I like to open it in front of you, so we can do an unboxing and explore together all the things that are included with the kit so ill get into that in a second. But before i do, i just want to take a breath and think about how we got here, because the mavic 3 is one of those quads that a lot of flyers out there have been waiting patiently for the release and ever since the mavic 2 came out. Theres been a ton of speculation and predictions on what the mavic 3 would include and ive done speculation clips as well thinking about if i had the mavic 2 as an engineer, what would i change to make the mavic 3 better and more interesting and something that Consumers would want, and in typical dji fashion, thats exactly what they did. So they took the mavic 2 frame and they thought about what could they improve? What specs could they change to make it more interesting and they didnt just change one or two things? They changed. Everything and on paper this represents pretty much the pinnacle of flying today. Now again, i havent opened it up. I havent flown it yet im going to do that over the next couple of days, ill be flying like crazy for a week or two with it, and i promise youll be other clips, showing you video footage from it and talking about how the obstacle avoidance works.

How the apas works all the things you care about, but in todays clip i just want to unbox it show you whats included with the kit talk a little bit about, maybe my first impressions of the product ill. Do the specification section. So you know exactly what the quad provides ill. Take a closer look at all the components included with the kit. So you get a real good understanding of the connections and knobs the indicators and things you need to know to actually use the quad. But i want to spend a few minutes just talking about the evolution of the mavic series in general, because it really was in a lot of ways an incredibly disruptive technology, because if you think way, back in the early days of drones, dji was building a fixed Airframe drone called the phantom and ive flown all the phantoms. I fly all the quads out there, but that phantom series to me was really an impossibly good quad. It was just really stable in the air, took amazing footage. It flew really far to crash avoidance built into it. It was just an amazing quad, but the problem with it was it was a fixed, airframe quad, which meant it was big. You couldnt make it smaller when you took it with you to travel, so i used to travel a lot with the phantom series and it was always a matter of sticking this big suitcase in the overhead compartment in the plane and taking it with me.

So i had to think a lot about. Do i bring the quad or dont? I bring the quad. Well, they released the mavic pro four years four and a half years ago, and to me this quad was an epiphany. When i looked at that, i thought to myself: how could the engineers have taken that phantom 4 product and shrunk it down into a package that was foldable that fit in my backpack that had pretty much the same specifications and flight experience of the larger quads? In a tiny little package and ive flown this thing, like nuts ive, had it out every day when it was first released, i still fly it. It was up in the air a couple of days ago and i just love the quad, its one of my favorite quads to fly well a couple years later they released the mavic 2 and i was lucky to be invited to the mavic 2 launch event in Brooklyn i sat down and i remember like it was yesterday: the big announcement was weve got a brand new mavic 2 and off in the distance, comes flying into lands on the pedestal, and everybody went crazy and then we started listening to the specifications about how they Released one with a one inch sensor, the mavic pro and they released another one called the mavic zoom, which had a 1 over 2.3 inch sensor. But it had a optical zoom that you could actually zoom in on stuff and i was excited.

But i was wondering like oh no, what do i do? Theres two of them, like this ones, perfect for catching wide shots and doing amazing photography and video work, and this one is great. If i want to zoom in on something like if im flying around wildlife and maybe theres a snowy white egret down there in the marsh – and i want to zoom in on that – i need this one. So i ended up buying both of them and i used both of them for different reasons, but its sort of like when people ask you whos your favorite child well, thats an impossible question to answer, because i love all my kids the same for different reasons and The same thing goes for these quads. There are times i use this and times i use this, but it was a little frustrating that i needed two quads to do that. Well, with the mavic 3 again the engineers at dji sat down and said. Well, you know what, with the mavic 3, we can make a removable camera platform where they can swap out cameras on the fly, and that would be a good way to give them choice for the cameras and have the same airframe. But why dont we take it. A step further and build a camera that has both a beautiful lens and a beautiful camera sensor and a zoom and thats exactly what the mavic 3s got so inside. There youve got the hasselblad four third sensor, which i think is the largest sensor and any foldable quad today, thats in the consumer space, so youve got the biggest sensor on the market, its hasselblad, which is amazing technology, its a swiss company that dji works really closely With thats got phenomenal specifications, so youve got the mavic pro on steroids with that hasselblad sensor, and they also built in a one over two point: three inch sensor or a half inch sensor that has a 28x zoom on it.

So it gives me the best of both worlds. Ive got beautiful capture of footage and videos up there in the sky, and i can also zoom in on my snowy white egret in the marsh. So its got all that in there, but they didnt just stop there, because that would have been enough to make it incredibly interesting to me. They also made it fly longer, so this squad can fly 46 minutes and thats amazing, not only because its hard to build a bigger battery, and i talked about energy density on one of the other clips i did where the bigger you make the battery the more Energy, its got but the heavier away, so it becomes his law of diminishing returns, so its not just a matter of building a bigger battery, its a matter of making the quad more efficient. On top of that, theyve built in all kinds of advanced technology, around crash avoidance, return to home functionality, automatic tracking automatic crash avoidance when youre when youre following somebody. So all those extra circuits and sensors drink a lot of electrons, which means youre draining more power from the battery. So how do you drain more power from a battery and give it longer flight times? Well, theyve improved the aerodynamics of it as well. So its got a different frame. The last thing ill talk about is the advanced functionality, because one of the things i do a lot with these quads is, i follow things so, if im driving the car im driving a bike, im im chasing somebody down the road when theyre jogging – i have this Thing follow them and i need to know that its keeping track of that person thats moving and understands what that looks like, but also has a real awareness of 3d space around it, because, if its following a jogger and theres a tree coming up and it doesnt Really see the tree its going to crash into the tree, so what dj i did here was building a very advanced obstacle avoidance sense, where it creates a bubble, a 3d bubble around the quad that can go out to almost 200 meters away, and it draws a 3D map of the terrain around it, so it immediately knows if its heading this direction and its looking at a tree way out in the distance itll find a path around that tree, so its not going to crash into something but still keep track of the person.

Its tracking, so all that technology is built into the mavic 3 and i think again, the dji engineers must sit down and again theyre, not looking for flash and bang and exciting things theyre trying to build features into their next generation. Quad. That really matter to a flyer like me that give me features and functions that are going to improve that flight experience out in the field. So i love the mavic pro. I love the mavic 2. im going to fall in love with the mavic 3 and again i havent even opened up the box im just looking at a sheet of paper because, as often happens, dji sometimes will call me and say: hey rick weve got a new Product coming out, we cant tell you what it is, but if youre interested youve got to sign these papers – and you cant talk about it until we release the product, but are you interested – and it takes me about a quarter of a second to decide? Yes, im interested send me: the papers lets sign it, and then they send me a data sheet to explain exactly what the product looks like. So i had the data sheet a couple weeks back im reading through it thinking man. This looks really cool. My heads going my nerd kicks in im thinking. Well, how can that work and how does that work, and i couldnt wait to get the product well this morning i rolled out of bed ding dong, the doorbell rings upstairs and theres this mysterious white box.

On my front porch and inside theres, the mavic 3 so now ive got it were gon na tear it open together and lets get into it all right. So, for starters, theres nothing on the box to let you know what it is, except the serial number up here and some other information. So let me tear it open, get this uh blade out theres one little thing there all right, all right! So inside there it looks like it comes with its own pack, and there are three versions of this coming out. So what ive got in front of me here is the mavic 3 fly more combo now theres a mavic 3 standard, which doesnt include all the stuff im going to show you its a little less its got a single battery and a couple other things ill talk About that a little bit more in another clip and then theres an advanced version of it, thats called the mavic 3 cinepro. I think it is bundle where its actually got. Uh, the prores uh resolution from apple in there and its got a solid state, drive built into a bunch of other cool features. So thats thats sort of like entry level flymore, which is always my choice, go for the fly more and then the city version, which is really a professional, quad and whats interesting about this unit, is theyve taken a lot of the features that would normally be found On the really high end, quads, like the inspire series and kind of move those down to the consumer space, so what youre getting here, i used to call it a prosumer drone where it was sort of good for the average flyer and also good for professional flyers.

I think this ones leaning more towards the professional flyer level, so youre getting a top top of the line drone with this one, all right so inside here, theres a bag covering the bag and, again just to be honest, i didnt open it. You can see its still sealed here, its heat sealed. Let me rip this guy open. Oh, this is really nice, so this is supposed to be a combination bag. Well, not supposed to be. It is a combination, bag that converts into a backpack and its also a soldier, strap bag so again, first glance its very nice. Its got a very rugged material on the outside. Looks water resistant so im sure its going to do a good job if it gets a little bit wet out in the field, youll be fine on the back. There are two zippers. Let me open those up and see where they go all right, pull those down. I guess thats how we open it up to a backpack, yeah theres straps in there to pull out for the backpack, so nothing exciting back. There lets get into the drone because thats really, why were opening this thing up uh? I got two clips on the side pop those guys open and again its my first pass on this, so give me a break all right, theres, the top here we go here. We go all right and in the top of the unit, theres a zipper going around it man, they dont, want anything to fall out of this all right.

Im, opening the zipper theres a little flap on the front too anything in there nope thats open all right. All right, so you can see the drone right there and theres a big box over here. So lets get the drone out and take a look at that and im trying im trying to contain myself. But man, oh man, oh man, oh man, all right! So the drone has got a new strap assembly to hold the camera protector on to hold the props down and just just really protect this thing all the way around when you slide it back in the bag. So, what a beautiful, what a beautiful way to hold everything together just give me a second to sort of drink this in because man, oh man, does this look good. This looks fantastic, and this is this is unbelievable. All right so well. Tear that open in a minute lets take a look at what else is in the box, all right, so theres, a bigger box and then theres a shelf and under the shelf are two extra batteries. So it comes with two batteries, plus the one thats in the quad, and these are a little bit larger than the mavic 2 batteries theyre a little longer too a little thinner and longer it looks like then theres lets see a charging brick all right. Thats kind of nice and what else is in there uh, the controller has got to be in here, someplace all right controller, so the controller looks like the gen 2 controller theres some desiccant in there uh what else? Nothing on that side.

Nothing on that side! That top feels pretty heavy and theres a zipper here. Let me open that up see if theres anything in there uh theres, the straps, okay, so thats, the straps for the backpack anything in the side. Nothing there! Nothing there all right lets get into the bag. If i missed anything ill go back through that in a second all right lets. Look at the controller, because i think this is the gen 2 controller. This is the same one. They use on the mini 2, the air 2 and the air 2s, but theyve upgraded. It to ocusync 3 plus – or i should say o3 plus, which is the newest version, and again the joysticks are on the bottom they pop on just like they do in the other two quads. It looks exactly like the gen 2 controller, except for the occusync 3. um. The other thing they did with this improve the live stream, so livestream, coming back from the quad is 1080p 60 frames a second, so its going to give you a crystal clear image. On your first person view, the quad will fly 46 minutes, which means its going to be up in the air for a long time in a single charge. The other thing is theyve improved the distance so with the new occu sync 3 or the 03. It can now fly 15 kilometers away, which is, i think, in rough estimates about 9 miles 9.

3 miles, which is way beyond your visual line of sight. So if youre flying it dont fly that far because youre breaking the visual line of sight rolls, but knowing ive got that strong signal means i can fly around obstructions. I can fly near trees and not worry about the signal breaking up so anyway, occusync tech, there or o3 tech there. All right lets look at the batteries next, because i really am curious about these. These are 5000 milliampere hour batteries which have a huge energy density and theres the battery okay. It comes through sleeping because, again, its its core technology, that has to be woken up through a charge. So you get two batteries, plus the one thats in the quad, which is really nice. Now the charger is interesting because its a standard wall charger with a its a usbc theres a usbc connection on it. So there must be a way to charge the drone batteries either on their own or in some type of hub, so well get into that a little bit, and i wonder if i can charge it through the drone as well. That would be interesting to see if that were the case. So let me see if i can get this loose, because i dont want to break anything here. I borrowed this from dj, okay, that flap at the top snaps off like that, and it looks like everything just pulls off the front. Okay, okay, give me a second here.

Give me a second here: oh man, this is gorgeous. This is really really nice. Really really. Nice, oh, the arms have changed too. So the way the arms spelled out is different than the original mavic products, no its not its the same okay, they fold down and around like that. But one thing i cannotice right away: number one look at that: gorgeous camera on the front there, so ive got the four third sensor on the bottom and the one a half inch sensor on the top, which has got the zoom built into it and boy. It looks very industrial, theyve really upgraded. The look of that, but one thing im noticing right out of the gate, is that these arms look a lot thinner and a lot further out and the props look a little bit different as well. I guess theyre not that much different than they were on the mavic 2, but ill get into all that a little bit ill do comparison side by side, but man has got a good look to it. Very industrial look there and the batteries on the back pop out like this, just like the old ones, so they slide in from the back they dont go in from the top like the mavic, 2 do and theyve got sensors all the way around it. So there are two sensors up front: theres two sensors on the top two sensors on the bottom and theres, a dual set of sensors on the bottom here as well, i should say on the back and those are binocular sensors and thats important because in previous generations, Theyre using infrared sensors to the side and those can get kind of faked out in really sunny environments by having binocular sensors on there.

It can zero in on a surface and draw a 3d pattern. What the surface looks like, and also gauge very accurately, how far away from that surface they are so using the binocular. Sensors really improves the ability of this quad to not only chase you through the woods, but also avoid trees as its chasing you all right. So theres the drone. Let me get some of this stuff out of the way here. Man youre going to be in the air later today. Buddy all right, so lets see whats in here all right, a bunch of manuals thats going to be cool. I always recommend. Reading the manuals, i know its a really boring exercise, i dont know but sit down and read the manuals, because theres always good information in there. That will give you uh details on how to fly the quad, how to protect the quad, how to charge the quad. All that kind of stuff, quick, start guide, accessory user guide warnings about the battery and safety instructions again read through all those itll. Give you a lot of really good detail all right. What else is in here? I know what that is, lets see what else is in here. Okay got connection cables, which is kind of cool. What else is in there all right, not sure exactly what that is, lets take a look: oh its a filter set. They built the filter set uh theyve actually got a set of filters for the front of the unit, so ill tear into that a little bit heres.

Another charging cable looks like a usba to a usbc okay. That was really nice. What else have we got? Looks like a ton of oh theres, a ton of propellers, so youve got a two four six. Eight there are eight spare propellers, so that should be two full sets of propellers and theyve got connection cables for lets, see here a usbc to a usbc usbc to micro and theres, one on the controller already thats usbc to apple. So, no matter what kind of device youre using a phone or a tablet, youve got connection cables for all of those all those different types of devices. Let me get that out of the way i want to look at this hub, real quick. Is there anything else in there? Oh, a spare set of joysticks for the top, so its nice to include those. I promise youre going to lose your joysticks, its just something that happens because theyre so tiny and a guy like me, thats got big goofy fingers when i unscrew these invariably theyre going to fall right on the ground and usually in the deepest grass possible and theyre Going to be down there im going to lose them, so its nice theyve included extra thumbs for the joysticks there. Let me get into this uh. This is the charging hub now. Dji has always done a really good job of releasing charging hubs that can charge multiple batteries in sequence, so im gon na have to test this im, assuming based on the size of this charger that its gon na do oh boy.

I want to get the drone there its going to do the same. The previous generations did with their charging hubs where you connect it up its got intelligence built into the charging hub and its going to look at all the drones batteries that are plugged into it. Its going to find the one that needs the least amount of charge, itll charge that one first, when thats full itll move on to the one that needs the least amount of charge next and then finally, the third one and honestly, with a charger this size theres. Not a good chance that its going to do simultaneous charging on this, so its not a big deal when you plug it in its going to walk its way through the drones and charge them all one other thing i notice is theres a usba connection right here That you can use the included usbc, cable with and charge the controller and the batteries. At the same time, of course, when you plug all that in its going to take longer to charge the battery, so you might want to charge that separately with a separate charger or you could use it for convenience to charge them all together and i think thats Pretty much it, the only thing i didnt know was the filter kit im going to break this. If i force it, so let me not force that ill. Take a look at that when i do the closer look but thats everything, thats included with the kit and again i cant speak highly enough about the engineers of dji, because when they come out with a new product like this, it isnt just an evolutionary change where Theyve kind of tweaked, a few things changed a few things.

Okay, the frame looks similar, but youve got bigger batteries, higher density batteries, it flies longer. It flies further. Its got better camera imaging on the front, its got an advanced obstacle avoidance technology built in called a pass 5.0, so theyve gone through four generations of apas. Its also got emergency return to home capabilities that can sense, 200 meters, away that an obstacles coming up and its going to plot based on its flight patterns, away from you. When you first flew it away its going to remember kind of how it got where it got and knows the quickest and easiest path to get back because the battery gets low, you dont want it wandering around the countryside, trying to find its way home because its Drinking electrons, while its doing that so all of the intelligence built into this product really puts it in a class unto itself theres, nothing out there. That looks like this now. If you stay tuned, what im going to do next is list the specifications to understand exactly what youre getting with this product then ill. Take a closer look at the drone and all of the accessories and explain exactly how they work together and then ill. Come back after ive had a chance to get outside and fly it a little bit with some initial impressions of the product, because ive got a lot of experience flying the original mavic pro the mavic 2 and a lot of other drones.

I really want to compare the flight characteristics, the noise, the handling all the things you care about as a pilot of this drone compared to the others, so ill come back with a really short section at the end. To give you my first impressions of the product now i promise you therell, be other clips coming very soon that go into deeper details around the software and the flight characteristics and all the accessories for the product and ill do comparisons against other drones as well. Just so, you understand exactly what youre getting with the new mavic 3, but stay tuned well get into the specs next, the new dji mavic 3 features the first ever dual camera system on a drone that includes a professional hasselblad, 4 3 sensor. Delivering incredible 5.1 k. Footage as well as crisp 20 megapixel raw images. The second camera is a one half inch sensor with an astounding 28x hybrid zoom that allows you to pull and close for perfect framing. The drone is also available in a cine premium. Combo version that supports apple prores, 422 hq and includes a solid state drive for storage. A larger 84 degree field of view helps you capture nice wide landscape, shots without distortion and provides an adjustable aperture of f 2.8 to f 11.. The mavic 3 features a larger 5 000 milliampere hour battery that offers an industry leading 46 minutes of flight time on a single charge. This means youll be flying longer and spending less time charging your batteries.

The drone includes the very latest o3 plus transmission technology that ensures a rock solid connection up to 15 kilometers away, but should always be flown only as far as you can maintain a visual line of sight of the drone. This upgraded transmission technology provides a crisp 1080p point of view. Video feed from the drone to your controller. The flight performance of the mavic 3 has also been improved and features an upgraded location algorithm that is layered on top of the gps, galileo and baidu location systems. To provide quicker and more accurate positioning of the drone while flying this ensures a stable and accurate flight plan, even in winds up to 12 meters per second. The mavic 3 also features an omnidirectional sensing system to help prevent crashes that utilizes the latest binocular imaging system and proprietary algorithms to ensure safe flight. The updated advanced pilot assistance system, apas 5.0, allows you to fly worry free. While a drone automatically navigates difficult terrain, an onboard ads b system will alert you of any approaching aircraft. So you can adjust your flight plan as needed to avoid any mishaps. Other upgraded features include a new active track 5.0 that can more accurately follow a subject through complex environments. This allows you more freedom when filming, knowing that the mavic 3 can easily follow your subject, while avoiding obstacles. Complete control of the mavic 3 is done through the dji fly, application which features master shots that will use automated flight maneuvers to quickly produce a professional aerial.