really high higher than what people on Youtube were. Even predicting the release prices would be.. How will your wife feel if she sees how much you spend on this drone Yeah.? So am I going to buy the Mavic 3? Well, I m definitely not buying the Mavic 3 Cine. For that much money. I could feed the entire population of a third world country and it s overkill, for what I need.. What about the Mavic 3 or the Fly More combo? The Fly More combo is out. 800 for two extra batteries. A charger hub and a bag is too rich for me.

. I almost always recommend buying the Fly More Combo, but DJI has gotten too greedy on this package.. As for the base model, Mavic 3, I m not sure.. I really expected the Mavic 3 to cost 1800 and the actual price tag has me reeling.. If I bought one, I d be spending 2200 plus tax for a bigger sensor, a Hassalblaad camera and omnidirectional obstacle avoidance. That s a lot., But even at this outrageous price. I could see myself doing that to have a new primary drone that should last me for the next several years.. The problem is, I don t think this new drone is compatible with the existing DJI Smart Controller.. That brighter screen is critical for me.. So I m going to have to spend 800 to 1000 to replace the Smart Controller I already paid 800 for which replaced the CrystalSky screen that I paid a 550 for I m getting really really tired of DJI putting out expensive support technology, then obsoleting it right Away when the next new drone comes out., DJI doesn t send free drones, my way., So if I decide to get the Mavic 3 it s coming out of my pocket., So I m going to have to sell off some of my fleet, the Mavic Air, the Mavic Typhoon H, Typhoon H, Plus a Phantom 4 Pro, possibly the Autel Evo and Skydio II. Before I buy, I m going to invest a little time to look more closely at the Mavic 3 to see if this drone really is cost justified.

. Part of the reason I can be patient is the quality of video I get from my Air 2 and Air 2S.. Those drones shoot great images., So I will wait to see more sample footage come out, especially if I can download original video clips.. Ultimately, video quality will help me decide whether or not I need the Mavic 3.. I m really interested in what you think about this drone.. Are you thinking of getting one? What features sound the best to you And what do you think of the prices? Do me a favor and drop your thoughts in the comments, below. And hey if you ARE going to get the Mavic 3, the Mavic Air, 2 or Mavic Air 2S or the Mini 2, do me a favor and buy from Amazon through the links in the description? Below.