We are hey everyone and welcome to a very interesting episode of ask drone. U, i think this is going to actually be very, very thought provoking. As many of you know, the mavic 3 is out, but the reaction is well not matching up to historical uh precedence which is kind of the the focus of todays show. As always, my name is paul. My name is rob super glad to be with you today. Thank you for joining us. Yes, thank you very much for joining us. Thank you also for anyone who has recently uh put in a review wherever you listen to the show. We do really appreciate it. Um and uh. Just you know grateful for everyone out there and grateful for the community im really uh, really enjoying the new community app. If you are a drone you member youve, got to get in there uh its uh, its its amazing. So its really refreshing too just to see that positivity back and to see uh people helping each other out its nice to have that its awesome digging it yeah. We got to get everybody in there, though, were still yeah some tricklers in terms of members, but change is hard. It is thats one thing about facebook is that its easy right yeah its also easy to screw you so uh on that bombshell, um. That said, uh yeah, i mean i dont. I dont even know how to touch that with facebook, because they even just changed their name to meta, which is whatever yeah exactly but anyway, its a its an app.

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He needs that class yeah. So again, if you guys are interested in our scaling, business systems course this course is a practical. This isnt, like theory or information, its more so practical setting up autonomous systems in your business to be able to handle those extra clients, and we even have a deal coming up uh in black friday. For that, so make sure you check it out its something youre not going to want to miss, but i think were ready for that question. Theres, a im chomping at the bit on this one rob because i got ta say dji has really turned the tables per se. Well, lets: listen, hey paul and rob tom again, hey! Now that the m3 has been released and weve seen the confirmed specs on it and now were seeing reviews out there, i found myself pretty underwhelmed with what uh what was put out with the lack of the mechanical shutter, also having to fly from the fly app. It just seems like dji, is dumbing down the drones themselves, not uh, really allowing the full potential of them to be unlocked. What do you think is going on with this is dji moving away from the more technical side on the consumer drones? Do you think theyre going to drop something on the enterprise level that has different sensors different payloads things like that, just wondering what your thoughts are on that love to hear? Thank you. Thank you tom.

I appreciate you always taking the time that you do to send questions and always very thoughtful questions as well and by the way paul i mean uh tom asked this question at askdroneyou.com. We want to hear from you. We know you have questions, we know you have things on your mind and wed love to do our part to help you get those answered so mavic. 3. I know there was a lot of well called a lot of hope, maybe in some enthusiasm about well and some of the leaked photos made. It appear that it was going to be like the drone to end all drones right, like a platform, almost yeah yeah and uh, apparently thats, not the case at least not here in the states, no, its, it sure isnt um and in fact, a couple of quick Data points before we go into what this mavic 3 does offer and why a lot of people are metaphorically shaking their head, because i think a lot of people were set up for excitement and have come to realize that maybe it wasnt all its been cracked up To be so before, we go into the actual specs of what it does offer some of the bombshells that have come out since the drone has come out, especially uh. The drone deploy bombshell first and foremost, a couple data points. One we ran a poll on instagram, the mavic 3 is out. Are you getting one and surprisingly 78 of the about 800 people who were polled said no uh, and i thought that that was really interesting and rob.

I dont know if thats, because of the five thousand dollar price point uh, i dont know if its because of the fact that you, like tom, alluded to you fly this drone on the dji fly app, which does not showcase battery voltage, no attitude mode. A lot of the settings are dumbed down. You dont have nearly as much control and weve seen this historical progression over the last five to six years anyway, as far as drones, being dumbed down and dumbed down and dumbed down and dumbed down, to make them more widely accessible to the greater general population. But uh this drone, the mavic 3 theres, two versions: theres the regular mavic 3 and the mavic 3 cine. The cina version is essentially like the pro it does shoot: 4k 120.. It does have a micro, four thirds uh sensor, still just 20 megapixels, though, even though it is a larger sensor, and it also has a telephoto lens or excuse me, camera as well, so its a dual camera um, pretty impressive to the zoom on that little camera. But that said, the five thousand dollar price point has a lot of people shaking their head. In fact, one particular person in the community rob was saying that you know with the mavic 3 costing this much that they would probably hold out for the sony air peak yeah. You know thats an interesting comment. I think uh, what dji did assuming the air peak ever actually comes out is do sony a big favor yeah literally, because that is probably given the way this turned out going to increase that pent up demand for something like the sony, especially when sonys trying to Build an ecosystem right, theyre, coming out with their essential their own care fresh program, theyre coming out with their own mapping software.

You know weve seen a lot of leaks where this drone has a lot of the third party application stuff that were used to with dji built into the controller like a lot of the uh high level enterprise drones, like the the watts, uh innovations prism stuff, like That so i i think that youre 100 right dji might actually be shooting itself in the foot when people like sony are saying well were going to give you all of this were going to give you this platform, so you can use this drone for all these Things – and you know, the only thing is – is that that air peak is not available well, and the other thing about that is is weve had some of those same conversations just recently about this particular mavic. 3 drone. My point: is it didnt turn out the way that we hoped and thought it would right, so that very same thing could happen with sonys drone theres a whole lot of hyperbole and assumption going into that thing based on some news, but we dont know well thats A very good point, because, even with the leaks that we saw with the mavic 3 in the spec releases, it said that there was a mechanical shutter and now, with these new um specs that were seeing on the mavic 3, it says no mechanical shutter, which is Really interesting, and on top of that there is no sdk for the mavic 3 and this was kind of a bombshell that drone deploy dropped in an email.

This weekend saying hey, we know a lot of our customers have been asking questions about the mavic 3. A lot of people are eager and ready to upgrade, but unfortunately, without an sdk, neither drone deploy will not work, nor will any other mapping software, and it really just makes you wonder, with the mavic 3 coming out with extreme lack of feature, sets a lack of Safety controls and with people like sony, saying no were going to give you all those things were going to give you that platform. It really makes you wonder, has dji officially shot itself in the foot or are they playing into the political games of the us? Because if we remember there have been multiple investigations recently that have been spurred, fcc, uh, ftc, etc, and one of those investigations was all about the pricing strategy from dji and that theyre priced so low that no one else can compete. So dji comes out and says: okay well uh. If you want it to be more expensive and have less stuff here, you go. Youre welcome, yeah yeah! Merry christmas wait a minute, but it also makes you wonder how dji was able to come up with all these chips when autel just announced that all their new drones, the nano and the evo light are not going to be available until you know january, at the Earliest of next year – and so it really makes you wonder too, if its kind of a if the mavic 3 wasnt fully ready to go out, and they wanted to get it out for the holiday season anyway, they want to get on peoples holiday, shopping list.

The drones not fully ready and they say well, how can we get it out there, so it can be purchased and well build in these features later, because the lack of sdk really makes you question the value of this drone and rob. We wrote an article about the value of the mavic 3 and kind of comparing it not only to other mavics, but also comparing it to well. Okay, if it does mapping, then its actually a phantom 4 pro and okay, it has dual cameras so its essentially, you know something like an inspire where you can have. You know different lens options to get different focal, lengths and different views, but without an sdk you cant use things like litchi and so part of that value proposition was oh. This is a great drone for inspections. Okay! Well, how do you scale inspections if theres no sdk, so you cant, fly lets, say a construction site, save that flight plan and rerun it over and over and over again and have that scalability i mean i honestly need to go back and update that article and Say frankly, the you know we were wrong and the value is not there, at least as of right now, because its no longer a five thousand dollar proposition compared to say 12k, now its five thousand dollar proposition compared to eighteen hundred, you know, and and frankly it Uh, it just doesnt make a whole heck of a lot of sense to be uh.

To be 100 honest with you, yeah no thats, not surprising at all. One question that i do have for you is with regard to the flight times, because apparently the flight times on this drone are pretty substantially better. I would just read something or had read something that was saying: 45 minutes 45 minute flight time, so obviously thats in perfect conditions. We all know that moving past that, but lets just assume 45 minutes when how much does that really matter? If you dont have the sdk to do some of the things that you would want to do to utilize that much flight time so, for example, im talking about somebody lets just say doing some videography or something you dont really need to be in the air. That long do you um. I mean, i think that there are a lot of cases. It goes back and forth. Frankly, i think theres a lot of cases where you could use those whole batteries and they could be very useful. I mean i think, of like sporting events. I think of you know, shooting one time, uh events or conferences or whatnot, where you only have certain amount of shots in a certain given period of time. I think it could be really useful, but heres heres, the kicker and kind of to your point. If you cant do these mapping jobs, if you cant do these inspections, if you cant do these things that are normally multi battery operations, what does it matter? Yeah i mean seriously: what does it matter exactly? I mean i guess you could do an entire half of soccer so that thats a good thing.

I dont, know what else to just say: um yeah its its pretty interesting, pretty disappointing. I suppose, although it could change quickly, i mean who knows, maybe they do an update soon well, and so a lot of people are saying that in january, its going to have an update and were going to get see a bunch of new features and whatnot right And uh, you know that kind of goes back to what we said at the beginning that well maybe this drone wasnt ready to come out and theyre kind of launching the bare bones. What we call here at drone, you, the mvp, the minimum, viable product yeah and maybe theyre doing that now, just because of obvious reasons, its the holiday season thats coming up, so in that sense it makes sense from a business standpoint. I can understand that and if there are people that dont buy it, that would have if it had a mechanical shutter, for example. Well, thats, okay, i mean the people that do buy. It will right i mean i dont mean to oversimplify, but um gosh. I had another another question for you. I wanted to ask itll come to me, but im, not remembering what it was at this point. Looking at that photo isnt, it amazing they continue to add more degrees of canter to the motors, so theyre moving further and further away from plum to the ground. As far as the profile for the motors and props its really interesting.

What do you think? The reason for that is uh increased stability, uh and agility. A lot of people are saying that the drone flies extremely well in high winds, but you know another thing that ive seen a lot of rob is uh and you know the the guy who shall go unnamed because yeah someone wrote an article saying that a lot Of people have really done serious damage to their brand new drones, even on just doing things like landing. It took a hard landing and the gimbal popped out and that kind of goes into quality control. Stuff i mean i saw so many youtube videos on the action. 2 after it came out, which was just a few weeks ago, that the camera was overheating again and again and again and again – and it really just makes you wonder – is dji rushing this stuff out, because when you look at the data on instagram right, this is Something that i always look at im curious on launches. I always look at how many posts there are about the new drone, typically within a day or two of the launch, theres 20 or 30 000 hashtags right. When i looked at the mavic 3 just yesterday, which was a full weekend after it was released, there were only 2 500 posts. Oh wow, i mean it really seems like the uh. The general population is is just really not super excited about this aircraft. I dont know if its the price point, the features im not really sure what it is.

But i will say this something that hit me this morning and i kind of wanted to ask you this question, but with more of these drones kind of taking away features that were used to especially safety features, it makes you wonder if the drones that we already Have are going to increase in value because, for example, you cant buy a mavic 2 pro right now, just about anywhere no kidding, and so it makes you wonder. Well uh these do the older drones then have more value. Well, i mean i, i suppose, relative to what they might have otherwise had sure, but relative to this probably not i mean this is still probably a better drone than the mavic 2 pro yeah right as much as we love the mavic 2 pro um, but yeah Relatively speaking, thats, probably true yeah if we were trying to if someones, trying to unload a mavic 2 pro, for example, theyre, probably going to be able to get a little bit more. Just like somebody trying to unload um, i dont know my son likes to look at uh 250 dirt bikes, those those have gone up interesting because its the same kind of thing, you cant its hard to get a newer one, but anyways um, thats, just kind of The world that we live in everything used that is still uh, useful and and in good shape is, is worth more, but one of the things tom asked was: does this make us think that theyve sort of dumbed this down? I dont know how we could use any other term that certainly works because theres going to be more enterprise level stuff that comes out with this kind of these features that everybody hoped this would have well and thats totally possible right is that they further segregate the Market so that theres an enterprise version of the mavic 3, its got dual cameras.

Maybe its got three cameras right, maybe its got a thermal and the telephoto and a wide. I could see them doing that, because the enterprise drones still have those safety features that were used to even the newest ones. Right the mavic 2 enterprise – dual advanced. It still has attitude mode, it still has voltage uh, you know. All those things are are powerful tools. You know and kind of kind of going back uh to the overall reaction of the rollout i reached out to a friend of mine, hes, a youtuber. In fact, i would say that kind of switched places as far as followings have been concerned, because at the beginning we had a lot more followers than he did and hes really grown hes gotten into these. You know tech reviews. All he does is just drone reviews and whatnot, but i think that his response to a question kind of says it all in regards to not only the quality of information that you sometimes get from youtube, but like how much real transparency there is, and i asked Him and im not going to say his name by the way, because im not here to bash anybody, but i said so. How do you think the reaction has been to the m3? It seems smaller than usual to me, but im curious on your thoughts and his reaction, and i see im quoting this from text message, so im showing it to rob.

So he knows its real um, but he says its super smooth im like what hes like it flies nice im like. Are you serious like what is this wall street thats like drones, drones three bets is that quote, i mean uh code is what i meant to say like when you sent that with the image that i got in my mind was like talladega nights, where hes like In his very first interview, hes like car drives nice drives an ass. You know and youre like okay, cool, great information, um and i think its just because a lot of those youtubers who who get those drones ahead of time, which that used to be us too uh they get the drones and its its. You know hardcore promotion, promotion promotion because they get uh sales from every drone, thats sold and so its not in their best interest. To maybe say huh. You know the reaction, hasnt really actually been so good. You know and and rob i mean you know me. I always want to be as honest and as upfront as i can, with people sometimes almost to a fault all right, sometimes maybe yeah guilty numerous times so um. That said, we can all evolve, but also i you know. I just i think in an effort. To be honest, it really seems like the reaction from the community is quite negative, and so i even reached out to uh one of our good friends at dronedeploy and i said hey i got that email.

I even wrote an article about it here. You know blah blah blah hes, like yeah people are pissed a lot of people that that he knows were you know wanting to buy new drones. They were looking at this mavic 3 people have been waiting for this mm. Hmm yeah, yeah yeah, absolutely um, definitely definitely disappointing, but but in the end i mean everybody has to say okay, this is the features that it does have. This is the features that it doesnt have. Is it gon na work? For me, i mean its really kind of simple yeah i know for sure, but it also just makes you think too um. Is this beneficial to domestic manufacturers right higher price point less features sure it flies a little bit longer, woohoo uh. I think it definitely is beneficial yeah right well. Well, how so well, because its raising its lowering the bar and raising the price point right, yeah, so its uh its giving them more room to squeeze in is the way it appears to me just sort of on the surface yeah, and i mean i looked at The freefly systems astro, which you can now buy, which is awesome, congrats, guys uh and i was looking at okay well lets, get one of these kits and uh train on it and whatnot 15. Grand though well and im not talking necessarily about that level. But maybe if, if we get something included uh in in the domestic realm, thats closer to this, of course i dont know if that is that ever gon na happen, you know i i i really dont know im sure that there are companies that are looking at This saying thank you dji uh like if i were sony right now.

I would be stoked if i were autel right now. I would be stoked except a lot of people are unable to buy autel drones at the moment, because theyre delayed, um and uh i dont know man. I just this has been a very interesting year, to say the least in the drone industry. What a way to end it, i guess, were not done yet. We still have a couple months, but yeah this is yeah. This is true. This is very true, but my point is: is that its been a very interesting year and this kind of adds to it – and i think dji might have just shot themselves in the foot really really badly um to the benefit of domestic manufacturers? Uh, maybe or maybe we just dont, know everything because they are theyve theyve done a pretty good job of outsmarting people up to this point so well, they sure have – and i mean like even again going back to that value article i mentioned how you know: weve Been seeing a lot of skydio talking about how they believe that they can make inspections easier and more seamless and blah blah blah, and i think in the right environment that that could be the case. Uh – and i was saying well, you know dji if they launched this as a normal mavic that really would crush skydio. So if i were skydio right now – and i saw this – i would actually be ecstatic – i mean because like youre just like dude, what what did dji just just launch like really like its pretty much an inspire 2×5 on a smaller body with great flight time.

But no third party applications no advanced flight modes, uh, not intelligent flight modes, advanced flight modes like full pilot control, yeah. If i were them and if i were sony, if i were free fly systems, if i were autel, i would uh i would be sending dji a thank you note. Maybe a nice little uh block of tungsten for for christmas to add to their collection, im, sure, im sure anyways. I think we probably beat this thing to death but um well before we end it. Let me ask you a question because uh me or them you, oh uh, seeing that you are comptroller uh and seeing that we normally have a class on these drones as soon as they come out, which im guessing were still gon na. Do a class on this drone, but when you see this, when you see this drone, when you you think about it as a purely financial standpoint and thinking of if you were a drone pilot and you had to amortize this cost and then make it up, and You use this tool to make money. Where do you stand? Do you feel like this drone like do you? Are you ready to go out and buy this drone right now i mean: are you thinking that, even in the eyes of drone, you are you hesitant in buying this drone and im, not asking because hes putting me on the spot, so itll be recorded for posterior And im not trying to sit here and sell you on okay go buy the drone thats, not what im saying at all im saying from a purely objective standpoint.

I understand: what do you think i mean? Are you ready to run out and buy this thing im? Not i mean i in terms of uh preparing to help people learn how to fly it and train people. Yes, i mean, i think, thats something thats, what we do, and so we need to do that in terms of its usefulness, its uh whats. The word um its well just stick with its usefulness, id probably say no because of the mechanical shutter issue and the yeah and the sdk yeah i mean you just uh theres, i just dont from for me and im, not a videographer im, not a cinematographer. Very very clearly, not i dont know why you dont especially like, if youre sitting on an inspire 2 and a mavic 2 pro and youve got a couple of good drones and maybe youve even got a phantom 4 v2 or whatever mixed in there. Why would you buy this? Well, i think thats, a really good question and to your point, when the mavic 3 first came out, the number of listings for phantom 4 pros was literally off the charts we should have bought about 10 of them. I i couldnt agree with you more most of those listings are gone yeah. I bet they are. I didnt know about that which i think says a whole lot in itself. It does. I agree yeah and i mean too interesting. You make a really good point about.

If youve gotten inspired, theres really no reason to have this, i couldnt agree with you more one. Last question: okay, especially if you havent expired with the x7 oh yeah, yeah theres like well, and they fixed the mapping issue with that. That class that i gave in 2018 about the multiple block issue that has been fixed, so you can use the i2 x7 for mapping really cool stuff. That said, uh last question: uh weve talked about the mavic 3. We have uh. I got a couple questions if there are less people flying this drone and thus less people to train. Does that change your ideology on buying it for the school? Well, i thought about that when you were asking the question and i think theres still enough. Okay, i think there will still be enough. Okay, yeah, i mean thats, my hunch, i remember the other question so um when we were up filming the wedding videography class with kara, which will probably be coming at the end of the quarter. For you guys, one of the things that she said is paul. I really want you to do a new drone guide and its something youve been asking for as well, and she asked for something very, very, very specific and she was like. I want to know every drone that has a screen on the remote i dont want to have to use my phone. I need my phone for other stuff. I dont want to have to use my phone and shes like even she goes even with my mavic.

I can you know not have my phone and still see the telemetry and whatnot. I may not be able to frame up a shot, but at least i know whats going on with the drone, and so i showed her the mini 2, which was like brand new at the time and shes like yeah. I would never get this because it doesnt have a screen on the remote and the mavic 3. The basic version has pretty much a mini 2 remote, no screen nothing. I was surprised and the mavic 3 cine has a new pro controller, not a smart controller, and so your smart controller will not pair to this drone. You can only use it for the drones you already have, and so that makes me wonder too well. Okay, our sales going to be further affected, even on the cheaper edition, if theyre like well, why am i getting a mini 2 remote on a 2 000 drone? Do you think that that will impact sales as well well its interesting, because that kind of goes back to toms question about dumbing things down um, i dont know i i guess. If i had to answer the question, will it affect sales a little bit, not a lot yeah, and that would be some great data to measure um yeah? I would actually love to do a great unstructured data set on this. For a sentiment. Analysis would be perfect. Perfect thats, a perfect data problem, yeah thatd, be fun, itd be fun because yeah useful useful, i dont know i i think, useful, because i think its gon na a sentiment analysis would showcase right away.

Are people positive towards this drone, thus theyre gon na buy it or are they negative towards this drone? Thus, sales could be extremely reduced. You know my guess: is 50 50. really well id rather spend our data models on things for the company. Not for this, but well i mean, if we needed to know this, to determine whether or not we are going to do a class thatd be one thing, but i think theres enough activity and interest that it makes sense to uh to do that. Yeah i couldnt agree more. I couldnt agree more, but well right, very interesting, yeah, no, definitely definitely um. I just want to say uh. I appreciate your insights kind of kind of given us the the business side of things you know with the price point of the drone. Technically speaking, it would take two or three x the amount of time to make up the cost of that drone. And i would argue even further, because when you cant, when these smaller drones, you just cant articulate them in the same way as an inspire yeah. And so that really reduces the quality and the proximity of the footage that you can acquire for a given client, and so i would actually argue that this drone would take a significantly longer amount of time to make up the cost of the aircraft. Well, before we go thats actually really interesting, so how much is the x7? The camera? I think the camera is like 2 800.

I want to say how much is an inspire too. Well, so you can get uh. The x7 16 millimeter lens inspired too, for, like 7 200 bucks, now yeah thats. Can you get it new? You also have dual batteries. So in the case of an emergency, you have redundancy. You know wow thats, something to think about yeah. It is more money um, but man. It seems like youre, getting quite a bit more drone yeah for sure not the dual cameras. I guess, but one technically has two: the fpv camera thats, true so thats, true yeah anyways lots to think about yeah yeah were definitely hesitant ourselves, but uh really curious what you guys think and let us know in the comments or uh go to ask a drone. You ask a question and give us also your your opinion.