This is the mavic 3 cine version, which is the same as the pro just with a few extra bells and whistles that will cost you a fair bit more. This has an internal ssd of one terabyte to record prores hq on, and it comes with a smart controller, which is very nice other than that. Its the same as the pro and its a very nice follow up with a few strange decisions and some operating things which uh specifically to workflow, which im a little bit perplexed about and thats specific to the sunni version. Let me explain: Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music lets address the big question right away. Is the mavic 3 better than the mavic 2 pro? Well? Yes, of course, it is the follow up its been almost three and a half years, not going to release a worse one. Are they its better in almost every way, but there are some deep frustrations that i have and i think a lot of them can be fixed with firmware some of them cant theres a lot to cover in this review thats why ive split it up into two? I know a lot of people have shorter tension spans, so hopefully this will be a bit more manageable for you, but uh yeah. It works best as a whole, so just play them one after another. The original mavic pro which i will refer to as the og from now on, came out in 2016 and it was a big deal at the time djis first folding drone.

This was portable drone. Heaven, the old phantom shape had become synonymous with bad press and so having this new design was actually really good and it was still really stable and much smaller in the air too goodbye, so that, along with the brand new and really rather marvelous, super slow tripod Mode which limited speed to just one meter, a second made my obsession with flying backwards through anything that was there so much easier. This was a groundbreaking drone, but yes, theres always a big part. The compromise was the image quality. The phantom 4 pro released earlier that year had the best image out of any fixed lens, drawing from dji, thanks to its one inch sensor, frame rates, codec and image control. The image from the og in comparison really was a big step back in many ways, partly due to its much smaller sensor, but also a heavily compressed 8 bit codec, the 4k being recorded at just 60 megabits per second in h.264. You really need a good, strong codec for drone filming, as so much of it is deep depth of field and constantly moving making compressing the footage a nightmare for the drone. The p4 pro has h265 recording at a much higher and more efficient bit rate. So, along the bigger sensor, the difference of the image quality was really night and day most of the image issues with compression noise etc. Most people dont actually notice, especially if youre looking on a mobile phone and, of course, once its uploaded to youtube a lot of things like noise actually get compressed away.

You did have the ability to tweak your image settings in the app for things like sharpening contrast, etc. Didnt help, in fact it just seemed to make the image too soft, like you were, adding a blur disappointing image. It was still a lovely drone thanks to the size and the ease of using it, but i wanted a better image quality though i used the p4 pro when i needed convenience and i had no space to carry a bigger drone. I used the og, if only i had that way. Superior camera system with the one inch sensor that the phantom 4 pro had fast forward to the summer of 2018. Two new drones came out with the name: mavic 2, the zoom and the pro, but im just looking at the pro models here, so im going to call the mavic 2 pro the 2p from now on. Actually lets change that to not quite accurate, but you know 2p old money. Stupends lets just call it happens if i keep calling it to pee youre gon na want to keep going to the loo yeah. Where was i oh yeah? Back to the summer, 2018 tabans arrived with a similar form factor to the og, but with a massively superior camera, although in some respects still not as good as the one in the p4 pro it had the same 1 inch sensor, but no 4k. 50P 60p. You had to drop to 2.7 k for that, but i didnt use slow motion that much in my drone footage, so it wasnt that big a deal.

What was a big deal was that tappans has 10 bit d log and hlg recording in h.265, which was a huge improvement over dog. It was also the first dji drone to make use of the part dji owned, hasselblad name, although it was just limited to the color processing, not the hardware. Many people complained about the d log images. It had very little processing, no optics distortion correction, little to no noise reduction and no artificial sharpening. All of these were a huge plus in my book, like the og tuppence also has those image control options. Let you tweak your image parameters, including the sharpening, and they all worked really well to get the most detailed image and technically the best. Looking footage you had to switch from the line skip full sensor mode to the one to one sampling hq mode. This did narrow your field of view substantially from the 28 millimeter full sensor to a 35 millimeter full frame equivalent. That being said, i use these two different field of views quite a lot. I use the full frame mode when i needed to be a bit wider and i wanted to be tighter. I just went to hq mode. It also featured a lot of fancy features like active tracking subjects and really great omnidirectional obstacle avoidance system. Although not perfect, as there were some blind spots, Music tuppence was and is an absolute joy to use, especially combined with the still wonderful tripod mode, because i like to fly backwards through anything thats there.

I think its very important to have this history in context. So we know what we have here, but we can concentrate on talking about the mavic 3 and mavic 3 silly. Finally, yeah the pro name seems to no longer be part of the branding, no idea why we have a dual camera system on here. The main camera is a 24 millimeter full frame equivalent hasselblad branded. I dont know how much of this, though, is hardware versus processing. I do know that the sensor is a sony sensor, a four thirds one did say: dual camera didnt i rather than have a second camera, which is a 50 millimeter or 75 millimeter equivalent. We have strangely, a 162 millimeter full frame equivalent, which is uh very long and its on a half inch sensor as well. We fixed that 4.4. I dont know who was asking for this. It wasnt me was it you if it was own up, i mean it. Definitely has its uses its creative uses anyway, ill talk about that later lets concentrate on the really nice camera. First, the image from the main camera is very nice indeed, of course, thats incredibly important when youre getting a new camera, whether its one of these flying cameras or one of those boring ones that stay on the ground. But, yes, a big butt. There are some caveats, especially when it comes to the codex and the resolutions, a very complex section, which can be later on in the review when youre reviewing something as complex as this youre always learning things the more you fly.

It was certainly the case with three constantly learning things which changed my opinion, but also meant i needed to go out and re test and thats. Why? You probably noticed there is a lot of continuity jumps with what im wearing about stubble. How tight i look length of my hair im sure you can deal with it. Saying gets the most accurate information Music, because ive had three for about two months or so. A lot of my tests were done with prerelease firmware, but shes now out and about and people are using her. So this is based upon release firmware hi. How are you got a nice place to live here? Havent you youre a cutie arent you im going to name you mavic youve, probably got a name and push up name but youre mavic, because ive done so many mavic tests here, hi mavic. I got a girl running out the sun nice to meet you mavic ive got to find somewhere to put the drone down theres a lot of features which are missing in three right now. These are things which will come later well, thats. What dj, i said: yeah ive done that joke before sorry. Ive got a uh card in there. Yes, dont pick up a bag when its open, but what i do cover are pretty much the most important things anyway. The things i always focus on when doing drone reviews a lot of the problems i do have with three are to do with the image, not all of them, but a number of them, and these arent things which are stated as coming in future firmware.

But you are gon na be watching this in the future, because youre not sat here, whilst i record my vo so its entirely possible that some of these will have been fixed by the time. You do watch this, but i doubt very much that theyre all going to be fixed. I dont make reviews trashing products because my time is really valuable and i make so few reviews. I choose things which are really interesting to me, things that i want to use, and i make these to give you information to help you make decisions as to whether to buy a product, but also in the hope that this information can be used to improve the Product and im definitely more picky and generally harsher in this review than i was in my air 2s review, because shes so much more expensive reviews should always be about balance and theres. So many positive things so many things about three which are really fantastic and i will absolutely be covering those as well as the things i dont like. I will be referring to and showing some footage from the air to s a number times in this review on both parts, its a very powerful drone with a one inch sensor, and it is much cheaper than three. It doesnt have all the features and has its own issues, which i go in depth into in its own review, but its certainly something which is really important to take into account.

When we look at what three can do and also what tuppence can and cant do. Music, one of my favorite things about three is the new ball protector gone. Are those annoying plastic things that never stayed on? She could work how to put them on in the first place. Now we have this rather bold bdsm influence strap on design, which is much better. Three also tells me that she feels somewhat liberated, whilst wearing it and no longer tied to preconceptions and stereotypes based upon her appearance. I wonder if that was the intention size. Wise three is very similar to tuppence. Surprisingly shes a little bit lighter. Three batteries are 5 000 milliamps 77 watt hours, whereas top and batteries are 3 850 milliamps and 59.29 watt hours. So, combined with the larger battery and more aerodynamic body shape, you really are able to fly for longer. Battery life is quoted as about 46 minutes. I think thats maximum ideal conditions, which i dont know what that is im not getting close to that im. Getting more like 30 minutes and im, not really, i dont fly fast, im low and slow thats me and im out. My three are flat and thats. Why im going to continue talking to you with three in a tree? Its actually been averaging about 32 minutes recently, and this is still very good way better than weve had before, and it really helps when im doing the piece of cameras, because i fluff them a lot and when youve got to get your timing right, you can do The whole battery just trying to do one single piece, the camera – i got my words right every single time, honestly sort of i blame the lack of tripod mode on three and ill address that in part two, so i am one battery down, but i have two More that come with syndicate and one more that i bought myself.

Can you charge them on the go? Yes, sort of youll need the three way charger crate that comes with fly more or something here put it in here. So the 90. Oh no 77 watt hour battery. This is a 97 watt hour battery. Will it charge it? Yes, but it will basically just more or less drain this one and a half hour later. Nine percent, so yeah youre, basically swapping the juice from this into this. Well, its useful because i cant fly with this – i get one more flight Music. Having a large sensor means we can get a bit more shallow depth of field than the can with tarpons it isnt that 2.8 lenses. So you need to manage your expectations, but we can also get your ad up filled with air 2s, which also has the same center size as happens, and the reason we can do. That is because that has a minimum focus distance of 60 centimeters toughness is one meter, but its the same as three, but the larger sensor that evens things out, and it is better to be a meter from your subject to get sunshine that field and have to Be 60 centimeters away, so definitely a win for three here, but uh its still quite difficult to get some really shallow fields. You really need a 0.95 voik lander on here its in counterweight. Maybe we could do it with a larger sensor. You do need to make sure youre in focus even more so most times you can be an affinity, but sometimes you are going to want to focus up closer.

There is manual focus and autofocus theres no fixed focus like the smaller sensor drones. So is it any good? Is it keeping me in focus? What sort of system is it using? Is it continuous? Is it contrast? Bass will see it jump. How well will it work as it comes up to my face, thats, the key thing? Okay, you can stop right, there dgi call their autofocus system, vision, detection, autofocus technology and it uses the camera sensors to make sure the lens is in focus its not the same as the excellent lidar system in the rolling 4d. It hasnt got the focus right on a number of my piece to cameras, but i think the main reason this is happening is because you need to touch your subject. You want to be in focus on the app screen, but when im doing piece of cameras im a bit busy, three can record up to 50p in 5.1 k and in 4k can go up to 120 frames per second with the air, 2s whos shooting 4k 50p Or 60p you need to crop in on the sensor, one to one. The quality is still great, its just a tighter field of view, which can be seen as a plus and a negative were a total bunch of complainers. Well, always find something to focus on that. We dont like and theres things which definitely i have said in this review that i wish it didnt do.

The air2s is a fantastic drone. The lack of tripod mode is one of my biggest gripes, but also its a shame that the 4k 50p 60p crops. It doesnt do that here, not in any of the modes, but you know what i wish it did actually have a mode that cropped a 4k one to one sampling rather than the over sampling. They all have because sometimes its nice to just have that extra bit of length. Actually there is one mode: the crops and thats the 4k 120 frames per second, which is what im filming in right now. Overall, this is the best 4k 120 frames per second ive. Seen from a dji drone, although its not quite as detailed as the lower frame rates now theres been this looming, big butt that ive been hinting at throughout this video, and it affects this mode too, and i will get to it eventually. I promise, but if youve been pixel peeping and paying attention you may already be onto it. Of course, we have 10 bit recording in three just like we have in tupence. We will have hlg, although its not in there right now. It will be in future firmware with lots of other things, but we do have h265 with a higher bitrate and we also have h264. And if you have the money for the city version, you can get the rather bloated pros, hq and theres. No other version of prores, it is just hq which is the same as my iphone 13 pro.

I dont understand why they just put this in there its crazy, its huge sizes, at least the filmic pro. I can choose smaller ones, but, to be honest with you, the h365 codec of this is absolutely fine. With this with the hq, we of course cannot write to a micro sd card that the files are just too big, the bitrates too much so thats. Why? There is an internal one, terabyte ssd, which will fill up pretty quickly with prores hq and its this internal non removable media, which is the cause of a lot of our workflow issues. So let me go through the problems as you come across them. Firstly, as the media is non removable, this means you cannot follow one of the most important bits of advice i give to people in real life when using drones and in my drone master class. This is my number one tip. You may call it being a little bit paranoid, but i think you should need to be paranoid when flying drones. You really do the tip is simple. Is that once youve flown a bit and brought it back change the card put another one in just in case anything happens, and that shows you just the sort of mentality you need to get into. But the simplest thing when you are flying is have three or four sd cards micro sd, depending on what were flying and swap them out each time. This for me not being able to stop my media if im recording in prairies hq scares the crap out of me, the whole point of swapping out each other come down in case something happens, things can happen and, if its all on your internal ssd well thats, It its all gone isnt it.

So what options do you have that can make using prores hq on the mavic 3 cine workable? Well, nothing that, i think, is realistic. To be honest with you, i can pull the footage off of that ssd using my gnar box. In the field, and that will go to its internal one, terabyte ssd or another drive which i can connect to it, but this just takes too long because those files are so big. When i bring my drone down to swap batteries, i dont have time for this. I want to be down and up pretty quickly with just one battery. You can easily fill a third of that one terabyte ssd up if youre, recording 5.1 k50p and are recording most of the time, and that will take about 20 minutes to offload using a gnar box or a laptop im all for taking breaks. But they really need to be at the right time, not when im in the middle of actually flying my drone. I filled up my one terabyte ssd on a number of occasions, thats when im forced to call it a day Laughter. So once i get home, the first thing i do is cuddle the cats, and then i put the batteries on charge. It takes about one and a half hours to fully charge one battery once that one battery is done ill put it into three connector up to the computer, using their fast transfer, cable and the quickest way to offload is to another ssd.

If youre uploading to a standard 7200 rpm hard drive, you may not get offload finish before that battery runs out the quickest ive offloaded. A full ssd has been about 50 minutes. The amount of time it takes to do. This is frankly, ridiculous. Offloading directly from a camera is frankly ridiculous. Having to wait for a battery to charge before you can even start offloading is frankly ridiculous if this became my main drone for the next two or three years, and i was using this workflow, the amount of my life that would be lost to it would be Well decades, and just think of the things i could achieve in that time – Music, yes, maybe im exaggerating a little bit, but are these clips? I downloaded from soy blocks the sponsor of this video really thats unbelievable. I think i could have done most of these during just the offload procedure that i went through so many times for the making of this review. The time it took to find these clips was frankly far from ridiculous ive been using storyblocks for over a year, and i love this ability to just pull out silly things like this for my fun segways, but also for more serious stuff. Yes, i do, though, sometimes with my unlimited plan i can download and use as many of the millions of royalty free clips music sound effects and templates as i want and theres three different plans to suit your needs to learn more just click.

The link in the description below Music, ah good finished. I can look at this footage now turn off this stupid light much better. So, with the offload onto one hard drive, yes, you should be offloading to two for a proper backup. I then convert the clips to prores lt. I just dont have the storage for that codec. But yes, this is just more time wasted, which is frankly ridiculous. There is one solution that you could use, which would let you keep pure mavic 3 in the air whilst off loading on the ground, and that is buy a second three. You just rotate them when ones flying ones offloading but yeah, thats. Frankly, ridiculous. Having an internal ssd only for prores hq forces me to fly and forces me to manage my data in a way that goes against everything that ive learned over the years. I really dont, like this decision. Dji told me that having removable media would have added too much weight and therefore reduce the flying time yeah. I can see that after all, the ssd thats inside three weighs just four grams. The one terabyte ssd of the dji ray n4d is 44 grams, but that is a pretty solid little ssd personally id rather have had a little bit less flight time and removable media. The amount of pixel peeping that ive done for this review is absolutely ridiculous. More than most people care about, but its important for me to know how to get the best image out of your camera, its irrelevant, what people watch it on mobile phones.

You start with the best you can thats the start of the pipeline and, of course, pros. Hq d log is going to give you the best of everything. Looking at the hq comparing it to h.265, can i see any differences in 5.1 k? No, not really, but of course it is going to be more robust, with heavy color grading, its a much stronger codec and its in 5.