, so were deep into the winter months now in england, and the dji mavic 3, as we know, can take some fantastic photos and videos. What about in these freezing conditions? Well before we head off to showcase this lets, just look now at this sunrise, so battery temperature is on look at this sunrise, but just hover in place about 30 seconds, and that will go off and look at this Music. The attention to detail dynamic range from this camera is outstanding. Look at this sunrise in photos. We can produce a really nice jpeg and raw photo. Weve also got aeb photo as well to get that hdr photo and coming from this with that av bracket photo, you can get some amazing results. Just starting off the day. Look at the video and photo we can get. The sunrise is outstanding. The saturation everything is brilliantly balanced without any color grading, its perfection, okay, a bit of fun. So a few of you asked. Can you crash this drone whats the obstacle avoidance like doing a full video on this now, but im just going to get the drone pointing directly at me and the car, and as you fly it at you, as you can see here, just in the red circle, As it flies towards you, it automatically just swerves around you in a cinematic style, as you can see here again as its flying towards the car, it will just drift off away now a sideways shot, so it sideways direct into the car and it automatically is swerving Away from it and going just in front of it and then avoiding that pole as well again here, another sideways shot, trying to get it into this lamppost and it wont.

Let me just swerves and again you can see it just goes forward and then swerves around it on its own accord. Now, if i push the left, stick all the way to the left, full speed. You can see as its approaching the lamp post, it will break and then swerve automatically now a little bit smoother and as its going towards its got this nice cinematic, pan shots. It will automatically just drift around it and youre able to still get good video because its nice and smooth its not erratic. Now, if i go head on into this lamppost youll see here it just swerve around it, so thats really good to see – and this example now what about two different obstacles so its a bit further back as its going towards its first sign, where it says pay Here it swerves around that it notices the lamp post swerves again and then carries its path. This is brilliant, especially that side sensor which something we were lacking on the dji air, 2s. Okay, so in this fantastic stunning location with lots of ice on the ground, get the mavic 3 out of this case. Put these gloves on and then the quality that comes from this drone is absolutely mind blowing. It is fantastic all these shots in 5.1 k, im using the h.265 codec in normal, and the results are spectacular. Now none of these shots are color graded. This is just straight out of the drone.

I may have changed the exposure, but that is it and look at the quality. Look at the attention to detail in the skies the landscape. It is unbelievable, Music in this area. Now the grass and the sand is all frozen and the drone produces. What is only can be described as some bizarre strange formation of this ice. Look at this as we now climb and increase altitude, the quality still – and this is what you get with – that 5.1 k – hasselblad micro, four thirds sensor. It is amazing, even in pretty poor conditions, the low lights. That is, the difference between a one inch sensor and a sensor light get on the mini two in photos. This is a photo and then we can now crop in using that 5.1 k and still get brilliant results. This drone just amazes me every single time i fly it. We are limited on features at the moment with the mavic 3, but the features we have access to are just breathtakingly good. The footage out of this drone is just incredible. Just make sure youre watching this in 4k quality to appreciate just how good it is Music. This drone is only going to get better as well in january and february when we see this firmware update to unlock the rest of this drone sure it should have been ready on release. But how good is this drone going to be once weve got them features the quality from the camera and the video are unmatched from any other folding drone, and this is the biggest selling point and why its worth this money so over there in the distance is The power plant adhesion and we can use the explore mode to explore over there to see what its like maybe and we can see now.

The quality isnt great its a really foggy misty day, but we can zoom in all the way from one times up to 28 times and look how we is now can zoom in and just how close we can get and then, as we punch out. We then remember just how far away we actually were. The explorer mode is a brilliant function. What about fpv mode ill? Do a full video on this, but fpv on here is a lot of fun with the fast motors, the responsiveness. This drone is so responsiveness and twitchy slight move on that controller. Stick and its boom its gone its a way away in the wind. It is so responsive and fast. You can see here the three cars on the right hand: side as we now open up into sports mode. I begin to catch them up its only because i ran out of distance, but believe me, this drone look at the speed in the bottom left hand corner at just how fast it is. It is an animal Music Music, the drone isnt perfect. Yet we have a couple of months left until it should reach perfection, but what we have so far is just incredible. The camera quality from this drone is the biggest reason why you should go out and buy this drone, its the best drone ive ever flown and every time i fly it im reminded by that. I hope you enjoyed that video guys its been brilliant, producing this video to show you how good this drone is.