It test it out figure out what its strengths are and what its weaknesses are. But i must say after flying it for the last 30 days. This is really one impressive piece of tech, its an expensive drone, theres, no denying that this drone actually has some pretty incredible: specs, a new micro, four third camera 46 minutes of flight time, upgraded obstacle avoidance, it flies a little faster and, of course, if you get The cine version you can now record in pro res and it also comes with a built in one terabyte ssd. Now for myself, i opted to go with the fly more combo and i purchased the rc pro separately, because i did want that all in one unit with a nice bright screen. However, with that said, with all newly released tech, it does have some problems and were going to talk about that here later on. In the video myself, ive experienced some problems and, of course, if youre watching youtube videos, youve seen that theres a lot of problems that people have experienced. The big topic, however, that a lot of people talk about and im not going to go too much into detail. Whether i think its right or wrong is the fact that this drone is only half ready to go and with some of the problems that people are having. It appears that dji rushed it out the door most likely they wanted to cash in on those holiday sales.

But i for one think that they should have waited after all. This is an expensive drone. If youre spending three four five here in canada, seven thousand dollars on a drone, it should be ready to go right out of the box. Now, im not too terribly concerned about that. Yet because i know dji is going to fix the problems. Thats one thing dji is good at is fixing problems via firmware updates, pumping out new features. So by january, all this should be sorted out if youre, watching this video and youre not quite aware. Some of the missing features of this drone are active track point of interest, spotlight, theres, no quick shots, theres, no master shots; theres, no panoramas, theres, no hdr for both photos or videos and dji stated all these features will be available in january. Hopefully, that doesnt get delayed, so i guess well just have to wait and see so as disappointing as it is that this drone has some problems and is only half ready to go theres a lot of good about this drone that kind of makes up for it. As mentioned, this drone has a micro, four third sensor, which, when you really break it down, thats pretty incredible for a small consumer drone. The new evolved drone that came out earlier. This fall has a micro, four third camera on it as well, but it is considerably more money and its not foldable, so for dji to be able to pack a camera like this in a small drone, thats, foldable and portable is pretty impressive and if youre a Person who films at night or sunset sunrise, any kind of low light conditions, youre going to be really impressed with the results heres a shot here i filmed at an early sunrise, and this is all just shot in auto.

I didnt do any grading to it. Just straight off the camera and the colors that it can pick up in the dynamic range is just incredible. If i was trying to film that on something like the mini 2 or drone with a smaller sensor, it would still pick up the colors decently. But a lot of it would be washed out it just wouldnt, be able to capture the same amount of color and detail. Also, just the simple fact that this is a dji drone, it flies beautifully, the control is precise, and it just does what its supposed to do. Dji just really knows how to build a drone right from the fit and finish the way it flies. The precision control the intelligent safety features theres a reason why dji is the leader when it comes to consumer drones and thats, just because they know what theyre doing and they build a good product. The flight time has been upgraded to 46 minutes. So in that aspect, a lot of people could get away with only two batteries. Its not like the early days where you had to have multiple batteries, just be able to capture what you want to capture 46 minutes of flight time. Of course youre not going to get that in real world scenarios, but you know ive already gotten close to 40 minutes now i did purchase a fourth battery. I had three in the fly more combo, but i just like to make sure i have enough battery power and really any time ive gone out.

Flying ive only used two, as mentioned. We also have new, upgraded obstacle avoidance and thats kind of a mixed issue. For me, it actually works quite well. Ive put it through quite a few tests, but the obstacle avoidance, i think, needs a little bit of work and well talk about that. When we get into more some of the negative aspects. Now i really like what theyve done with the charger this year. This new minimal charger just is brilliant, definitely a lot more compact than what weve seen in the past. So if youre traveling, with your mavic 3, its going to make it a little bit more streamlined for packing, and i even like the new charging hub that theyve designed this year, some of the other charging hubs were a little fiddly to get the batteries in. But this one works quite well: the batteries just plug in with no messing around. So i really like the design and i hope, going forward any new drones that dji releases in the future adopts this new design. Now. One thing that is different with the mavic 3: is you dont plug the battery directly into the charger thats? How weve seen it most of the time in the past, except for the mini series? You basically plug the charger directly into the drone and thats how you charge the battery and, for the most part, thats a good idea. The only thing i dont like about it and it doesnt really affect me, because i have the fly more combo and i have the charging hub.

But if youre a person who just purchased the base kit – and you perhaps purchased one spare battery in the past, if you had a dead battery, you could charge it up while youre flying the drone, but now with this new design, because it has to be plugged Into the drone youre not able to charge a battery while youre flying, so that is one negative aspect to this charger. Now another hot topic about the mavic 3. Is this new gimbal guard that they include some people love it? Some people hate it. I for one? Actually, really like it, i think its functional and, for the most part, its easy to use. It offers more protection for the gimbal than those plastic ones that theyve included in the past. Those things could get knocked off. Pretty easy goes on super easy and it keeps your propellers nicely tucked in now those propellers can flop out, but for the most part it just makes putting it into a bag. Nice and easy. You dont have to worry about these propellers getting caught up on the interior of the bag. It is a little on the ugly side at the front there, but really its just a cosmetic thing now. Another nice feature that they included this year is that the gimbal locks once you power it off again. That makes it easier to put gimbal guards on, but, as you can see here, mines already come loose and thats kind of a problem with a lot of people.

If it gets knocked a certain way and that actually just came loose for me, taking off the gimbal cover the problem with, that, though, is, as you can see here if it comes loose while its being transported around that camera is jostling around inside, that gimbal cover And it will knock against the arms there, its not a big issue. I dont think it will damage anything but, as you can see, it does start to put some scuff marks on the gimbal. So all in all its a pretty solid drone – and i am fairly happy with the purchase as mentioned – it would have been nice if it was complete. So, with the good out of the way lets talk about some of the negative problems that ive been experiencing and things that i wish they had done differently. The first problem. I noticed right away from the first day i flew it is that it takes a long time to acquire gps, my air 2s, even my mini 2. I can have full gps connectivity within 30 seconds, but with my mavic 3, sometimes im waiting three to five minutes. Just to get 12 satellites so it can set the home point properly and thats been a problem at every location i fly. I dont know if its related to the problem, but i noticed that if you take a look at the specs theyve changed the gps systems that it connects to glonass was one that most drones connected to, but now theyve replaced it with this other one.

So i dont know if thats part of the problem uh the other thing to do with gps is, i noticed my drone drifts around a little bit its very minor, but even when i was doing my hover test, i kept having to move the drone back into The camera view, because, after about five minutes when i was hovering, itd be about six to eight feet, away from where it started from and honestly ive never had that with any other dji drone. I could have a drone hovering in the exact same spot for 20 minutes and it wouldnt even move half a foot. Some other youtubers are reporting problems with horizon tilt and some of them were actually pretty severe. I havent experienced that with mine. Now i did get a horizon tilt a little bit very mild a few times when i was flying, but it corrected itself very quickly and, to be honest, ive had that with almost every dji drone ive owned, sometimes they just arent quite 100 level. But as you start flying around, they usually correct themselves. However, one problem i am having with it and again its very mild, it doesnt do it very often, but every once in a while when youre flying, the camera will jump and its usually, when youre doing a complex maneuver. If youre flying sideways, maybe youre doing a yaw or youre flying and you slow down, the camera will sometimes just kind of twitch a little bit most of the time, its been when im in sport mode.

But i have actually had it happen once when i was in normal mode, its very minor and its, not anything, im really concerned about and its not just me theres many other people on youtube, mentioning that little camera jump and again im pretty confident. Dji will get that worked out fairly quickly now. Another thing im not too fond of this year that they implemented with the mavic 3, is the new advanced return to home in the past, weve always had smart return to home, which, basically you would preset the return to home height in the settings. If you became disconnected or you got a low battery, return to home or youve manually initiated a return to home, the drone would go up to that predetermined height come straight across to you and then come straight down and land with advance return to home. If youre flying out, say at 50 meters its going to come home to you at that 50 meters on the way home its also going to descend and avoid obstacles now, in theory, its a great idea, its more efficient its going to save some of your battery, Which, in turn will allow you to fly longer, but the problem i have with it is that not every location youre flying at is suitable for that, if youre flying in a field with hydra wires or some trees, that dont have any foliage on them. As weve seen already on youtube, the obstacle avoidance cant pick up some of those really fine details as the drones flying along its supposed to see a tree move around it and continue coming home, and i think for the most part it will work.

But i just dont trust it enough to have my 5 000 drone coming home and trying to avoid things that it could potentially hit not to mention if youre flying in a park and theres people around. I dont want the drone coming home in at a low altitude above people now that advance return to home is only initiated if the lighting environment is suitable. If it cant make use of its obstacle avoidance, if its too dark, it will disable the advanced return to home and just initiate a normal smart return to home. But i would like to see dji add an option in the settings in the safety menu where you can disable the advanced return to home altogether. That way, if youre, in an environment where you dont think its suitable, you can manually turn it off. As mentioned the obstacle avoidance on the strong works quite well, its not perfect, no obstacle avoidance is. It has a hard time seeing small branches, but i do believe it needs a little bit of work. I find its a little over aggressive than what it needs to be, especially if youre using a pass. Now i dont always have obstacle avoidance on, but if im flying in close proximity to something, i will sometimes turn it on just to make sure i dont hit anything and thats kind of where the problem is with past drones, when youre using apas its going to Slowly, ease around it, but with the mavic 3 it really jumps around and it can be pretty aggressive.

Sometimes, for example, if youre hovering like 10 feet in front of you and you push the stick down to lower it a bit, it could advertently go up. It can go sideways and it can jump around about anywhere from two to three feet. Youll hear the motors rev up and it just moves very quickly and that can become a problem if youre flying in tight quarters around trees again that dont have any foliage on them. It could inadvertently jump right into a tree branch, so i think it needs to be fine tuned a little bit. Another little gripe i have is that they chose to use the fly app with the mavic 3. now dont get me wrong. I actually really like the fly app. I actually prefer it over the go4 app, but i think for a drone of this caliber, their flagship high end consumer drone. It needed to have a more pro app, i think. Ideally, they should have released. Maybe a new fly app called, maybe perhaps the fly app pro that had a lot of these advanced features and customization now again, im confident that were going to see some big changes to it over the coming months. After all, if you look at the original fly app when the mini was released, its come a long way since then, a lot of new features and advanced features have been added. So with the mavic 3 out now, im pretty sure we will see some advanced features.

Added another little annoyance is the controller that theyre, including with the base package and the fly more combo. This is the same controller that comes with the 400 mini 2 and uh dont. Get me wrong. I actually really like this controller its super comfortable to hold, but i like it for the mini 2 and i like it for the air 2s when im spending this much on a drone. I would like to have a controller that is equally as premium and just some minor changes to it a little bit of telemetry on the front there, some customizable buttons on the back, an extra scroll wheel for changing settings or adjusting your zoom level and at bare Minimum at least have it match the drone. The other alternative is the rc pro which you can purchase separately, but this has a pretty hefty price tag on it as well, so its not really something that a lot of people want to spend money. On now i mentioned this in another video that i uploaded a couple weeks ago is that i think dji should have been a little bit more flexible when it comes to the packages that theyre offering when a drone gets to be this much money. Some people may not be able to afford to purchase it all at once, and what i mean by that is, somebody might be able to only afford the base package for now, but they may want the fly more combo later on down the road.

I think it would have been a better idea to release the fly more combo as a separate package similar to what they did with the mavic 2 pro and the mavic 2 zoom. You could buy the base package and then upgrade to the fly more combo down the road and still get a bit of a discount better. Yet they should have never included that bag in the package that bag retails in the dji store for about three hundred dollars. So when it comes to the fly more combo thats a big part of the price, some people like it, some people – dont, not everybodys, going to use it, so they shouldnt have forced people to buy that bag. If anything have it as an add on when youre checking out, if you purchase it with the drone, give them a bit of a discount that way, theyre still getting a deal on it, but dont force people to buy it, who arent going to use it? Some people just want a bit of a discount for extra batteries, extra propellers and the charging hub, and, of course, the big complaint is that a lot of people wanted the rc pro bundled in with a fly more combo. Now that is something that dji has changed. Course on they made an announcement in their forum that they are going to be having a package. Uh fly more combo package that has the rc pro. I do believe it said that in mainland china, its going to be available around december 20th and in the rest of the world sometime in january, whats even more surprising, is that they stated that theyre going to offer some sort of compensation to people who bought the Flymore combo and then had to upgrade to the rc pro its probably going to come in the form of dji coupons or even store credit im, not sure how thats going to work or what kind of compensation youre going to get now.

Lastly, before i go here, i just kind of want to talk about that hybrid zoom, camera thats included with the hasselblad camera. Now this is 100 opinion based its nothing to do with the performance of the camera, but myself i could have done without that camera. I really dont have a lot of use for it, its a seven times fixed optical zoom, but just when using that camera, the quality is not that great, even at the fix seven times zoom. Although it is nice, you can get a little creative with it. Do some parallax style videos or perhaps even a dolly zoom? If you take a look at this video here, its filled in the seven times fixed optical zoom and the quality still isnt that great its a little bit grainy a little bit blurry. I would just never use it to capture anything thats important. Of course, it is kind of fun to play around with, and a lot of people really do like it after a few times playing with it its something ill, never use. I would have preferred just to have the hasselblad camera and, if anything, uh eight time digital zoom, like they did with the mavic air better, yet give me a true optical zoom, camera and maybe thats something i would actually make use of again like i said that Is just opinion based, but i think as a whole that just kind of cheapens the whole hasselblad camera makes it feel a little amateurish.

But i must say: dji did an incredible job at making that image stable, especially when zoomed in at 28 times anytime, youre zoomed. In that far any little movement of the drone or the camera is going to be greatly exaggerated. But as you can see in this example, we zoom in two times four times seven times 14 times and then all the way to 28 times and that image is still pretty stable. So the dji engineers did a pretty incredible job with that. Well thats. Basically, my review of the mavic 3 now its hard to really fully review this drone, because a lot of the features as mentioned are not there yet. So, of course, we will be taking a look at it when some of these features are available. Well be testing them out, making some videos about them, and hopefully i didnt scare you off of this drone by bringing up some of the problems. If you are thinking of purchasing it, not to worry, dji will get all these little issues fixed thats. One thing dji is good for is getting firmware, updates out to fix problems, and, of course, once we have the full suite of features thats going to make this drone completely different, and i have a feeling that theres going to be other features that they havent even Announced yet because really when you take a look at it, theres nothing really new with this drone when it comes to intelligent flight features that we havent already seen.

So i have a feeling. Dji does have some surprises up its sleeve and well see them sometime in the new year. All in all, this is one impressive piece of tech, as mentioned a small foldable drone like this, with a micro, four thirds sensor. That is something that five years ago you couldnt even really dream about. You know it just didnt seem like a reality but uh here it is here in front of us. Hopefully you enjoyed this video and got some value out of it.