We got something big for you, okay, this is dji mavic 3 and we got directly from the dji shop in beijing. So lets see what we got inside huh. Okay. So here it is our dji mavic 3 for you huh. So lets open this wow wow. This is awesome huh. This is solid nice bag. In the back in the box, there is nothing else, okay, so everything all the parts are inside this bag, so were gon na open this bag. Okay, so here it is dji bag. For mavic 3, specially made for mavic 3 okay, so this bag looks nice solid and it feels like leather at the bottom and its amazing bag to carry huh. Okay, open this bag. Here it feels metal, okay, first impression in this bag, open the zips and youre gon na see it here it is oh, my dji mavic 3. I keep take it out. Okay, this is dji mavic 3, and this is his muscles – is safeguard open this. Take it a little up and take it down. Look at this baby, huh open the most arms this on the front arms open like this and the downward the backward arms will be open to downward like this. Okay, the pretty good camera, the sensors 360 degree, all around downside, upside back side, front side. Okay, lets see what we got. What else we got here, we got a small box inside and in this box charging cable.

This is uh charger to charge three batteries together. At a time what else we got here, okay, we got nd filters, lets see inside wow, look at this okay, we have nd filters and the 4 and the 8 and the 16, and then the 34 okay, and we got what a lot of propellers uh. I wish i would not use this okay and we got connector for a remote controller for android or type c for iphone. We got some extra joysticks. What else we have inside this small pocket open this for kid? Okay, now you can see there is a place for everything. Here is our remote controller? Okay, so here it is wow. It looks nice its same as before it used to be for dji, mavic, 2 or vga mini huh. Here are those joysticks we take this out. Pin it here, okay, second, one and its ready ready to use okay. Next next we got two extra batteries. Okay, battery number two battery number three and the battery number one is inside the drone. Just take it out number one: okay, do we have anything else? Yeah? We have, we have adapter to charge, we type c, okay, how we can catch just just join this here and charge the batteries inside okay. So this is the bag, a buffer place for the drone for batteries for remote controller, and you can keep it and the drone will be safe inside uh. Even you are in the traveling anywhere okay.

This is this amazing idea: okay um, as we buy this from the dji store in beijing, so they are very nice. They give us some gifts. Okay, we got this. We got this small bag as a gift with dji tag here, and this bag is awesome. This bag is, is good enough to carry dji mini 2 or dji mavic pro 2. Ok, you can see inside the bag. Okay, this strip for shoulder here, you can keep your drone and this parts. This is good. This is kind of nice gift, huh and and the second gift youre gon na love this gift, huh yeah, im thinking where i will use this this bag. I think its good for shopping huh i can go outside to buy some vegetables, buy some fruits and i dont need to buy a shopping bag. I can just keep everything here. Okay, this is nice, so lets try to connect it. We already have connected those joysticks here on the controller, so we take it out. Okay, then, here is the cable. We just take it out easily. Here we are the battery. Keep these. These clips upward. Okay, like this just put it inside and it will go very smoothly just like this here there you go smoothly and then you press it until it will click like this. Okay, what im feeling now uh i bought this and im feeling that its super super super expensive yeah, its super expensive, uh, three thousand dollars, yeah it its super, expensive and lets see if it works.

Well, try this well make more videos and well show you here right on my channel, okay, what i feel now, i think this drone would be great as battery time is, is much more longer than before 46 minutes and with a very high resolution and those sensors. All over 360 degree, i think it would be great, it would be safe to fly and lets see in our first first first ever flight outside on site.