, so without any further ado lets Roll that clip in its entirety, one of the first things that i want to talk about, which was something we couldnt talk about last night, was jerome dj had an article about drumroll, the mavic 3. Okay, and you know out of resp. You know we. We we kept, we kept quiet about the mavic 3 last night, but i wanted to go ahead and share this and then i dont know if youve seen this article marcus and just kind of get your thoughts from it, and you know what they say makes sense. Here so um Music. Let me go ahead and get that up: okay, well, hey! While youre doing that bill, i guess i can uh kind of talk to the audience and and uh theres, some other things that have been going on. Uh ali sham now put up the first consumer video that ive seen on that hubsan mini as well. He does just an outstanding unboxing on it, uh so its worth looking at. If you uh, if you i did see that i didnt get a chance to watch it because i was working today and i wanted to watch. Rons live stream with johnny today, and i couldnt do that either because i he he went on right in the middle of work and i couldnt do that, but um im gon na go back and make sure we watch that later um. This is really interesting.

One is a release date for djis mavic 3. Pro quarter one 2022. Now they talk about a lot of things here: okay, um. The drone is targeted to be finalized in october, not produced for sale. Final product specs design settled on october 15th is current internal target date, which will likely be met, but then itll take two months. Maybe a bit more to prepare automated lines. Assembly equipment, et cetera for full scale ramp up then dji internally targets two months of full scale production prior to release, and by that we mean that explains why leaks have been few and far between and why we havent seen any images of the full mavic. 3. Pro yet remember this pic of what was said to the mavic 3 pro shell well thats, an indication the product isnt yet finalized um. Then our source fills in some of the blanks um. I think you see where this is going, why there will be more leaks for a while. The shells you have seen were evt units, engineering, verification, test shells thats the second step after dvt testing production has nowhere near begun. Um, oh and dont expect a zoom model. Heres our source and, lastly, add a final bit of info. There will not be a zoom model. The sensor is micro, four third, but development has been problematic on the hasselblad side. Three final prototypes now combine all the internal problems of the major chip shortage for new, smart controller and delay is anticipated to be quarter, one 2022 for actual product release um, and they continue the rest of the article there marcus did you have a chance to see This i dont know if you did or not im just curious as to what your thoughts are on this right now, just stuck out like a sore thumb to me, are they really saying micro, four thirds yeah? Oh thats, a thats, a big old sensor to put on a folding drone isnt, it yeah.

You know, and the first thing that hits me is heat dissipation. You know the heat that that thing is going to generate thats, thats thats, a thats, probably thats, a big bombshell right there i would say bill. I im wondering about that. Uh, but yeah i mean it. Itll itll be a itll, definitely blow the drone world away. If they can come up with that, because just think you know the real camera guys, i mean that takes it really into the professional realm right. Oh yeah, that goes from you know, prosumer leaning more to pro than consumer yeah. Exactly that kind. You know i mean just i saw that as well too, and i kind of stopped and and and kind of like caught myself for a second there, because that youre right. That is an incredible piece of news to to come across, and you know in this article appears, i think it appears genuine. I think its real and, i think, were probably its probably what were going to be targeting. So you know save your nickels and dimes for next year because thats, when its going to hit and like i said and ive always been saying this all along and you know i have, this – may crack the 2k barrier. Oh, i s im sure im sure that im certain that it will theres no question im. In fact, if its under 2 500 bucks, i think, were – were going to be lucky yeah now that kind of brings up a good point for drone hobbyists.

Does that take it to that next level, where its really really at the tippy top high end of the pro summer range, and you know, weve, been talking a lot about mini drones and im just trying to think okay? What is it that i do with a drone that, like the air 2s cant, do for me now? I i guarantee ill, probably get one because im a drone nerd and i love drones and and theres going to be. Some amazing features on it. But i just im saying that a guy like me will probably never do a drone like that justice. You know and im gon na say that you know the first person i thought of who will do that. Drone justice is definitely ron – brown, okay and guys like billy kyle, billy kyle, ken donno. You know rick smith. Those are the guys, you know they get into the nuts and the bolts and everything and i and i pretty much fall in line with you. You know its like: okay got some good settings. Gon na go with him. Okay, you know im not gon na im, not gon na sit there and spend all kind of time going into the settings and adjusting things i want to get up and fly. I want to get some good. Video um is what i want and and im not you know, but be that as it may. Okay, you know its going to lean like, like we just said more towards a pro side than a consumer side, but still thats going to you know.

I still think youre going to get a lot of consumer, like all of the all your the audience on donation, audience on on rotor, talk and and so forth. Theyre still going to be interested in something like this. This isnt going to hold them back just because you know its going to have a you know that kind of that kind of a camera yeah. Let me tell you what would be a just a killer feature for me. Is you know i love my skydio too. I love that drone. I in no way regret purchasing it its fairly expensive product uh, but do i really use the tracking on that drone to its full advantage? No, i dont, and but if the mavic 3 had that same kind of tracking ability or even close to it, it would kind of render the skydio 2 useless, or you know not as important in my in my fleet of drones here. If i could get a drone like the mavic 3 and have the ability to do all the things that we do with the air 2s and so forth, a folding drone compact drone and be able to do the kind of tracking and obstacle avoidance uh that we Can see on the skydio2 that would be a get big old game changer. For me, the other thing bill that im willing to bet thats in the works and maybe part of whats holding up that drone is remote id theyre, probably trying to settle all of the technical details of that and its probably even out of control of dji part Of that is the faa et cetera, so i i guarantee you thats.

I would be willing to bet thats part of the delay of that drone. You know that makes a lot of sense. Marcus, because you know people were talking. Remember dji talked about how all their drones that were going to come out were going to have have the um apas on it, and – and just you know, to try to try to. Maybe kind of you know satisfy the faa for a little bit right and, and you know, and youre right as far as remote idea is concerned, you know theyre going to have to make sure that its going to fit in with whatever the faa decides. You know their final tweak of that design for whatever its going to be, because you know, and to make it kind of you know. So if you have to do a software update that itll take care of it, whatever the faa decides to do kind of a thing right right, so you know um yeah its its exciting to find this out, and i i think the news is real because um You know its really kind of tempered down. You know: theres, no theres, no real pictures, but theres a lot of data. A lot of information here and it kind of makes a lot of sense.