so far got that coming up next Music bill. The drone reviewer here, if you like the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell. So you dont miss any future content. With that lets begin. The other night i hosted rotor talk live and i was joined by very special co host. Mr ron braun. We spent part of the evening discussing our experiences with the dji mavic 3. So far, so without any further ado lets roll that clip in its entirety, but the mavic 3 so far – and i know youve had it youve youve got some flights in ive got some flights in theres a lot of videos out there. What are your impressions so far ron? Well, i think ive got five flights, including the fifth one today and uh, you know uh, i kind of you know uh for the most part, all good. Now i mean every everything. Has you know a little glitch or something? I did have a one of my flights. I did see a uh, a crooked horizon at the beginning of the flight, but it quickly corrected itself and i havent seen it since i did with flight, where i was flying in sport mode into a wind. You know to a you know: a heavier normal wind. I did see the gimbal push down on me a couple times so i mean there are a couple.

You know things in there that i wouldnt even call well a quick arrival bug. I wouldnt call the gimbal to win thing, a bug because thats been prevalent on kind of all my foldable dgi drones, so um that may be more of a uh. What do you call it uh, a physics thing that it is a a bug on that, but uh bill. I i hate, i dont hate the goal of fanboy people in chat calls fanboys, but i mean i love it bill i mean uh. You know i mean the you know. Of course the camera is, is what were paying for the four thirds camera the photos. Look better. Even the jpegs look better. I played around a little 5.1 uh k video today i mean that that that kind of looked awesome right. You know right off the memory card, i mean all the things like the signal strength is the best ive ever flown. The battery life is the best ive ever flown. I could go oh no, no bill. What what whats your impressions. How many times have you had it up? Ive had it up four okay, and one of the things that really impressed me and its in my last video is – is the quality of the zoom all right, especially like at 7x, all right before it switches the other to the other lens. How crisp that detail is its seven times? Zoom was was phenomenal, i mean you know its like you could see.

For instance, i did theres a little guard shack for lack of a better term, the entrance to our development, and you can actually see some of the cracks in the stucco from that. Okay, and i was over a thousand feet away. I you know its the detail on there, its just its just so good, and then i dont, i dont know. If you saw earlier, i found my charging charging issue. I was using i wasnt using the cable that was attached to the the charger. I was using that usb cable that came with it yeah yeah yeah. That was my problem so once i did that because i charged it up this weekend just like that – and it was done about an hour and a half right bill, yeah yeah, it was fully charged. I had had no problems. Hey back to your zoom comment. I mean you said everything it needs to be said really, except for the fact that you know weve had some zoom with some of our other drones. Even the mini two has zoom and and the the uh air2s has zoom on video and and the all tell evo 2 pro has zoom, but i mean all those zooms. You know you you play around with it: oh yeah, its got zoom. You know that thats nice, whatever then you kind of dont use that much, but this is the first drone ive had where the zoom i mean is actually something i would use or whatever id compose shots with this the first time the zooms really, i think, become A tool for a drone ive used rather than just a gimmick or yeah.

I agree ron. You know its finally weve gotten to point, and even even the 14 x, okay and ill go a step further. Here. Okay, it was still pretty sharp with a detail which really impressed me, because you know when you would try to do that. You know it gets grainy. It looks like you know, pixelated and things like that, and you know the 28. You know you expect it with that with the 14, it was good and it worked okay, its out of the box, and it worked. I mean you know yeah i mean the only. I think we had. We had uh lauren donner on a drone nation last night and uh. You know his comment was about that the zoom, especially the the second camera, the small camera zoom, that you limit to only jpeg photos and the videos are limited to just um. You know standard color profile, theres, no um, you know you cant, shoot raw photos and you cant shoot. You know d log or anything there. So, whether thats going to be updated with the january firmware update, we dont really know um, you know uh. Maybe it will. Maybe it wont, but that thats kind of the only con here that you stuck with the lower kind of image resolution uh uh, uh parameters there. You know as compared with the uh the four thirds camera, which, of course so have you been flying with your new smart controller on uh the first time today? How was it uh? Well, let me get it out of here um, you know.

Uh great, i mean um. The the binding process is simple. I you know bind up, but you know just you know the seconds of trying it um. You know it the only bugaboos. It took a long time to update it. I im going to say that this unit itself had a big firmware update and i had to go do something i mean it took like a half hour to do the first firmware update on it or whatever, and i was on the home, wi fi. I wasnt out in the field i was at home, but otherwise the screen seems a little a little brighter and it seems like the colors pop on, and so it doesnt seem like its its the same exact screen. The screen seemed better and i was flying it in the field and it was still it wasnt dusk. Yet it was still kind of sunny and uh. So i i thought the screen looked better than in the first one. Otherwise you know its a little bit different. You know grips are a little bit better in the back here, but you know it otherwise, its basic using the other one except that um, you know its much faster. You must have. You know us is a better processor, a more modern version of android. So you know the all the touch screen, everything like that works good. No. I had no heating issues, even though when i was flying it was like in the 30s, so uh heat wasnt a problem today, but uh yeah yeah, and you know i, i think, lon you know lana had a long conversation chat about.

You know its just so nice to have a device where you dont have to um connect it all up. You know you dont have the wires the plugs uh, you know uh the uh adapter. If youre gon na put a tablet on you, you just turn on you go yeah yeah, i mean you know its youve. Given me pause to thought. Youve given me thought to pause about my triple tech with this yeah yeah. I i why bounce back and forth then you know i told them well. If i had to triple tech i could fly. You know my my all tell drone with it and you know, and this and that and uh you know it was a tough decision but um i mean you know. I dont want to get anybody mad here, but i i think, im mostly going to be flying to mavic 3, so im, not that worried about the the screen for the other drones at this point. If you know what i mean bill without yeah, without insulting any any other drones on this show yeah, and i and i dont blame you and you know and thats why its given me pause a thought because, right now the mavic 3 is it for me. As far as drones are concerned, so obviously my 100 focus is on the mavic 3., so im still kind of toying that around and you know tossing that idea around and and really giving it some serious thought because um i had an issue this weekend with the Built in screen recorder on the triple tech tablet um, when i did a dropbox and transferred it to my pc, i play it and i always play to make sure it plays.

You know both the audio and video and its fine and everything. Okay, i drop it into adobe. Adobe drops the sound part of it: okay, its not even its, not even attached when i dropped it into da vinci. It sounds like a loud screeching, sound, okay, no audio, you know no voice. No! No other kind of sounds like a loud completely loud screeching sound, so i have to go to you know, get an off brand. You know screen recorder on android az screen recorder which ive used before and it works pretty. Well, but again you know heres the thing you know its built in with the with the smart controller. You dont have to go out there search for things whatever and it works. I i i did not test my first. I did not test it today bill. So i cant verify you know i mean the screw recorder on the old smart controller um. It was a problem because, if you you know, if youre trying to you say record 4k video and run the screen court save time, sometimes you had a problem because youre over taxing the processor in a smart controller one but hopefully thats not an issue. But i did not get the test and and another problem with smart control. One is uh when you were doing the screen, recording the microphones in the smart control. One do not pick up your audio voice as well as if you were using your phone, i mean i im sure the samsung phones, the same as apple, the apple phone records, great audio and the smart controller.

One recorded. You know less of great audio. You had to have it up here like this yeah yeah yeah, you look like youre, you know i dont know youre eating your controller, yeah yeah. You know because and thats what i found, because you know i was trying to use that screen recorder and im like man its like you know, and i had to force myself to remember. You know to hold it up there. If i want to get a good good audio for my screen, recording you know otherwise i have to go in and try to enhance the audio to do it, and i dont like having to do that so im, hoping that djis put a better mic in that To pick that up better yeah, yeah, um, zig zag ground zero, saying the dji screen is tiny. Its like its like five five point, seven or something like that. So its much smaller than the all tell evo two uh smart charge screen, which i think is like about seven point: nine eight inch. He said it has no hdmi output, jack and you know im no expert in this stuff at all, but it has uh. It has a you know: micro mini h. I can never say this right, hdmi jack here i dont know if thats output input or whatever i did not look at specs up bill. I know you could you know plug this into a monitor or play around thing? Ive never ever done that on any device.

Ive got cameras with the same thing: smart controller. I i you know i just wanted people. I have no need to ever output. The you know the video from this in onto a tv or a monitor, so ive ive. Never tried it, i could care less whether that thing was on there, but i know its important to a lot of people out in the community right and – and i and i agree – and you know one of the things that i ended up finding out was: you Know i tried it once and it its okay, but you know its like youre limited by your hdmi cable. In other words, you know youre not outside youve got to be inside when youre doing that, and you got to be hooked up to your tv with your hdmi cable. To do something like that. Okay, i i guess some people should shoot their video like they. They keep hitting the stop button, so they have nice little segments of video and ive done that once while, but sometimes i have a tendency to just shoot like you know, 20 minutes of video and not stop thinking. So i got a whole bunch of video of me just stopping pausing fiddling with the camera settings, whatever nobody would want to watch my own edited. You know hdmi output from one of my flights, because mostly you know, im halftime im just messing around you know its. Not like im flying the whole time actually shooting something you know because again, im using experimenting around so and so a lot of times.

The drone just sits there and hovers for could hover for three minutes to do nothing. You know before i do the next action yeah, so you know one of the things im hopeful obviously now im having to cross fingers because the weather, but getting out this weekend, theres some other things i want to do. I want to get some to do some low light stuff. I havent had an opportunity to do that. Um want to get want to get in some endurance like slash battery test like both in smoke and sport and normal mode, and see how that goes. Um. You know i got a lot more that i want to put through, but so far so good ron. You know, im im just still im very impressed with the build quality of this and and how you know it just its just rock solid and that battery it. Just seems to go and go and go. I know a lot of people talk, you know, have claws about the build quality, because the the top part here doesnt feel as solid as it does on on the mavic 2, and you know you know maybe theyre right. I mean i bet you theres a reason. I bet you, they needed the same weight at some point and that was putting a you know: less heavy duty, plastic piece. On top the you know the weight, uh uh. So, and of course you know, this camera is much bigger than the gimbal sticks out, so you know uh, you could all you could say all these are build quality things, but again were all saying this to me.

You know i dont know if its it, just because it sounds a little less solid doesnt mean it is you know, and of course you have to be careful with your gimbal, your camera and gimbal. Oh yeah yeah. I you know whether this ones any more prone to getting. You know, uh uh destroyed in the crash or whatever i dont know, people talk about the thin arms on it too, but uh. You know i dont know they feel solid to me. Uh yeah, i havent had any problems with that whatsoever. Oh one of the other things before we go to our next segment here. Um that i want to mention is uh. You know i went ahead and i emailed state farm insurance um gave them the serial number. The invoice so they have all that information. My new address, i actually hadnt, updated my address with them, so i did all that and as a reminder to all of you out there, whenever you get a new drone, if you have you know a personal alliance, personal articles policy with state farm, you got to Call your agent up or email them and get that information to them, so they can add that on and so you can be covered, okay, um, you know and dont assume that youre covered you know, even though youve sent that email wait to get a reply back. All right um before before you you know, know that youre 100 covered, but usually when you send out an email you usually are covered with stuff like that.

But you know for safety sake, and you know i highly recommend you know make sure you get a reply back from them that they got that information thats important question of the day.