Max resolution is 5.4 k. Mavic 3 only does 5.1 k so thats. Why youll notice that side by side, the canvas is bigger than in the air 2s than it is on the mavic 3.? The second thing that youll notice is that the field of view on the air 2s is larger than the mavic 3 and thats, because the mavic 3 has a 84 degree field of view, and the air 2s has a 88 degree field of view. So looking at them individually, both look clean, both look crisp, both look nice. I personally believe that the looking at it side by side, i personally believe the air 2s – looks better its just more deep, more rich blues again everything here on auto, so whatever the camera does automatically thats what you get and these two images are about. I would say five minutes apart, because i had to land one drone and put the other drone up both about 150 feet to be precise and they just took off in the exact same location and they have the exact same center points. So i personally, like the air 2 ss 5.4 k, i think it looks a lot richer, a lot deeper side by side, as you can see here as well. Theres to me, there just seems like a lot more detail and rightfully so 5.4 k is much deeper than than 5.1 k, but here this mavic image just looks really soft on the right.

Just super soft to the point where its just its – i really dont, like it now zooming in on the air 2s. This is 3x zoom everything on auto and it looks its. I wouldnt call this usable footage right. I guess its its better than the zoom camera youll find on the mavic 3 just saying: actually it might not, but it looks okay, you can see the city in the background. You can see the empire state building. You can see all the buildings in the city. Thats miles away and same thing with the mavic 3, you can see the cities, but to me the the city, in the background, just does not look as clean does not look as crisp, and this image to me is starting to look a little bit washed out There isnt just there isnt as much details in the background and then thats one of the reasons i dont like the mavic 3 when it comes to cropping or any kind of flexibility you just dont. Have it now look here side by side on 3x zoom? I have to stop this for you to see. I mean look over here on top of this hut, this ice cream hut or whatever it is. You can see the details here, its nice grayed out on the ground. You can see that well, the people are kind of blushed out, but the trees look, nice and rich. The shadows are there. You could even see the reflection in the water for all the trees and all and and and this building right here, nice, beautiful and deep, dark blues come up.

Look a little bit above where this terrace building is the square building rectangular building you can actually see the writing a little bit nice and deep here. In the background, you can see the buildings theyre fairly clear on the skyline at the back here. Looking over the mavic 3 over here, its just its just a no go for me, this building the terrace just looks washed out to the top here, all the trees just look washed out, and i dont mean sharpness again. This is not a sharpness thing. This is just a lack of details. All the buildings in the back everything just looks washed out, and i dont like the way the mavic 3 handles exposure in auto. It definitely needs to be some tuning there by dji, which im pretty sure they might do, but i dont know for sure, looking at the hut here at the bottom here, its just the whites are overexposed, even though their auto exposure is at zero. Its blown out and as a result youre losing some details there and just look at the steps and everything at the bottom. Here the landing look at the details on this brick wall over here, its just non existent. You cant even see that these are bricks, whereas if you look over the ear 2s over here, you can see that there are bricks. The beautiful reflections in the water and everything and bear in mind the air to us has a wider field of view.

So you would think that the wider field of view when you zoom in you would not get as much details, but here we have details right so lets let it run so there are the results on the screen. Look and compare for yourself. I mean its quite evident right. A lot of work needs to go into this mavic 3 and i dont know if its just software updates. I dont know if it can be a hardware issue too. We just dont know right. We just have to hope for the best well see what happens come january. Moving on to 5x zoom, the air 2s does not really look usable, but i mean i dont know its its a decent image right, its a decent image. You got empire state building. You can actually see details in the empire state building at the back, look at the mavic 3 and the empire state building in the back there. It is ridiculous everything is just washed out on 5x zoom this this this is insane. This is. This is ridiculous side by side. Looking at the two side by side, the 5x zoom reveals it even more im going to pause. This look at the bottom again by this hot, this blue and white hut. You can still see the reflection in the water on the 5x zoom. Yes, the trees are getting a little mushy and youre starting to lose detail right, but thats expected when youre zooming five times on 5.

4 k, especially this little sensor. This little warning sensor compared to this beast over here, look at these trees. This this is horrific, like i consider this to be unacceptable, completely unacceptable. This is ridiculous and look look at the the hut too. Its horrible its just, i dont know the image. Is there theres no details on the bricks, nothing, it just looks wishy washy. This is horrible. Its up on the screen you can see for yourself now. Look even if i put the mavic 3 on f5 f5 aperture priority, which should increase the sharpness. Does it help? Yes, it helps a little bit but f5 come on youre supposed to get a lot more sharpness and a lot more detail. Now, yes, im going to pause this for a second, you can start see the shadows, the reflection in the water coming out at the bottom. Here you can start to see it and youre starting to get a little bit more details coming out in the bricks and stuff, but looking over here at the air 2s, its not even comparable at 5x zoom and, of course, the air2s doesnt even have an adjustable Aperture but thats what makes this drone so easy, not that not! This is just so small and compact and easy to unfold and easy to fly, but its easy to use. You got one aperture and thats the fastest setting done. If you need to make any adjustments, you slap a filter on youre good to go, but look at the image coming out of this air 2s, its unbelievable unbelievable.

I hope this is a firmware thing, and this is not an issue with glass. You know dji not using the right or the optimal glass or the cut corners somewhere. I hope not, but yeah the image. Is there see it for yourself um? Let me know what you think. I think that they put this dual camera system in there, because they want to turn this into an enterprise drone in a few months, and this is what happens when you try to cater for everyone. You end up not making something that is specific to anyone, and nobody ends up getting pleased for guys like us who are doing filming. We need the details. We need the ability to punch in to crop in a little bit and reframe things, and we just simply cant do it here, so you lost us too right. So, who do you really have you want the hobbyist guys who, like the cool stuff like the zoom and and the hyperlapse, and all these features that are not there yet, but lets assume that they were there and everything was fully loaded and completed on this maverick? You still have an extreme price point, so nobodys really happy right. The hobbyists dont want its not happy paying that kind of money. The enterprise guys would. I think they would like a little bit more quality on their zoom for inspections and stuff, and the filmers just cant use this camera right now, at least for professionals.

So i i dont know where you really fall with this dji. I really dont know i might revisit this in january when the firmware update is fixed because they might do revisions to the image quality i dont know time will tell, but for now theres no reason for me to have dji holding that sort of money. You know its the way i see it is like a contractor coming to do, painting for your house and paints half of your house and then tells you pay the full price and ill come back in january and finish the painting it just really doesnt make sense To me, especially a company to like dji thats lets face it theyre, not short of money if theres one thing they have is funds, if theres another thing they have more than anybody else its resources. So why am i paying out for this now? It just doesnt make sense and bear in mind guys. There are other drones on the market. The autel has a new lineup of drones coming the evil light. They have the evil light, plus they have the evo nano. They have the evo nano plus, and these drones are delivering fifteen sixteen hundred dollars with the fly more combo. It has a 6k camera that destroyed this mavic 3 as well. So if youre looking for something new with good image, quality that can be used for professional work, wait until those drones are released and ill do a comparison as well.

So you can see what youre getting take your time is what i always say: look at what everybody has to say, give things some time to be reviewed and then make your decisions right. If you already purchased the mavic 3, then i guess youll just have to stick with it and hope for the best. With that being said, guys make sure you give this video a huge thumbs up, make sure that you hit subscribe and hit the bell to get notified. When i release more reviews like this, so you can be informed and help you to make better decisions with that. Being said guys, i will catch you whenever i can make sure you become a patreon guys, big benefits to patreon get direct access to me.