All fears with drone pilots had a few weeks ago are completely vanished longer flight times no video cuts or signal loss. A better and bigger image sensor, a pro sensing system, making it nearly impossible to crash, even though dji has named it the mavic 3. For me, its a mini inspire 3 because it inspires me to go beyond my imagination, and this is what you can do with this drone Music Music. Well guys, i really want you to know that, after more than a month testing this drone flying it like crazy. You know a bunch of places, nature buildings, everything, weve tested this thing to the limit. Weve done everything that can be done, weve already done attaching stuff on top comparing crazy things that you will see in the upcoming weeks. I really want you to know that the quality, the image quality, because it all comes down to the image quality that the drone gives us, is absolutely amazing, its true guys that the flight experience is pretty similar to what we know from dji drones and the app Is the dji fly up so its standard, but um the longer flight time and a bunch of things that are in this zone are just a blast, and i cannot stop recommending this row: Applause, Music, Music, so Music. These are some of the top specs that the mavic 3 brings us the new camera developed by hasselblad once again with a micro, four third image sensor.

This is a killer, trust me being bigger. It steps up the game into a better low light performance and just an overall superior quality. You know by now the mavic 3 has also the thinner version which allows you to shoot in prores 4 to 2 hq 5k and has a built in one terabyte ssd. The video where i talk about why you dont need this is coming in the next hours, so stay tuned, its the first time that dji can deliver a 5k 50p. The amazing 5k resolution, but with 50 frames per second, are a serious advantage over other drones. Weve also done tests with this. The vid is also coming amazing, slow mode. Finally, we also have a new apis 5.0 and active track. 5.0. Apis is a life saver and combined with the new 360 sensing system. Trust me, you wont crash the drone, even if you want to the new active track, surprised me the most on the om5. We have also a video ready tracking my car in the mountains, where youll see this at its full potential. Skydio2 contender well well see Music. The only reason guys why there is no snow and were not covered in ice because it hasnt been snowing in the past weeks, but its super freezing right, evil and well. What, among the other, important things that have been updated on the mavic 3. And there is the hasselblad color and honestly from what weve seen with the comparison on the mavic 2 pro that weve already done.

So what weve seen guys is that the mavic 3 seems to have a more natural and not so strong. Color remember on the mavic 2: it was really greenish and, like very saturated, i think its good. I really like it and guys what about the taylor lens. I mean um ive been criticizing this, because the review is actually the last thing that were filming, but weve done: comparisons versus the r2s, the mavic 2 pro and other crazy tests and the tele lens. Somehow i dont know, but, as of today, we just dont see that it is good or useful at all. It is true that it zooms in up to 26 times, which is crazy, and this is like this tilled dual hybrid lens, but overall the quality really is bad, so um. Of course, the dji says that it is good because you can film wild animals without disturbing them and all that, but as of today, either using this two times zoom in for social media or we dont really see the use of this theres a lot of buzz Around firmware and whats included in todays firmware, but 4k 120p d, log, prores and apas 5.0 are included and ready for everyone. Now, on the other hand, tracking hyperlapse, master, shots, quick transfer and quick shots will be included in some, hopefully near future, firmware update. Let me know in the comments what you think of this one of the greatest things guys is actually the omnidirectional sensing system.

I must say it was pretty difficult and hard to crash a mavic 2 pro, but i have the feeling that this one is even more difficult unless you turn everything off and fly in sports mode, and you want to crash it. I think weve come to a point where it really is impossible to crash. It is nearly impossible to crash. I mean weve been now filming here i was tracking chibo and following him and there are rocks and – and you know this crazy mountain and the drone with with the apas dodging everything – and i dont know it was it works flawlessly and the last two things. Of course, the battery and the flight time um, you know it by now its 46 minutes its actually a lot because real minutes they are like 37 38 weve, calculated it and its still good, because from a mavic 2 pro, for example, you could get around 24 25, so youre getting a third more its quite a lot and you know: weve been filming in a bunch of places and and we in mountains, with trees in the middle and usually with the air to s or other drones. We lost the video signal from time to time, but in one month that weve been flying this thing i havent lost the image once and this is completely and honestly true. We have not lost the signal. So this all three plus, which is the new ocusync 60 live feed and all that seems to be for the first time, working, really really good Music Music.

Now, for my european fellows, all dji3 models are below 900 grams. The standard version is 895 grams and the cine version 899 grams dji did a wonderful job again at bringing the weight down below 900 grams. This leaves the road wide open for the upcoming european regulations and it could actually get a cec1 label in the near future, which, without getting much into detail, would make your life much much easier. This is an open topic and ill keep you updated in the following months about it to finish off this video, to sum a little bit up guys this crazy month that weve had. I am super happy with this drone. I am happy because it seems really like a professional device. Now this is the first time i told you. I didnt lose signal. The extended flight autonomy was what everyone was asking for: the bigger image sensor. There are a bunch of things that make this little foldable drone a mini, inspire 3., honestly its its closer to an inspire than to a mavic 2 pro almost – and this says a lot about dji. There are a bunch of things on this drone that, for example, the taylor lens. You know that i ask myself like this – is not really pro or good. What is it doing on a professional device? And you know there are still things that they can improve. The ocu sync is amazing. The footage that i took right here in the same place in low light condition with the four third inch image sensor is its.

I mean theres, no drone right now. No consumer drone that is close to that quality. So, overall, i must say that um remember again that weve tested this to the limit and ive made with tebow hundreds of tests, so stay tuned because were gon na be releasing them in the next days. Comparisons are coming a bunch of cinematic videos that i really hope that you enjoyed and, as i told you its about the first time in many years, together with chibu that we are truly enjoying doing some reviews and comparisons. The past we had lost a little bit. The passion, but this thing right shivo it has given us the passion back, and this is the best that a drone can do these days for us. So nothing realistic to say guys. I hope that you enjoyed leave the thumb, stop if youre not yet tons of videos coming at all of them to keep calm and love the mavic 3 and talk Music well, guys were really tired. Now, and i want to talk to you about among other no. In snow in water, in you know less its quite a lot.