. But before we go any further, i want to make absolutely sure that everyone watching knows this is not a toy drone or a play drone by any means. This is a straight up, workhorse of the highest pedigree. Now that doesnt mean you cant have fun with it, because we certainly have since getting it in hand. What we were hoping to do today was actually showcase. The dji master shot system. How that works. To basically turn you into a film pro with self guided stylistic shots, unfortunately, that feature isnt quite ready, yet so were going to give you a hands on overview of how life with the mavic 3 is right. Now, first off youll want to get your mavic 3 flight worthy, which is easier than ever. The newly upgraded gimbal protector is a smash out of the ballpark in the past. Youve had to deal with a little plastic cover on the gimbal, but now with the mavic 3, you have a full on muzzle that straps around the entire drone and even holds the props in place once thats off you simply unfold. The arms place. The drone in the take off area and power it on, like you, did with the old models with the power button now on the battery located at the rear of the drone, get your phone loaded into the dji radio, connect, the cable and power it on and Bam: youre ready to get to the sky once you do take off youll likely notice.

The view is insanely, clear and thats. Thanks to the new four thirds sensor on the hasselblad camera suspended out front theres. Also a telephoto lens on there, for when you need to zoom in flight is smooth and flight. Time is long well over 30 minutes. In our experience in normal mode, the mavic 3 cruises at the 22 mile per hour rate. But if you need to go faster, you can slap it into sport mode and disable all the safety measures and hit up to 46 miles per hour and everything in the way, if youre, not careful. But if youre going to for those cinematic shots that you love. So much then youll want to tone things down with the cine option and that tops out at around 15 miles per hour, but it does give much more resolution to those stick movements. A major feature worth mentioning has got to be the collision avoidance system on board. I even tried flying it right at me to see what it would do and rather than just stopping and staring at me, it calculated a flight path that avoided me and stayed on course, which is quite impressive. Okay, so a stationary object directly in front of the camera is one thing, but what if i wanted to fly through a thick of trees and follow a subject in this case? I was the subject and i was trying to follow myself while flying so this entire experiment was really awkward, and i was convinced that it would be the last time that id be flying the mavic 3.

But to my surprise, the mavic 3 managed to stay with me and avoid not only the trunks of the trees but made corrections for the changes in elevation and avoided the bottom of the tree. Canopies. Okay, so flight is good, fast, fun and long. But what about when youre, ready to go home? The return to home feature of the mavic series tends to improve with every release and its no different. Here we love the option for the return to home, to not have to go to a predetermined height, fly back and then land. Now you can set it to navigate around obstacles. When you do, you actually end up with some really cinematic return flights, but how good is the option for really navigating around things? Well, we put that to the test setting the mavic 3 on the other side of a set of trees from its takeoff point facing under the canopy, then we hit the return button to see what she did. To be honest. It was quite impressive, watching the mavic 3 navigate itself around in such a smooth flight manner and im now personally jealous of its automated flight skills. Overall, the experience has been really good with the pricey dji mavic 3. were talking around three thousand dollars for the fly. More kit that we have for review and while the footage is absolutely breathtaking and quality, we cant help but feel a little bit let down by the lack of master shots were hoping that we can hold on to the unit long enough to follow up with another Feature showcasing how it can take our camera drone skills from mediocre to magnificent, so stay tuned.