I will tell you why it may not be a good idea, upgrading from the air 2s to the mavic 3.. With this video i want to solve two questions: should you buy the brand new dji mavic 3 or the dji air 2s? If you have no drone – and is it worth upgrading from the smaller to the new one, lets go Music Music, the places we come for, you guys were tired and dead. Leave the thumb for this amazing hiking and trekking. Look at this and lets go to compare the mavic 3 and the air to s Music. I have up to 25 videos coming off the mavic 3. if you enjoyed this intro and want to stay tuned to all our in detail. Videos testing the drone to the limit its a good moment to hit the thumbs up. So thanks for that, many of you guys have been asking me over and over the same questions also in the past live streams and honestly um. I am not sure at all what to answer. I have to say that there is one thing that im still missing on the mavic 3. same as i was missing it on the air2s, which is the game changer, and it would be that connectivity to fpv goggles single hand, controller and all that not having this. In the mavic 3 theyve converted that into some kind of premium feature, so the difference is not that big Music with the release of the mavic 3.

Now these two drones have these two prices, just a single unit with no combo at all. This means theres a big price difference and we need to analyze if the new mavic 3 gives us some specific specs that, from today on, we need in order to survive, and we really need them for a living and also and most important. What are you going to be using the drone, for this is the key point: Music, Music. I dont want to spend too much time in this video talking about specs, because by now you probably know them all and its just if dji had taken the air to s and expanded everything, make it bigger and better. Like the image sensor, the lens the flight autonomy, the battery everything you know, so the thing is: if you have the money to go for the mavic 3 just quit, this video go, buy it and forget about any comparisons but um. If you have money like for a ferrari, you can buy a ferrari right, but would you buy a ferrari just to go to the grocery store? This is the question that you must do yourself. So if youre just uploading a bunch of videos to youtube of your traveling videos and your friends and your family, the air 2s guys is more than enough. You dont need anything else. This is good enough. You have a one inch sensor. The compression of youtube will kill your video anyway, and you can film in d log, and you know Music, but lets talk about a few differences that are not just bigger from one run to another.

Of course, we have to talk about the taylor lens, the tele lens, honestly guys if youve seen that the review im not a big fan or friend, of the tele lens, i dont like how it works. Maybe you can use the two times in zooming for just some social media stuff, but as for today, youre jumping to a 4k 30 that you have to jump because if youre feminine 5k, then all of a sudden, the zoom will be in 4k30. So, but still i know, some people will be happy with that, so thats, a big difference, two more differences, guys, of course the mavic 3 is now able to shoot in 5k 50p, which gives you a nice and entertaining slow mo, which you cannot do on the R2S, which shoots up to 5k30 and, of course, the 46 minute flight autonomy of the mavic 3, which we all know that its like 35 36 minutes but versus the 30 or 31 minutes, 24 25. Real minutes its a really big difference. You have more than a third more on the mavic 3., an enhanced oak using 3, which we dont really know if its enhanced or not but o3, plus on the mavic, 3 and also h.265 at a higher bit rate up to 200 mbps where the air 2s Is only 150 mbps, of course, the weight guys 600 grams, around 600 grams and around 900 grams. So this is interesting to check your local laws and stuff, because regulations may vary and, of course, my favorite manual aperture on the mavic 3, which is a must these days and the air2s does not have nano aperture.

Oh guys, you thought that i was forgetting it right. Four third inch sensor versus one inch sensor. The difference is huge. We have a low light test coming, but basically you have way more dynamic range with this drone, better quality overall and in low light situations. The difference is just huge before finishing this video guys. I also wanted to talk about a couple of common things that these two drones have, because they are important. First, the internal storage. I mean this has become some basic thing on dji drones, but it is always good because the day that you forget the micro sd card, it saves your life and second, both still have an electronic shutter. This is the big difference and maybe the reason why the mavic 3 is still no replacing the phantom line for photographers for people doing topography and all that not having a mechanical shutter. Let me know in the comments if this affects you or not, Music. The flight experience remains the same, but with enhanced specs and, of course, guys. Finally, the reason why you should actually be purchasing this drone is the use youre going to be making out of this drones. I mean if you are a pro or semi pro and you need the drone for real estate or for short films, events or i dont know for whatever, and you can pay your drone. Your brand new mavic 3, with a couple of jobs, no brainer go for the mavic 3 no discussion and, as i told in the beginning, if you just are shooting with your friends, youre short of money, youre, not really making a job a living out of a Drone, the air2s is still an amazing thing, so maybe you can stick with the air2s and if you have no drone just do what i told you well guys.

I really hope that you enjoyed this video leave the thumb if you thought that this was helpful. If you have further questions, you know im in the live streams. Also with chivo. I can answer your questions, come over and say hi leave in the comments anything you want to say nothing with us to say sub, if youre not yet because have so many videos coming like about 20 25. More already done so always remember guys to keep calm and dr and remember guys thanks a lot for purchasing my sunglasses, the links in the description i dont want to spawn, but you help us a lot by doing this thanks, Music. Well guys. I really hope that you enjoyed this video. I dont know if tiwa is filming my shoes, but leave a thumb.