tv and if youre new around these parts, you can expect brutally honest tech reviews on the channel. Ive made it my mission around here to empower tech enthusiasts to unlock their creative potential with technology and todays. Video is a fitting one because im comparing the newly released dji mavic 3 and the relatively newly released dji air 2s to make sure that you make the right buying decision. I want to make sure that you pick the drone thats perfect for you. I dont want to spend too much money on it. I dont want you to spend not enough that it lacks features, and it just doesnt give you what you need. This video is a true comparison between two flagship drones from dji Music. The first thing, youll notice most likely, is the size difference, so you can see that the mavic 3 is definitely larger than the air 2s. It actually was really weird when i went from flying the mavic 3, all the time to flying the air 2s. For the previous side by side comparison, but it was just really amazing to kind of see the technology theyd crammed into such a small drone like the air 2s in comparison to a larger drone like the mavic 3. The other thing thats different here is youve, got a full on mask its covered, safe for sure and, as you take it off, it actually protects all the propellers and that massive camera on the front there as well a really cool design compared to just the gimbal Cover on the air 2s, the first thing i noticed about the mavic 3 when i unfolded it is that the arms are significantly longer than the air 2s.

Its also a similar story with the propellers here as the propellers on the mavic 3, are a lot longer than the air 2s propellers. Now the thing thats so cool about that is, it actually does make a difference to the way it kind of handles wind. I was having some full on wind conditions like 30 kilometer winds, and this thing just handled it like it was nothing and thats where i think youre getting a little bit of an improvement over the air 2s. The air2s can definitely handle the same kind of wind conditions here, but in terms of flying back towards the wind, i would say the mavic 3 performs slightly better than the air 2s. The mavic 3 definitely handles the wind a lot better. The other thing i really like about this redesign is the way that theyve kind of angled the front arms down unless you have a landing pad, youre going to be literally taking off from weird terrains, and that clearance from the ground to the camera is so important Because the camera could get damaged quite easily and the air 2s that distance from camera to ground is minut in comparison to the mavic 3, so thats. Another thing i love about the mavic 3. now the other obvious change here is that the batteries load on top, but the mavic 3, its a reloaded battery significantly larger than the air 2s battery, even like the indicator, is on top compared to the back, because its Reloaded its just completely redesigned for this brand new drone, but theyve still kept the aesthetics.

The look of the drones very similar, even though theyve had to completely redesign it for this new enclosure and the new battery that is reloaded now in terms of price. There is a big difference here. The mavic 3 will set you back 4199 australian dollars for the mavic. 3 fly more combo, where the air 2s will set you back 2099 for the fly more combo with those three batteries and honestly, you have to pick up the fly more combo. If youre gon na get a drone, it makes the world of difference having that additional flight time, they recently did add the active track and master shots mode to the mavic 3 and ive got videos on the channel to check that out as well, but the air 2S has master shots as well as active track. So what are you getting different here? You know its double the price. Well, the first thing youre getting its called directional tracking, but basically, when youre doing active track with any other dji drone, you just track from whatever position the drone is in. You cant choose what direction its following you from, where the mavic 3 actually has an advanced option. Where you can choose what position the drone is going to be tracking. You from, i think, thats, really exciting thats what i kind of want from the mavic 3. Its still in its early stages and weve still got some more firmware updates coming very soon.

This guy has a beautiful camera system and, obviously that flight time is improved. We need to see something substantial to justify that price tag. The big thing i want to see, which i still dont, understand why we havent seen it yet. I want to see waypoints. I want to see planning options with a prosumer drone thats over four thousand australian dollars, like it needs to pack a punch just before i go any further. I do actually have some discount codes for my audience. If you want to pick up the air 2s or any other drone on the market, besides the mavic 3, you can use the code dans tube over on the d1 stores website. You can save 10, but if youre picking up the mavic 3, its a different code, its dans 100, that will save you a hundred dollars off whatever mavic 3. You pick up regardless of the model and youll also get three gifts with that youll get 128 gigabyte micro sd card youll get a landing pad and youll also get a battery safe bag swapping over to the air 2s. Now this was a drone that really did impress me. It was actually a large upgrade. You know it released the master shots mode. We got also those upward facing sensors plus we got a one inch sensor which we hadnt seen prior to that point. It had a slightly improved like flight time and distance and all that kind of stuff, but that to me was actually quite a large upgrade and it does have a bunch of options on it and uh, something that im quite impressed with overall, just for like that.

High end drone that is affordable really now, with the mavic 3 youre, getting two cameras on here: youre getting a half inch sensor on top, which is the telephoto camera, its got a zoom capability seven times. Zoom is the sweet spot. Basically, everything else is okay, but not the most usable where the micro four thirds system on the bottom. There is gorgeous its a really awesome camera system. You definitely do notice a difference in terms of clarity, dynamic range, the colors really pop because its that hazelnut color science, where this is a one inch sensor on the air 2s, still a phenomenal camera system, beautiful, colors and great dynamic range and everything its a sharp Image, but that slight improvement, is it worth double the money thats a hard one to say honestly for most people, the air 2s video quality is going to be amazing, but for photo quality theyre, both 20 megapixel sensors. This actually has like larger resolution on it, which is really weird in terms of the video, though this guy obviously performs a lot better in low light like it was an overcast day. Definitely a better camera system, but just depends on your needs. The other thing i find really weird is the air 2s. Can capture 5.4k video up to 30 frames per second, but the mavic 3 can capture a 5.1 k video, but it can capture it up to 50 frames per second. Do you get an improved frame rate at 5.

1 k for people out there that dont really know too much about it on paper? This has got a better option like better opportunities for 5k video, but you do have 50 frames per second. So if youre capturing things at 25 fps, you can actually slow the footage down if you capture 50 fps 5k footage. So that is a big improvement. If that makes a big difference to you, video is really important to so many people out there and i think thats why the mavic 3 might be really appealing to you adjustable aperture, a larger sensor. You know all of those things that are obviously going to make a big difference to people who are going to play with it in post production, but the air 2s. This guy here that one inch sensor really like when i compared it to even just the mavic air 2 to then the air 2s, a big jump there. That was something that was a noticeable jump going from like a half inch sensor to a one inch sensor. It was a nice improvement over the mavic air 2, which was still a phenomenal drone, but then we jumped to the mavic 3., the two camera systems work separately. They dont really interact and its just two separate experiences, and i find myself more so going to the micro four thirds system. The zoom is a little bit of a novelty unless youre, using that seven times where it looks really crispy.

So now, in terms of battery life and the actual overall flight performance, youre getting 46 minutes quoted on the mavic 3 and 31 minutes with the air 2s. But i did find myself being quite impressed with that additional flight time. So i could get multiple shoots done with the one battery again like. Does that matter to people like think about what youre going to be using the drone for and if you need to film in one location, for an extended period of time, thats going to make a big difference to you, the battery performance and the battery time is Going to be a really big calling card for you and then in terms of flight performance, which ive spoken about briefly at the beginning, they both fly phenomenally. Well, they dont surprise me when im flying them, they just handle exactly as i need them to handle. I will say early on when this originally came out before the firmware update. I noticed it was a little bit touchy. It has so many sensors like its truly omnidirectional. It senses in every single direction and the mavic 3 for me just had a few moments where it would notice something and it would kind of dart away a little bit where i noticed the air 2s. If it noticed something, it would be a little bit more smooth, it seemed like it was a bit more of a refined sensing system. I did notice with the mavic 3 that, as its flying lets, say, im looking at you guys and im flying the drone would automatically kind of pick up, so it automatically sent something and start flying upwards, which actually created a bit of a dynamic view, which i Didnt mind, but again it wasnt something i wanted.

I didnt decide on that. Never had that experience on the air 2s or really any drone. The sensors are a little bit fiddly at the moment. Unless you get yourself, the cine edition of the mavic 3 youre going to be getting the exact same controller that youre getting with the air 2s. Now this is a newly updated control design that we saw in the mini 2 and its something that im quite a fan of like it is an improvement in the controller design. I love the cable management, how it literally just tucks behind here. I love that i can keep my phone in its case, while its enclosed in here i dont, have to take it out of its case, which was a problem with the previous controller design and its just a larger feel like it feels a lot more sturdy and The balance or the offset of weight when your phones on top is a lot nicer than the original controller design, but still again its double the price. I was expecting, maybe something different. You know you can obviously get that pro controller, but otherwise youre getting the same controller that youre getting with the air 2s. Now you are getting an improved range with the mavic 3, so its occusying 3 plus youre getting 15 kilometers of range, as opposed to the 12 kilometers of range with the air 2s. If you have a lot of interference in your area and range is really important or that lack of interference is really important, then maybe the improvement could be a big calling card for you, but otherwise not really.

Both drones have air sense and air pass. So air sense actually has input from other manned aircraft in the area and itll pop up, and let you know that theres an aircraft flying in the area thats more of a safety thing both of them have it and they both work really well. But when it comes to the a pass, which means that it can actually avoid obstacles and objects in your environment, they both have a pass, but the newer mavic 3 has a pass 5.0 plus. You also have that a directional tracking, so as it swings around and tracks you from the front, it still should be avoiding everything to the side below up down all directions: theyre, really impressive avoidance system, um that i havent been able to truly test yet but theyre. Both great, like i said, the air 2s, with its avoidance and with its tracking, was actually really impressive, its the best tracking ive ever tested. I havent fully tested this one yet, but this is still a really impressive tracking system and yeah never had any issues with it. Master shots was a new feature added to the air 2s and its come back its made a return on the mavic 3. No different, though theres no exciting new feature on the mavic 3, which again, i feel like, was a lost opportunity here, hopefully well see something in the future, but the mavic 3 does the same thing. It can do 4k and 1080p master shots.

It gives you the option between the height length and width of the actual tracking, the master shots like where its going to move in the environment, but then its all predetermined by an algorithm. You have no control. I wish that with the mavic 3, we could choose what shots it was going to capture. I wish we could set up waypoints. I wish we had some pro options, but unfortunately, its the exact same offering as the air 2s, which is a little bit disappointing. One of the only other differentiating factors in terms of features that are unique to the mavic 3 is that you can actually capture 4k 120 frames per second, so really high quality, slow motion where on the air 2s, it can only capture 1080p at 120 frames per. Second, which is still great, but you are getting, that high quality slow motion on the mavic 3., if thats a really important thing to you, then that could maybe be a reason why you would want this. Both drones also capture 10 bit d log, as well as the 5k footage, so again, very similar in terms of their offerings. I feel, like dji, shot themselves a little bit in the foot by releasing such an amazing drone before the mavic 3., just based on what they added to. It is quite a big upgrade here and honestly, i know, were getting to the end of the video now for most people. I think you would be more than happy with the air 2s.

The mavic 3 is a phenomenal drone. Dont get me wrong and im absolutely loving it, but its double the price and it really doesnt have double the features. Double the offering. I mean its such a good camera system, its its a really awesome flight time, great performance, you get additional sensors on it. Its got a few things that are definitely an improvement here, but at this stage you know like. Are you going to notice the difference between 12 kilometers of range and 15 kilometers of rain? You know that youre not going to notice that difference and in terms of the 5k footage you might notice a little bit more clarity or a bit more sharpness lets say in the image, but more dynamic range obviously is better in low light because of that adjustable. Aperture and that larger sensor, so you are going to notice slight, like nuances, theres, only going to be little improvements with the mavic 3, if youre, comparing it to this guy, so thats, why its so hard to say, yeah just spend double the money to get this Guy and thats why i want to see waypoints, i want to see more options for the user to really customize. The experience give us some pro options. You know, then it would make it worth the money, but right now its just a slight improvement over a drone. That is really solid. So, for me, im a little bit torn here because im thinking about who this drone is, for, you know, whos the mavic 3 for whos, the air 2s4.

Are you a prosumer, you know? Are you a filmmaker? Are you someone who uses your drone footage for commercial work, or are you just someone whos out there doing it for your social medias or doing it for family like? Why are you using these drones, thats kind of what i wanted to put my head into here and for me, like im, a content creator, i create content on youtube. A lot of drone content using the mavic 3 has been a privilege and its such an amazing drone. Some really exciting things that theyve tried to put into it like a dual camera system on paper. Just sounds so exciting, but in actuality like when you use it in the real world experience you know it is fun. Theyve really tried to make it this unique offering here, but i think right now its lacking the software to make it the prosumer drone that we all deserve. So, with all of that being said, i think my heart and my mind, and and when im thinking about others like why you would be using this drone. I think the air 2s is the clear winner here. Besides those few things i mentioned that youre not getting and those few things that are slightly improved on the mavic 3, this is giving you everything you need in a drone and more, but i would love your thoughts in the comments below. Is the mavic 3 worth that extra money? If not id love to know in the comments below, and if so, i would still love to know in the comments below lets start a discussion lets help.

Some people make the right decision for them, so thats the end of the video. Thank you so much for watching guys. I will chat to you in the next one make sure to have a fantastic day week, rest of the month.