, Colin Smith, from photoshopcafe.com. And today Im very excited.. I have the Mavic 3 so were going to test it. Out. Now.. I just want to let you know. I bought this with my own money, so it was not given to me or sponsored by DJI. So I can say what whatever I want, and I will give you my honest, the Mavic Three.. This is the standard edition. Its not the Cine addition for 5000.. Instead, I got the Flymore bundle for 3000, which includes the drone, the controller, the charging Port, where you can charge three batteries.. It comes with three batteries.. One of them is already in there.. Theres two. There comes with the charger extra little knobs for the controller four pairs of props, USB C to USBC, USB C to Mini and a USB to USBC., And it also comes with this really good. Bag.. All right lets have a look at the stuff. Ive really been waiting for is the drone., And here it is. And heres this amazing little clamp.. I think this is really nice, because this is going to make it easy to lets. Take this clamp off and have a look at this. Has a look at that. Theres, a House of Blood camera beautiful.. These arms are thinner, but they definitely go out a lot more, a lot larger than the Mavic Two Pro.. So if we look at the Mavic Two see how the drone is not necessarily that much larger but its got longer arms.

, You can really see that. And if you have flown some of the more recent DGI drones, youre, probably familiar with this controller., It has a Nice little bit here that slots out., We can put a phone in there. Its nice., Its not underneath in the way anymore. Its up the top there. And inside here there are two plugs. Theres, a Lightning there for your iphone, and then it has a USBC there For your Android phones., This comes with new batteries, and the batteries now go in the back, again. Kind of like the original Phantoms. And one of the nice things about this with the new batteries is also theres a little Port at the back, and you can see Thats, where you put your micro SD card, but also has a USBC. Here, a nice feature is you can actually plug a cable in here and charge this with the battery inserted., So you just plug it into USB cable and youre charging your battery up.. So one of the nice things about this is it comes with a set of Nd filters.. So if we just pop this open, we can see that theres four different Nd filters here and they can just snap on the front of the drone.. And this enables us to just keep the nice shutter speed in bright light., But also it can be kind of fun to put a darker Nd in there and do a slower, shutter speed photograph and get a little bit of movement in water and different things.

Like that., So the thing that really gets me excited about the Mavic three is the Hassle Blood camera with the microphone sensor, which is larger than the one inch sensor on here.. The larger sensor means, among the other things better low light.. I can get a little bit of the background blur. That bigger sensor actually makes it easier to do that. Its going to give you smoother footage. Its just going to help you overall get just cleaner sharper. Footage. Were going to take this out in a minute and test it and were going to see if that footage is better. But thats one of the things I really care about., And this also has a dual camera.. It has another camera on the top, which is a Zoom camera.. Now I dont know how much Im going to be using the Zoom camera.. To be honest, they call it Explorer. Mode. Maybe Ill get some shots of it, but the drawback on that one is it doesnt support Raw. It shoots only in JPEG, whereas the main camera will shoot in JPEG and Raw. And if any serious photographers you know you want to be shooting in Raw.. So, as far as the camera, its a 20 megapixel microphone through its camera using the Hasselblade Color Science cameras designed by Hasselblad, and so is the color Science.. If its anything like the Mavic Two pro, I just loved the color on here. Im. Looking forward to checking this out the color.

, So the resolution of the video goes up to 5.1K, which gives you a little bit of room for your 4K.. If you want to crop it for different things, get out, maybe some prop shadows or different things like that.. The other thing thats really exciting about this – is it has forecast up to 120 frames per second, so Im really excited about that to be able to get the slow motion.. Now its going to be interesting to see how this works on the non Cine, because the Cine version has 1 TB SSD on board this one.. Unfortunately, I feel a little let down on the fact that its still only 8GB internal storage, which is pretty useless. As far as video goes, you can capture a few photos. Its useful if youve forgotten your card.. I do like it when Im doing Bracketed HDRs bracketed panoramas. Its good because its just fast, but I really wish theyd gone, bigger 256 or even 64. But eight gigs to me is a little disappointment.. I would have paid extra money for the option to have had bigger internal storage, but I dont want to pay 2000 extra for the Sydney Drum for that. And also the bandwidth is up to 200 megabits per second, which is really nice.. So that should give us some good clean footage on board. Flight time has been boosted to they claim 46 minutes, which is really nice.. Im going to imagine Ill, probably get somewhere between 30 to 35 minutes of real time, because when youre flying and accelerating and doing different things, you never get what they say.

. So now it has 360 degrees of obstacle. Avoidance.. If you look underneath it has the vision. Sensors., It also has vision, sensors on the top., And these back ones are kind of like fisheye., So they see the side as well as the back., And this is the front as well as the side., So it creates an entire bubble because its upward downward. And So theyre claiming that the obstacle avoidance is much better. And in fact, when youre doing return to home, it can look up to 200 meters ahead and map out the terrain.. So the obstacle avoidance should be much much better than it has been in the past. And well see how that goes.. I dont know if Ill test that today. Another thing is the APASS Five is going to enable it to do active track. But I see that thats not actually going to be available until January is a firmware update.. So we can maybe test that in January heading out to the beach right now and were going to go for our first flight. Well see how it goes. All right.. So we just had the first flight and Ive got to tell you Im really impressed.. This thing is super smooth, very quick., From what Im seeing through the viewfinder, though its just looking really nice really crisp. Theres a lot of features here.. I, like the ability to take the camera. And Ive, got some shots Im going to show you now, where Im just taking a photo through the regular camera.

, Then Im going into the Zoom and then Ill Zoom all the way in and show you the different shots. So you can see how those look. So on the controller theres three different modes, we can fly, in., One is Cine, and so, when youre in the Cine mode, it slows. Everything. Down. Movements are very slow. And then you get that nice. Smooth movement actually makes a lot easier to get good cinematic footage than what we used to have in the past.. Then, of course, weve got the normal mode, which is just medium speed.. You fly you do your normal thing and of sport mode.. So when we kicked it into sport mode, I got up to 46 miles an hour and I noticed it flies very quickly.. The Mavic two flew pretty quickly as well., So Im, not seeing a big difference in that., But what I am seeing a huge difference in is ascent and decent speed.. This thing climbs and drops much quicker., So I guess its got to do with the newly designed aerodynamics, because in the past, coming down too quick would cause the drone to just have issues coming down., And I guess with the aerodynamics now it makes it easier to Do a faster decent without losing control., Interesting things about this is when you go into the Zoom camera, you go into whats known as Explorer mode, and it might seem like youre just zooming in on the camera.

, But what its actually doing is also controlling the drone.. So when youre in that mode and youre moving and youre zoomed in the movements are more subtle., So youre not zoomed all the way in getting these very fast movements that would ruin the shot.. Definitely a big update from the Mavic Two pro.. I dont see myself really wanting any other drone for quite a long, time. Very happy with this., So its a nice upgrade from number two.. I think this is going to be my favorite drone and Ive got to call it whats the name of the is it toothless or the name of the Dragon. It reminds me of how to train your Dragon.. You know the Dragon that looks like a fish. Thats. What it looks like a little bit to me. – Maybe Ill name it after that one seems like fun. So anyway guys. I hope you liked this video.. If you did. Let me know in the comments underneath. What do you think about? You got any questions Things you want me to test out thoughts. Whatever. Drop, those in there. If youre new. Welcome to Photoshop Cafe.. So if you are new here, consider hitting that subscribe button and ring that Bell., So you dont miss any of my videos. And if you got any value out of this or you enjoyed it at all, do me a favor. Hit that like button., It helps us The YouTube algorithm. And until next time Ill see you at the cafe.

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