. But for todays video were going to be focusing on the mavic 3.. Now spotlight is bundled into a tool that dji calls focus track, which contains active track, spotlight and point of interest its considered an intelligent flight feature now. Sometimes these intelligent flight features and flight modes can get a little bit gimmicky, but thats. Definitely not the case with spotlight. Spotlight is a very useful tool, whether youre a beginner, drone pilot or even a seasoned pilot. It basically gives you a cameraman, so you can just focus on flying now when it comes to filming a subject or filming a point of interest. I like to usually fly the drone myself. I like to hone my skills kind of get really good at some of these advanced maneuvers and for the most part i can capture some nice dynamic shots, but the problem is sometimes we can make mistakes and it can really ruin a shot. Now, in this video im going to be demonstrating on a lighthouse that i filmed a couple days ago and when capturing subjects like that, its really good to include some nice interesting shots other than just flying over top of it or beside it different rotations around it. Changing your altitude adjusting the camera can really make your shot look a little more dramatic. For example, you might be circling around it using the sticks, but then, at the same time you want to be pulling back and maybe raising your altitude and all.

At the same time, adjusting the pitch of the gimbal just so you can keep everything centered and thats, where sometimes the problems can arise. You might be doing everything perfectly, but then you mess up on the gimbal and it either goes up too high or too low, and then the shot is ruined with spotlight. You could select the point of interest and just focus on the flying. Spotlight will do its best to keep everything centered in the screen, while you just focus on flying and really for the most part, it does a pretty good job, so lets go ahead. Here were going to take a quick look at it and how it works. Now, just a couple things to mention: there are a few limitations when using it, you cannot use it when in explore mode, and you cannot use spotlight when filming in 5.1 k or high frame rates. The highest resolutions, it supports is 4k at 30 frames per second and really its a simple tool to use. Once you get your subject in your field of view, all you have to do is draw a box around it and right away the focus track. Tools are going to come up and spotlight is the one thats automatically selected, and at this point you just have to fly the drone. You can move in reverse, you can move forward side to side and all the while its going to keep your point of interest.

Centered in the screen now, for the most part, its centered, but sometimes youll, see it does move off to the side a little bit. But soon as you change your position, it will recenter itself but thats, okay, because its still done in a nice smooth fashion. So when you watch the footage back, it still looks nice and flowing, and you can get some really interesting content like this just fly around for five minutes. You can then take it home chop it up and it looks like it was filmed by a professional and another interesting thing. Is it doesnt have to be a stationary subject because it can make use of the tracking feature you can select something like a car or person again let the cameras stay focused on that subject and you can just do the flying around so definitely its a great Tool, and as mentioned its great for both beginner pilots and even advanced pilots, you still get the joy of flying your drone youre, not just letting the software do everything for you and as a professional, it can save you a lot of time. You know what thats saying is time is money, so you can get in get the shots. You need get out and move on to the next job now just quickly, while were on the subject of that focus track. That same tool also allows you to just do a simple point of interest. Accessing the point of interest tool is the exact same method.

You just draw a box around your subject. You can just tap on the go button and you can see there on each side of the tool we have arrows, so we can set which direction the drone rotates around the subject. Theres also a little slider there that you can move up and down the arrow and that will set the speed at which it rotates around the subject. And in addition to that, while its circling the point of interest, you can actually do some other maneuvers as well. For example, you can tilt the gimbal up and down to adjust the camera. If need be. You can also use your sticks to adjust the position of the drone. You can fly in a little closer. You can fly backwards to get more of the area. In the view, you can also adjust your altitude up and down so definitely one of my favorite tools of the mavic 3 and the r2s. As mentioned, you can use spotlight on the air 2s and the air too. Im really curious to know how many other people really enjoy using spotlight. Let me know down in the comments if its a tool that you use frequently, i want to thank you for watching this video. Hopefully you enjoyed it and got some value out of it.