com and today ive got a complete, deep dive into all the features that are still missing from the mavic 3, that used to be there in the mavic 2 and the air 2s. So, essentially, the things that arent quite baked yet now dji was mostly pretty open about the fact that there are certain features that like active track, that arent coming until january 2022.. However, they were not so open about all these other features that are not here today and theres about 20 to 25 of them that are missing today from this drone that wont arrive until next year, if at all, okay, now, first off this video is definitely not Sponsored at all, i bought this drone myself with my own money at a store nearby, its running production firmware all the kind of usual stuff there uh the most current production firmware two. I then spent a bunch of time like many many hours, creating a list of all these features and then validating them on the actual drone itself as to whats there once that was done, i did three take this list and sent it to djis pr leads in North america and europe who in turn sent it to djis headquarters in china for their engineering teams and they validated everything on my list and sent it back as one confirmed spreadsheet that what im about to show you is 100 confirmed through all the levels of dji. As correct, so this is as validated as you can possibly get on a list of features that it is and is not coming to the mavic 3.

. Now the way ive structured. This video is pretty straightforward, its like in four basic chunks. The first chunk is all like the intelligent flight mode features. The second chunk is all the video features. The third chunk is all the photo features, and the fourth chunk is all like the miscellaneous things and then on youtube. You can use a scrolly thing on the bottom there uh to find the right chapters for each one. So first off in this main section around intelligent stuff uh, which is apas that is here today. The apex 5.0 is one of the very few features that is here today in all my testing. Its really damn impressive, like you wont, hear me say that unless somethings actually impressive – and this is impressive – ive got a separate video thats coming up on that. Where i compare it to the skydio2 and its obstacle avoidance detection, how well that works, um, but spoiler its! I havent crashed it yet and if youve been on this channel, you know im happy to crash and kill drones and dunk them in the water and all that kind of stuff to prove a point, and so so far so good uh. What is not there, though, is active track, any form of action track if you try to go and find it in menus or if you simply try to highlight an object, as you normally would to start active tracking uh thats, not there so its not that theres, Not active track 5.

0, its theres, not any version of active track in the mavic 3 today, uh next master shots basically master shots. What it does is you point at an object. You tell it to go and make a master shot. Video of that object – and it comes back about three minutes later with this beautiful highlight reel of that particular object – thats not there today. If you tap that feature, it just says no, its not there. Today, the same is true of poi. Poi allows you to go ahead and take another object as well, and then you can control the orbit around it, so its going to keep that in the frame. While you go around that object, uh similarly spotlight mode that takes a moving object and allows you to control your flight path around. That object, as opposed to active track, which takes care of the tracking for you now for waypoints thats an often requested one dji says there are no plans for that in the mavic 3., so theres that hyperlapse is coming in january 22., its not there. Today, all the quick shot modes, droney circle, helix rocket, boomerang all the things that are in that 299 dollar mini se are not there today. Now, at this point i can hear you saying already no pros use any of those automated intelligent mode features, to which i say that thats bs, thats 100, not true any pro worth or salt, is using it when it saves their client time and money or when It does it better than they can do it just simply ask a pro, and if that wasnt true then dj, i wouldnt put those same features on the inspire series and theyre all on the inspire series for that mid kind of tier of pro stuff and the Reasoning is is simple: if youre a pro, if im hiring someone to go and take a bunch of b roll of you know some object out there, some building whatever the case is, i dont want to have that person wasting their billable time, trying to make the Perfect orbit around this object, i want to point at the thing and know in 60 seconds later its got a perfect orbit of that object.

Inversely if im for higher somewhere, i dont want to waste my time i want to like have a higher bill rate. So i can go ahead and get that done in 60 seconds than trying to fiddle around and get the perfect shot of that orbit. This is true of all these sort of smart features, its all about getting the job done quickly, which is why pros use all these features. They may use them in different ways than you as a consumer do but theyre still using the same features now. The last feature in this smart category is a new return to home feature that is actually here today, uh thats, something that is here today and equally. It is pretty impressive, not perfect, but like its really impressive uh im again ill include that, in my obstacle, avoidance, video, but ive – put this drone in some crazy places and watched it do some crazy new tracks to get back to me, as opposed to the usual Scenario where it just goes straight up to your rth value and then across and then back down again now its its creative im, giving it props there thats. That stuff is cool. So lets talk about video settings and for video im going to convert over to this screen right now. So i can just walk you through in person and show you all this stuff kind of go one by one uh, so d, log d log is here today uh, so you can go up there.

You can choose up the top uh d log and you see thats there, no problem at all um. However, once i go into the spotlight modes, thats, the secondary camera, with the tele camera or the telephoto mode there. So at that point i lose my d log option. So d log is not there on the secondary lens, secondary camera and thats. True for virtually any advanced feature on this drone uh. So all your advanced features are only applicable to the main camera lens uh. So youll see equally uh, there is no hdr or hlg mode so back to the main camera lens for fun. Uh youll see thats missing the menu there that is coming in january 2022. Dji says 120 frames per second is actually here today. So if you go to slow mo mode uh, you can see that in 4k center 4k or 1080p. What is not there, though, is 200 frames per second thats listed on the spec sheet, uh thats, not there today. Next prores is there today on the cine version and only on the main lens i dont have the cine version, so i cant show you that, but thats been well confirmed that its there today, but just on the main lens, not on the secondary lens uh 10. Bit, video that is here today, but again only on the main lens, so temp video occurs when you go to uh d log, its right there, but again once i go back into spotlight mode using the secondary lens.

At that point i lose that particular option. Okay, so the next item here is probably gon na blow a few peoples minds, but none of the advanced settings for video or photo work on the secondary lens. In particular, if you go ahead, you see the bottom right hand corner. I can choose to go into pro mode and that allows me to, for example, lock the shutter speed, so you can see i can set it to whatever shutter priority. I can do that for aperture or for white balance. Sorry, an aperture uh, no problem at all. These are all sets, or i can just go to audio, let auto and let it control it uh and then go back here to promo and just go back to auto for everything. However, that does not work on a secondary lens. When i go into telemodel there explore mode, then i lose the ability to do anything. On that lower hand, button except change the exposure compensation which i can do you can see thats, obviously increasing that right there, but that is true across the board. So, just just keep that in mind: you dont have control of that on that secondary lens, which is arguably like one of the main reasons youd buy this drone just just throwing that out there um so gimbal mode setting that is in there for smoothing. I know some people are asking about that, so you can change the pitch and all kind of stuff thats in there today.

The histograms options thats all down the bottom here, so you can choose all that across both lenses, no problem at all, and now with that we are into photo mode so switching over to photo mode. I just press this button right there uh and that switches to photo mode. You see its keeping me in the telephoto uh tele lens the secondary lens im gon na get out of that for a second um, so burst mode. So the way, if i go here, i can see my photo mode so im now in photo and ive got single, auto exposure bracketing or time shot and thats it theres no burst that dji says, is coming in january 2022. Raw photo mode support that works on the main lens, only uh, so you can see the bottom there right there, ive got jpeg plus raw or jpeg, but once i tap into the telephoto i lose the raw mode at that point. So just jpeg for the secondary lens. Now the next one is a little bit confusing. It is hdr support, also called smart photo support in dji lingo and that one isnt here. So if i go back out of this, i go over here. Normally theres a smart photo option there and i asked dji and they said that smart photo is built in in the same way. That is built in like on an iphone where you just take a photo and just does it automatically and maybe thats true.

But i cant control it anymore, so its kind of a bummer theres, no setting to disable that or enable that i just wish it was on the menu. So i knew like this was a clean photo. This is an hdr photo and the photos look fine, but i just want control of that, and if this is a pro camera at five thousand dollars, five thousand euros, five thousand anything. I kind of expect that to have that level of control um, there are no panorama modes. You can see here, none of them are there. Dji says all four core panorama modes, including wide angle, vertical sphere and 180 degrees are all coming in january 2022.. Uh bracketing, as you can see, right here, is available uh, but only on the telephoto lens, sorry only on the main lens. So if i go back telephoto, i lose all photo options, except just to take a single picture and thats also the case of time. Shots theres no time shots on the telephoto, but it is there on the main lens. So you can see right there time shots all the usual settings right there, so scrolling on down uh for shutter priority mode, aperture, priority mode and all the configurations. Those are all offered on the main lens, just like with video tap lower hand button. You can see these right there. I can lock anything i want to so i can lock aperture. I can lock white bounds.

I can lock shutter, i can lock iso and then the only thing available on a secondary lens i lose. The pro mode is to change the exposure, so i can go ahead and do that up to whatever and again just in jpeg only for the secondary lens, uh and then like before. All of the uh histogram stuff is all offered as well in this mode. You can see that histogram over exposure grid lines peaking uh white balance, control, thats thats, all there um in that settings, menu okay. So this point were down to like the generalized bucket of stuff uh, and so the 4g cellular dongle is coming in january 2022. But not in the us, the uk or the eu due to restrictions there on using the 4g space, so basically anywhere else except those countries. Unless those countries have restrictions as well, but they are very clear that its definitely 100 not coming to the us, uk or eu because of the government restrictions there on that 4g access space, wi fi, quick transfer – is not in the drone today that is coming in January, that is something that is sort of odd, because the air 2s already has that smart controller capability compatibility. So this this controller here nope thats thats not coming ever um thats, not in the plans today and thats, one that really irks my bubble, uh, because theres no technical reason why not so dji talks about the new o3 plus transmission of the mavic, 3 and thats.

True thats thats, true, if you have the rc remote rc pro remote, that comes with the cine bundle or if you buy it separately, but whats sort of left off the table not discussed is the fact that this remote, the one im using right now that comes With the dji mavic 3 base is the rc 231 unit. This is the precise same remote that comes with the air 2s and a few other drones over the last year, because dji has standard on this. So this works with this. This works with the air 2s. The frequency there. Thus this should work with this theres, no technical reason why this cant work with this and i dont have a problem with dji, saying: hey. The smart controller may have slightly less signal quality than the new rc pro fine, but come on its just a toggle, its using the same apps, its an android, app that loaded on this, its literally just a toggle for them to enable it on this particular controller And theyre not doing it so they can sell you the higher end. One to me: thats, im, hoping folks push back on that and to be clear. I can understand if this drone didnt work uh with the frequencies it supports, but it clearly does like theres no debate about that, so its kind of kind of crappy theyre not supporting uh. What is you know? Their high remote theyve been selling uh for a while.

Now the last two items in the list: uh dual controller mode – uh. There is no plans for that either at this point. So that means that you cannot have two people controlling the drone one for camera, one for uh the aircraft itself uh. Whatever the case may be um and then in a pro scenario in a you know, pro zone operator scenario, dual control was very very common and at a five thousand dollar price point uh thats crazy, given that the mavic 2 supports it at what is effectively. You know a third of that price um and has supported so um again. Everything ive talked about here today is supported on the mavic 2 or the air 2s, and except like the dongle, which is something that i just want to kind of cover, and then the last thing is air sense. Air sense is there today my unit works just fine with it. Air sense allows you to see aircraft that are around you. So even here in europe, im based uh air sense, no problems ive been seeing aircraft showing up on this today. Uh thats been, of course, on the mavic air 2s. Okay, with that a complete look, it was actually in the mavic 3 today in a very unsponsored sort of way. Uh now ive got this image right here on the screen, ive linked it down below. In the description, so you just want to simply download the actual jpeg of that a little bit easier to read and see, go ahead and do that if you want to share it out thats cool too.

My only ask is simply just put a link to this video thats. What really helps out this video and the channel and helps me be able to make more content like this uh, so people can find that, and i can spend my entire day in excel spreadsheet. Trying to trying to figure it out for all of you uh once again, thanks for watching, feel free to go ahead and watch that, like button the bottom or subscribe for plenty. More spoke technology goodness, including more mavic, 3 deep, dive, rabbit hole, type stuff.