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You should go and follow joe modelismo actually, because he also comes up with some fantastic um leaks on on on dji products is also a great channel as well. He was one of the first people, if not the first, i think, went to drone modelismo to have the renderings of this current model. Uh of of the of the real mavic 3 uh, which really started all there frankly, which is awesome so yeah, so today, were going to be talking all about the dji mavic 3 again, i know it its its its a lot of dji recently on the channel, But it is the end of tectober into dji, bringing are now extending tectober into november a bit so um, but soon well be returning to normal uh news, business, etcetera and content business on dj on on geeksvana on dji um. So no fears there so today, im gon na be bringing you my analysis of the leaked drone review of the dji mavic 3. im, bringing you my observations in the form of pictures taken from the original video, as this is a reaction only and im keen very Much keen not to infringe on another creators, copyright and he certainly doesnt – want that video out there, so that wont be played today. Also, the original video is in chinese, which i will link to in the description after the video, but as a warning. So far, two of the copies have been taken down um, so id expect others to get struck down fairly soon.

So we do get a lot confirmed today, though, which is, i think, its very exciting, including things like the fact. The lens is not an optical zoom and the drone uses prime lenses with up to 28 times zoom via software hi jackson. Good to see you in the live chat im looking forward to testing this drone in alaska, it looks to be a substantial upgrade in the camera department yeah. It does look very impressive, actually uh its ive sort of ive gone like this on my excitement scale. A little bit like i did with the action too, but im really looking forward to getting my hands on this drone as well. Actually so before we get into this. Just a quick reminder as well that ill be live tonight at 9pm. Uk time, which is in a few hours time to chat with fellow creator ian from mad tech all about the action 2, where im sure were going to be talking a lot about uh the overheating issues, theres a link in the description to that stream. So get your reminder set for it also for regular viewers, as ive said before. I know youll be relieved when this tectoba, which is blended into november, well, be over and well be away from dgi and releases, and this type of thing and and what has almost become a dji release season. Frankly, um weve got a lot of its so exciting. Drone and tech content coming very soon away from the specifics of the dji launchers, etc.

So really excited about that. Okay lets get into the analysis of the screen grabs from the leaked video review of the dji mavic 3. In terms of price, i will have something to say to that later on in the stream, so stay tuned for it im also going through also as im going through the pictures. Let me know in the live chat and for those watching the replay in the comments below, if you spot anything interesting tag at geeksvana, so i can see it more clearly in the tracks. Weve got quite a few people in the uh this afternoon. Thank you. Everybody just so i can. I can see you all frankly, so let me move my notes over here and lets start with the first picture. This is one of the screen grabs from early on in the video, which is the intro, showing the motorbike uh being chased by the mavic 3.. So the first shot, as i say, shows the mavic 3 in flight and seemingly tracking the motorcycle. Its got quite an aggressive stance there in the sky, doesnt it, which is quite exciting again very much the type of mavic type of uh profile that you would expect to see interesting to see it sort of banking like that uh as well, and this one we See the first shot where you can actually see the drone clearly in hand. I thought this is a good shot to show, from the point of view that size wise its a bit of a beast and looks to have size to be stable in windy conditions.

Certainly were used to the mavics getting smaller and smaller um with the with the air at air 2s and then the obviously the mini, bringing that that form factor to become very small and again were getting back to much more a chunky, size drone, which, i suppose You would expect, from the point of view of this, obviously being a a main drone, rather than a a a mini version or air version, like version of anything. Frankly, on the third picture, here we actually have a shot of the mavic 3 in flight and our first sign that this review was actually reviewing the standard model rather than the cine, as, of course, it doesnt have the cine name on the arm again. Familiar form factor the legs look much more natural in these real pictures than the renderings on the retail pages. I was quite concerned how thin they looked. I do have another picture coming later on, which shows from below and above as well, which shows a bit more of the legs in terms of that they are actually still quite thin, but they they seem to be a bit deeper in when, when in these pictures, When, when fully unfolded, etc, otherwise obviously looks very much like exactly what you would expect a a mavic drone to look like frankly, and in this picture we have confirmation that the standard drone does indeed use the now. The now standard drone controller from dgi very much.

The same one that were used to seeing now from the air 2s and mini 2, and that type of thing so again im im a fan of this controller, its going to be interesting to see um. How and the next picture well talk about this as well. How were going to have all of the functionality and that type of thing with the controller but yeah well, have to wait and see on that front and this picture, which will be, i know, im popular with with one of my colleagues who ive just spotted in The chat hi steven from the flyby guys this picture shows the controller in hand and the mavic 3 is indeed using the fly app from dji, so also whats. Interesting. If you look at this picture, there doesnt seem to be a new layout or necessarily lots of new features sort of on on screen there. So it does look like a straight fly app, although im sure theres going to be possibly some improvements in the menus and that type of thing, although i know ive, been hearing a lot of feedback from especially professional flyers like tom, from lens capture on on the Those guys live stream who was saying he doesnt want to have to start diving into menus, etc, uh, to be able to uh to do things, um, um yeah, to be able to access everything, basically, which i i can completely understand. Okay, next up and this picture shows us the flight attitude, whilst the mavic 3 is hovering.

Uh, which again looks very interesting, looks very much like a mavic doesnt it its its its its very much the form factor in flight that i think that we that were expected to be using uh, andy cortes sorry, hashtag pinchers, rule hes using his thumbs too. Well. Come on thumbs is surely the way to fly with this new controller. Let me know in the chat put thumbs or pinch. If you are a thumb or a pincher, i would. I would be very interested actually now. I picked this next picture out as its interesting again from a size point of view, but it also shows the gimbal at work a little bit, so it shows the gimbal working away, um its a its a bit of a beast in the hand there isnt it. The again, the arms in in in real terms, look a little bit chunkier from the point of view, a little bit more secure from the point of view um of comparing those to the renderings that we had um previously. And this, of course, is what has to be one of the most standard shots that every single uh drone review includes, which is the the wonderful um in flight. Looking up perspective showing showing an awful lot of the drone, which is which is cool, which again shows the form factor in the air um, and i, as i said, i chose this picture basically because it looks a bit cool.

Frankly, i think so. Its its nice work um this next one shows the drone folded away, which i think was uh quite interesting again to show the size again. It does show the large gimbal on the front, which i think possibly helps to explain as well that whole sort of um. I dont want to say the word especially, but i just did, but it it explains that very serious mean looking uh lens cover, which also, of course pinches in the um, the props as well, and keeps it all together. So you know its its its interesting to see just how big that camera and gimbal is hanging off the front of it. Frankly. Next up, we have a shot of the battery out of the drone, which i thought was an interesting context shot in the video. The reviewer does seem to confirm a 46 minute flight time also later in the later in this, i do have a couple of uh bits and pieces that a friendly chinese speaker has translated for me so uh to give a few bits and pieces of information from That point of view ive seen a lot of thumbs coming up in the in the chat there thumbs thumbs, thumbs, yeah, um, doc, murdock hi great, to see you chris im surprised how far down the front arms droop you would think they would move the front motors Up to help keep the props out of the camera view um and yes thumbs since 1976, good man thats thumb since the ear i was born there, you go crack its a bit exciting.

Actually, i i think, looking at the angle of the the gimbal chris, i think that um, if i pop back to this one um, i i think its its just far enough forward that its not going to have that issue, but again, obviously, until we have it In hand we we dont, know frankly and picture 11 is again showing it from the rear folded, but without a battery loaded inside. So it shows that the theres, essentially a flap, as you can see there, which um is, is, is above, where the battery slots into which again, i think its quite interesting, um, its another view that we havent seen yet. Basically, one issue which came up on our video, which showed the retail renderings, which was out last week, is the battery count in the fly more combo packages, the retail photos. As far as the ones we were shown uh to be the retail packages, the fly more combo packages seem to show only two batteries, as opposed to usual three batteries. We would all expect a a fly. More bundle to have the three. Certainly, however, despite the charge of throwing the three spaces, the video does seem to only show two batteries at any time, so thats, interesting, isnt, it really um well have to wait and see again this this picture. Another still from the video, i think, is an interesting one to show the uh the different angle and to show the size of it.

Next to the controller. Of course, you know people are different sizes, so we dont know if this chaps uh five foot or or eight foot, but but certainly next to the size of the controller that we know well, you can start to get more of a um a bit here so To be able to see that, frankly, okay next up, this is another in flight shot, which again is looking at the arms which, which i think show. If you look at the left front arm there, its just closest to the camera, it does show that they are very thin frankly, which is interesting um, as dot model was saying as far as the arms coming quite far forward. I think, looking at the gimbal here and looking at where the props, the props are actually spinning, i think it looks like its going to be okay as well as the um, the sensors. You can see here. You can see the sensors at the back, which obviously i just i just blurred with the bokeh there and the ones at the front, which obviously seem to give the 360 degree obstacle. Avoidance effect, basically so be very interesting to see how obstacle avoidance is frankly, on this drone very, very interesting. Next weve got a shot from below, which is, whilst the drone is in flight, which shows again a very familiar look to the mavic series. With the usual sensors etc, which i dont think you know i i dont think they needed to necessarily redesign the wheel here from from the point of view of reinvent the wheel, rather from the point of view of you know the mavic series, the mavic 2 pro It is a good form factor, it does work, so we didnt necessarily need to see everything you know to be completely new and different so, but it is interesting to see similar sensors to what you would expect here now.

This picture gives us a clean look at the rear of the drone again showing the rear loading battery and the rear sensor at the top of the drone, showing an angle to give a much wilder much wider, much wider field of detection for obstacle avoidance. So even from down below were taking the picture here you can see the the bug eyed sort of fish lens of the obstacle avoidance there. So next up we have a gratuitous shot of the front of the drone showing the hasselblad logo et cetera. I just thought this was a really cool shot. Frankly, so i included it and next up on this, one is an interesting shot, as it again showed the aircraft folded in hand and to me it really does show how chunky the camera and gimbals are um. I think it it really does start to give you an impression of just just the the sheer size of this drone. Weve got the fpv drone in the background there as well, which you can kind of gauge size from which i think it looks. Um looks pretty cool, i dont know geez one. It looks like the sensors may have a small blind spot directly at 90 degrees to the drone yeah its interesting actually in this video. They they do confirm that the that its a fisheye lens, um thats, actually protruding out. In fact, he does warn about potential, scratches, etc, um but yeah its going to be interesting to see isnt it when, when we see these in hand and uh certainly ill be hoping to get one uh fairly soon.

Although im trying to resist from the fact that it doesnt it wont, have a c label here for the uk, but anyway, you know there is still advantages to having it as a youtube channel for the international audience as well, but well have to wait and see Up next pic20 shows another view of the drone in flight with the sensors showing and the battery lids, which is, is obviously showing here um, where you can actually pinch the two sensors im going to talk about this in a second, the next five photographs as well. You can see one of the buttons here on the right below the sensor, but youve also got two further sensors at the top, which is interesting as well, and all this shots directly from behind. You can see the drone again showing it almost looks like a frog from the rear. There always has to be some kind of uh animal impression somewhere in a drone doesnt there there seems to be a movable panel in between the two sensors, which you can see there now this could be for the sd card. Although id expect that to be sat on the body of the drone and on the side somewhere, or it also could be to support the rear loading battery, it could be another um, uh part that actually clicks into pace um and actually holds it still. Um. As with the other rear shots, you can see again the two release pins, either side to show you how you seem to be able to release the battery basically and then shot 24 again.

This is just an interesting one. It doesnt really tell us anything. We didnt know from the the last pictures that we put out last week. There are going to be sets of filters coming with the drone. This is the again the standard one, the cine seems to have two sets um. This is the the standard set and the leaked retail pictures show that, obviously these filters do come with, as i was saying so so there we go. So there are a few pictures that i have taken from that video, as i say, were not playing out the full video today, because uh one its somebody elses copyrighted video frankly and id like him to enjoy, enjoy the um uh. The uptake when his video goes live officially, but it has been removed completely so um its its something wed like to respect that. I will put a link in the description below to where you can find the video. Should you want to what should you want to view, but, as i say, it is getting taken down an awful lot. Many many times lets have a look in the chat to see if anybody else has spotted anything snapshot. Drones uh the rear, props, look like they sit nicely when folded away on the body, so no possible deforming, um yeah. I know what you mean here. You can you can see that they they they do obviously theyre sticking out there, but from the point of view of once that, gimbal guard is on on the front and the picture ive seen of the gimbal guard on the drone.

It does just envelope those rear. Blades to keep them tucked in and, as you say, the snapdragon drone is good to see by the way um it does look like it does, keep them nicely, tucked in so youre, not going to get the warping there, which is good, which is very, very exciting. So yes, so there we are lets, have another quick run through of these pictures, one more time. So here we have for anybody thats just joining us here we have the the drone that was um from the introduction again in a quite an aggressive stance following and as were looking through. These, i will bring you some key points from the translation. Little bits of translation that i managed to get so some of the highlights. The return to home apparently is more advanced and it actually scans to find the best and safest route home uh, which is obviously different to the the the mavic 2 pro um. The the zoom is times two times four times. Fourteen and times twenty eight sensors are fisheye and um uh protrude, as i was stating before, and apparently the reviewer does state that its easy to get these scratched or damaged like the 360 camera lenses and from around nine minutes in the video he mentioned that when Using the telephoto mode or when you zoom in flying you, you wont, be able to precisely judge the distance against other options very well, so he was sort of giving a warning.

From that point of view, he did seem to have an issue with that as well. He also mentions that the obstacle avoidance is a lot better than the the the mavic 2 pro and other djis, but isnt quite up with the uh, the specs of the skydio2. So i think thats interesting isnt. It so were going to be bringing you more on the mavic 3 as we have it, but again i only like to really upload things when we have something chunky to show you like this. These are real photos from the drone in the wild, so i think thats thats, obviously something very exciting to bring you. So if youre new do subscribe and turn on the notifications, we will be live towards the end of the week unless anything else comes up between now and then, as i say, that is substantial um, including my thoughts on on the drone. When i get my hands on one after launch now in terms of price, the price is something i rarely comment on until we have true confirmations from the u.s or uk retailers as its just not as easy as finding the the chinese yen price and converting that To us dollars and then to pounds, you know there are going to be factors like import costs, local tax and looking at dgi releases over the years. For instance, here in the uk we often end up paying the same price in pounds as the us does in dollars, without a price benefit from the conversion there, however, it does seem the drone itself is going to be somewhere around the 2k mark.

For the for the drone single ive seen prices from 1700 up to the early twos for that im, not sure with this cine one um coming in as anywhere between early fours to fives its going to be interesting to see. I do think, though, as original dobo was saying, we are going to find out that the cine really is a version for for the professional user out there who was already using the prores side of things and has a need for that in a smaller form factor. I dont know whether or not thats necessarily going to be something which is going to be top of the shopping list. Frankly, accuracy sean, please, do not show us your chunky. Okay, i wont thank you very good. So yes, so so thats thats. Basically, what the the show for today, thank you very much for joining us on keiths final live, as i said, join us later again for another show, with uh ian from mads tech. I know that elsa mega kindly put a link in there just in in the chat too thats going to set your reminder now well be talking about our experiences with the dji action too. Not all bad some good as well, but clarifying on this old whole overheating issue, which isnt going away firmware, is all updated, etc. That type of thing and ive got some very direct feedback um, as others have pointed out, um some of the things that we could be trying and that type of thing so itd be interesting to have a chat with a fellow uk creator on that one.