If you didnt see the unboxing video, you should have seen it already. This is going down, of course, birdman himself. It can fly without the little weird legs so well do without it. Clickity click. Clickety click, two wings. Here we go, this is nerve wrecking. Is this gon na fly? Hey buy a drone yeah. This is a new drone too. Oh, okay, cool! Are you on our flight together, uh sure whats, your name, my name is punk: hey tom um, xavier hey! So what are you flying im playing with a mavic 3.? Oh, what mavic 3! Let me see: do you fly here? A lot yeah i play here all the time wow. This is my first time here. This is actually my first flight here, guys ive decided to come here somewhere fresh. Are you scared to fly or youre like uh? You got experience or youre like a newbie or youll push it ill push it. Oh hes got his mavic. 3. july sense range test. I mean this thing is supposed to fly for like 50 minutes. This flies for like 46, so that kind of matches – and this has a 7 000 meter limit on its range – this one doesnt have any limit on the range. So if you look at where we are its like big open waters, and that could be the perfect place to check and see which one will fly longer and go further, so screw first flight, this is going to be first flight with the range and battery life Test think your mavic 3 can handle this.

Only one way to find out. Okay, hes got 96, so he didnt really fully charge so were going to take off at 96 percent too hes going up. There goes tom. This is exciting right. Not only do we have a first flight on this new um thing, but – and you could just like put that cross centered up, i would say 300 feet. No up yeah lets give it a good 300 feet up there. You go and head out point towards that island. Like put the cross like the center of that island, see the cross got ta, go like in the middle of the island. You you, you got ta, move the sticks to the align it to the center. There. You go and then head for the island. No interruptions, no glitches. No, nothing can we change that to meters keep your hands on that. Stick, just change it to meters, because the other drone ironically doesnt have it. Doesnt have um yeah there you go so were 2 200 meters, the other drone doesnt have feet. It only does it in meters. For some reason they say all that stuff is coming in the firmware update, but right now its only in meters so well change this to meters to make everything fair lets go up there. We go well stand in the same position all the time. Just right in front of this car tom is booking it 91 meters high and were were going out there, not a glitch.

Actually, the signals dropped a bar too right yeah. Maybe we should slide over theres a tree kind of blocking us over here yeah. You want the full potential its yeah, so now were looking straight at the at the island right there should be no interruptions and the wind. We check the wind its approximately eight miles. An hour constant, 15 miles an hour gusting, so the wind is, i would say, as good as it gets. Oh there, your bars are going, yellow bars are going yellow, yeah and the the other drone. I know it caps out at seven thousand meters like it will block you from going any further. So if this goes, seven thousand meters then pretty much past seven thousand meters, then it definitely beats the other drone, and this thing is sipping battery its at 83 percent. Right im glad i bumped into you tom thanks for coming up and saying hi and introducing yourself yeah, thats good and then the credibility cram. We got the mavic 3 over here. Oh my gosh, this is it weve cleared the island yup. There we go there. We go there, we go there. We go its gon na crack out its gon na crack out hes trying to save it. Hes doing all he can 5600 5600 5600 and going bam gone 5000. How much here we go very good now were just going to look at some stats over here you land with about 19 right 19 battery life.

We got 22 minutes from 96 percent to 19, gave you about 22 minutes of flying and we did not use sports mode at all. We didnt even use sports mode because we dont want to go into, and the wind is not that heavy its only about 18 miles an hour so its not that crazy, so yeah, so we got 22 minutes is the time to beat from 96 to 19 and Um, no sports mode and the distance is 5 800 meters roughly to beat at 91 meters high. You ready lets fire up this new drone and see what it can do the cop2 ready to go boy. This is it first flight maiden voyage. Good luck! Sayonara tom, have you ever flown a v copter before this is your first time. Okay! Well, because youre a range guy im, not really a ranged, guy figured hey right, might as well. Let you fly it and experience it for the first time. How is i havent? Even flown my cop to yet but im, giving it away for a flight all right tom, so uh fire it up both at 96. This is a 96 percent two yep, both taking off at 96. Look at that all right, fired up, shes fired up. Damn that thing moves boy that thing moves, uh, the the clock. Do you have a stopwatch lets start that stopwatch were gon na start the timer bang starting the timer a little late, but okay, it is what it is.

All right lets go to the same position as we did with the other drone in front of the car and were gon na line up and head out. So we try to keep this as realistic as possible, for you guys right so were at the same 91 meters were not doing sports mode or anything crazy were headed out, theres no cross on this one. So you just got ta average it out center. The island there you go, are you pointing towards the island? Your antenna looks like youre pointed to the tree. There you go thats how you were with the um with the mavic, maybe its fighting, the wind. I think the mavic was a lot faster right. Music, hold it steady 3000 going strong. All right were at eight minutes flight time, which is not bad 77 percent. Hopefully it comes back a lot faster than it goes. 78 battery 76 battery. Sorry and looking good signals still holding strong, actually its dropping its coming up. Back its dropping its coming up back, see it its at two bars now its at two bars its a two bars its a two bars hes adjusting hes, a jelly. Oh there, he goes get three. We got three, oh angle: it up. Oh, no, no! Not down up slowly, you got to move slowly when you, when youre doing signal there you go there, you go hes caught it back now, its not as the mavic was like yeah.

I think its going to cop out 4, four thousand six hundred four thousand. Do we got four thousand seven? Do i see four thousand seven, four thousand seven: can we hit five thousand ill, be a happy camper at five thousand? Can you hit five thousand for me? Baby signals definitely dropping low, but its holding its holding its holding 48.. Okay. Its back up to green its picking up back, oh its dropping it back its picking up back, oh 48., hold it hold it hold it keep pushing, keep pushing you might get we might break through. I could see it in the background. Moving. You see its still moving in the background, its still moving there. He goes there. He goes its its not as as pure, but its still going were. 49 were at 49 and its catching back lets get you back. Five thousand five thousand one hundred five thousand. Five thousand: whatever can we get? Fifty seven hundred give me yes, fifty seven hundred. Can we get a 57 100? Oh, my gosh. Can we lets fire water stay the same track with the mavic same track with the mavic we dont want to change, yep same track. Dont give it any advantages, keep it on the same track. There you go there, you go 58, oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh. 58. 59. 59. Oh, my gosh look at notifications were going to stop at 6, 000 or anything or you think, keep going.

We got 70 batteries. So why not? 6 000? Oh my gosh. What did we do? Tom says push it. I would say: push it too right. Nice! Oh okay, well call thatll well call that a loss well call that a loss well call that a loss so far weve got 20 minutes of flight time 21 minutes down. So we only got like a minute left to beat the mavic. Where is this thing? Is it lost? We got a bunch of warnings over here and it says 52 percent. 52. 52. Are you me? Let me get this straight. This thing tops a mavic 3 in range and battery. I see it right no way i did. I did not expect this. I did not expect this literally half the battery is done right now were only at half battery, i wont say it beat the mavic in range because it kind of dropped range a little bit and then we had to move around and stuff. The mavic just went blank, we tried moving it around and this kind of caught itself back, so fidelity wise. The mavic definitely has better fidelity over the distance. But this, if you can finagle with it, you can squeeze. You can squeeze a lot out of this thing. So i mean yeah were still here: flying yeah, wow, home, safe and sound baby, safe and sound uh. Stop the timer stop the timer. We are at 30. Well, take off that uh 20 25 seconds! Well, stop it at 36 minutes 36 minutes, and we got the same thing here about 19 over here, yep same as them as the same 19: 18 that we did with the mavic there.

You have it guys. One successful long range first, flight wow. The v is in the house, success so tom. What do you think yeah its a good draw? Very good? Actually, how much is it i might go, get one eleven hundred dollars. I know toms thinking about it. I know hes thinking about it now guys. Listen. You saw it here, i didnt even fly right. I have yet to fly this thing right. Im gon na fly into a camera and test all the other things, but i just figured that the strong point of this drone was the flight time, which is really strong and honestly guys. I believe, if you squeeze this down to nine percent and in my next flight ill squeeze it down to nine percent im, pretty sure i can squeeze 50 minutes out of this drone. None. We went into sports mode, each one ran at his own normal speed, and you have the results for yourself guys make sure you hit thumbs up. Give this video a huge like because this is not a video i would make. If i did not run into this guy thanks for running into me tom, then you would have never seen this video, so big shout out to tom. Thank you so much for uh. For doing this for us and make sure you hit like subscribe thumbs up, all the good stuff guys hit the bell, so you get notified when i release any more videos – and i will catch you guys in the next v copter mission make sure you become a Patreon guys big benefits to patreon get direct access to me.