Jakes, like you know, come up to alaska. Well, do some cool stuff Music time to test the mavic 3.. Its 4 30 in the morning were going to drive 300 miles to valdez and try this drone out im really excited to see what it can do were going to meet up with a friend of the helicopter and go to some amazing places to see what this Drones capable of we made it to valdez after five and a half hours of driving. So you can see the helicopter right. There were gon na be going in, got everything packed up, pared down as much as possible, because weight is a thing, and i am super excited to see where we can go and try these this drone Music Applause stop number one right out in the middle of Everything thats, awesome and right over here is the face of columbia, glacier so good spot to fly drones i mean: do you not take your drone off of an iceberg thats sitting on the shore when you have one sitting around Music, Music, Music, Music? So initial thoughts are like the battery life is great battery. Lifes great really goes and it moves fast. I mean it feels like youre in the air forever right. Yeah, like you, just kind of keep flying and you keep getting shots, and even when youre down at like 15 percent, you still have like 10 minutes left to fly in or i was like 18 and 10 minutes left of flying its crazy.

You kept going for a bit when i was like, i mean 10 percent. He needs to land right now, yeah, usually over there. I was flying over here, basically all the shots in this area and let it hover for a bit. So we could get some beauty shots of it. No problems like it was just, and the image transmission was clear. The entire time like you can completely see you know its just easy to fly. Yeah and its i mean its its right around freezing its, not the coldest temperatures ive ever flown a dji drone in, but it is handling the cold, no problem, no major voltage drops for sure yeah, so yeah. So far, really good now were gon na get back in the helicopter and go to location number two Music, Music, good landing spot, but with a really great ice cave that were gon na fly some stuff through blue drone drones tested them out uh. The air 2s did fine. The mavic 3 had a couple little issues that were kind of weird. It was cold. I dont know it was a weird cpu issue i mean were way up in the mountains in the beginning of winter, in a glacier ice cave in alaska, i dont know why anything would be cold, but its just warm right. Its totally warm anyway so now were moving to the next location, which is the number three number three location, three coming up: Music: Music, Music Music.

So we did go to spot four, which was the top of this couple thousand foot cliff and i dove my fpv drone down it. We shot a few things with the mavic 3, but its kind of kind of boring. You probably dont want to see anything like that, and then we also went to spot five, which was literally a mountaintop just big enough to land. The helicopter on also probably not something youd, be interested in seeing we didnt shoot anything with the mavic 3 there, because we had run out of battery at that point, even though we had three batteries, we had been doing a lot, but we need to talk about The mavic 3 as a drone, because it is incredible the performance, the imaging quality out of it is absolutely amazing, theres a few caveats and there were definitely some things that we did testing with the beta firmware that were difficult uh, which is the same thing. Ive run into with anything ive tested, thats been on beta firmware, theres, always things that you have to work through, but the drone itself is incredible and the imaging quality is amazing and just to be clear. This is an initial thoughts review from my having a chance to to use one up here. For a week when jevin came up, dji didnt send me one im not being paid for this review. I bought and paid for my own fly more combo thats on its way, but i wanted to give you my initial thoughts after using this drone for about a week here in alaska when it comes to video, the new four thirds sensor is incredible.

It gives you up to 5.1 k at up to 50 frames, a second which is amazing in a future. Firmware update well even be able to shoot 4k up to 120 frames, a second because who doesnt need more 4k 120 frames, a second in their life. I dont really use it that often, but when i do its really nice and because this is a larger sensor, it does do really well in low light and gives you really clean footage, but not only that. Just all the footage in general looks really rich, really detailed and grades beautifully, just with some simple adjustments, its amazing. How well this footage grades – and this is not the cine combo. This is just a standard. Combo ill go into my thoughts about which combo you should buy or which version you should buy in a little bit, but the video quality coming out of this is really really nice and one thing that really stood out to me that i really liked, because this Has a mechanical aperture which, by the way when youre shooting video in light, that is changing constantly a mechanical aperture that you can adjust remotely, is massive because you dont have to come down land, adjust your nd filter or anything like that. It just makes it so much easier to be able to shoot in changing dynamic lighting conditions, the new starburst and the flaring on this lens. I actually found to be really nice and really liked it.

Now some people dont, like any flaring, i kind of like a little bit of flaring – i maybe im old school. I i just really enjoyed the flares coming out of this camera and one of my favorite things of all is to get reflections off of stuff, and so you see here the reflections coming off the helicopter because of the aperture was being set down quite a bit Because it was bright light, it just gives you these really nice little starbursts off all the reflective surfaces of this helicopter, and i love the colors. The mavic 2 pro with the hasselblad color science was really great. I really enjoyed it, but this definitely seems like a step up or a step forward. It has more dynamic range than the mavic 2 pro did, and it also has a lot more bandwidth. In other words, it went from 100 millibars per second to 200. Now we get a lot more detail, a lot more information in the video and thats, not even using the the cine version, which gives you just ungodly amounts of detail, and then, of course, because it is a dual camera system. There is a zoom lens on there and we definitely need to talk about that, because that was both interesting and also different. I guess is the way to say it. The zoom lens works pretty well at 1x and 2x, because youre using the main camera. But then, when you jump to 4x, it jumps to this weird sort of digital cropping and then it jumps to 7x, which is when it switches to the second camera, which is a half inch sensor and a little lens system built in there, and that was okay.

The the the quality of that is decent and usable, and i think itll improve as dji gets the firmware updates out there. But beyond that to me it just really wasnt very usable. I dont really know what you would use it for, except for maybe, like you know, search and rescue situations, but as a filmmaker i dont see myself using this very often maybe the 7x, because the quality on that was decent, but it is fixed at f, 4.4. So low light is definitely out when it comes to that, but yeah very interesting, not something that i see myself using that often but the regular camera, the the hasselblad camera is really nice and i loved working with that Music when it comes to photos. This drone packs a big punch, its theyre 20 megapixels, which is similar to the mavic 2 pro and the r2s. But the size of the sensor makes a very big difference in how much dynamic range here you can see an unedited photo and then here you can see how much information were able to pull out of that photo and the dynamic range just basically gives you a Lot more ability to be able to expose and be able to get information out of your shadows and your highlights without having to pick between one or the other, and the dynamic range at this is 12.8 stops. What dji says i believe it. It certainly feels like right about 13 stops of dynamic range.

The photos that this drone produces are really incredible and really nice and i think, as a photographer and anybody whos looking for better quality drone photos. This drone is going to be a fantastic piece of kit for them. Then we come to obstacle avoidance, which is a massive upgrade. Dji has made on the mavic 3. now im, not going to say its quite on the level of another drone manufacturer out there, but its close and the obstacle avoidance on this drone is a huge leap forward from the mavic 2 series it just is. It works incredibly well and sees a lot of different things now. The obstacle avoidance for us actually caused some issues because it was difficult to land it back on the boat every single time we brought it back. We had to switch it completely off, but even then i dont know if we were able to switch it completely off because of the beta software we were running, but it it worked really really well any time it came close to an object. It would try and find a flight path to one side, the other side up and over, and it made it a little difficult, but it also proved that it worked really really well and with. That is a big feature that i think uh. Maybe hasnt been covered. As much and thats the safety of return to home im not advocating that you should fly way out of line of sight.

There are legalities and all sorts of stuff that you know might be different in your country than my country. But im not supposed to fly out of line of sight without a specific waiver and this drone i would have a lot of confidence in it. Coming back to me, returning to home, if i lost connection somehow or something happened because of the obstacle avoidance and because of its ability to plan flight paths through objects, it just its absolutely incredible. We need to talk about battery life and range, because this drone takes a big upgrade in both of those areas. Battery life is now 46 minutes is what dji says. Now you never get the full battery life, the manufacturer says because they always keep some in reserve and in my experience in gevin and my testing and flying up here, we were getting a good like 41 to 40 to 43 minutes, depending on the conditions we were Flying in there were some places that it was cold. There were some places where it was extremely windy, and so it just it just really depended, but having 40 something minutes of flight time on a drone is kind of mind blowing. It gets to the point where youre kind of like okay, so ive shot everything. And what else do i shoot now because i still have like 30 percent battery left and i am out of ideas and coupling that with the range which again im not advocating.

You fly out of line of sight. But the range of this drone is incredible and heres, where the solid signal link to be able to go. That far comes in handy. If youre flying in crowded, dense environments, where theres a lot of interference or theres trees or things that might be temporarily between you and the drone, that signal link is going to stay solid through all of those situations which is extremely important and extremely handy. If youre flying in tough environments like in cities or other places like that, this drone will maintain a really solid signal link to the remote control and give you solid video link back. So you know what youre doing and you can see what youre trying to film another thing that i absolutely love about. This drone is the fact that you can now recharge via usbc with something in power delivery. So that means, if youre out in the middle of nowhere like we were, and you have a battery pack that has usbc with power delivery. You can recharge the drone and on our road trip to valdez when we stopped and flew an entire battery worth chasing the car. Looking around the valleys and the mountains there, it was nice to pull it in hook it up to my battery pack and have it start recharging until we got to the helicopter and then have a fully charged battery again by the time we got to the airport Music, if you watched any other videos, you know that none of us were able to test intelligent flight features, because those features will be added in a firmware update in january.

Believe me, as soon as my drone arrives and as soon as that firmware update happens, i will be putting together a video about it, because i want to test the active track with the obstacle avoidance and see how good and how well it performs. Maybe in competition with another drone manufacturer out there, but dji has a long track record of handling active track of handling intelligent flight modes. Theyre, obviously programmed in all of my other dji drones that i have now so i have no doubt that theyre going to be fantastic and that they will be improved from the versions that are currently on my air, 2s or other dji drones. We do have to talk about some of the downsides now. Some of these things were just things that i wasnt able to test because it was on beta firmware, but there are a few downsides that you need to be aware of. One is theyre using the dji flyout which by itself isnt bad, but i do wish that it gave us a finer level of control over the drone, so we could adjust the smoothness settings. The stick expo all of that to get the drone tuned exactly the way we like to fly it. That being said, you can fly the drone really well and the fly app and the new remote controllers operate really well, but you have to learn how the controller operates in each of the different flight modes.

So it just takes a little bit of training and practice, but i wish theyd given us a way to fine tune all of the settings, because this is more a professional drone and then the zoom lens, the zoom lens, isnt, really usable for anything in professional applications. Now that could change in a future firmware update where dji has been able to pull incredible performance through firmware, updates and adjust things like almost nobody else, ive seen so that could change, but currently as it is it just isnt that usable for professional filming situations. I should say now: there are other professional situations where the zoom lens would absolutely be useful and usable, and the last downside is the price. This is an expensive drone. This is not a hobbyist drone. A this is kind of right on the edge of even being a prosumer drone, but this drone is aimed at people who are doing this videography photography for a living, and you want the highest amount of image quality in a small compact, portable drone, and on that This drone delivers, but at 2200 us dollars or 2 900 us dollars for the fly more kit or 5 000 for the cine kit. This is really pushing the envelope of price. But again, this drone is not aimed at a hobbyist or somebody whos, just going out there to shoot for youtube videos. I did order mine, i paid for it myself and its coming, which im excited for but again this is my job, not just youtube, but i work for a lot of different clients in different places in the united states and honestly, a small portable drone with the Image quality the mavic 3 has is going to be a game changer.

Now i did not get the cine version either. One of these packages of drones is going to be fantastic. Personally, i got the fly more kit because i think its the best value and if you have the budget for it, i would recommend you do the same. If not, i will have a video coming comparing this to the air 2s very soon. I will be doing a comparison between this drone and other drones on the market, especially comparing the mavic 2 pro and the air 2s, and a blue drone that might make an appearance so definitely stay tuned to the channel. If youre interested in seeing how those stack up honestly, i still think the best value for drones out there right now is the air 2s. It is fantastic image, quality and a great price point, and if you want to see a video about that drone click or tap right here, i put together a short playlist that will walk you through my thoughts on that drone. As always, if you have questions, ask me in the comments below or join my live stream, wednesday nights at 4 pm, alaska time 8 pm, eastern and ill try and answer your questions.