Music build a drone reviewer here. If you like, the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell, so you dont miss any future content with that lets begin. The dgi mavic 3 has finally arrived, so i went ahead and did an unboxing today, plus. We also took a look at the triple tech tablet and the holder that im going to be using for the tablet from dji plus a extra dji battery. So without any further ado lets roll that clip in its entirety, all right were going to go ahead and do the unboxing for the mavic 3. So lets get at it here now i just purchased the base package. I did not purchase the plymouth package, so lets go ahead and take a look at things here. Theres, a qr code on the top of the box here take a look and see and lets go ahead and get the mavic 3 out im going to go ahead and look at the actual mavic 3 itself. Its the first time i believe dji has dji, has ever placed it in a pouch, a plastic protective pouch. You can see its held in place by this cover here, which is unique for for the drone itself. You can see the props are already on uh, but this is a very secure system here. Its holding the props in place its holding the gimbal in in place instead of the plastic gimbal cover, which was always very interesting.

Being able to put that on. Take that on and off theres a quick release here for this, and this comes off. Apparently it looks like its very easy to get on and off for the drone. So that is very interesting here. So lets go ahead and unfold, it theres the wonderful camera. Looking forward to getting a lot of great video from that here, it is from the side it is from the back lets. Also, this is where access for the sd card and the port to go ahead and charge the battery, and you can see the rear sensors on the back here so from this side. Right here lets also turn around and take a look. You can see all the sensors on the bottom of the aircraft um. It is incredibly aerodynamic. You also weve noticed how thin the arms are on this. This is very interesting and im looking forward to getting a lot of great flights from on the bottom, the propellers on the side pocket here we have a controller lets, go ahead and open that up, see the controller here and see the joysticks for the controller. Back of it theres the antenna right here, this looks sticky charging for the mavic 3 right there and this accessories pouch lets go ahead and open this up. So so now we have extra joysticks right here we have the usb cable and we have the cables to hook up to the controller, to your smartphone or tablet right here and in the side pocket here.

Quick start guide safety guidelines, i believe, probably warranty information as well. Okay and thats it for the mavic 3.. Now lets go ahead and were going to take a look at. I also purchased this to uh mavic air 2. Remote controller tablet holder it work. It will obviously work with the mavic 3, so lets go ahead and were going to open this up here so and here this is right here. This fits right around the controller for the mavic 3. um. It looks secure. It feels very solid, very substantial here. So this looks to be a good item. I know several people have highly endorsed this also ive purchased a extra battery for the mavic 3 lets go ahead and open that up. You can see heres the extra battery im, not getting any indication as far as the charge status is concerned, but this is going going to work on charging this up. One of the other things – and this is a surprise here – um im – going to go ahead and show you my triple tech, now ive already unboxed it and set it up, heres the box that it came in from triple tech and heres. The tablet itself lets go ahead and power. This on takes a minute to come up here. As the screens loading you can see right here. I have the dji fly app on my main page. There is a screen recorder that is built into this.

However, im going to download a z screen recorder that way you can tell when its on, when you have the dji fly, app open, ive downloaded a minimum number of apps to this, which will really help when its out in the field, when im using this so And then also there is for the back. There are screws to go ahead and attach this hand holder for it, but i have ordered from our good friend original dobo uh. A minimal tablet holder so were gon na also try that, in conjunction with this tablet, holder from dji were gon na see what whats going to go ahead and be best here so um so thats it for the unboxing of the mavic 3. And we also looked at the uh control, the the controller tablet holder and an extra battery question of the day.