This is not cheap. This is a three thousand dollar fly, more combo drone, so really i mean were gon na test. How this thing is, this is gon na, be the first video unboxing setup. Inspection see how it is updating you know see how the interface has changed, inspect the things really in depth on the drone and all the peripherals you get in the box fly more combo. We got all these peripherals. First, video in the series lets get started with the dji mavic 3. Music. Okay, so i havent even unboxed this thing. Yet it still even has the plastic coating on it. Keep in mind that were going to be doing all those in depth, flight tests and everything range tests and all that stuff, so you really can experience it from a first hand: user that has been doing this for a while and also you know i like to Just show you how difficult or easy the functions are to actually use on these things. I mean if they make some changes, youre, seeing if its user friendly or not through my videos, because i dont hold anything back. I just kind of show how the thing works in real life. You know what i mean so got that plastic off. Then they have these little tabs on the tape just pulling the box open before the first time and uh wow really cool. Looking case now, remember ive done all of the mavic uh ones, the mavic 2s.

You know this is coming from somebody thats been through them all, probably be easiest to just rip it open with these holes. They have here im just gon na. Do that lets just go ahead and rip this open, pull this out now, this aint no small bag like the uh, the mavic mini and the mavic air bags. This is a very large, not very large, but a much larger bag. I got ta say this feels like its gon na be super durable, its almost like a canvas and then the bottom portion is like a canvas dipped in rubber or plastic, so theyre really going for durability on this bag. We got pockets here. Its got. That kind of dipped canvas on the outside of the pockets so one there one there and then kind of a little zipper pocket on the back. Go ahead and open this up, thats, something where you can put like your manuals and stuff. Then weve got this kind of side back pocket and this gosh that kind of accesses even a different pocket than this one – hmm yeah, so this isnt connecting inside. So this is an outer pocket. The whole outer side here – and this is kind of an inner side pocket which encompasses check it out. Your strap wow look at this, so its actually, i didnt even realize this its actually a backpack and bag in one you have your regular little small bag. Then you have your side bag where you can just use the strap as a regular side bag, and then you can turn it into a backpack clip straps here.

So those on clip these are metal clips and its a little bit different. Its like almost like a real leather right here on the actual straps that hold the clips together so premium quality stuff, and this is how the bag opens up once you get those clips off. You just lift this up, and this whole top piece has a really large pocket. Look at this thing: okay, so thats, backpack mode. You see how i open that up and then we have access to all the straps. Basically, take these straps out and then once you have these straps out theyre going to clip down to these little guys here you see these little loops here, so these clips are going to clip to these loops and then youre going to have a whole backpack thats. Pretty cool man really ingenious idea and again, this kind of like not denim but actual canvas material. So man this this looks like its going to last a very long time. A little dji insignia leather thing here youve got one more zipper on the very top in backpack mode and look at this. This zipper opens up. You know you got a whole huge pocket in here. You can store like say your raincoat, and this is what i was saying, its kind of like that suede material in there, and then this is the canvas on the outside really well stitched man. They went like the extra mile and im glad they did, because this is not a cheap drone.

So really a lot of space in here really well done. I mean im talking a lot about the bag, but this thing should be talked about because its a phenomenal uh bag here so im gon na zip. That up this just looks like the perfect place for like a little raincoat or something when youre backpacking around so spinning it back around another pocket on the front here, with just a little holding tab and again another pocket where we can put like a document or Whatever this is actually kind of a large area here, and the only thing we have left to really do is unzip this and check out the actual drone, so this opens up really wide. I like that, so you can fold this all the way down. If you wanted to its got that same nice, kind of suede uh coating inside really gives it a very premium feel, and here we go so wow very well protected drone here holy smokes. I havent touched a larger drone like this in a while from dji. So this is it guys, look at this mavic, 3 and theyve gone a whole different direction with their camera and sensor protection gimbal cover you can see how its just like this rubberized plastic on the front, and then they strapped it all the way around. The back of the drone, which also has covers for all the sensors on the bottom as well, and it also locks the propellers in there – look at this, so an all inclusive kind of cover protector that holds everything together so its about time.

They did something like that. Instead of having to buy these things, extra were going to break into this in depth. Once i take the other stuff out of this bag, and so we can see everything set that on the side for now box right on the top. As you can see, its kind of a multi tiered really well done inside the bag as well, see how we have that really nice pocket for the drone that soft suede material. So you know, youre not gon na damage, your drone with padding. Here we have a little flip up, multi level, thats too bad a little bit of stained dirt on there from the factory so too bad that happened but no big deal. We have a zipper pocket with a mesh bag. Silicon bags in there for keeping things dry. So thats a pocket there flip this up, and then we have all this stuff underneath these are going to be all our batteries and our charging peripherals. So there should be one battery in it over there heres another one and again were gon na inspect these really. In depth, once we take all this stuff out, so two batteries really well done individual pockets that fit perfectly for the batteries in there. This looks like the actual uh wall plug, so weve got the wall plug here with a micro or actually a usbc high power. Connector, on the end, there, a little foam insert so im just going to keep that in there for now looks like its just kind of stabilizing the controller, and this looks like the same controller thats coming with the air 2s and the mavic 2 mini thats.

What the empty bag looks like really really well done. Uh. This thing looks like its going to last forever. Man lets go ahead and move on to the good stuff bear with me guys. We still got a lot of stuff to do so. Got the drone. The controller part of the charger two batteries right here and i wanted to check out whats in this box. This is gon na, probably be where all the propellers are and all the little stuff manuals right on top. So i like to just go through these things. In depth, so you guys really know what youre getting when youre dropping this amount of money on pretty fantastic products. These guys have great quality products anyway, quick start guide, uh safety and guidelines, accessories user guide so definitely want to check those out tucked away in the back here looks like these. Are the nd filters cool put that on the side. We have a plug right here. So this is another quite long actual usbc to usb a type connector there, thats gon na probably be going with the charger and stuff. This other thing on top, looks like the multi charger im just gon na set this down for a second, and then we have our connection cables from the controller to your phone or tablet. One is usbc to usbc, and this is a usbc to the old uh micro, usb type of connector, the lightning cable, its usually on the controller already for your, you know, iphones and stuff, and your ipads, so im gon na grab all these things.

These look like theyre all propellers and extra thumbsticks looks like thats it not seeing anything else in that box. Thats, like all the small peripheral box and lets, see what all this stuff is really close up and in depth: okay, guys, first off extra propellers one. Two three four, so thats one whole set one. Two three four two whole sets extra plus. It already has a whole set on the drone there. So a total of three sets of propellers with this fly more combo bag. That is great. You never know when youre gon na hit a tree that shouldnt hit a tree, because it has all those obstacle avoiding sensors which were going to be testing out in the flight test. Extra little set of thumb sticks great to have these around, because sometimes they fall out in the grass when youre trudging, through tall grass or in the forest. Who knows where and then of course, weve already looked at this, but i just want to unravel it here. So theres our cord there and here is – looks like our power. Brick take all this stuff off and you can see how this just opens up, and that is our wall plug this one here. This is the pretty long cable here and you know, im glad theyre, including these. Sometimes they dont include these high quality cables. It looks like theyre actually doing it for this one since its such a high price, usb a to usbc, very thick cable for high current charging.

That is very thick, not your normal, usb cable there so were gon na see uh what thats for – and this is also a great thing that you get with a fly more combo, so heres the multi charger. If you do want to charge all three batteries at the same time, its got little rubber stops on the bottom. Great keeps it secure on the table and stuff not going to slide around, and this is what your batteries are going to go into, and it just got one usbc high voltage or high amperage plug there and, as you can see, we can take our power brick And we can plug directly into that and into the wall to charge your three batteries. I believe theyre gon na charge, one at a time like they usually do with dji products, where the one that has the most charge is gon na charge. First, so you can get up and flying and then it switches to the second that has the most charge and the third. So it looks like this cable is going to be charging the controller. Oh there, it is okay. On the back of the power brick, there is a usb type, a plug and so fantastic. We can charge all three batteries, theyre gon na charge, in sequence, of course, but we can also charge our controller at the same time. They finally are including this cable. A lot of times they dont with the cheaper dji products, but theyre doing it here so thats how the power adapter works.

Last thing in that small box is going to be the nd filters, so lets take these and open them up. If you do want to get better photography and video, which you probably are, if youre buying this drone um, i think its great that theyre now providing the nd filters and the cool thing about this drone guys is its got one camera for zooming in and one Camera for the high quality photo and video. We got nd4 nd8, nd, 16 and nd 32, not very sunny to extremely sunny type of day and theres. Also, some other types of reasons. Youd want to use nd filters in certain situations to give you better. Video and pictures lets check out these batteries see how they connect to the multi charger. So two extra batteries here and then were gon na check out the controller and then the drone so were saving the best for last so bear with me. This is probably gon na be a little bit of a longer video, but its gon na be very in depth. For you guys, you can see the mechanism working here a little bit different, its just like a pressure spring type of deal and uh the front of the battery there thats, where its gon na connect to the pins to connect it to the power port of the Quadcopter first thing: im noticing is lithium, ion not lipo so interesting, these wow yeah they feel like round cells in there like the way.

My finger is right here, stacked in so it looks like theyre getting into the lithium ion uh high quality kind of manufacturing. For these types of batteries, because theyve got to be really good batteries, this things supposed to fly for about 40 minutes, which were also going to be testing 5000 mah, its nominal voltage is 15.4 and its maximum voltage is 17.6, so that is our batteries, and we Got three of them in this flamework combo? Okay, guys getting into the controller bear with me. I know this is going to be a long one, but really want to just go in depth. Again. As i was saying, i do have the uh two batteries on the charger plugged into the wall and i am timing, these its been about two minutes so far, so when that first one uh finishes and were ready to boot up this drone in just a second Here ill tell you how long one of the batteries took, so you can calculate three times that much if you put all three batteries in at the same time, so here it is yeah it does. It looks like the same controller that comes with the mavic mini 2 and also the um air 2s im. Not seeing really seeing any difference, you can see how this pulls out from the top, and this is not going to hold anything other than a larger phone. Like the biggest size iphone or like a phablet, you would call it like a phone tablet if you wanted to put in the ipad mini or a larger ipad youre going to have to get an extra peripheral, and i got this for the air 2s and the Mini and what this is, is you see how its just like a clamp? You just put this in here twist, lock it, and so this way it can hold devices like the ipad mini there.

We go see how that clamps in there nice and easy you can actually also buy a specific clamp from dji, which i actually did just for this uh review, and i got it right here, as you can see it just clips around the whole controller. Now this would be something i would use if i had a larger ipad. Like the actual, i have an ipad air 2., so you can really clamp. It brings it up a little bit higher away from the controls and its a little more stabilized in the center of the controller, so ill go ahead and have the links, of course, for all this stuff down in the description guys and also the video series down There dont forget to check it down there and also up here ill. Have it pop up when those other videos are complete, you can check out the flight test range test, cinematic tests and all that stuff probably can do some lift tests as well anyway. Getting back to the controller lets rotate it here, so the antennas are going to be up here, so you want to face these towards the craft when youre flying really same controller that were familiar with with the other drones picture. Video button here, our roller for our gimbal up and down here. This does not click in at all. We have our phone or tablet cable. One of them has a graphic, so thats going to stay in the controller, and this is the side youre going to pull out and plug into your uh phone or tablet.

As usual, weve got the sticks in there with some rubber kind of bumpers to help them stay in here. This is all like rubberized around the sticks really nicely wedge in there. No real way you can put those on wrong and youre just screwing on the sticks. Here nice aluminum with a rubber collar around there, so you can control it, whether youre a pincher. You can feel that rubber or youre a thumber like i am you just have these little grip sticks on top. We got our function button. We have our camera to video switching button, normal sport and cine mode. We have our power, as you can see its just about half charged same type of deal, press for indicator on your power and then press press and hold to power up the controller. We have a pause feature, so if youre doing some kind of those automated features, you can hit pause, uh or if youre you want to return to home. You just hold this thing in to return to home usb c port there, which we can throw on the charger and charge this up with the batteries that are charging over there im gon na do that in just a second once were done. Checking this out same like the other ones, its got a nice grippy rubber here now the fit and finish and quality, i should say guys on dji – is its kind of a cut above the rest i mean dji does have its problems, especially with geo, restricted flight Zones and all that stuff for, like older airports, that are out of commission, but i got ta, say man.

The fit and finish of their products are just top notch and theyre. Getting better and better looks like a heatsink in there, and i can see the screen is open for cooling looks like they actually maybe made this a little bit longer than the mini and stuff the other drones, so that you had an easier time because, with the Other one with the mini, i remember i had to slide the ipad over like this in order for this cable to reach, so it looks like they lengthened that a little bit okay, guys. Last but not least, the best part of this whole thing is the mavic 3. So man just really excited to review this with you and really put it through its paces and again remember. This is not a cheap drone. This is like uh, if youre, if youre looking for probably one of the best and cost effective drones, get the dji mini 2 id recommend getting that one. I know autel is coming out with a mini uh like a nano, so im going to be reviewing that soon and also i have the mini uh hubsan. So, im also reviewing that really do like the dji line, except for all that geo lockout stuff, which a lot of people complain about so anyway, um getting into the mavic 3 check it out so im just going to kind of look at it here before we Take it out of all of its uh his whole armor, i should say its kind of like armor, a little bit different im noticing right off the back black painted motors kind of cool a little bit of difference.

The color looks maybe a little darker, definitely darker than the air and the mini series, maybe even a little darker than the mavic 2 series just a tad, but really everything just tucked away nicely, really guarded great im, seeing right here, a couple sensors on the top. This thing has 360 degree obstacle avoidance guys, so you are getting what youre paying for extremely hard plastic with this outer rubber coating, just like this fused rubber coating, so it makes it feel a little softer on the outside, but man it is. You can see that the you can see the transition there between the hard rubber coating on top of that plastic and that really hard plastic underneath its just kind of a floating little clip too didnt really take anything just put it over and it just kind of Sits down by itself ready to go pop that up and it just comes right off thats, where the propellers are going to lock in the bottom, comes off and its unlocking the propellers as well as unprotecting these that little sensor cluster and then look at this. We can just pull the whole thing off. Lets see how this is just pull this off great and just before we look at the drone. This is interesting in itself its its look at this, its like a leather, leather or faux leather glued onto the front cover which is infused to these. This back top clip so see how its like a two part thing there.

We have the mavic 3 muzzle right here, hey who would have known they. They make a muzzle for drones now anyway, uh great for protection and lets. Finally, look at the mavic 3 here it is looking a little bit different the same but different. Look at this. They aint, they put the uh front, sensors camera sensors at an angle, so theyre like at a 45 degree angle instead of pointing straight out, and that is actually pretty smart as long as the software knows what to do its giving you a wider vision of view. Instead of having to have front sides backs, tops and bottoms, it looks like the fronts and the backs actually look at this when i pull out one of the arms here and the backs are actually also at a 45 degree angle theyre using the sensors on the Four corners for front sides and the rear were just looking at it while its folded up heat sinks on top theres, the two top sensors there. Those look like theyre, the kind of cheaper, lower quality sensors than those those front ones in the back ones. And then we have actually one of those high quality to those high quality sensors cameras on the bottom as well led lights, and this is going to be the lidar sensor. So this is kind of for really just shooting a laser at the ground and telling the ground height when youre within a certain height.

I dont think its going to do it from way high up in the air, but you know probably 50 feet or lower. Those are gon na look at the ground for elevation, and these are the ones that are actually going to be seeing the ground for obstacles. Pretty cool man just want to kind of absorb this. Look at that heat sink on the bottom looks very similar to other ones and look at this camera on the front. This thing is ginormous. Look at this. I believe the top is the camera that can zoom way the heck in and the one on. The bottom is our large sensor, camera that can take high quality photos and video. Okay does have heatsink cooling fins, so you can tell that this thing is going to get pretty hot its going to need the air rushing over it cooling it all while its in the air, so you probably dont want to let it sit for too long. But this will have a fan in it, so i think its time to open this thing up, cant really see much more until its opened up so lets do it. So we do the front first from the back to the front and then the back ones. Okay, the same thing were going down and out see how these go down and rotate out so thats it and all of its glory unfolded. And now we can look at the sides and really see what this things all about.

So again, a little bit of abrasion tape were going to want to take this stuff off off guys all over it. Also some abrasion tape right here on the back so really important to take this stuff off. You dont want this flapping around in the air and giving you drag. You know, while youre trying to fly far or else itll cut down on your flight time. So four little ones on the front left and right sides and back left and right sides looks like the only other tape we have on here is in the gimbal camera. So lets take this one off and one more on this side right here. Looking at it from a front view, we have our tilt left and right see that so thats as far as it rotates remember. This is a three axis gimbal and then were gon na, and this is all stabilized right then were going to have our pitching down. So as usual, it kind of goes down past the upmost bottom point and then pitching up. This can go all the way up. Past the top point thats a pretty high rotation camera there. Then we have our uh. Our yaw limit so might as well, while were here lets do that uh filter replacement. So you want to hold the camera steady like this and just a easy little turn. You see how that notches out definitely dont want to be touching the lenses or anything then were going to grab our nd filter of choice, ill just put on the nd4, the lowest one here, and we want the h just like it is coming off on the Top left kind of putting it in at that little clock to the left angle, pushing it and turning it and it just really easily snaps in that was really very simple thats all you got to do for taking off and putting on nd filters, probably going to Do the original flight test, with all the tracking with the original lens cover only because if there was inner interference, i dont want to.

I dont want that to happen when im doing the tracking. You know what i mean, because i want to kind of do it all in that uh first flight test, but there you go thats the original back on really very simple and an excellent case to uh. Take care of all of your nd filters, all right, continuing on the arms seem like they are smaller than any arms. I have seen before look at this thinner than the mavic 2 line, very much thinner on each corner of the arm. At the end, we have a smoked, led light for the front and the back landing gear on the back of this, one is going to be touching the ground, so it is a little bit of a softer coating than the arm a little bit rubberized there and On the front very similar type of deal, it is our landing foot with a little bit of a more rubberized uh thing on the bottom here and then check out. The motors, so motors, like i was saying, are a different, color theyre. Now black kind of like that sleek black look uh, the bottom does have extra cooling heat sinks on the bottom id imagine theyve come a pretty long ways since the mavic 2 line on the efficiency and stuff of these motors and, of course the propellers lets go Ahead and just try to take one of these off pushing down, this looks like a kind of a reverse propeller, so im twisting it clockwise to pop it up these propellers a little bit different.

Looking they dont really have that uh wing tip like the old ones. Did they have more of a cut off here and actually have rubber look at that, so its an actual rubber tip? So i guess theyre going for a little bit more safety on this one. Hopefully, that doesnt really cut down the flight time, but they must have been getting reports of the propellers nicking and cutting people. So you know that goes whenever theres enough reports of that kind of stuff. They have to make a safety change and it looks like they did that with the new propellers anyway. Putting this thing on the same way, we took it off just putting it over the motor shaft and then pushing down rotating until it pops back up and locks in there give it a tug – and we know thats, never gon na fly off. Okay, guys. One final inspection, a couple more things to look at and then were gon na boot it up and see how it looks on the controller. A nice heat sink right here on top sucking that air in for cooling in the back of the camera, there is an open area you can see there with. It looks like almost a grill or heat sinks there as well sides. We i can see through these grills, so lots of cooling going on here bottom as well. Little intake slots for when its cruising forward looks like those are gon na bring in some air and then coming around to the back kind of a exhaust port.

Here, on the back with another heatsink, you see that heatsink there and then, if we look in front of it there, it is so in the front of that heatsink. There is a screen which is either sucking in there or pushing air out so multi cooling ports. Here, multi heat sinks lets look a little more in depth at the back. Here. Looks like this is our port? Can we take this off with the battery in yes, we can so just a fingernail pops. This thing up – and it is guys, a usbc port and a micro sd card port, so put a high quality micro sd card in there i like to use the sandisk extreme pro cards so youre, not limiting your video in any way and theyre the highest quality Longest, lasting durable cards, ive ever used ill have those down in the description as well popping the battery out wow its actually spring loaded. So you push these in and it already wants to shoot out see that it shoots out a little bit on its own. Looking into the battery compartment, so air is going to be flowing all the way through there from through the front of the gimbal to the back around the battery for cooling. So thats excellent, and this thing just got really light man. This battery weighs quite a bit. Remember its a lithium ion those cylindrical cells weighing a lot push this thing back in, of course, youre going to want to have this rubber thing pushed up thats guarding the video card, because it looks like if that things loose its not going to really go in Properly, so you just want to hear that satisfying click and youre ready to go okay, guys well phase one complete.

That was a really in depth. Look at everything you get in the fly more combo got you really up close and personal, with all the components on the drone and now lets charge the batteries power. This thing up and see how it looks on the screen see if it needs any updates. Okay, guys were back, got this battery charged up now. That literally took as you can see on my watch an hour and 15 minutes to um charge this battery up on the multi charger, so one hour each from 50, how they ship them to you and then this guy here is also fully charged and that took About an hour to fully charge when i had them all charging at the same time lets go ahead and connect this thing, get it started up and see what its all about turn on our controller. First, so well, press press and hold that comes up thats. Looking for the craft well, do a press press and hold, and i want to flip this guy around real quick while its starting up hey its a new tone for the mavic 3. Did you hear that more of a um digital, quick tone there and thats it? The gimbal is basically cameras coming up its just kind of leveling itself and it seems like it is ready to go so thats. All it is just make sure you have a level surface and boot that thing up. I know i didnt move it real, quick before it actually initiated, but i wanted to show you the camera, so you normally wouldnt do that, but once these lights are on solid, you know that its connected to the craft next step, guys is to make sure you Have the dji fly app on your device, so i downloaded this from the app store.

You can also get it from the android app store or from a dji website themselves. So, if youre having trouble finding it in the app store, go to their website and download it from plug in the plug here plug in there im hearing a tone on my ipad and there we go it immediately. It looked like it did, detect it. So thats good news, activate dji device, of course read through all this stuff and agree if you agree with it successfully activated – and this is where its gon na ask you if you want that, dji care refresh. So if you crash your drone, lose your drone, you get a basically two replacements free two way: shipping. They basically send you a shipping label. Water damage is covered and fly away is covered covered anyway. Im going to skip this for now, because i really dont: do it directed to the official site see so this is. I always have this problem. I skipped it because i dont want it, but now it wants to give me it wants to take me to the dji site. I want to cancel that skip, cancel um. No, i dont want this guys whats up, so this always happens. If i press more, it takes me to the dji store um, so theres, really its its like theyre theyre corralling you into this now you do have 48 hours from when you first start up the drone to activate this.

So just keep that in mind anyway, you can see theres, no x, theres, no back arrow on my ipad here. So what ive got to do is ive got to like just get out of the app and then apparently relaunch the app and then that kind of got us out of that um dji care refresh loop, so awesome wow. This camera looks really clear. Look at that! Latency, its so minimal, it looks like its in 60 frames per second mode as well here in the fan, come on the drone right now, so that fan is kicking on to keep everything cool man, their ocusync technology. The hockey sync technology is whats. Going from the controller to the drone for control and video, and just look at that, its just so darn clear anyway, im going to just really quickly show you how this button works right here, the roller! So if i pull the roller to the left watch what happens to the camera so, as usual, all these drones do this thats to roll your camera up and down. You can go fully down or im pushing it to the right. Now you can go up wow when youre moving your gimbal. You can actually see on the controller the degree of vertical or horizontal, so it is going 35 degrees above horizontal guys. You see as i scroll down that would be horizontal right about there. Okay, and so you can, you do have the ability to go up quite a bit and thats great, so you can get kind of upward shots.

Thats, pretty cool im liking that let me just go ahead and show you how this gimbal performs and just look at that. So you can see the video that its going to be taking and im seeing on the screen of the ipad. That video is crystal clear. Guys – and it looks like its 60 frames per second, its just really fluid its just leaps and bounds better than the last mavic 2 or mavic 1.. So you can see how that gimbal is really stabilizing the video, even though im moving the drone around like this thats whats, so good about having you know a uh three axis gimbal for stabilization over on the left top side. I have n mode means normal and thats just corresponding to the switch so theyre. Just these tiny little icons up here. Its also saying 14 satellites really hard to see, but hopefully you can see those coming over to the bottom right. It tells us how much storage we have so 959 photos since its in photo mode, jpeg format, ev values and the auto or manual type of camera modes. What i notice you see how the storm trooper is kind of out of focus. There watch this. This one enables you to click anywhere on the screen and it immediately focuses in thats a little bit close. So i cant really focus in on that lets. Just try maybe the plant over there yeah so that really focused that in nice and nice and tight.

So you have that ability lets, try the power armor yeah, so you have that ability to focus on different objects on the screen, thats whats, so good about these more high end mavics over here we have a distance from our launch point, its saying three feet: thats, Probably a little off because im in the house – and you have your mile per hour and your height in footage and then, if we click on this guy over here, thats going to be our map, so im clicking on it and it just. You can have the map pop up just like that lets see. If we press on the north arrow, you see how it changes as i move around. Its kind of the whole map is kind of tilting or, if i click on that, that locks the north press on this bottom left icon and that kind of minimizes the map. Again, if i press, minus or plus wow okay, so you can zoom in on your location, even in this little mini map and then theres a on the bottom right. Let me press that cool. So that brings us back down into our compass. This way you can see where you are, that little blue dot and you can see how it corresponds to the drone in the middle and also which way the drone is facing. So you have all that, like real time information when youre flying to know if the drone is directly in front of you, which way youre facing which way the drone drones facing all that stuff anyway, im going to click on that little like gps icon there, and That brings us back to our minimize map if you want to maximize the map, just press on it and boom, so that maximizes our map, when you press on that minimap and it makes our video in the small icon window down below – and this is where we Can do all kinds of stuff like change our imagery, we can do satellite only, and this is going to bring in as long as you have a internet connection right.

So whether your tablet has an internet connection or your phone is going to determine if it can stream in this in real time imagery i want mixed so mix shows you the labels right as well as the imagery so pretty cool there. You can zoom in and out on it as you want and itll actually should follow the drone as youre flying. So you can see here. I am in hawaii theres areas for the lahaina uh airport kahalui airport, and then there is the hana airport over there thats the thing with dji i mean ive heard people complain. I dont really have the problem because i usually just fly in this area up here, away from any of that yellow stuff. So ive heard of people complaining that there might be a decommissioned airport and they still have these old, no fly zones and they cant even fly dji products. So that would be my main concern if you were to buy this, is you might have trouble flying in your area anyway? You can hit i over here, and that shows you what these all mean: kind of the legend for different cover for different colors approved zones. All the way up to restricted zones right now you can see the north is locked on the map. When i rotate it. If you take that lock off, you can see that its basically going ahead and actually um the ipad is telling it which way youre facing like if you were to use the apple maps or google maps thats kind of how that looks.

So this is using that airplane sensor right. So what this does is your craft, the newer drones. They can sense aircraft. So if the aircraft is close, are coming in itll give you a warning on the screen and you need to bring your craft down. So you can either turn that on or off, if you want and then the cool feature that i really like and that dji does really well, is the find my drone feature. So you run on the battery or your drone crashes. For some reason you just click here, and it immediately goes into this map the searching map, which you can also change. You know the different kind of satellite view. You can go mixed or regular satellite and then you can turn it off and on the uh, the north, lock you can start flashing and beeping. So if i press this say youre getting close to it, you press it. You hear that so thats really loud thats louder than all the other ones, ive heard so thats a great feature. If youre getting close its in the bushes, you cant find it press that itll start beeping. If you do want to go ahead and start a route to where your your drone has crashed or landed, you can press use other maps. Basically i just clicked and now its going into apple maps, and i can go ahead and do a route to the drone. If i wanted to itll tell you driving instructions and everything it really improved.

The find my drone ive used that a couple times, if you guys want to check out a couple of my other videos with dji products. Just looking for the drone makes it really easy. Anyway, thats, really all there is to see on the map there. You can also see you know youre on flight telemetry, while youre in the map mode its going to tell you how high how far you are – and you know all of your speeds and your flight time and everything while youre in the map mode, which is really Cool clicking back on the video screen and there we are back in the real time, fpv preview, so guys it looks like a lot of the same basic stuff on the main menu screen, except for lets. Go over here face the plant over there all the way across the house, except for these binoculars. You see them here so im going to click on those guys and its seeing zoom up to 28 times explore mode. So this is what you can do if youre flying way out there remember. I was talking about two cameras on the front two separate cameras. You can fly way the heck out there and theres two ways you can zoom in the first way you can zoom in and were gon na explore. This more while were flying is just by pinching the screen and look at that. We can zoom in with amazing clarity, thats fantastic, oh my gosh.

I thought that was it, but it just keeps going holy smokes so im, not sure how much optical and digital this is. It might just be all digital, but look at that so thats literally about 20 feet across the house, so we can do it that way and the clarity is just phenomenal, leaps and bounds better than anything theyve had in the mavic series. It seems like when it hits about lets, see what is that when it hits about four times zoom, it seems like it starts to go into digital. You see how it skips there and now it looks like it might be going into digital up to 28 times. You see that little hiccup when im zooming out watch this pulling out pulley out kind of stops, and then it goes and thats looks like thats might be where the optical takes over another way, we can zoom in hold the function. Key okay and use the roller at the same time, so im going to hold the left function, key in and now im holding it in and using the roller to the right. Okay, so gradually thats about as slow as you can go. You saw how it kind of skipped there into digital mode. It seems so im just rolling that right roller and then now im rolling it to the left on that top left roller, while im holding in that function key. So there we go a phenomenal, really nice um digital zoom, using that top camera there they have that type of deal in some of their higher end drones that cost way more money, but its good to see them having that capability in kind of the prosumer model Style drones now that arent up in, like the you know, five to ten thousand realm or more theyre, actually down below five thousand dollars.

Now, where we can have this capability, okay, guys! So a few other things we want to look at lets just kind of go in. You can see that thats camera mode. We can press this button here to get us into video mode. You can see how the screen changes a bit now were in video mode. We should be able, let me just see we should be able to zoom in the same amount in video mode. Yeah so same thing way: the heck in there at 28 times zoom, just a little unfortunate like right at four times it like skips. So maybe they can work on that in software to smooth that out either can switch with this button there or you can just press. You know the icon here: switch between photo and video mode. This has master shots, so it looks like features coming soon: wow theres, the quick shots feature coming soon, really boy. I just bought this like anybody else, thats interesting how theyre still not really doing that. Let me see if theres an update guys, so i just went into the menu. Did you see those three little dots up at the top right? That brings into you into the overall menu where you can do stuff like how you want your obstacle avoidance to act? If you want just to stop bypass or turn that whole obstacle avoidance off, adjust all your altitudes and your distances, what height you want it to return home if it loses signal or your controller, turns off or something same stuff as usual, you would see in the Dji fly app with even other drones, compass and imu are normal.

Definitely would advise to do the imu at home on a level. You know floors perfectly level floor, thats, not vibrating like concrete or something go ahead and do the imu and also do the compass when youre out in the field where youre gon na fly away from metal and stuff, like that. So lots of information at our fingertips. As usual with dji, you got your auxiliary, led and if you notice here, i can actually turn them on through the software on the ipad and thats. Turning on those bottom lights there and they will turn on automatically if, when its landing or if it gets really low light, you can change your unit, so you guys that are in europe or a lot of other places in the world. Probably the main comment i get in my videos is complaining about units, but at least you can use metric or imperial im in the us. So i like to see my feet miles all that stuff miles per hour, gimbal calibration. If its a little off, you can do that advanced gimbal settings, you know you can change the mode of your controls. So how you want your controls to be, you have three different preset modes or you can fully customize how your throttle is, how youre turning and all that stuff is. So if you are a different, if you control in different ways at least you have that possibility, you can turn offer on your phone charging.

So if you want your device to charge from the battery in the controller, if say, your phone is about to die or its low power, and you want to take some power out of this controller. At least you have that option, then we can actually change the function of this uh function button. So you have, if you just tap it, you can set it to do all these different things. If you double tap that say the gimbals down im just moving the gamble down, you see how the video is like that brings it back to center, so a good way to just bring it right back. We have advanced settings here now. This is really interesting that you wont find on a lot of smart drones, where you can actually change all of your expo settings really customize them down to how you like. So if you go to the camera, this is a whole nother menu with all the camera settings so, depending on how you like to tweak your camera, the storage location, so right now its internal storage, its got eight gigabytes of internal storage. Now, if you get that advanced model of the mavic 3, you get that one terabyte of storage, i believe on board. I didnt really see the use for that because ill just pop an sd card in as you can see, i dont have an sd card in there yet also reset camera settings if it gets all out of whack moving on up top over to transmission, i usually Leave it to dual band, even though i do my range tests, its pretty good at now, um intelligently, switching between 2.

4 and 5.8 gigahertz, depending on the interference thats in the area between either you and the craft. So you can see how this is fluctuating in my house. We have a graph of interference if you wanted to, you can go into manual and you can adjust set all this manual if you wanted that possibility anyway, it brought me to the main screen again and there is an update up here so lets just do it. Installing failed, interesting lets retry that okay, now its downloading so good to know you know if you have a failure, just retry im gon na press more here. So this is the stuff that its actually downloading into the uh ipad and then its gon na transfer it over to the mavic 3.. So it looks like this is gon na take a while guys, im gon na tune out here for a minute. It looks like its taking, i dont know 10 seconds per percent right now so tune out and hop back in when its almost done. Okay, just popping back in actually midway and drone is restarting itself heard that little chime thats at sixty percent and its gon na do this several times. If youve ever watched, my unboxings, oh a double boot up, okay, double reset right there. If youve ever watched, my unboxings with other dji drones, i should just explain this right now. You really want to that first battery that you put in there after you charge it up and your controller and your device here, your smart device designate that first battery to doing this.

Okay, do these updates? Have your other batteries charging because you want to make sure you have a full battery to do these updates if your battery isnt fully charged – and you try these – sometimes they take so long that it could mess you up. You can see that gimbal now is doing something there just wanted to make sure that the ipad wasnt touching it, but i do want you guys to kind of see the lights on the controller as well. Okay, drone just shut off controller lights blinking. This is the third boot up in a very short amount of time. So again, let it do all this stuff when its updating and dont shake the table, dont be grabbing it moving it around. Just have it set down like this nice and still um connected to your wi fi. You know, preferably with the full charge. Everything and just let this thing go. It looks like the controller is now updating its blinking with two lights in the middle and were just gon na wait, see what happens here and it may have multiple updates. This is just one of them. This looks like the main firmware on the mavic 3. There are other updates here. This looks like this is the one for the controller, and there are also other like safe fly, database updates and little things that i may want to do after this main update. So we are going to make sure we do all that stuff controllers blinking a little different now, probably installing the firmware in the controller backlights on the drone.

You see them blinking rapidly on the very back there. The controller just reset itself, that was the controller sound, were at 95 percent here on the screen, rounding the last corner hopefully, and there we go check, mark firmware installed. Another beep from the controller just heard a tone from my ipad, solid lights connected here. Drone is now blinking like its ready to go okay, so i should be able to just x out of here on the top left and thats. What i was talking about, there is a fly safe required update, so im going to go ahead and update that as well downloading and lets go to more. So these these ones are usually pretty quick. The fly safe database, you see how fast that was update, successful and i mean thats, unfortunately going to be that database. That tells you where you can and cannot fly um, which gosh everythings being cracked down on so hard now ridiculously for just hobbyist pilots. Unfortunately, doesnt look like it has any more updates. It looks like it updated the firmware on the craft and the controller anyway guys, i think, thats, really it man that was really fun. This guy looks pretty wild right, its looking quite a bit different than the other mavics kind of similar on the top, but look at that whole back module. There is way different. This is going to be kind of the wrap up just things that are shocking. You know the motors are different.

Color the whole back is different. Theyre, going with a high capacity lithium ion cylindrical round cell round cell batteries now for their battery pack. This thing can supposedly fly for 40 minutes were going to be doing those tests coming up here. In just a second now make sure you subscribe to the channel check the series thatll pop up here for this drone, and also the links are going to be down in the description for that series as well and where you can get the mavic 3, whether it Be the fly more or the more professional model up to you, youre going to spend more money, but i got this one because i think this is all im going to need. I really have to recommend if you have a few hundred extra dollars, go ahead and get this fly more package. The bag is the most durable and universal bag ive ever seen them make. Yet since it has that backpack ability, three batteries, you get. The two extra sets of propellers the multi charger all that stuff in the package.