The drone youve been waiting for. No doubt one of the best drones youll ever fly. The lens is so sharp. They had to include a second one made out of plastic just to soothe your eyes, Music. We flew out and we froze our balls off for you guys. I had low expectations flying out with this trial, but when i saw the footage my mind was blown Music Music, so Music Applause, Music. So Music, did you know by forcing the gimbal you can actually unlock it thats? Why many times when i thought it was locked and it was flipping around, it was actually locked, but i unlocked it so yeah just by clicking it it unlocks. This is my review of the dji mavic free ive, given it a bit of abuse over the last week, i took it to iceland, and i thought that would be a great place to review it flying around here. Its you know its like flying in your back garden. I took it there because its windy as hell there are some nasty distances you have to travel it snows and its its just the perfect place to review a drone like this pulling it through hell, which i did. In fact, there were some points that i took the drone out. I think people would have actually probably not even wanted to get out the car thats how nasty it was now. I did pick up the standard model which comes in at 21′ euro thats.

A lot of money people say its it its costing too much its far too expensive. Well, i dont think so i mean the mavic. 1 came in a thousand, i think the mavic 2 1 600 – and this is coming in at 2000 or lets say 200. So its kind of going up, you know naturally its its not its, not too expensive. The 5 000 city model thats too expensive youre, getting a one terabyte disc inside, which you cant remove the whole point about a professional workflow is that you have disks that you can take in and out give to someone theyll copy it put a new one in And you keep on flying in case your drone crashes, the the material you had before has been copied, but here its inside i mean to copy a one terabyte you cant even do one battery, so i didnt see the point in picking up the 5 000 mavic Model its pro res hq its not prores hq raw, so you cant change any of the settings after the fact and its its just not worth it. It really isnt. Looking at the footage that came out of this, i would not go back again and buy the city model. This is more than enough, and if you havent used progress before youre, not going to need it, you really arent. If youre in a workflow, where you need prores sure pick up the city model, get yourself an inspire, buy the prores, you know the license and you know that thats all you need, but this standard model is more enough.

I didnt go for the combo because i didnt want the 300 fugly bag and it is fugly. I dont know why people are saying its nice. This is all you need right here. Look at that that, and you know a couple of batteries thats it you dont, need the huge massive bag, thats thats everything you actually need so im, just gon na pick up a hub and two batteries and im happy and also the car charger. The car charger is very important because charging it with a normal charger or even a 65 watt, is it anchor or something? I bought a charger it charged a battery and fall in the car in about 10 hours nightmare absolute nightmare worst thing that could have ever happened do pick up the dji car charger when it comes out and im actually surprised it. Wasnt included in the combo pack, like the mavic 2 pro had dji is saving money left right and center. They couldnt even make this the same color as this. Why why just spray it? I know theyre saving money, but just spray it this gray, just to make people feel they have a premium product. I know this comes with a mini too. They took it out the mini two pack, they put it in here, but seriously just dark gray. I mean i dont know a few extra buttons on this controller would have helped. You know changing your iris aperture, so thats a big disappointment, and i know a lot of people are disappointed by the controller because its a pro sumo drone and its coming with a controller that the mini 2 comes with anyway build quality.

When you open it first and you have a mavic 2 pro youre like these feel like toothpicks, they do im gon na get to a lot of good stuff. I am and spoiler. I love this drone to bits. It is awesome, its got. This kind of you know the mavic 2 pro weighed 20 grams more, this weighs 20 grams less and they had to shave off. Some kind of you know skin somewhere, because this thing is huge. I mean that probably weighs a ton. The battery is massive. I mean this thing is humongous, so shaving off weight had to go somewhere now. It stands a lot higher a lot higher than the 2 pro, which is great because in iceland putting it down on stones and glaciers, nothing was hitting the ground. So it stands a lot higher, which makes me a lot happier because the bottom of the drone and the gimbal can move and theyre. Not getting. You know scratched up, the propellers are a little bit longer and they they feel they feel quieter. They are quieter. Theyve got this incredible sound when theyre in the air they dont like this theyre like this theyve got this really beautiful sound, so they work really nicely one thing that i complained about with the air to s. You know the experiment. The dji did is the sensors that had the old sensors in the front. Just it was. I think it was an april fools joke by dji by the way the dislike button is down there.

These are omni directional, so theyre actually like looking like this and like this. They see the side. They see the front. They see the back. Youve got two here right here. Looking up, youve got two here. Looking down, youve got the positioning sensors right there and the auxiliary lighting there, which is very, very, very, very bright. The battery comes out here and it clicks in produces a satisfying click. I dont know what people are talking about and you have the sd card in here below the usb c input now getting in and out with someone who doesnt have nails. I dont have nails. I dont know if you guys, if i could hide my face. No nails getting in and out lets have a look putting it in done it its not a big problem, dont moment about it. The fact that you can charge it with usb any usb is great but, like i said its got to be 65 watts for it to charge in the hour, and i dont know 25 30 minutes that it should charge in otherwise youre gon na be really really Frustrated so if youre driving around do pick up the 65 watt charger from dji, the one i bought did not work and having my one battery and lukes, because i flew there with luke, he had three batteries. He was kind enough to. Let me use one of his, so we had two batteries each. It was a nightmare.

I had to take out my mini two once because i just didnt have batteries, and i was like oh ive got to film that you know. You know what the feeling youre kind of like. Oh, my god, you got to stop and you got to film Music. I need to buy a couple more batteries and the car charger to make myself happy with this drone now lets see the controller like i said: yeah totally totally annoyed with the controller, just the color, its small things, the rc pro. If i had the money id pick it up honestly, i would because you get a lot more control and flying a drone like this is all about control. You want to have more control when youre flying it. You want to get more professional. More more stunning, more mind blowing shots, and if you have more control, you have more options to do that. The range lets talk about the range now its got 15 kilometers, the ocusync free plus, which is in here by the way, and if you look at the specs on the website – and you go all the way down to the controller youll – see that this controller has It switches between the o3 plus the o3 and the o2 for the mini 2. So apparently you could use it for them, but you can only use it with this. At the moment, im sure therell be an update where youll be able to just have one controller with you, which will be great and same with the rc.

Pro only works with this at the moment filters i didnt get filters because i got the standard kit and we didnt actually need to use filters because it was so dark and iceland, the sun, would rise at 10 30 in the morning. It would go down at like 3 p.m, and it was just kind of dark, so we didnt need to use the filters. Another point about not needing to use. The filters is that we were saved by the aperture if it did get a little bit bright. Well, just bounce the aperture all the way down and get it. You know to the correct 180 degree rule that you need to film to have natural motion blur, which i need a lot, because i fly quite low a lot of the time. So natural motion blur is, you know its my kind of thing, especially in drones, but summers gon na come here in the next eight months and im gon na need filters so and im in poland. So it gets quite bright polo pro freewell pgytec and i think nissi are gon na, be sending me filters, so i will be doing a you know: tests of those to show you guys what filters look like, because you do need filters in bright conditions. Lets not kid ourselves, even if you get it down to its lowest iso and crank the shutter all the way down its still going to be too bright, so filters are needed and they will be coming soon, as will all the updates in january.

Well, im sure some of them, because im sure dji will be updating this flagship model for a long time. So the range i went totally off track, but this is a review, so you guys can listen to me if youre interested in purchasing this drone. The range was incredible: i was flying maybe beyond loss once or twice no problems at all. I was flying over hills behind glaciers, i was on top and behind a volcano. It was crystal clear all the time i did buy this my money. This is not a dji sponsored video yet but crystal clear, absolutely fantastic transmission. The signal did not drop even for the signal i wrote. Wow signal did not drop once it was crystal clear. Mavic 2 pro would have dropped a lot of the time. In fact, when were next to the now dormant volcano um, there was a guy behind me with the two pro and all i could hear was every now and then when he was trying to get to the volcano, because the volcano from path c is about. If youre flying a drone about two thousand six hundred kilometers two point: six kilometers, two thousand two point: six kilometers flying in a straight line: thats a fair distance and um. I saw my drone wind for wind. I actually wrote holy this tackled. The wind i was in disbelief at how stable this drone was. I took it out in ridiculous winds. I actually looked at luke and i was like screw it lets do it.

We took it out in winds that, were i dont know 40 50 miles. They were ferocious, they really are. We had trouble standing some of the time this just it was going like crazy, but the image was just completely stable. The mavic 2 pro would have probably handled it, maybe not as well. The mini two would have been blown away. Just you know, somewhere in into the sea this guy above the sea next to vic was just like this, that the image was anyway. He was like that, but the image was like this absolutely incredible when it comes to wind resistance, full trust in this strong 110 flight time. Yeah flight time is crazy because youre flying and youre like. When will this battery end, your concentration starts dropping because you put a lot of concentration in, especially if youre flying low and through things and around things and youre doing like you know, parallaxes. It has a very, very long flight time im not used to it because normally im like up like Music, but here im like flying like its still up in here and im looking down. I still got 56 battery in high winds in freezing weather. By the way when it comes to freezing weather, we were flying in like minus eight minus 10 in the north east side, no problems. You know the mini two went down to minus 25. So, im sure this guy with a warm battery, will easily go lower obstacle avoidance uh its got like 200 meter sensors, whereas the mavic 2 had 20 meters, but just for fun.

I did fly at my face and it just went around me and i was like so that works for now, but im sure when tracking comes in in january, its going to be even better. I cant wait for the tracking its not something i need on the mini too, but signing on this with tracking the camera. So 24 millimeter the mavic 2 pro was a 28 millimeter, its wider, its a lot wider. Is it too wide? No, its its a its a nice i even when im using my camera, i like using the 24 millimeter the gm. You know all the viltrox, which is even better watch. My film here, 24 millimeters good, its actually so sharp that it hurts my eyes. Its very sharp, so i wish one of the first things i wrote at the top of my sheet here, because i write everything you know was dji fly app it its a big shame, its a huge shame that this pro sumo drum is using a toy app. Dji flyers toy app its got no place with this drone. This should be using dji. Oh m4 is om4. What the hell is, that app called go for. Im tired today, im still tired from not sleeping, we slept in the car and stuff. It should be using a pro app where i can actually change the style of the image soften it. A little bit, get it a bit more filmic a little bit more cinematic, so dji.

If you could get this on the go for app for us people who want it to be a little bit more professional, that would be absolutely awesome and i know youre listening. I know youre out there you didnt reply to my email, its got a lot of detail so photos. I take a lot of photos. I fly, i do my shot. I stop and im like and im taking photos. I flip around around that side. No, its not cool. I look back to the front Music taking photos, its 20 megapixels. A lot of people are complaining, but its not 20 megapixels and one inch sensor, its 20 megapixels on a four third sensor. Micro, four foot sensor so theres a completely different type of quality, its like taking a photo with your you know, people saying oh thats, great its got million megapixels, but then you take a photo with your sony, a7r and its its its day and night. You know so the photos coming out of this are very sharp. Theyre very beautiful theyve got a lot of detail and they got beautiful colors. I just wish, which is what im about to touch on now, that the long lens had raw and, in fact, the long lens i wish it had manual control. I wish it only had one times and seven times because going through one two, three, four seven, i dont need those stupid digital zooms. Does anybody use digital zooms? No one just give us one n7 thats all i want.

I want optical its a professional drone. 28 times looks like am i gon na, be using it for scouting no im, not. I really dont think anyone out. There is maybe some peeping toms. You know it might come in handy, but still theyre going to be pissed off, that the quality is really really bad, and you know raw and oh yeah. One more thing watch the drum when youre, using long lens and even on your seven times and youre doing a parallax watch the drone, because youre flying and youre, probably gon na hit a building. Youre gon na hit a tree. Youre gon na hit something because you dont know you dont have the the feeling, like you do on a 24 millimeter you its easy to crash on the long lens, be careful. I went through everything thats long. It took me. Oh hell any questions, any comments drop them down below. If you did like this film, this review quite long review, give me a thumbs up, but i did try and put it through hell to be able to come back and say this drone is awesome. It is fantastic, i can highly recommend it. There are a few things that need to be fixed. Like i said, and you know, maybe you could paint it yourself subscribe here subscriber subscriber to my channel. You would love this drone. This drone is a winner. Go pick.