It has a muzzle, so it doesnt bite you. The reason why it has a muzzle is because, behind the muzzle, we have this camera, which has a micro, four thirds sensor and it can record videos up to 5.1 k in 50 frames per second or 4k in 120 frames per. Second, it is surrounded with cameras which gives this drone an omnidirectional object. Sensing feature and this one is the cena version, which means it has a one terabyte ssd in it, because this version can record in progress. 422 hq: oh boy, we have a long intro, where im going to repeat all of this in a lower voice, so lets get through it because theres a lot to talk about after three years of waiting. It is. Finally here this is dji mavic 3.. It has a 20 megapixel, hasselblad micro, four thirds cmos camera with 24 millimeter lens that has a variable shutter. It can shoot videos up to 5.1 k, 50 frames per second or 4k 120 frames per second and it delivers 12.8 stops dynamic range. But who says? One camera is enough: mavic 3 has a second camera, which has 12 megapixel one over two inch cmos sensor with 162 f 4.4 tele lens that can shoot videos up to 4k 30 frames per second, which is great when you want to get close without getting close. Mavic 3 can fly for 46 minutes and it has a top speed of 75.6 kilometers per hour.

Thanks to the new o3 plus mavic 3 has 15 kilometer range and it can send you 1080p 60 frames per second footage to your controller when it comes to advanced features. Mavic 3 is equipped with obstacle sensing in every direction, with apas 5 you have mavic 3 fly around obstacles, while you capture your smooth footage and with active track 5 mavic 3 follows you, while avoiding obstacles all around it. If you get the fly more combo, it comes with three batteries: battery charging hub six pairs of propellers instead of three nd filters and a really nice bag that turns into a backpack and if you get the cine premium version, it comes with all of that plus. The brand new smart controller and you can record your videos in prores 422, hq onto mavic 3s built in one terabyte ssd. This, then, is an inspire 2 with zen muse, x5s squeezed into mavics 4. and, as you can imagine, with micro, four thirds sensor 5.1 k. 50 frames per second video, a second camera omnidirectional object, sensing wi, fi, 6 and all other new features. Mavic 3 also has a new price tag, but all that is about to make sense. When you see what this dragon can do. Watch this Music Music, oh im in the im in the frame – well yeah, thats thats. All i have and the reason for that is because the firmware that activates most of the most exciting features is not here yet so yeah.

So lets talk about other stuff. While we wait for that firmware lets begin with design once again, dji did a fantastic job. Whoever is designing these drones. They have a really good eye for these kind of things. Once again, this thing looks like a sports car mixed with a spaceship, and it is beautiful, it is mean, and it just belongs in the sky, and it just flies so good and it feels quieter when i put the decibel meter next to it, that doesnt tell The full story, because its all about the frequencies and stuff, but this thing feels a little quieter and the propellers doesnt have that little thing yet at the end. But this material at the end feels different its a little sticky thing. Maybe theres theres something happening there, but it feels quieter and im gon na test this. When i have more time and at the back here, we have the usbc connection and the sd card slot mini sd card slot. We have this new battery system which locks in pretty good, and there theres no way you can put this upside down or any way wrong, and it feels very sturdy and yeah. I think this thing is this thing feels like a mavic should feel and somehow it is lighter than mavic 2.. If youre wondering what features are not activated, it is 4k 120 frames per second which how we get the really nice. Looking sharp slow motion for our videos and active track five because of its omnidirectional object sensing.

I am really curious about active track. Five i feel like this is going to be a really good drone that avoids obstacles that can follow you around. While you do your stuff and since it has such a high quality camera – and it has such good quality tracking that keeps you in the center its not like its im guessing its not gon na make you at the corner of the its not going. To put you in the corner of the screen its going to keep you in the center of the screen, while its tracking you, i cannot wait to see it and then master shots, which is something i dont care. But it is the feature where the drone does. Its own tricks when understands the environment, environment and then the last thing that is activated is the quick transfer which uses wi, fi six. I dont know when theyre coming, but when they come ill, be testing them and either making a video about it or follow me on my twitter, where ill be tweeting about those stuff. The other two versions of mavic 3 comes with the remote that we know and love from the previous mavic trones mavic air 2s and such which is a good remote controller. But i expected something a little more fancier, yes, mavic 3 scenic comes with this amazing new rc pro remote controller. That is a newer version of the smart controller, but i wanted this one to have something more different than the one we have on air to s.

Doesnt have the buttons underneath the remote, and i think it would have been nice, because this mavic is the drone that represents dji its a really important drone for dji. This controller that comes with the mavic 3 cine version is fantastic. This is actually so much better than the smart, remote controller. We have its a lot faster, the buttons are really nice. We have two buttons down here, for you know turning the lights on or re centering the gimbal, and then we have a couple of buttons here. We have two dials right here and then we can take photos, start recording videos and the joysticks. They feel better theyre easy to control. They just sticks to your finger really nicely and there they come off and they change the antennas. As you can see – and you can rotate the antennas like this, which was something we werent able to do with the previous smart remote controller – this is this is pretty nice. It has a newer version of android which supports these kind of gestures, which makes it really easy to use. I like this remote controller, a lot. This remote controller comes in very handy because you set up faster and then you dont have the distractions that you may have on your phone while flying a drone. For example, no one can call me on my remote while im flying a drone, so i like using this. It takes more space in the bag, but when it comes to flying and just being distraction free this, this remote is something i prefer.

It also has an hdmi out usb c port and a micro sd card slot. The screen is really bright. Its really easy to see this is a good good, remote having a micro, four third sensor on a camera like this is amazing. You can tell the difference immediately when i switched to wiring sensor from smaller sensors yeah. There was a difference, but the difference that you see when you switch to micro, four thirds is like night and day. Unfortunately, even if i fly here right now, its all super foggy theres not much to see and its been that way. For a couple of days now, and i was trying to delay the shoots as much as i can, because i was expecting the firmware to arrive but um from the sunset i got and from the shot i got a couple of minutes ago. It just looks fantastic. Oh, the apex is on so when i go towards the camera, its avoiding the camera, its, not letting me go towards the camera at all, yep, it avoids me and its and it shows on the screen in the sport mode. Is it deactivated yep? It is deactivated. Flies really good and sideways too Music. Yes, it avoided me and it avoided the camera. I cannot wait for active track five. This is going to be really interesting and another thing i realized is the decent speed. This thing descends so fast, oh yeah, its pretty fast lets see if we can get a depth of field feel with the micro four thirds Music.

It has one meter minimum focus distance, so lets switch to manual focus Music. Yeah. Look at that Music theres, a beautiful depth of field Music. When you tap on this binocular, we got ta, stop, recording and then hit on this binocular just enable the explore mode and then hit record again. Probably i need to go back a little bit all right. So lets zoom in this is 1x. 2X. 4X Laughter. 7X. I think this is when we switch to the other camera, so this must be Music yeah. So this is good. This is sharp, but then at 14. Oh, it still looks sharp here and then 28 is when its like. What what wait wait? Wait? Where am i and going back to one so wait? Can i put it in seven and go a little lower Music and circle around me looks like a britney spears video. So here are my initial thoughts about mavic 3.. It is really impressive, yes, micro, four thirds sensor is fantastic. This thing flies fantastic, maneuvers, fantastic, looks, fantastic, the remote is fantastic. Everything is really good, but it is really hard to conclude the review without the promised features like 4k 120 or active track 5, which im rating, which im waiting to be wild by the way. So im gon na hold on to my final decision until i see those things, but i understand why this drone is more expensive than the previous generation, because i feel like now.

This is in the inspired category. The only thing missing is the interchangeable lens, but other than that micro, four thirds sensor, the second camera, all those features 40 something minutes flight time. It is boring its too much. So all of that is fantastic. With the cena version you get the prores 422 hq, which is really important if you know the value of prores and if you want to work fast and the other drones, the other dji drones has caught up to mavic 2 and some of them have actually had Better features than mavic 2, so i feel, like everything, shifted a little bit so if theres a inspire 3, for example, i wonder whats that gon na be like, but so far i understand the pricing. I love this drone and i cannot wait. I cannot wait. Come on i held on to my review until the last minute. It is 9 a.m. Right now and this video is gon na go live on half past seven. This is how long ive waited, even though the footage on this one looks really good im guessing with the firmware update its gon na look even better. So im gon na put the muzzle back on people, get so confused about this um camera protecting thingies that they made it. This simple now like, if you cant put this off. If you cant put this easy strap on come on now come on yeah. So yes, dji were waiting for you well.

Thank you so much for watching this video im im very excited im very excited, but this is what we have it happens. Live is like this, but please let me know what you think about mavic 3 mavic 3 fly more combo and mavic 3 cine. Are you going to pick one up? Are you interested in these drones? What are your thoughts about this? This is really exciting. It makes it worth carrying something this big for me. I cannot. I cannot wait. Im gon na go somewhere with this. We got ta go somewhere im, not gon na. Have the regular. You know a little griffith, a little santa monica a little point of incentive video. I want to go somewhere with this and get a really nice looking footage all right. Thank you very much for watching and ill see you soon.