This applies to, if you just get the mavic 3 without the fly more combo or if you get the cine version of the mavic 3, which this is not now. This video is broken up into two parts. The first part is here on the desk. Talking about how to charge the batteries and how to set up the app and to update firmware part, two is when we actually go out to the field so check the video description down below to click over to part two, if youve already got this down now, If you bought the mavic 3 without the fly, more combo youd probably get something like this. Your remote control, along with the drone with the battery already inside of it and the charger and some extra props – and you know some extra thumb – sticks stuff like that. If you did opt for the fly more combo, you would get two extra batteries, a charging hub, some more props and, of course, this nifty bag that they give you pretty awesome carry bag, and your nd filter kit well talk about more of these as soon as Well, as the fact that you might need something a little better like the neutral density filter kits from freewell, look how beautiful these things are. So thank you to freewell for sponsoring this video well talk about more of this later. If you get the cina version, youll get your smart controller as well as your apple prores license, and all that sweet stuff, but anyway, lets just keep this contained with what we see on the desk here.

Download the dji fly app to your display device that you want to use with the drone. So, even though you could fly this without a display device, just by moving the drone around through space, you cant really see what it sees without your dji fly app on your display device download that to your device. Hopefully, youve already done the research and made sure that your display device, whether its a pixel or a an iphone or whatever it is, is going to work with that dji fly app. The dji fly app is a little bit finicky and it does have a compatibility list that not every single cell phone is on so make sure you go to the compatibility list down in the video description and make sure that your display device is included on that Compatibility list you can find a qr code to the dji fly app within the paperwork that comes with your drone. Now, once youve pulled everything out of the box and youve got your batteries, whether its one or whether its three, whatever you pull back on the top of the strap, pull it back there and then slide the entire drone out. Just like that from here, you can take these two arms and press them forward and then the rear two arms right here they come down and out see so they come down and then out and the props should already be installed if theyre not for some reason.

You can install them im actually going to take them off for this process because were going to be powering on the drone on the desk in front of my face. So just in case something weird happens: lets take off these props. Basically, you press down on the prop when holding the motor and then turn, and you can see that it comes right off so kind of like a press down and turn press down and turn. These two props go with those two arms and these two props go with these two arms. You might ask well how do i know that if you look on the prop you have this little white ring or gray ring. I suppose that would go with this gray. Motor its got a little gray circle, a circle around the motor on the top of it, whereas this prop does not have a little gray circle around the base there, and then this motor is just black, so thats. How? I know that these go with these motors. Now, if you have the fly more combo youve got three batteries at this point. You can see theres one inside of the drone already and then these two just kind of hanging out along with your your charger hub. If you only have the mavic 3 without the flammer combo or extra batteries, then what you would do is you would charge your battery directly from the drone. You can pop open this door and theres a little usbc port, and that is where you would connect your usbc connector here to the drone and thats how it would charge the battery directly inside of the mavic 3.

But if you have your fly more combo, then you have this nifty battery charger here with a very similar usbc port here, thats how you would charge three at once. You can see in this footage from last month. You can see how im charging three at once now, and i say at once what i really mean is theyre all ready to go to charge, but they only charge sequentially, they dont all charge at the same time. So if you have a battery thats charged 60 and another thats charged 40 and another thats charged 20 percent, the charging hub is going to prioritize the highest charged battery. First. That way you can get a fully charged battery the quickest. You could fly right now, but what youre gon na get is a partially charged battery and a very short flight time. You want to pop your batteries onto a charger as soon as possible and get those back up to 100. Before you fly, when you get them, they are in some sort of hibernation mode. They may not even show voltage or accurate voltage press the button on the back and itll. Show you four lights, or maybe two lights or one light depends. Each light represents roughly 25 percent of battery, so if you press this well, yes that one is fully charged. But if i go to my mavic i flew earlier today i press the battery on the back of the mavic. Its only got two so im around 50 percent charge on the battery inside of the mavic right now you also want charger remote control that also charges with usbc.

And so, if you look at your little charging brick here, it has an extra usb port. So they give you an extra usb cable thats how you connect there. You can charge from this usbc uh. You know connection as well as this one, so you can charge both your battery hub or battery from the drone, as well as the remote controller. At the same time, youll also want to put in your sd card, so this is a micro sd card slot. Some people have been complaining about how hard it is to access that micro sd card slot, but i dont really have that much of a an issue. You press uh, the the sd card slot and out comes the sd card and as long as your hands arent bone dry, you can grab onto it pretty easy for this particular drone im using a samsung, 256 gigabyte, evo u3 micro sd card 256 gigabytes, i think, Is really great for this drone i used to use like 64 gigabytes with the mavic pro and the mavic 2 and stuff, but when were talking 5.1 k footage, you start really blowing through uh. You know recording space, real quick with this drone theres, an eight gigabyte internal storage inside of the regular mavic 3 that doesnt get you itll, get you five minutes or ten minutes or something, but it doesnt get you a lot of recording time. Of course, if youre using the mavic 3 cine version, it has a one terabyte ssd inside of it wow.

I do find it interesting that that ssd is not ejectable, however, so even if you do want to, you, know, give someone the footage, or you know, offload or something you still have to plug this up to a computer directly as opposed to popping out the sd Card the micro sd card is almost more convenient so anyway, all right. There we go so we have a fully charged battery inside of the mavic 3 and our remote control is also fully charged because we have four lights on the remote control to see that you just press the power button here once – and this is your display device Bracket, so you can either fit a phone in here or, if you have something bigger like an ipad mini or something youd probably buy a bracket that would hold that ipad mini either way. What im going to be using is my pixel 6 pro shout out to team pixel and that uses usbc. Now, if you look back here, it comes installed with this little, probably a six inch, long, cable data, cable, you pull it up with your nail there and see kind of unwind it. This is the data connection between your phone and the remote control now stock. It comes with a lightning cable version. I didnt use that because i have a android, so what i needed was a usbc. It comes with a usbc, a micro usb and a lightning cable version, so just use whichever version you need just make sure that when you look in there you take out your data connection on the left is just a little spot for the data connection.

To kind of sit doesnt doesnt do anything on on the right, however, this little spot thats, actually the usb port. You want to make sure that you insert your data cable into the correct one, so thats going to be from looking at it from the top like this its going to be the right side. This comes around and attaches to your phone. My phone does work with the case on, but i find that the usb connection is a little bit more solid with the um the case off so im going to use my case off with the controller and so how i usually do this is i take the Phone kind of put on top of the remote control like this see and then kind of slide the phone into the bracket and then push and its really easy to do. That way. Then take your data connection boom and the way i do it there. I usually have it so that its kind of coming around from the top, as opposed to coming around from the bottom. I find that my finger gets caught on the cable, sometimes if its coming around this way – and this is how it should look now – were missing. Two things the thumb sticks right there, so these are just thumb, sticks housed right at the bottom, screw them right in and there thats how were going to control the drone through space. So lets go ahead and power this on so its going to be a short and then a long press well hear the chime and then the drone with the props off look on the back.

The battery here thats fully charged im going to press it once short and then again and hold it. So the camera might do a little fidgety movement when it first turns on, if its in uh grass or its its kind of stuck on, like a maybe a pebble on the ground, or something that pressure against the camera gimbal. When you first start up the drone, its gon na make it kind of wig out so make sure its on a flat even surface. Now that the remote control, as well as the drone and your phone are all powered up and connected, you should be able to activate the drone after you put in your dji account credentials. However, if, for some reason its not able to communicate with each other, then what you can do is you can go through the connection guide and select mavic 3 and follow the steps in order to get this to bind properly. So in the connection guide, you should be able to get your remote controller into binding mode and then, with the mavic 3, just hold the power button, a matter of maybe five or six seconds until it starts beeping differently and then itll start searching for a binding Signal, in which case the remote controller will pick it up and youll be good to go all right. We have our image with the mavic 3.. You can see latency isnt, that bad thats pretty good, once youve activated the drone – and this is a surprise to some people.

You have 48 hours to purchase and activate your dji care refresh plan. If you choose to purchase it, it can cover a multitude of different crash situations and repair situations, as well as maybe a flyaway coverage. If thats part of the the coverage that you purchase, it is a purchase upfront as well as a purchase fee when you have to claim make a claim so um its not just like a one time purchase and you can get your replacements for free or something. Now, if youre in a country like the united states, we actually have to register as pilots recreational pilots with the faa, if were flying, something over 250 grams, which the mavic 3 definitely is. If you are a part 107 holder, then you would register the aircraft individually because its over 250 grams its at this point in time. You might also receive a firmware update notification. So more than likely when you get this drone youll need to update it. To whatever is current, and that goes for the remote controller as well as each individual battery, i know its a pain but its best that you go through all these updates before you go out to fly and you dont get stuck with the update while youre out There using your data plan or something really silly, then on the lower right, it should say, go, fly, click, go fly, tap, go fly now. Lets look at the some of the features of this app on the upper left.

It says n mode that stands for normal. So if you look at the center of your controller here, you have this little switch and were set to the middle position, which is normal thats, like your normal speed, your normal control ability, if we switch that to cinna thatd, be like cinematic so itd be a Little slower and smoother if we go over to sport, thats just hercule jerky and really really fast. So you get your top speed out of sport. You get your most delicate and precise movements out of cine. Just to the right of that is a warning. It says authorization zone so yes, actually, i live near enough to an airport that the airport is giving us an authorization requirement, but im inside doesnt matter so thats, where kind of like some of your warnings would come up on the upper right. We have different indicators, such as 95 percent battery left zero, zero, zero zero, which is actually our flight time remaining. Of course, we havent taken off yet so it doesnt matter its its solid zero. We have our rc signal strength. We also have our obstacle avoidance status, which is horrible right now, because we have lots of things on the desk and the drone is just sitting here and our satellite coverage, which is surprising that we have eight satellites connected inside dropping down. We have a little takeoff button which were not going to do inside and then lower left.

We have our telemetry, so we have our like our height and our distance, so how high we have flown up from where we started and how far away we flew from. Where we started as well as our miles per hour horizontally and vertically and our gps map, which we can open up later on, once we get out to fly on the right toward the middle, we have a little film strip now it depends when you get this. If its going to be in photo mode by default or video mode, probably in photo mode either way, you can tap that little film strip and up comes a menu where you can go from video to photo. You can select different shot types for photo. Go back to video go to slow mo. If you wanted to that, big red button is how you would start and stop your video, or that would turn into a shutter button if you were in photo mode below that is the playback function. So if you click that or tap that up comes everything that youve taken recently. So you see a lot of my different real estate. Videos come up right here, theres some shots. I did for some construction sites in development and these are just kind of low res previews of those videos tap that little icon thatll arrow back toward the upper left to get out of that menu and then the other cool thing is. You know there are two cameras in here and two sensors.

This has your telephoto option. So if you want to do that, you go these little binoculars, you tap the binoculars and you switch to explore mode. If you were to tap that 1x, you can go to 2x and 4x and 7x thats, not even focusing at that point lets put focus on the door. How about that and then uh 14x and 28x doesnt make a whole lot of sense in this environment. But when youre up in the sky, its pretty awesome and then you have your autofocus versus manual focus button there right below that, i want to stick with autofocus, then you can just tap to focus its really really easy. So if your footage ever looks out of focus just make sure youre in auto focus and then tap to focus on whatever subject you want and youll be good to go on the lower right is your storage, so were set to 4k 30 frames per second, you Can see that with the resin fps indicator there and to the left of that it says: storage, three hours and 19 minutes thats our 256 gigabyte micro sd card in action thats. How much 4k 30 fps footage we could fit in that micro sd card and, as you saw, i already have footage on there. So 256 gigabytes is awesome to use to the right of that is your exposure value which you can adjust when youre in auto exposure and or auto mode, and then you can adjust your exposure, so you can make it darker or brighter depending lets.

Go back to regular video mode so were going to tap on those binoculars again to get out of that menu and on the lower right see that auto button its like a little camera icon. It says auto tap that goes to pro pro video mode allows you to access your shutter speed, your f stop for aperture. Your iso value were gon na go back to auto for the purpose of this particular video. You can also tap on that 4k 30 and select your various resolutions, whether its 1080 4k cinematic 4k, which is a little bit wider, and your 5.1 k, which is just a lot more resolution, as well as your different frame rates on the upper right. Youll see three little white dots and they kind of run off the image because of the size of my pixel 6 pro. But you tap those three dots and up comes the expanded general settings menu, and these are all just various settings. You want to kind of make sure that you are familiar with before you get up in the sky. You want to make sure you know what they all do. Lets start with safety. You see flight assistance, obstacle, avoidance action, bypass, break or off more than likely. What you want to use is break in the situation. You dont want your obstacle voice to be off, especially on your first flight, but you may not also want it to be bypass. That means that when enabled the aircraft automatically bypasses, detected obstacles or hovers, so if youre, pressing forward with the drone or with the control stick and the drone is moving forward, it senses an object.

It will try to move around it. Well, it may be best just to make it stop and place and hover until you can figure out what its sensing, as opposed to trusting the mavic 3, because ive seen some havoc theories crash. That way bypass is pretty good. The apac system is actually really great, but its not perfect. So for now lets set uh the flight assistance action to break. We will have our display radar map option enabled and then for flight protection. You want to set your max altitude to whatever legal height you can fly at in the united states. We could only fly up to 400 feet agl above ground level, so i set my max altitude to ‘6 feet, thats as precise as i can make that slider. My auto return to home altitude is about 328 feet now that just kind of depends on what is around you at the time of flying. So if the tallest thing around, you is only 100 feet high. You could potentially set your auto return to home altitude at 150 feet and clear everything, but return to home is when the aircraft returns back to where it took off from or where you designate that home position to be so auto return to home altitude is how High, it would shoot directly up before it starts traveling to the home point using gps in advanced safety settings lets just look and see signal loss. What is it going to do if your signal is lost with your remote control to the aircraft? I have it set to return to home as opposed to descend or hover.

If signal is lost, i do want to see that it makes an attempt to come back home as opposed to descending into potentially water or trees or hovering and just burning up its battery until its dead id. Rather, it try and come back to me an emergency propeller stop. This is a configuration of the thumb sticks where you can either press them, both inward and down or outward, and down and itll stop the propellers from spinning. This is good to do if you crash, or if its tumbling out of the sky, for one reason or another, but you dont want to set this so that it will do it anytime. You you do that configuration because there might be some cool drone movements. That would incorporate some of those stick movements. You dont want the drone to fall out of the sky and stop the motors from spinning, because of that so only use in emergency uh situations so emergency. Only finally, air sense, when enabled dji fly, will notify users if theres a manned aircraft in nearby airspace. Very important. Keep that on then youll get a notification in the upper left. Thatll tell you when a manned aircraft is flying nearby and to be cautious, lets get out of that menu by tapping a little back arrow and go to control. This is where you can set your units, so if you want to be metric with meters or kilometers or imperial in the united states, lets keep it imperial gimbal calibration lets.

Do that now, its really easy gimbal calibration is best to do on a level surface like this. So if we tap gimbal calibration and we go in and hit auto is going to calibrate the gimbal according to what is level if youre doing this on a hill or like a mound of some sort, then you may not get a good gimbal calibration for the Camera very good calibration successful button customization. Basically, we only have one button thats the function button on the upper left of our remote control, whats it going to do when we tap and what is it going to do when we double tap it? Well, we can set it to be honest. I dont do it this too much recenter gimbal on a tap and then camera settings on a double tap. I guess that sounds good right at the bottom. You see repair to aircraft. So if you did have a problem with pairing or relinking your aircraft, well, there it is go to camera in the center there and we have our video formats now. If we were in photo mode, we would have our photo formats probably best to leave the model for the moment unless you know what youre doing were going to scroll down and then finally, in storage, you have your sd card or your internal storage. If you dont have an sd card, you can select internal storage and format it from here. However, if you do have your sd card make sure you have it selected here, so you know you can record directly to your sd card and then format it if you need to and formatting is to delete everything.

I do turn off. Syncing downloaded photos to my phone album and cache when recording just to keep my phone clean. I dont want to have all this low res stuff flooding. My phone transmission, keep it on dual band. Keep channel mode on auto lets not mess with anything. Finally, about what is it all about? These are all things you can check periodically to make sure youre completely up to date with the aircraft firmware the app version and stuff like that. What im going to do is power everything off Music im going to put my props back on by the way before i forget now, you may note that the mavic 3 fly more combo comes with some neutral density filters. Now this is a decent collection. Nd. 4. 8, 16 and 32, however theyre not polarized, so they do allow poor polarized light in as well as not really having all of the different higher nd filter ratings, such as long exposure, andy thousand or nd 2000. Something like that lets talk about this all day. Eight pack nd filter kit by freewell gear ive, been using these on almost every flight. They look so beautiful with the red light the red ring around them. These are nd filters, so neutral density plus polarizers, so they not only darken the image. They also cut out. Polarized light from non metallic surfaces, so if you want to maintain like lets, say a low shutter speed with an open, aperture and a low iso, but you dont want to have a blown image during a sunny day.

Youd use something dark like this over the camera, and so each one of these is progressively darker to darken your image to get that proper exposure. Now this is probably something youd use. If you were doing more of a professional gig, you really want to get that situation just right, but you can use this in a recreational situation as well and either way i use them all the time i use an nd8 just earlier this afternoon, flying for a Wedding venue well talk about that more when we get out to fly later on. They basically just take the place of this clear filter here you take that off by twisting it put that into the notches that the old filter was in and then turn to secure. It because theyre polarized, you can turn the outer ring of them in order to lessen or maximize that polarized effect.