Sensing, the mavic 3 has an awful lot going for it, but even so that doesnt mean its an absolutely perfect drone. After all, nothing can be perfect right. Here are a few of the pros and cons you can expect to find with the dji mavic 3. one expensive 3x. The price equals 3x. The performance lets face it. The dji mavic 3 is not for everyone. This is not a 500 drone like its smaller brother. The dji mini 2: this is a product designed for professional use and therefore it comes with some features only found in top tier uas. The problem here is that the new flagship consumer drone from dji costs three times more than the first mavic. Therefore, everyone would assume that the quality of the product would have tripled in every aspect. The new dji mavic 3 costs three times more than the first mavic with a price tag of 2199. However, the latest dji drone does not seem to offer what we all expected and the justification for that big price increase is nowhere to be found. Highlights of this new release. Drone include a 4 3 cmos hasselblad camera, the ability to shoot 5.1 k, 50 fps and 4k slash 120 fps video, a 28 x hybrid zone camera, a mightily, impressive, 46 minutes of flight time apple, prores 422 hq capabilities, cne combo only and new smart controller compatibility, Its impressive stuff and should leave content creators drooling indeed the mavic 3, has seemingly been designed for two types of filmmaker professional video producers, as well as the amateur slash semi pro who wants to raise the bar and demands the best tech possible.

The mavic 3 is available in three different packages and the enhanced mavic 3 scene premium, combo priced 4279 pounds and suited to professional media and film production houses offers apple. Prores 422 hq encoding for richer video processing, an internal 1 terabyte ssd on board for high speed data storage and features the dji rc pro a next generation. Smart controller, then theres. The mavic 3 fly more combo and the standard mavic 3 drone package which are more suited to amateur content, creators and tech lovers, neither come with apple prores, the internal one terabyte ssd, or the dji rc pro instead featuring the rc n1 remote controller. Although the rc pro will be available as a standalone accessory, the standard package is 1879 pounds at launch, while the flymore combo was 2549 pounds and features a few more accessories than the standalone package. Mavic 3: dual camera system. The mavic 3 sets a new standard for aerial imaging with its new dual camera hasselblad system. The drone features a customized l2 d20c aerial camera, which embeds a professional grade. 4 3 cmos sensor with a 24 millimeters prime lens rigorous hasselblad standards enables the drone to shoot 20 mp still images in 12, bit raw format and videos in 5.1, k at 50 frames per second and 4k at 120 frames per second, the higher video definition creates Smoother footage and more generous, cropping possibilities and allows for slow motion. Video at 120 frames per second. The larger image sensor gives mavic 3 higher video resolution and dynamic range and more effectively suppresses noise in light environments.

A native dynamic range of 12.8 stops helps, retain more details and highlights and shadows preserving rich visual information with a greater sense. An adjustable aperture of f slash. 2.8 f. 11 is available to meet the needs of aerial photographers in a wide variety of lighting scenarios. To get sharper and clearer images enhanced flight safety, the mavic 3 has improved obstacle, sensing and navigation systems to give drone pilots the guidance they need to stay safe. Apas 5.0 combines inputs from six fish eye, vision, sensors and two wide angle: sensors, which seamlessly and continuously sense obstacles in all directions and plan safe flight boots to avoid them even in complicated environments. The mavic 3 also features the upgraded active track 5.0, which allows users to sense obstacles even in normal mode. Previous iterations of active track enabled the camera to follow a subject as it moved directly toward and away from the drone, while remaining largely stationary as well as fly alongside a moving subject. However, active track 5.0 allows mavic 3 to move with the subject as it moves forward backward left, right and diagonally and fly alongside as well as around a moving subject as their flagship consumer drone. Dji has concentrated hard on the updated mavic 3., its not only a better aircraft but carries a better hasselblad camera with a bigger four thirds sensor and a lighter 24 millimeters equivalent lens it weighs just 13g. All of the background technology we dont see has been updated too for safer flying with better obstacle avoidance and improved o3 plus video transmission flight times are impressive, with a considerable jump in performance to 46 minutes in favorable conditions.

This will be ample for most users, particularly as you can charge three batteries with the triple charger which comes with both combos or you can just buy spare intelligent flight batteries. Of course, the main hasselblad camera is the big news with its bigger sensor, ability to change. Aperture and capture 12.8 stops of dynamic range together with hasselblads complex color science. The results can be spectacular with 20 megapixel photos and 100 mp panos. You can also record up to 5.1 k movies, which gives you the option to crop in as well as see high levels of detail in your footage.