It is the mavic 3.. Now, if youve seen, my unboxing and flight test and range test actually go ahead or if you havent go ahead and check out the link. Itll pop up here on the top right also be down there down below in the description, as well as the items im testing today and all my gear, but today is going to be dji, finally updated the active track to be working on this thing. So we should be up at active track, um, 5.0 now and remember in all those other videos i put out with this thing: uh they didnt have that software updated. So i just did the update my daughter, sanaya shes up there riding a skateboard im gon na get this thing up in the air and were gon na start tracking. Her were also going to do those other things like time lapse and try a few of those things see if all thats working and all the stuff that wasnt working before so anyway lets get started with the mavic 3 active track and more advanced features. Flight test Music, so lets start recording get this thing lifted off here. So well, just do a kind of a normal on screen, launch just kind of holding launch and then well let it go that thing will start up that time. I didnt really open the propellers. So i kind of forgot, but you may want to do that, but you guys there.

It is, if you havent, seen the mavic 3, yet its pretty amazing looking drone. So i think what ill do is im just in regular um. You know i have all of these sensors on and stuff im gon na just kind of go up real quick about 30 feet, so it can kind of track its uh, its home point. Well, do a return to home test and im gon na fly over to sanaya, so she should be waiting over here at the bottom of the hill im, just giving her the thumbs up to start. Okay, im tracking her now and its kind of it should already be tracking. Her lets go active track here. Go okay, just had to kind of press go to kind of catch up with her, so its gon na track. Her you can see how the reticle is. Is kind of like getting off of her but wow it just flew right up next to her and remember, i have all the obstacle avoidance on and its in normal mode, so its just going to do kind of a behind her track were going to see how It avoids all these trees im not going to be touching any buttons or anything. So this was one of the features remember that was missing on all my other reviews, so well go ahead and see how it deals with these trees. Lets see what it does here. Very good, so its good so far getting in the shade lets see how it deals with this.

We got some wires over there on the left, some branches and stuff awesome. So far, so good, so shes, just gon na ride around for a bit turn off my cam save some power here, trying out the new dji action, cam 2., all right, so i havent touched it since i started tracking her and so far so good with these. You know kind of slower, um tracking, even in the shade and stuff lets kind of see how it deals with this, and i think, on the way back when it opens up well, do a point of interest you see over on the right. It says poi. So once it kind of um its automatically going to its right interesting it, it sees her turning around okay, so go ahead. Sanaya here she goes shes going to try again remember. I tried to track my son on my flight test when the active track wasnt working – and i just basically was tracking him manually, but here we go so trees all around its keeping under the canopy, because remember it has those upward sensors also on the mavic 3. So its got 360 degree sensors. So so far, so good lets try a poi while shes going maybe ill wait till it gets past this tree here its definitely not a school day its a saturday. So theres not going to be anybody in school and lets just see what happens if were at this height, and we start a poi im going to click on poi and im gon na tap right when she goes to the left here, im gon na tap start There we go so well, just go slow, go its gon na, go to the right and slowly and lets see how it deals with this.

Its gon na be kind of interesting, so its trying to keep up with her maybe ill speed it up a little bit. Go to about halfway cool so its trying to keep up with her and lets see how it deals with this tree. Whoa dont fall down tonight. All right, p.o.y working lets see. Was it going to hit this tree while shes resetting her board cool? You could see on the ipad screen it detected the tree and its definitely avoiding it, and now its still doing poi and following her you know its kind of close but its keeping a reasonable distance. So shes not going to crash into it. So so far thats great im just trying to gesture her to go back up. So you can see what im doing with my sticks here. Im just going to go up so im pushing up and the drone is going up and im gon na pull back a little bit and lets see how it deals with these trees, while its kind of tracking her awesome. So you saw it lose her there. Real quick, its looking at the ground and everything to make sure that, well, hopefully, it doesnt run into those trees, excellent and its still trying to orbit her slowly lets see what its going to do. Okay, so it totally lost track come on. Oh so i got ta manually take over again. Okay, so let me manually take over get back to where shes at so that was a little bit of a failure.

Lets go poi again lets go the other way lets see what it does go. Okay lets see how it deals with this whoa. It just went over those power lines. That was awesome so remember we have a poi to the left now and it lost track, so not as good as something like the um. Remember the skydio right so lets do active track again and lets try to do it from her left lets go. Can we adjust it if i press go im, not sure if i can readjust again yeah there we go lets try to click on left, okay, cool! Well, at least you can kind of do um see how it does with the left side and remember its going to be in these trees. A little bit see how it deals with this okay, so point of interest failure in a little bit of tight situations, so thats something youre going to have to be careful of, but it wont hit the objects it just kind of stops because it cant see when She passed through them so lets see how she does that again coming down and well so you see this little thing above the stop button. If i click on that, i can choose whatever i want so theres a little icon in the middle and if i slide it theres also like a compass for parallel. So i can do these two options and i can click on it and choose.

Lets. Try a front follow on her, so dont. I would not use the poi in under canopy situations like this, probably only over canopy, and this is doing it on its own, its kind of like shaking back and forth a little bit. Let me try to go a little bit farther back. If we can a little bit farther back and up just a little bit, we can get more of a cinematic shot well thats kind of as far back as i can go. So not that great i mean when it sees obstacles yikes. It looks like its trying to slow down it just about lost track of her because it was into that tree and it stopped for some reason. But did you see what it did it automatically pitched down and tried to keep tracking her, so thats, pretty dang awesome now its gon na try to get ahead of her again but its having difficulty? You see this, what its doing its, not able to really quickly get in front kind of like the skydio sports drone would do there. We go it didnt like that tree behind it up there, probably so lets try to go up and back im full throttle up and back and its it just doesnt want to really give me that ability to go up and back so apparently its more kind of Locked at this distance, it seems lets see if we can try that, since its totally opened up yeah im pushing full throttle up there, we go and lets go back.

Okay, i cant go any farther back. So a little bit of a limitation lets see what we want to do now lets see if it can keep tracking her at this height cant go any farther back, but lets just see if it can stick with this height and go around in front of her. So a little bit of a limitation, you see this as it gets farther away its its losing its imagery sensor, so thats. Why theyre not allowing me to go back and farther away? You know what i mean it just um. It just has that limitation where, since theres, no gps on her like remember the skydio has that gps um? What is that thing called that little little dongle you kind of put on whatever you want to track. If it loses visual, it will track with the gps. Point but this cant do that it just needs to have visuals so thats, why its limiting me not to get farther away than this on tracking. So i have it set to be in front of her, but, as you can see, is it gon na keep on her okay, thats thats, better than usual for um dji, theyre kind of tweaking the algorithm on the tracking? So its kind of? Did you see it when it lost her? It was still floating to the left a little to anticipate her speed and where she was going to come out. So that worked great theyve.

It seems like theyve improved that i dont want to speak too soon, but you see how it keeps going back, anticipating that shes going to come out and lets see if it can keep tracking her. Oh, she doesnt want to keep going up the hill okay, so she just got off so its kind of waiting for her, so youre going to have those limitations like if its under canopy and um, if its just waiting it just doesnt know what to do. You know what i mean so now i got to go up and see where shes at maybe ill go a little bit to the right. Shes gone. Oh there she is. I was totally lagging there. Okay, lets try this again, so i need to go down and get on her. So another point of interest. Oh, it lost her again, so i need to boy okay, yeah, so not as easy as i thought it would be, but kind of reasonable for point of interest. Lets go to the left as fast as it can. Subject: lost okay, so youre not going to have any far away stuff with this. Okay guys come on keep up with her yeah. So you see this when its already in motion its having a very tight hard time to retract so lets just kind of do. Maybe a poi here on her point of interest, lets, go fast to the left and go so youre gon na have to do this stuff before the subject really starts going.

Otherwise, youre gon na have all kinds of problems like. I was just kind of gaining the track. Lets go back and up so it seems like when the subjects not really moving its its. It can track it a little farther away. But you see how if i go any back or farther up watch it kind of start to lose the subject, and then you see how it kind of goes into gps mode. So youre not going to be able to track stuff from very far away guys see how its kind of messing up and going over there there goes so it the image is just the software on the camera is going off and on of its algorithm to detect Humans and thats the problem its having so anyway, theres the poi, pretty cool, go one more time and ill just try to track her from this height. Well, just start at this height here: okay, guys and well see how it does with her and were just going to do the trace, where its just going to follow her from behind. And you can see how its already having a little bit of trouble with the imagery to to track her whenever you hear that see that little uh icon change into like a gps point on the map thats when its losing its imagery on her and its trying To anticipate so lets see if im tracing her, let me see if i can move the quad to the left and right there we go so i got my right stick and i just pushed it to the left.

So if you look at my uh finger here, im gon na push to the left, and so you can do this while its doing a trace on her at least or on objects. Lets see how it deals with this. This might be kind of tough. I like how it goes into that anticipation mode. Oh, it didnt catch her over there. I have to fly forward quick. Did you see her come out of the trees and its totally shut everything off? So this is gon na be hard to retract. Lets see quick, yeah see this im trying to draw a box around her and that box is sticking there. I got ta quickly figure out where shes at. Let me see if i just tap on her. Oh man, yeah so so were you know, were finding the issues with this for sure and thats. What youre going to find in my videos, but at least we know, were not going to hit any even power lines or tree branches. This thing seems to be very good at uh, not hitting though so here we go, lets try active track again shucks, i cant see her through these branches. Ah, so you see this, it doesnt understand what to do because shes kind of under those branches. So this is where you need to kind of manually take over and just like, really quickly re situate. You see that over there its stuck to the left, its, not letting me move.

So i have to press the x on that and then just try to quickly track her dang. It yeah not as easy as i would have hoped, guys so again, moving objects. Maybe shell stop for a second shes, not stopping so im just kind of manually. Doing this now, because the active track had totally shut off um again objects in motion already going to be very hard to start a track on them and then, of course, its not going to be nearly as smooth if youre trying to track somebody try this real Quick yeah see i couldnt even capture her on that slow turn its just not fast enough to to get her so im just manually doing this, let me try again putting a box around her. Oh okay got her that time lets. Try nope see how im hitting that, and it just doesnt know what to do, because it cant then identify a human when its moving and you try to trace a box around it. Try again boom its almost like it wants to, but it just doesnt. Let you because the box is too big and it doesnt see its a human so anyway, finding the um cons on the active track. You know, maybe they can improve, that im gon na have her just kind of walk over and youll see what i mean. So i have her there see how when she stopped it kind of knows, nope unable to switch only supports people, so it cant, even it doesnt, even know shes a person right now, so that kind of sucks i got ta go like really close here there: okay, When you see that little box, then you know you know what i mean that it is a person go lets, do one more poi, while shes walking back shes just using the skateboard as like a remote control car across the field there.

So at least you can do point of interest on um people and cars. You know what i mean so its going to detect cars and people, but it looks like anything else, youre just going to have to kind of manually track, so you wouldnt be able to like track a drone or um anything else. You know it should see a bike rider stuff like that. That was a really good test, because there he goes hey thanks for helping on that. That was super awesome. You didnt fall at all thats good speed, wobbles yeah, you kind of went into the grass but thats okay, you havent ridden in a long time. Oh careful and look guys check out the map here, while its just kind of orbiting sinai and its. So its kind of cool you can bring in your map and you can see the whole route where youve gone. So we followed her like two or three times doing that route. We basically tried most of the active track, features and um. You know you, you saw how it really performed. I think what i want to do now. Sanaya is i want to kind of just track you running, so if you want to turn that thing off well, just kind of do some running kind of like what i do with kian jogging walking in the field and lets see just how good it is at Um, you know just really tracking her, while that stuffs happening.

I want to see how low we can really track on this orbit, so im just pulling all the way down thats as low as it wants its allowing me to go, which is about what it thinks its negative seven feet, but that is not negative point. Thats not zero feet. You see that so i dont know why dji still has that problem, but you can see that thing is about five feet off the ground and lets see what this does. So. This is parallel. Lets go ahead and press go on it. So why dont you get up sanaya and then just start jogging to that goal over there and come back okay lets see how it deals with the parallel go for it just jog and then, when you come back just sprint, okay, so this is parallel guys, you Put it anywhere in the sky and then it will just follow them at that specific point: sprint: okay, getting djs getting better at keeping up with objects whoops, she lost the shoe thats. Okay, awesome sanaya! That was great. So that is the parallel. If you want to get like sports or somebody jogging or riding a bike or something um and then lets click on poi again, i want to do that same thing, while im doing kind of like a a medium, fast poi. Maybe a fast poi lets just see what happens so its gon na go pretty dang fast and remember all these obstacle avoidance and everything is in check.

Do that same thing again, sanaya how you did a jog and then sprinted back so im, not touching anything guys. This is what its doing not touching the controller whatsoever nice. As far as i can see, theyve improved the algorithm, the ai to anticipate things so heres what you can do now tsunaya how about this so go this way when you get to the other side of the field, just jog when you get to the other side, Turn this way and just immediately sprint like dont, even wait just go like this and then and then sprint back as fast as you can. Okay, so just go slow, so you dont run out of breath and when you get to the hill turn as fast as you can see, if we can lose the drone, you take your shoes off all right here. We go guys, get ready, so go ahead. Just just jog and then sprint back as fast as you can turn so this is an orbit. Remember, were in the fastest orbit to the right lets see if it loses track its also going to try to avoid that hill. Oh its stopped the poi okay, its it didnt want to continue. I had to keep it continuing, but its not losing her. I just restarted it there when she was coming back, so it is trying to keep up with her thats good. So theyve been proved that im satisfied with that theyve totally improved the um, the algorithm to track things.

It still stops once in a while, so they still have some stuff to work on its not going to be substituting for a you know, a skydio2 which has that beacon is without the word i was trying to say beacon. Is that little thing that it comes with, so you know thats thats the kind of active track you can do so i like this little wheel here, where you can choose front. You know you click on it front back. You can also go at these angles too kind of like you can with the skydio, or you can just swipe it over and do the parallel. So that seems to be pretty much it. You have regular active track which follows from behind, or you know when you click these things. You have 360 angles there or you can do parallel. You know so, whatever angle it is im clicking on parallel again and its not allowing me to choose those angles. You know what i mean, so it looks like its just going to start paralleling when it sets. So you have to make sure youre at the area to parallel before you start parallel poi, you can just click on that. Whatever youre doing, and you can just go for it and it just starts poi, so those are like the three things you can do in active track working better, but not as good as i expected them to do and its you know its middle of the day.

Its a nice sunny day today so theres really no excuse, except for shadows and obstacles and um. It did better, but not the best. Okay, im gon na stop this guys and, i think, were done. Sanaya high five for helping me were gon na go into some of these other features thanks so much uh, so were gon na stop the active track im just pressing the x on the screen going to go up here guys, and we want to do some of These other features remember we want to try like the um, the wide angle, camera and stuff like that. So well, we got a nice view here. Look at this. It finally rained in on maui isnt that awesome wow. We used that much battery already. We only have 17 percent left. It wants me to return to home, so its gon na its not gon na stop beeping. You know what im gon na do im gon na i have another battery in my bag. Im gon na fly out here. Well, do a return to home right now, im gon na pop in one more battery and lets. Do those other features which you know are like the time lapse and all that stuff that they supposedly have um enabled so just clicking on the screen here. Pushing and holding on return to home lets have her come back, see how close it lands. Two remember the home point right here, so this one remember coming home, you can move the camera up and down go ahead and move it down, see what it does here.

Its adjusting itself to get in the position it was um when it took off lets see how good it is at centering. In on that h there, it should automatically pick the camera up in just a second yeah, so it does that on its own, just to protect the camera and since were not around it, it looks like its going to land as accurate as possible nice, so that Was using those bottom cameras guys to like look at the launch pad as long as you launch up and just kind of wait there and then um go up about 30 feet. What it does is the computer on board looks at the image and it kind of like remembers where it landed, like it like, looks at objects, in this case its the landing pad. But if there was some rocks or even this bag around and there was no landing pad it would it would take that image and try to figure out where it was and land as close as possible, as i think it launched from. But as you can see, it kind of reoriented itself to north, like where i launched from so it redid the compass there and it looks like it, landed a couple inches away. So close enough for me to be satisfied with that swap in another battery lets, get it back up and lets. Try those other things like time lapse and all that stuff, wide angle, shots which werent active on my last flight test and see how those do then well wrap it up with the pros and cons im just using the internal storage it switched over from that 32.

Gig card i had in there to the internal storage, you can see it up there up on the screen, so thats actually eight gigabytes. Sorry, i think i said it was 10, but it seems like its eight and lets launch this one from like a manual launch. So both sticks down and in yes propellers, are on correctly spin that sucker up and well just launch up. Well also, you know: do another return to home, so well go ahead and get up there about 30 feet, let it sit there for a sec and, while im here lets turn to the west maui mountains, there go up a little higher. So its kind of out of audible range its a little bit easier on the ears here lets see what we got so remember were in were in video recording mode right now, im just going to press this top right film clip and we want to go into These settings now none of these things were working here on the right side. Here, im moving up and down, none of this was working, pano, hyperlapse, quick shots or master shots, so lets go ahead and try a couple of these really quick. First of all. Well, do since were up here high in the sky. Lets do a pano so im clicking on panel here, oh thats, still not working. Okay, sorry, theres! Still some stuff they got ta do lets. Try hyperlapse, okay, hyperlapse is working, so you can see all these things that you can do its basically what it is theyre, giving you a little example of what it does.

So you just click on things to track them and its kind of like doing its called the hyperlapse, but its kind of like a moving time lapse is what this thing is, so you can do waypoints. You know what i mean ill. Just let you like look at these for a little bit and you can see how its going to different waypoints while its kind of doing this hyperlapse or time lapse. So we saw that we saw the course lock theres a circle, so its basically a point of interest, and then it just does like a hyperlapse circle, which is basically like a moving time lapse is all that means so kind of cool for getting the effect of You know like a fast moving time lapse, while its moving and then theres also the free up here as well. So all that does is it lets. You move the sticks, how you want, while its doing that hyperlapse or time lapse, so you can see what theyre doing here is theyre just slowly moving it with their own fingers right that might be kind of cool lets. Do like a course lock to the mountain. So there we go if i just close this up here and then i can click down here on the course lock on the very bottom. It gives me some more options. Unlocked interview, interval two seconds length, five, second, video and at a speed. So you can see how you can adjust all these things.

Im clicking on it and im sliding here. So the max you can go, it looks like is lets see how fast we can go 6.7 miles per hour check im just going to do a quick five. Second, video, because i just want to try this real quick, but you can change that all the way up to 30. Second, video, okay, guys, but just remember its going to take a while to get that along of a video and so its going to be up in the sky for a long time. To get that, then you can adjust your video, your interval from two seconds, all the way up to 15 seconds between pictures, so im gon na leave it at two on the bottom left unlock and now its locked. So i just pointed youre just pointing the drone in the direction you want and you see how you can unlock or lock. So i want to have it going in that direction. Im going to have the camera up a little bit, so we can get these clouds and im going to go ahead and just press picture take a picture to start there. We go so as soon as i pressed that right hand photo. It started this whole process where its flying in that direction lock i had and its going to take a photo every two seconds and its going to get. You see there on the bottom middle of the screen, its saying its got 3 minutes and 45 seconds left and it has taken 13 shots out of 125 shots so ill be having this pop up on the screen.

When this thing is done, so this will be kind of interesting lets, see how this bugger finishes and comes back. It should just kind of come back in a straight line: okay, guys just wrapping it up here were at 120 pictures of 125 that it does want to do so. Lets see what it does. I still have a great live view. Just remember. I have that forward direction lock, so its going way back out there its done its creating the video, so look at that over, on the right hand, side its compiling all those pictures right now you see that little white thing going around the record button white things Done everythings done lets see what this thing does guess what its just sitting out there. So im gon na come home now im just holding in the return to home button. So keep that in mind. It will just sit out there after its done with its hyperlapse. Here we go im going to cancel return to home, just pressing that on the screen that little red reticle over there on the left side. Now i have manual control again, so ill have had that hyperlapse up, thats kind of what you can expect might have been cool with those clouds flying out kind of a time lapse. Moving thing now lets go ahead and go into this little icon again and remember. We cant do pano uh lets, try quick shots feature coming soon.

Okay, man. I thought all these were active, apparently not lets. Try master shots clicking on it. There we go so based on the subject and distance. The aircraft will automatically shoot a number of clips, so its weird how quick shots isnt working, but this master shot is because what master shots is is its a compilation of quick shots so anyway? Okay, fine, closing that and lets just do it on us. Here we can see, we already have reticles on us im just going to click on me and subject area and flight route. Interesting set flight parameters; okay, same kind of thing: we can press down here and you can see that this thing, pops up or actually pops down when we touch it. Everything is medium length, medium check, height, medium check. You can do small, medium or large, apparently and width so thats like as far away from you. So you see these little things that can move left or right. Well, just leave it all on medium. For this test and start point, i can click on it automatically adjust master shots, okay, current location or start point interesting, so you have those two as well. So if its current location, you can just go ahead and move the drone around see im pulling back a little bit and then you can just press start so lets just try current location start here and just see what it does all right, maybe well go a Little bit closer first, so there we are hey guys thanks for tuning in lets, try the master shot doom, so just press start doing a three two one and there we go.

I just plopped a gps point on this thing, so say: youre with your family and youre on a vacation, and you want to get these types of videos. You see what its doing its telling us on the bottom doing a circle medium right now, so it seems like it kind of stopped tracking me right, because that i chose the fixed position. So perhaps, if we do master shots on the adjusting position, it may be able to do um track humans. Maybe well try that real quick, since we still have 20 minutes of flight time on this doing a droney now, so you see how the master shots just cycles through the quick shots, so thats interesting to me that those are not working yet very interesting. Now its doing a circle far, so this is a great feature where you know you just want to get uh all these shots of a subject, whether it be you and your family pitch up and fly forward, okay, interesting, so its going to pitch it up and Its automatically coming close to us cool rock it up so its doing a rocket right now. So all these things guys that its doing are the quick shots and then some camera down circle. So its circling up like a rocket kind of like a rocket twisting rocket. So you know you dont know how to control your drone to do things manually use this kind of stuff straight down descend.

I think this might be the last one lets see: oh down descend, so if you want to cancel you can always press that x, but it looks like this. Is it and its done so, the drone is going back to its initial position and its did that all automatically and its turning around just where it started and then check that out its showing you a little video clip over there of what it it just did. So ill have that up on the video too lets try this auto location, auto, adjust master shots, lets see what this does real quick im gon na hit it and see. If maybe i can move around or something, no, so its still logging that point. Okay still doing the same thing, so im not really sure what thats trying to do unless i can move the drones head so that just cut out the whole thing. If you touch the sticks, it just cuts out. So you know not entirely explained right there and what that does, but anyway, moving on guys. I think we have enough there quick shots, doesnt work again unfortunate, so thats it pano didnt work, quick shots, didnt work, but hyperlapse did we did a good hyperlapse on there and remember you can do all those things and then um yeah, and then you have the Master shots if you want that tutorial to come up again, just press that question mark at the top right – and it shows you kind of like an example of what its going to do so, i think thats, really it man im going to x.

Out of here you just have to go back to like photo or whatever clicking on photo and then that kind of got it out of master shots. So i think i took some photos when i was doing the flight test, but it was super dry. So im gon na take a couple more photos just to wrap this thing up and then were gon na. Do a return to home lets just get out here. A bit and lets just take a couple of nice photos. While we have a nice, green maui now so um, i believe im in yep, so you can do jpeg raw j raw. So lets just take a couple of shots here: yeah its in widescreen. Looking a lot better with these photos versus that first flight test lets go ahead and get a downward shot right here, a nice shot there always click in the center of the screen. If you want to vote, refocus and re expose. Of course, this is all um. Auto mode guys, what you can do manual mode remember lets do a uh just a shot of the ground here, making sure were not over a house. So just so, you guys can kind of see what this all looks like so im going to get up to the max height i can, which should be just under 400 im going to hit return to home again and when its over the top of us. I am going to take a couple more shots, so we can kind of see how it is uh with this downward type of view here.

Okay, so im just whoops, i took a photo when it was already twisting taking some photos, so you can get that down. Review while its moving and lets just see how close it is on this time, this is going to be the second return to home in this advanced features. Video see if this is even closer at about 10 feet 8 to 10 feet. It starts going really slow height is off. I dont know why. Why dji has that problem? It thinks its negative four feet right now. Youd think that the downward sensors, which can tell the elevation of how far it is from the ground, would be correcting that were at 32 percent power. So, as you can see, this thing flies for a really long time. Lets talk about the tracking where we track sanaya a little bit. Remember that sanaya i mean a little better, but still just not as good as something like the skydeal, where you have that tracking beacon that the thing or person youre trying to track and hold on to it and if it does lose image recognition on the skydio. It will switch to gps, get back to the subject, location and then retract, with its camera. This cant do that once it loses its image of the subject with the imagery tracking, the ai tracking itll just sit there. So um still still a little bit to be desired. It looks like djis, making it better, but man they they just got to catch up.

To skydeal and this these action tracking things that will just stop and kind of ruin your day if youre, trying to track a subject – and you cant retract, remember that i couldnt retract her while she was moving. So unless you can contact the subject like you call them on the cell phone or you have a radio theyre going to just keep going and theres no way that you can re active track them by drawing a box when theyre already moving. So we figured out that that was a big flaw in the active track and i hope they can work on that or dji. If youre listening have a little add on beacon man, just like skydio does. Let us start that thing up, get some gps lock on it, give it to whoever were tracking, they can put it in their pocket, their backpack or just hold it and itll definitely be a lot better tracking, because itll switch to the gps location of the subject And then it seems like theyre getting better with their algorithm on slightly moving anticipating where the person or thing is going and then re tracking. As long as its kind of near the center of the screen, it seems to be okay, but if they had that beacon man, i just dont know why dji doesnt have a beacon, yet so, if youre listening get that beacon going anyway guys um tonight, thanks for Helping again were gon na wrap this one up, and i will see you in the next video probably do more of a cinematic ocean shoreline hawaii flight, with this one, more video on that and got a lot more videos coming with other drones too.