Dji has been on a roll lately and while the mavic 3 is pretty phenomenal, its not quite ready for launch things like active track and master shots, arent ready and theyre coming at a software update in january still for every negative, this camera for every negative. This drone throughout me is camera, picked up the slack and it is phenomenal. I mean 5k video 12.8 stops of dynamic range, hasselblad, color science theres a lot to love here, but is it the drone for most people? I dont really think so. So, stick with me, im brad bennett mobile syrup and were gon na find out Music, so Applause before we get really into who this drone is for lets. Look at the most exciting aspect of the mavic 3, which is of course, its new camera sensor or sensors. Like i guess anyway, both use the same well regarded hasselblad, color science, but realistically most people are only here because of that main four thirds optic. Unless you want to be a creep, i guess, but well get more into that later and im im really hoping more people are here for the camera aspects. I digress. This four thirds sensor is a large large sensor for a drone this size and it allows for some really amazing high dynamic range 5.1 k, video at 30 fps 4k video at 60fps, 20 megapixel photos and a lot more. There really isnt much to be disappointed about once you get this drone up in the sky.

Its it very easily proves its worth. You know its even got phenomenal low light performance on the day that daylight savings time hit. I misjudged when sunset was because i wasnt ready and when i got to the park to fly and the whole time driving there. It was just getting darker and darker and it was too dark to fly when i got there. So you can fly this road at night because it has all the lights on it. So i shot it up, but i couldnt see anything on the display, whatever snapped a single photo and it turned out to probably be my favorite photo from this entire review process. Since then, ive also seen some other footage from youtubers flying at night and with a quick pass of noise reduction. This drone can capture quite usable, nightscape videos, at least in cities, with some light on the ground. I think the same goes for photos as well. In my experience, you also have a lot of control over this main camera with fully manual options like aperture, shutter, speed and iso plus. The drone is designed, so you can physically attach nd filters to the front of it and they lock in place quite securely. So once youre flying, you have a lot of control over your shots, just like you would with a regular camera. I will mention, though, that the nd filters only come with the flymore or the cine bundle, or you can buy them on your own finally ill mention that i really like the range i can pull out of the raw dng image files, or even the d log.

Video and the fact that i can take giant 5280 by ’56 pixel images is a really nice to edit, with you can crop in quite a bit. So, just combining that, with the quality of the sensor, gives you a lot of room to play around and post its its really awesome. The other camera is a 7x telephoto zoom lens and well its passable compared to the beautiful sharpness. That is the regular lens its not you know its, not the perfect photography tool, probably more of a side feature dji, even labels. It has explore mode. However, i will say if you want to get this retro helicopter look from the 90s, this drone kind of. Does it it can also zoom in all the way to 28x, but at that point its definitely more of a tool to explore and look around rather than a usable camera for photography its not you know the worst, but it is a bit weird and it it Feels im going to be honest. It feels very creepy to be even able to zoom in that far for no real photography reason ive seen some people say: oh, we can location scout with it, but its like do you need to zoom in that far? At one point i was just cycling through the zooms and all of a sudden i was like staring in someones face on their balcony. Who knows how many hundreds of feet away – and i didnt mean to it – was very weird – i felt awkward they didnt know.

I was watching them, i zoomed out of there no harm done really, but it was still just a weird experience. A bit shocking i felt like i was prying and it is, you know i have no need to ever go to 28 other than like its just. The fastest way to cycle back to one from seven, so maybe dji can fix that. Overall, though, the footage and images they they speak for themselves. This drone is very slick. However, i will say that once you get a drone like the mini 2 up as high as the mavic 3, which is very easily, they fly the same ranges the playing field levels out. Unless you really need hdr, you know with drone photography or even videography. A lot of it is just about that unique perspective that we cant get like the human eye unless were in a plane. You know so that extra sharpness from the mavic 3 comes into effect. A little less anyway before we get into that lets, just talk about the rest of the fun facts and then well finally, wrap this all up. I dont know why i called these fun facts earlier. These are just some quick facts. I noticed in my time with the drone one its got a nice startup sound, pretty catchy it can raise and lower itself very quickly in sport mode. The obstacle avoidance, tech and the distance warnings on the controller are very helpful and make flying this drone way easier than any of the other dji ones ive flown in the past.

The bag it comes with is unreal and can be turned into a backpack. That being said, you probably dont want to be using it on long hikes, and you want to be switching your drone into something comfier, because as cool as the bag is its its not very comfy and like kills your shoulders back to the drones, the gimbal locks. So it doesnt rattle around during transport. This is pretty cool. There is a cover to go on it, but its a bit safer than some of the other dji drones its using the same controller. That means it has the same range as the mini 2. The air 2s some of its competitors, so unless you want to spend an extra thousand dollars or buy the super inexpensive, cine bundle youre not going to get that expansive 15 kilometer range. Also, the charger will only charge one battery at a time. However, the battery life is really great on this bird, so really no complaints in the battery department. I will complain about the eight gigabytes of internal storage, thats kind of bs for a drone. This price, like i know most people, will probably be using sd cards. So i did, but for when youre spending you know two thousand dollars on a drone. You should get 32 gigs or at least 64. um. You know the dji action 2 even has 32 gigs and its like a 200 camera. This big, you know its also missing.

Some maybe im getting a little out of myself, so we just jump into the Music negatives beyond the slowest charger and the tiny bit of internal memory dji has over promised and under delivered in a few other departments with this new mavic drone. So its sitting at about 85 percent complete until we get this software update thats coming in january apparently so this means for you that master shots, quick shots and active tracking are all disabled on this drone. Until then theres. This nagging thought in the back of my mind that the company just needed to get the mavic 3 out now so that maybe it didnt release too closely to the next likely more wallet friendly, upgrade thats coming down the pipeline to probably replace the mini 2, or Maybe even the air 2s – or you know, maybe its just trying to double dip in the news cycle or you know it might not have just had the features ready. Who knows its just a little weird. I want to hold out faith that the features will be worthwhile, but its a bit sketch they didnt make the full release. So if youre running a small crew that could benefit from the tracking like me, i would wait for that update before clicking buy on this drone when it boils down to it. I think you really need to take stock on how much you plan to use this and what you want it for well physically flying pretty much every dji drone, but especially one with as much optical avoidance tech as the mavic 3 is really easy, actually using them To get amazing footage is a whole other ball game.

For example, ive had this mini 2, for i dont know four to six months now and i still kind of stuck with it. Well, you can look at some of the footage i used in the polestar 2. Video to get an idea for it, you know theres, no doubt that the mavic 3 footage may have looked a little cleaner, but i think the real problem is that i just need to practice with this more its. You know its a drone, its fun, but its also a tool, and you need to learn it so for most people. I think this leads me to still recommend the mini 2. Since a you, dont need a license to fly b. It can fit in your pockets and travel anywhere and see it still captures pretty great footage unless you know youre some kind of drone aficionado, so it will likely take you a while to master drone flying and by that point, youll definitely know if you want to Drop a few thousand dollars on whatever flagship mavic is out at that time. Ill also mention that just the mavic 3 is a lot of gear. Well, i can pack the mini 2 in his controller. In my jacket, pockets, the whole setup for the mavic 3 is like a little more inconvenient, youre lugging around in a backpack and its heavy to use, while youre hiking all day and thats it. If you have any questions for me, dont hesitate to reach out at the broadband on twitter and make sure follow mobile syrup everywhere too, for just a huge range of tech and gaming coverage from articles to interviews reviews.