, Im Colin Smith from Photoshop Cafe and a lot of people have been asking about the Mavic Three versus the Mavic Two Pro., So Ive gone out, extensively. Ive gone out on location three times and Ive flown these and Ive got a whole bunch of of Test results for you. Number one form factor. The size, isnt, the Mavic Three, so much bigger than the Mavic two Well actually no.. If you look at the body, the actual size of it is not really that different.. What is different, The arms are longer thinner and we get a wider wingspan with larger props.. By the way I just want to mention guys. This is not sponsored, so I can be 100 honest, which I will be as far as the weight. Mavic. Three is actually a little bit lighter than the Mavic Two pro. Flight time.. I take both of these to the beach. Theres a little bit of a breeze blowing start both of these at the same time., Bring them into land at 20, Hover them very, very closely and then shut them off at 15 battery.. So this particular flight I took off at 1249 and I landed the Mavic Two at 15 of battery at 110., So that gives me 21 minutes of flight time.. At that point, the Mavic Three was at 45 battery.. I bought this in and landed it at 15 battery and I got a total of 31 minutes flight time.. So I got a full ten minutes extra on here, which is about a third more.

. So as far as speed and noise, the Mavic Three is definitely quieter. Speed. Im finding very similar ascent and descent speed on the Three is twice as fast as it is on the two now. Obstacle Avoidance, the APASS Five will not be enabled until January, which is why I havent tested it or done a comparison.. The reason I got the Three over the Two Pro which I already have is for that micro, four third sensor on that Hustle blood. Its giving you a larger sensor.. That larger sensor means that its going to perform better in low light. Its going to have less noise., Also its going to shoot wider.. So the larger the sensor, the wider youre shooting without distortion. And technically youre, going to get better images with less noise.. So lets look at the images and were really going to test those and see how it goes. All right.. So when the Mavic through Two pro came out, this was 1000 1000 hundred dollars for the drone 2000 for the Flymore kid.. If you wanted to add the smart controller later, it was 750. Okay, a lot of people are up and arms about the Mavic Three.. The base price is 2200 just for the copter.. If you want to add the Fly more kit, it now becomes 3000.. The other option is the Cine bundle.. Now what is the difference between the Cine and this? The only difference between the Cine and the Mavic three is the internal SSD.

So it has a 1 TB internal SSD., But wait. You said what about ProRes Well, ProRes comes with that.. You can only shoot with ProRes on the SSD, because the internal storage and the cards in here would not be fast enough to support their Pro res anyway., All right. So its 5000 for the Cine, which is very expensive., Now theres, a couple of reasons for that one is the RC. Pro comes with it. Now thats 1200.. Now, instead of saving 50 now its 1200 to buy it on its own.. Now this running Ocasync, Three thats, the main difference. The screen size screen brightness – is still pretty much the same as the Smart controller.. Also you dont have the ability to buy this on its own.. You have to buy it with the Flymore bundle, which is three grand. Plus theyre, taking this on there, which would take it to 4200, which means just a hard cost, is only an 800 difference between the Mavic Three and the Mavic City.. Had I been able to just buy it outright for 3000, I would have bought the Cine for 3000 and I would have wrote about the extra batteries and everything later but unfortunately thats not available.. You have to buy the bundles to get there. So theyre, not selling that separately. Lets talk about the remote here., So one of the things thats kind of a little bit annoying is the Smart controller, will not work with the Mavic Three and the reason for that Stated by DJI is because the copter is OcuSync three and the controller is OcuSync Two.

. However, the challenge is that the remote that does come with the Mavic Three is OcuSync Two.. So this does support OcuSync Two, but strangely its disabled, from working with your smart controller.. All right., So is it worth to do the upgrade from Mavic Two Pro to the Mavic three First one youre going to look at the price.? Is it 2200 3000 Make sure you deduct the value of this from what youre paying for the upgrade, because you can actually get a pretty decent price for some of these on the used market, which is some of the viewers right now are considering? Should I buy one of these used figure out what that is, for you money, wise and then look at the improvements and see if those are worth it. Now things like obstacle, avoidance, speed., Those things may be a big deal or may not. To me. The biggest deal is flight time having a third extra flight, time. Whats that worth to you And then looking at the camera Ive. Given you shots of the photos. Ive, given you shots of the video., So the question youve got to ask yourself: is this improvement in the images worth the amount of money to me So its a pretty simple equation that you can do is how much will it Cost you to upgrade What are the benefits to you, Not the benefits.. What are the benefits to you? What will you use And that equals the price.

? Let me know your decision underneath in the comments. And by the way Ill do a link to where you can buy this. Its an affiliate link.. You pay the same price and everything like that. Just add to my affiliate code. And what that does. Is it helps fund these kind of videos.? So I appreciate that if you do upgrade use that link., But anyway, let me know in the comments.. What do you guys think Are you upgrading? Are you not upgrading? Is it too expensive A DJI got greedy.? Do you feel like youre, getting really good value for money? Are you excited? Let me know. Id love to hear your thoughts. And then, of course, if youre new. Welcome to Photoshop Cafe. Hit that subscribe, button. Turn on notifications., You wont miss any of my videos. Also check out my review on the Mavic three.. If you guys appreciate this or liked it hit that like Button, it helps me with the YouTube algorithm.