The latest update got that coming up next bill. The drone reviewer here, if you like the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell. So you dont miss any future content. With that lets begin. The other night i hosted rotor talk live and i was joined by co host mr ron braun. We spent the better part of the evening discussing the latest update regarding the dji mavic 3.. So without any further ado lets roll that clip in its entirety. They want to offer one terabyte of internal storage now too, that one terabyte of internal storage is getting to be a thing these days bill. Well, that was a great lead in ron for our our our topic of the night. Again, you know it seems like every week hello were having another mavic 3 update. Okay and this time the information comes to us from our good friend, hey castaloo, right through xl yeah on drone xl and whats, going on lets. Give a nice plug bill. Yes and hey is a good friend of the channel, and we really like him here and weve. Had him on were going to try to have him on again. We need to get him on again. Yes, we do here are the latest uh mavic, 3 rumors straight from china. Last week we saw the renderings that were by drone modelissimo from brazil um. We saw the non incredibly professional renderings of what the new dual lens camera set up on the mavic 3.

Might look like over the weekend received information that confirms most of what we already knew using more of the same renderings, okay, dji spokesman and director of public relations. Tai zhi, also known as general xi, has been doing a great job, keeping the lid shut on any mavic 3 rumors every time. Anything leaks, xi responds quickly and firmly keeping any details leaking out to a minimum. However, as we get closer to the mavic 3 launch gs, job gets increasingly more difficult over the weekend. Well receive the following. Information from a reliable source through chinese social media confirms most of what we already know the mavic 3 and were including the renderings. To give you an idea what to expect note, the renderings are not entirely accurate in terms of size dimensions and overall design sketches provided by drone modelist mode last week are far more accurate. Lets. Dive in chinese source confirms latest mavic 3 rumors. These renderings are based on actual photos of the mavic 3. Although the renderings are not accurate in size dimensions and overall design, mavic 3 will have a dual lens setup. You can switch between the lenses on the fly pun intended specs are shown on the camera. The top lens is 7 7 x optical zoom lens. The other lens is marked f, slash, 2.8 eq v. 2 4.. The top left corner of the camera shows an h to indicate it was developed in partnership with hasselblad note, even though it doesnt say so explicitly.

We still expect the camera to have a variable aperture, ranging from at least f slash 2.8 to f 11.. The mavic 3 will come in two versions: the more expensive one will be equipped with a one terabyte, solid state drive and prores video recording capabilities. The lower end drone will come without the one terabyte ssd on board battery life in or flight time is expected to be 45 minutes. The drone will come with a new remote controller with a built in screen. The design is expected to be similar to the remote controller from the air 2s. The hardware will have been upgraded and will offer 03 ocusync 3.0 for the mavic 3.. The mavic 3 is expected to be somewhat larger than the outgoing mavic 2 pro and zoom mavic 3 is expected to be released in november. However, keep in mind that dji tends to change plans at the last moment as weve seen, time and time again, more than one factor would be involved in the production of the mavic 3.. Our chinese source tells us this is unofficial news and meant for reference. Only okay: we expect to have more accurate information as we approach the official release date of the mavic 3 good places to look for confirmation of the fcc filings and, of course, best buy. Okay ron, thats uh thats, a boatload of information right yeah. It kind of it kind of we knew a lot of this uh from the story from the week four, but its kind of built on the information and bill i dont know if youve seen from this is the first time ive actually seen written down that this 7X zoom will be optical yeah.

This is so. We didnt know that before. In fact i didnt know this so thats good information bill. That is, that is some very good information and you know and im going to say this and you know ive said it before and i know youve agreed with me and i know marcus has agreed with me on this. You know when you start to get more information out each week on a weekly basis. Okay, that release is coming soon: okay, um, probably within the next couple of months. No im going to say this: is this gut instinct? You know i mean that they said november. There just got instinct on my part: no, no, no inside sources, no information outside of what you just read. I i kind of have a feeling we will see it. You know by uh well say november or or before thanksgiving um. Just my gut is that whats, your your own gut telling you bill same thing ron, because, because you know the informal volume of information that were getting thats coming out is, you know, is its its like on a weekly basis were starting to get this information, and You know and and also you know – and i will say this – you know: hay really checks his sources out. Okay, he hes very good about that, and you know and – and i know joan dj they do – they do a good job on that as well, and you know for what its worth the cedar love has been better with things.

So you know, and and also ill say this okay, these leaks, dont happen in a vacuum. Okay, i know we read about uh the general keeping the general g from from from dji trying to keep a lid on things. Okay, you know what i think he opens up that lid just a little bit each week to let some of that stuff come out, yeah its the old, its the old apple theory, steve john himself used to always leave links out himself right before a big product Launch to get things hyped up, so the general, the general the general probably took from the commander in chief, the info out general. We need the we need to start building up the uh, let people know they got ta, put a little money away. Absolutely – and you know the other – the one interesting thing i saw it said that more than one plant will be producing this and i think thats an important point, because if you go back to the original mavic pro and all that the nightmare that dji had with That um, they did not anticipate the sales volume from that and it took them four months to get caught up. I mean people who wouldnt know how much money was lost in that yeah. I mean that was, i mean you know from from october and then you get your drone in january i mean thats um. Are we talking dji, or is this hubsan or yeah yeah? I mean you know hubsans taking a page from old dji.

I guess i dont know, but you know i think this is important them putting it putting more than one plant online regarding this, because theyre, anticipating a high volume and theyre, probably any chance, one of those plants could be in the us i dont know i dont Think i would love to get your hands on it. Us may us made uh dji mavic 3. wow. Okay. Now also, if i read this correctly, it sounds and – and this this is, this is just me from from from digesting all this information. It sounds like the only difference between the two models. Is that one terabyte of onboard ssd storage? Well, i mean uh, just from you know, just from a technical standpoint or whatever um, they probably wont be able to apple that offer the apple pro res in the lower version. Doesnt have that one terabyte drive, because the pro res um itll need a faster. You know um processor bus, whatever yeah, you wont be able to do up that off a memory card. Itll need a fast uh ssd drive like youre, putting it near that you know so its going to need that drive to do that on. I just just just be saying that i im gon na im gon na favor, im gon na, say this. I think a probably the price difference between between the two models: its going to be at a minimum 500, more thats, just thats, just off the top of my head.

Just you know for storage on that solid state, digital storage, im, i i would definitely say im. Gon na im, gon na say at least five hundred dollars, if not thats a good ballpark park price bill now, do we know whether or not the the the one with the one terabyte will that still offer an sd slot also or will? Will you only have the one option uh to build an external uh thats, a good question and you know um? I would say yes because theyve done that before i mean you know with it with the mavic 2 pro theyve done, that with the air too um. You know it has. It has both the on board. I mean, even though those those are eight gig, its not much, but they do have both. So the the possibility for that is is is there is likely yeah um, but i dont know you know if that, unless theyre trying to pull like an apple or samsung, where theyre trying to slowly phase the memory card out – and this is this – is you know, Step number one it could be because you know our friends at hubsan did that with the xenomini pro, and you know this may be go there may be going that way. Right now. I dont know the same thing private to offer that 200 bit rate that they that they offer, whether it actually works or we dont know, but actually they needed.

They needed that fast drive, they, maybe they couldnt operate 200 bits off of an external sd card yeah, and one of the other things that that i im and we had talked about this – was you know they dont call it a smart controller, but its going to Have a display screen on it, yeah thats the first time weve seen that build that that our little i dont have it handy here, our little uh, you know uh mini 2 uh air, 2s or air 2 controller will have this one. It is. It is rumored to put that little lcd screen in it and have your stats in there and i think thats, a nice little uh upgrade myself bill. I do too, i think thats fantastic and, like i said, and we talked about this last week, i said its not going to come with a regular controller, a regular analog controller. I i said that last week – and you know this kind of bears that out, because i i you know, frank wang wants to stay ahead. Okay, he doesnt want to go behind. He wants to stay ahead and hes going to set the bar incredibly high here with the mavic 3. and one of the ways hes going to do that is by you know. If you want to call it a smart on dont necessarily want to call it a smart controller, but actually it would be really technically djis. First drone with a controller with a built in screen.

Okay lets, let i mean for lack of a better term right you, so you think itll be an actual fpv screen, not just oh yeah, so so, in other words, its going to be similar to the evo, the evo 2 uh remote control. Where you get, you get a screen, its not the worlds best screen by any means, but i have forgotten my phone before and i could fly with that. Little screen i mean it, it wasnt an opt. You know a real pleasant experience, but it can be done. It can be done. Yeah now see you know and theres going to be. You know that kind of opens up the door for what what is this going to be, you know, is it going to have 1200 nits? Is it going to be something youll be able to look outside on a bright day and not have any issues with it or is it going to be? You know, one of those you know low resolution hard to just hard to see displays who knows? Okay, um im, im favoring im thinking. If you know what may be a possibility here – and this is just me – speculating okay – because the difference between the two models – you know the with the one with the one terabyte with the ssd storage, it may have more of a what we would consider a smart Controller with it with something with with a better screen and a better display, i dont know it all depends on how affordable they want to keep the base model and um lauren and chad.

Saying lots of surprises coming starting uh mid october. They says rod who said the screen was used uh for the camera. Uh lauren, our friend bill, leaked that out here and folks. Remember we are. What are we? What are we go were pontificating here, uh, so um, you know just in air quotes were pontificating. Some of the uh stats here that weve gone above and beyond uh what we learned from the um article by our friend, uh: hey, hey, kesler. I think laura hi hi cat hi, castaloo, yeah um. You know and its real interesting – and you know this is gon na this is gon na pan out um. You know it kind of kind of really quells the talk about like a mini three coming out right now i mean almost everybody. You know this, is you know, talking about the big conversation? Can the mini three and magnet three come out in the same quarter bill it? Could it really could i mean they could come out with that around christmas ron and people will buy that i mean big box retailers want these products released before thanksgiving. I mean thats, not saying djis, to listen to them. Big box retailers dont like something coming out between thanksgiving and christmas yeah, so it will be before thanksgiving you can you can. You know well probably see this okay, you know im saying that if theyre going to do the mavic 3, i think its going to happen in october, okay, um.

If we go back to the original mavic pro, it was released in october 2016.. So you know thats. Just thats, just you know some speculation on my part and then come, maybe that you know because the mat the first mini came out. I think it was around veterans day um a couple years ago. It was when that came out. Yeah i mean theyve both been almost like that you know uh, you know, like theyve, been announced almost like around november first and they shipped like a week after that or something yeah. So i wouldnt ron. It would not surprise me to see dji do that and and all that and all that timing is for the, as you pointed earlier, that time is all for the holiday uh yeah shopping season, yeah, and it would be – i mean it would be. Such a smart move, marketing move on djis part to do that and to gear that up. You know this is you know, theyre, anticipating a high demand for the mavic 3. By having this you know being built in more than one plant um. You know theres going to be product when they release that okay, its going to be available immediately question of the day. What do you think of the latest update regarding the dji mavic 3.