Now the excitement has started to wear off. The dust has settled a little bit that initial christmas morning opening presents has wore off, and now we can talk about the dji mavic 3 and its almost perfect lets get into that video. So ive made some notes so bear with me, but lets just look at it. This drone just looks absolutely spectacular. I love the color of the i love the the way it just looks aggressive the stance of this its like nothing else. This cover is also absolutely fantastic. It looks a bit strange, yes, but its magnetic and it keeps the propellers nicely in place and it also covers completely the front camera. This is brilliant. This should come with all future dji drones for sure, brilliant. So the main feature on this drone clearly is this huge micro, four thirds hasselblad sensor on the front of it, and the telephoto lens above both are exceptional and work in their own ways. Youve seen from the two videos ive done that the main camera that micro four first camera is super nice and sharp, really good picture and video quality coming out of this and im flying it in terrible weather in the uk. At the moment, overcast skies really windy, not very nice to fly in, but it looks really good, even in them conditions. So i cannot wait for some good weather and actually show you just how good this can actually look. The explorer mode camera the telephoto camera zoom camera, call it what you like that zooms up to 28 times, and it is incredible the seven times zoom is optical thats, like a fixed lens and the seven times is so nice to look at on my laptop on The big screen, even for you, guys seeing it on youtube once youtube, have done their older compressions.

It still looks so nice just look at this shot here so im quite far away from this building, and then we can zoom in from two times four times. Seven times all the way – and you can see this couple here – having a drink in the cafe its its scarily good so for search and rescue for police, i think so many are going to be picking this up just for that feature alone, because of this huge Sensor weve got 5.1 k and it looks amazing you can see on this shot here because its 5.1 k we can crop in as well. So it goes up to 50 fps, so we can slow this down by half. You can see that on this bike shot here, the person on the bike i can film in 5.1 k looks great, but i can also slow that down into some nice slow mo and then crop in and crop in again, and it still looks brilliant, so thats Really good in 4k, youve got 4k all the way up to 120 fps, so im just waiting for some good weather and creative opportunity sense to showcase just how good that is. Weve got cinema 4k, which adds some cinematic bars on the top and 1080p. At the moment, thats just up to 60fps but thats going all the way up to a huge 200 fps very soon and well be talking about that later in the video. Now the picture profiles on this weve got h264 on here in h265.

That goes all the way up to 200 megabits per second on h264 and h.265 is 140 megabits per second h265 will be slightly better quality, slightly crispier and ill. Just put a couple examples on now: between h264 and h265 and weve also got d log, which is d log 10 bit so thats going to be the highest best quality you can get, and that is a really flat picture profile. And what that enables you to do. Is it gathers so much more detail? So then you have to then go and color grade it and then once youve color graded it or added some luts, then it looks really nice but thats. Just an extra step. Youve got to do, but to be honest, if im using all three all of them just look absolutely outstanding. So if you ive got say no color grading experience whatsoever dont, let that put you off. You could literally just get this and fly it in h264 or h265, which my last two videos have been and still got. Amazing results now. Finally, its about the speed and raw power of this coming from flying from the d drive mini 2 and dji 2s. This is just on another level, completely the power and responsiveness from it, its so fast it spins round and changes direction within a second. You can go to different directions. The vertical speed just watch this, how it goes from 10 meters to 110 meters.

In a few seconds, its so fast – and it also descends really quick as well so getting to places with this is super quick, look how fast it comes down on this shot from 110 directly down to 10 meters, its so quick and its even faster in sports Mode sports mode on here talking about that its phenomenally fast. It turns all the sensors off, so youve got to be careful but yeah. This speed and raw power of it are on another level also because its got that extra weight and power its a tank in the air. You see on that last video, the zoom video i did was about 30 mile, an hour gus and it was high up 100 meters in the air and it was just sat there like a tank in the air, so this is ocusync 3 and a 15 kilometer Max range, which is just insane but what it brings is, it brings not only a 1080p 60 live feed. What you can see, which is super important to have a responsive and good feed on your phone, but it also brings a rock solid, strong signal. So i have been flying it in high wi fi areas in blackpool under north, pier, where you would think it would lose signal. It didnt even lose a bar of signal that strong signal is incredible and its going to be really useful. We also have a pass 5.0, so this is 360 degrees, obstacle avoidance, so the obstacle avoidance will detect its got a nice little noise that comes on the app now for any objects.

Nearby and itll come up on the screen, so this shouldnt be crashable. I will be testing that out really soon, but by having 360 degrees obstacle avoidance that is going to be perfect, also for active track. Once thats unlocked im going to put it down because it was weighing my hand down a little bit, it was hitting my arm. Its also got pro settings in photo and video so now on here, because its not just a fixed focal lens, you can change it from f 2.8 up to f 11. Also promo settings like you, can change the iso and the shutter speed, but that will be great for night time. Shots for low light shots ill, be testing all that out as soon as i get some nd filters as well. Thatll be really useful to see how that works. I think im gon na call it the beast. I mean its its a strong drone, its its scarily good. What else so the return to home has also changed ill. Do a separate full video on this, but it uses an intelligent return to home now so before. Whatever you to set the return to home altitude, it would just wherever it was, it would go climb, go back to you, one straight line and then descend what it does now is, so it will pinpoint where you are, and it will come back and kind of Track its own route back to you, but in a nutshell, if you just look at this clip its quite far away its pretty high up and normally you would just go in one straight line and descend.

But now, as you can see, it comes back to me at some speed, but it also it descends and flies almost like diagonal down for this flight path towards me and then lands perfectly in place. The only downside is is that a massive flock of birds, then just suddenly turned up, as you can see, on this clip and tried to take the drone out, but luckily its still here, so with all them good things. What is holding this back well at the moment, theres only a couple of things i can think of, and normally by at least this point normally on the first flight, i found faults with drones that come out so with this drone, the whats holding it back is Its not ready fully yet so what i mean by that is that this drone for me, is 50 ready now im i to and fro with my opinion of this all the time, but i can see what dj i have done. Theyve not released all the features on this yet theyre, going to release these in january on a big, huge firmware update. Would you rather find it now? Yes, but then, if theyre not ready, i would rather wait and they would be really good and perfect in january. Rather than it comes out, say the active track and its not very good or its crashing into things its buggy and then well be all like its a lot of rubbish this drone.

So it takes a lot from dji to think no hang on were gon na release. This drone now and then give you everything in a months time when its going to be perfect, not many companies would do that, so its a risky move and i hope it pays off, but talking of whats not available just yet and its quite a list. This is whats coming in january, so were going to see that new active track, thats going to be the main one for me, 360 degrees of sensors, intelligent tracking im, going to test that out to its potential thats, going to be great cant, wait for that master Shots like we saw in the dji 2s that is also coming on on here were gon na have quick shots. Hopefully we might see a new quick shot, so thatd be good to see hyperlapse and waypoints. Now waypoint seems to be only on um hyperlapse, so thats disappointing. I hope we see that fully full waypoints on here will be insane and 1080p 200 fps is also coming in january. So its going to be one massive firmware update. What i would have liked to see is – and i do like this controller – but weve got this really nice drone in this lovely color, and then we have this controller, the exact same controller from the dji 2s and mini 2 and im not saying the control is Bad because its not, but we could have at least had something to show that this came with the mavic 3, so that we could have at least matched it match the colors.

That would have been good. We could have had an extra fn button on here somewhere or some extra buttons on the back. Something to distinguish like this is the mavic 3. The expensive flagship top of the tier drone and weve just got the same controller, that the bundle with the mini series – and i just think that should have been better, and that was definitely an oversight. Now, on the back of it is where you charge the drone and also the memory card slot goes and because its so small, it makes it really hard to get that memory card out now. This is how good this drone is when im picking about little things like that. So, yes, the drone itself is the the best drone ive ever flown phantom series, mavic series, its absolutely insanely, good, nothing really bad to say about it. Aside from i would have liked these features, or at least some of them extra features to be ready now and just the controller it doesnt really go with it um. I know. Youve got a cine model, but we shouldnt have to. This should have been different in some way, at least as a minimum, the design that all the color and the dji fly up at the moment this this will 100 get better in time, its still too basic. So, in conclusion, this is a fantastic beast of a drone. I absolutely love it its, as i said, the best drone ive ever flown.

Now i get quite as this question a lot and if you are considering getting a bigger drone like the dji 2s or this, if you can from flying it just from my limited experience with this and with the drone being only half ready, i would get this If i had to restart, if i would, if it means saving up or selling more or waiting longer, to get this its worth it its going to last you longer, the quality is better that flying performance. How strong it is, how responsive it is in the air, its worth it, the air 2s was brilliant. I love that drone. I sold that to get this, and this is better in every way. I dont forget that dji 2s, the active track didnt, have side sensors on it. The new version probably wont have side sensors either. So this will last you a number of years. You do if youre in the uk youre going to need an a2 course to fly. This way you want to fly it thats same with the i2s as well so ill link in the description, the one i recommend thats uav hub. You can do that in about 48 hours and have that qualification emailed to you and then you can file that in a lot more places, but yeah initial findings on this absolutely spot on love it to death and ill, be showing you a lot more of the Features ive mentioned in todays video really soon, so, if youre new around here like and subscribe, it will be excellent.

I really appreciate it appreciate every single one of you commenting, so let me know in the comments down below what you think.