com now in this video, we do have the update firmware on the mavic 3 and i do have spotlight on here, which is part of the focus track options along with active track and point of interest and for those Arent familiar with spotlight, basically, what it allows you to do is just select a subject or an object or a person in your shot or in your video, and the drone will try to keep that subject or that person in the middle of your shot. At all times, and what this allows you to do is actually focus on the sticks. Focus on your height focus around flying around the object, and all you have to do is worry about the altitude and the direction of your flight, and ideally the drone will try to keep that subject in the middle of your screen. So i do want to test this one out. This is on the new firmware on the mavic 3. I have a stationary object over there that im going to shoot and also theres some boats, hopefully ill, be able to catch one of those as well. But lets get this thing up in the air and ill talk you through using spotlight on the mavic 3.. But before we get into todays spotlight video, a quick word from todays sponsor epidemic, sound now, whenever you hear any audio or sound effects in my videos, i get all of my music from epidemic sound now, if youre a content.

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Is that one? I did spotlight here, it actually can its actually labeling it as a boat which is really awesome. So what im going to do now is just kind of fly around it, and the great thing is that the camera will automatically adjust and try to keep that boat in the picture. So, as you can see here, im not adjusting the camera angle im, not adjusting the tilt of the camera. All im doing right now is just following the boat and actually turning and spinning my drone or following my drone around it and the camera will try to keep everything in the center of the frame. As you can see, im just moving my drone from right to left and the camera is actually tilting and moving. So these are normally a little bit more complex types of shots. If you were to try to do this freely, but this is whats really good about spotlight, it actually keeps that subject right there in the middle and all you have to do is fly around. I can actually go further away from the boat. If i wanted to just like that, i could bring the drone a little bit lower. If i want to just like this, i can go in front of it. Raise it up a little bit and all im doing is just really following the boat while im able to change angles and not have to worry about having to track it with my camera, the drone and and spotlight is actually doing all that work for you well See how it is im going to fly right over and see im actually not adjusting the camera tilt, as you can see, but the camera is tilting down and keeping it right in the shot im flying right above it gon na fly right to the right lets.

Just see how this looks: oh thats cool there you go, fly cautiously, thats, really cool and we are in spotlight. It does label it as a little ship, a little boat there, but these dynamic shots are really cool and, as you can see here, im holding my controller all im doing right now is just moving the drone around. What is what this is really good for is for you to focus on the height of your drone, the orbit around it. How smooth you want it to be all right, so there we just tracked a little boat here, just if you wanted to follow or spotlight just a stationary object. What you can do here is just circle that object right there and there you go now were in spotlight mode like i said, if you wanted to fly closer to it or fly to the left, all im doing now is just flying around it and itll. Then map and keep that subject as close to the middle as possible, and you dont have to necessarily have to be the best pilot. In order for you to do this. As long as its locating that target youre able to now fly – and i can actually focus on the maneuvering – i can focus on the height. So if i want to go a little bit higher, i can do that if i want to go around it like this, if i want to go a little bit lower, let me just bring the drone a little bit lower, just like that, so very similar to What you would be doing if you have something like point of interest, but this gives you a little bit more control over the sticks, while youre in flight here, i can just fly right over it and, as i go up higher and fly right over it, as You can see the drone itself is now going to continuously move with those spots and then pull back and im not moving anything im, not using any of the scroll wheels to change a gimbal and youre able to get really really nice dynamic shots using spotlight.

Thats about it guys just want to show you spotlight on the mavic 3. If you guys havent seen my other focus track, videos make sure you guys check out the other videos on active track as well as point of interest. Links will be above as well as down below in the video description, as always, if you guys got some value from this video, a big like would be much appreciated and also dont forget to subscribe, hit that bell to be notified when i post new videos, this Is also stacio with flypath.