Eight pages of specs for the mavic 3 then were going to jump over and were going to take a look at the new dji fly up, update 1.4.12 and were going to take a look at whats new. With that update then were going to jump back to the mavic. 3 were going to take a look at the rumored mavic 3 prices and, lastly, were going to take a look at the leaked images of the mavic 3 senicat and see whats included, and what sets that sunny edition. Apart from the standard models, its john brighton Music. So before i get into this weeks, draw news – i just want to say if you liked this video and you learned something new, please make sure to hit the like button and if youre new around here and havent subscribed, please make sure to hit that subscribe button And make sure that notification bell is on so you dont miss any of my upcoming videos. So eight pages of the mavic 3 speggs have leaked online jasper, ellens and i hope i pronounced that name right has published these on twitter and if you want to take a look yourself ill put a link in the description down below now. These late specs pretty much confirm everything that everyone online is already saying about this drone theres not much about this drone, this mavic 3 that people dont know. Yet i did a video a couple of weeks back where i talked about these specs and what we expect in the mavic 3, and these eight pages of specs leaked recently.

Pretty much confirm all that information. The drone will come with two cameras mounted in one gimbal system and the first of them is going to be a 20 megapixel camera in collaboration with hasselblad, its a four thirds cmos sensor, which can shoot up to 5.1 k footage. So we already know that that primary camera on this drone is going to be capable of producing epically cinematic and really high quality footage. Now, one differentiator between the sunny edition and the standard edition is going to be that the sunny edition can shoot an apple prores. 422 high quality format and that sets apart from the standard editions which can the second camera mount on, that gimbal system will be a 12 megapixel zoom camera. So if we think back to the mavic 2, you basically had to choose one or the other. The great thing about the mavic 3 is youre going to have both the zoom and the standard camera. All my drone, which you can switch in the air while flying the standard mavic 3, is going to come with 8 gigabytes of internal storage, whereas the sunny edition is going to come with one terabyte of internal storage, and these drones can take micro sd cards up To two terabytes storage, theyre gon na have a 5 000 milliamp hour battery, which is going to be good for a flight time of 46 minutes, and this is a big jump because if you think about the air 2s, basically the drone thats a step down below The mavic 3, its only got 31 minutes flight time, so youre, basically getting another 15 minutes of flight time, thats three quarters of an hour.

That is absolutely amazing. Thats going to allow you to get so many shots with one battery charge, its just its a perfect amount of time for flying your drone, if anything, its probably more than we need, but, as you know, as a drone flyer, the more time you can have your Drone in the air on one battery the better. So if you want to take a look at the eight pages of specs info ive linked jasper, alens twitter down below and you can jump in and take a look at them. Specs yourself, dji fly 1.4.12 update. Dji has recently released a new fly, app update, 1.4 1.4.12. There are two main features that are new with this update that i want to talk about. Among other general bug, fixes that you would normally expect from a fly app update. The main new feature is: live streaming, youre now going to be capable of live streaming. The footage from your drone to the likes of youtube. Now this live streaming feature works in the air 2s, the air 2, the mini 2, the mini sa, the mavic mini and the dji fpv models to use this feature youre going to want to look for the new transmission tab and then the app will ask you For your stream url and your stream key and you can choose to stream in either 720p or 1080p. So is this a feature that i would personally use? Well, i cant really see myself using this feature much.

However, i can really see uses for it. So if youre, someone who wants to live stream an event from your drone, so now you can get new perspectives of live events and stream. Them live through the dji flap, its a fantastic additional feature, but thats. Not all the second and arguably, the more useful feature to this dji flap update is the ability to see the video stored or cached before the loss of a transmission. Now this could prove really really useful if finding a crashed or downed drone. So theres, two scenarios lets say you crash your drone in a forest and you momentarily lose sight off it. Youll now be able to go in and see the video just before you lose connection to your drone, and that will hopefully give you a visual reference of where that drone is to go and find it. Secondly, if your drone decides to autoland for whatever reason or say you lose connection to it, and it starts to go down youre going to be able to see a video reference of the last images that jerome captured, which again should be able to help you find It if that unfortunate scenario happened in the app its under find my drone, and it could prove really really useful in helping people find their drones in them unfortunate circumstances. So next we want to talk about the mavic 3 rumored prices. Theres been so much talk about the mavic 3 prices online, its crazy, i think thats because of the wildly high numbers being banded by online now, the first set of leaks that came in and the first set of pieces of information that were floating about online.

Where reporting really crazy, high prices – and i think thats got everyone in a state of well. This is absolutely crazy. You know how can they be charging that much? But then there was a set of revisions came through where all of a sudden people were reporting. Actually, these numbers are too high. What were hearing now is that theyre not going to be anywhere near that so the most recent set of prices that are being leaked online and again these are lakes. So as im im saying throughout this video, do not take this information for a fact, its only a fact when dji announces it so ive got them up here. So the mavic 3 is gon na be two thousand and forty nine dollars. The mavic 3 fly more combo is gon na, be two thousand seven hundred and ninety nine and the mavic 3 cine premium combo the one that looks like its coming with the smart controller, its going to be 4 649. Now those prices do seem high, but unfortunately, going by the most recent rumors. These seem to be the most likely prices that that drones gon na be now theres massive debate online about if this is just too much for a consumer drone and that even branches out more to say, is the mavic 3 a consumer drone. Or is it a pro summer drone you know, is it aimed at a hobbyist? Is it aimed at someone like me who just does youtube, or is it aimed at someone who does aerial, photography and video in a more professional setting? So maybe do it part time turn some side income or maybe they do it professionally for themselves? Who is this drone aimed at and that really dictates, then what price is acceptable for that drone? You have to remember youre, basically getting two drones in one.

So if you think of the mavic 2, you had to choose between the standard drone or the zoom drum well now, youre, getting both them options. M1 drone. So i do expect the price to be quite high whether the drone is worth that price tag or not. Well, just have to wait and see when it comes out. So now i want to talk about the leaked images of the mavic 3 sunny cat and whats included in it. Jasper, ellens again has released his picture on twitter, showing the what looks like promotional image for the mavic 3 semi edition, and it shows what comes in the combo again. If you want to see this image for yourself, the link is in the description now, along with this jasper, airlines has also released lots of images of the mavic 3 drone. These are not as interesting to me because for weeks now, weve been seeing images of the mavic 3 drone. I dont think theres. Any drone flyer who currently doesnt know what the mavic 3 is going to look like with that square shaped cube new gimbal in the front housing, the two cameras, but what is really exciting about this accessories photo is we can see some of the accessories coming in The sunny cap, so ive got it here in front of me, and the first thing i can see is theres the drone itself. Obviously, and then weve got this quite large drone gimbal protector and thats, obviously to protect them.

Two cameras from weve got our standard dji. Shoulder bag for the drone – and i love these shoulder bags, its amazing that they include these and things like the flamework combos, because its what i use every time i go out flying my drone, its not just an afterthought. The dji throws in to make the kit seem value for money. It really is value for money, because the shoulder bags good. We can then see what looks like the dji smart controller. This is probably one of the main reasons why the senicat is going to cost. So much more because youre not getting the standard, dji controller youre, getting the dji smart controller with the belt end screen and then below that we can see something really interesting. Theyre, starting with the air ts, dji started doing something really interesting. They started to include nd filters in the flywhere kit and offer dji produced nd fillers. Now nd filters are fantastic. I really recommend using them. I think it makes your footage much more cinematic. The ones i use are in the description down below the dji is now tapping into this market and producing their own, and you can see here in this cinecat. You get two sets of nd filters or what look like andy fillers, and you can also see that these nd filters care for both cameras on the front of that drone. Theyre really unique, looking nd filters, because obviously the cameras in the front of that gimbal are in a really unique layout.

Then, if we go across you can see, you obviously get your spare propellers and then we can see a battery charging hub. We can see two batteries in this picture, but obviously, as is normally the way with dji, the third one is in the drone itself, and then we can see your normal usb cables, charging cables and power, brick that you would normally expect with the drone. So what really sets this sunny cat apart from the other models? Well, at this stage its really hard to be definitive, but going by these pictures, we can see that the biggest differentiator i would expect is that it comes with andy felters. The standard edition or the fly more combo might come with one set of nd filters, whereas the sunny edition might come with two sets of nd filters, thats something i would expect, but the main difference seems to be that the sunny edition comes with a smart controller. Have a look for yourself: the link is down below and let me know what you think about all this mavic 3 information in the comments down below. So, if youve liked this video and youve learned something new, please make sure the like button and if youre new around here and havent subscribed. Please make sure that the subscribe button and make sure that the notification bell is on.