Let me show you some footage that ive captured over the first month and then well unpack. Why perhaps you should get this thrown and perhaps why this might not be the drone for you, but lets jump into the footage and see what weve captured in the first month? Music. Oh, Music. Applause is Music Applause, Music, me Music. So there you go theres some footages ive caught with the mavic 3 over the first month. What i wanted to do is give you some examples. So then we can discuss some of the features and benefits of potentially having the mavic 3. What id like to do? Initially is run through five reasons why you may wish to consider getting the mavic 3 now theyll move on to five reasons why you may wish to hold off the mavic 3 now or consider alternative drones. So what i want to start off with with the first reason why you may wish to consider getting the mavic 3 is moving back to that footage. That was in the open and taking a look at one of the clips one of the clips which you can see here, we shot in snowdonia, so thats in wales, mountain range. The conditions were quite horrific, as you can hear from this particular footage, which was being talked by my wife. As i was flying the mavic 3. You can hear the wind, so the wind itself was quite relentless on this day, approximately about 40 kilometers.

Obviously the mavic 3 tops, i suppose, in specifications around that in terms of wind resistance, but, as you can see in this footage, the camera and the video quality was unaffected by those conditions completely stable. As you can see here, just doing a low long shot moving backwards with the drone. The wind was quite strong id say 40 kilometers, but the footage was just incredibly stable, so there you go so the first reason id like to offer in terms of considering to get the mavic 3 about its ability to handle adverse weather conditions, especially high winds. So with that, thatll give you the maximum opportunity to get out with your drone, especially in a foldable drone, probably the best performance youre going to get in terms of being able to handle those high winds, as you saw in that footage, very high winds as you As you notice it from my wifes um footage as well, this drone was completely unaffected. So therefore, i think, if youre thinking about obviously getting out there as much as you possibly can, this drone will give you that opportunity to get out there in, i suppose, higher winds that the mini 2, the a2, the a2s, the mavic pro etc, will not be Able to handle or well be able to handle book venue footage which is probably going to be unusable, as you saw in that footage well affected, and i was able to use that footage and theyd be open to this particular video, so thats.

The first reason. So the second reason which you may wish to consider for getting the mavic 3 is the video quality, so lets jump back into another clip and well take a look at the quality thats coming out of the hasselblad main sensor. So lets do that now. So, as you can see here were in the lake district and, as you can see, would have been a dark lake and then also white snow on the landscape and then ill see a quite prominent um sky and cloud coverage. You can see its quite a high contrast image, but the video coming out of that the main hasselblad four third sensor is really quite impressive, even in the shadows getting detailed, i suppose, even in the highlights and in the skies and the whites again still retaining the Detailing across the the image itself, not not much knowledge itself. So if we move on to the next piece of footage, so this is at wasp water, so again in the lake district, around 7 45. So, just before the the sunrise coming up over the mountains on the right hand, side of this image again beautiful color profile coming out of that main sensor, i dont think youd be capturing that that color and that dynamic range um in a a2. Especially, perhaps you get it in the mavic pro 2 and maybe the a2s, but i dont think youll retain as much detail both in the mid tones and and the low lights.

I have that dynamic range across the video profile too so thats. The second reason id like to give is just the overall video quality performance, especially in high contrast. Situations performed really well and, as you saw in the the opening um footage, a short clip of some low light performance, extreme low light performance after dark um over the river mersey and liverpool again offered some real excellent footage. Very low, low noise and thats. All out of automatic sensors in the camera, as well so again just brought that footage up just down and to give you a look at, i reminded what that looked like. I will do a future video on low light performance um for that ill, come up in the in the next episode or two. So move on to reason. Number three and thats quite simple – has to be the battery performance, but this bad boy here has probably given me around 36 minute flight time. Um thats really impressive when compared to something like the air to the a2s, probably getting in realistic conditions around 21 and 22 minutes ish. Why thats important having that extended? You know approximately nine ten minutes battery life is, i saw there was shooting, in sunrise, sunset conditions up in the lake district and thats really important, trying to capture those shots when conditions are changing, especially after sunrise sunset not having to return the drone changing the battery. Potentially, losing hours or missing that crucial shot.

So i think for me, having an extended battery life allowed me to maintain my ability to stay in the air capture the shot i needed and not worrying about having to get back and potentially missing a shot. So yeah thats reason number three. So just whilst ive got the the battery out, ive seen quite a number of people as far as complain or say its frustrating trying to get the the sd card out to the rear of the drone thats a great pretty tricky. Just pop the battery back in trying to get that sd card out its quite quite tricky, quite fiddly, especially if youre, big or large fingers, so a little tip quite quick, take the battery out removes. I suppose that restrictive nature and thats probably the simplest way to get the sd card out nothing game, changing, not a reason why you should be buying the drone, but follow those that are out there frustrated. Just take the battery out. Take the sd card out. I feel like an extra step, but so you saved me getting frustrated so there you go little tip moving on to the fourth reason and getting back to the hasselblad main center, that four third sensor and just looking at the the absolute amazing quality photographs that are Coming out of the mavic 3 in all types of conditions, whether that be nighttime, photography, um, sunset sunrise, whatever that may be the quality of the photographs coming out of the mavic 3 – are really really impressive.

So what id like to do is take a look at a couple of examples and walk you through the various conditions at the time and just show you the quality of the photos coming out of the drone, so lets take a look at the first photo. So this photograph was taken around 6 30., quite impressive conditions, so we had roland fog coming in off the river mersey, but able to get up and get this incredible photo of the live bird in liverpool. As you can see incredible performance in what was low light conditions, so it looks a lot brighter in this image. Ive raised the the exposure slightly in the image um, but not much post production done on this particular photograph itself, but as youll probably agree the detail. All around in the clouds in the main subject being alive at building and the live is, is really impressive, so thats the the first image. So i think thats, one of my favorite images, ive ever captured so lets move on to the second image. So this was shot around seven games so about three hours after um sunset, you can see that the image itself again is absolutely superb. The quality coming out of that main sensor is fantastic. You can see there in in the shadows and the reflections a lot of detail being retained, um and not not much noise if any right across the image itself. So i think again, one of my favorite images um night time, injuries coming out of a drone um, quite impressive, really impressed with the quality of the photographs coming out of of that main sensor.

So there you go so thats. The fourth reason: the quality of the photographs coming out of this particular drone. I think its the best quality youve, seen across the dji mavic range and foldable drones, the quality and low light conditions, as you saw in the second shot, fantastic quality of the photographs. You know sunrise also fantastic. The detail thats been retained. The level of noise is quite minimal, so yeah if youre looking to get the best possible performance and quality of your photographs from a drone. You cant go far wrong from from the mavic 3.. So moving on to the fifth and final reason, which ill keep relatively brief, is just the overall flight performance of the mavic 3 itself. So for myself personally, just find it really impressive in terms of being able to get to suppose the the angle and the shot that you want to get to and getting there really quickly. So its an absolute beast in the air really rapid. But i suppose, as i said early on in terms of handling adverse wind and weather conditions, pretty indestructible so far, twitch would um, but yeah just find it really impressive handles those adverse weather conditions really well. But for me its about being able to get up into the air as quickly as possible, go and get your shots and then getting it back as quickly as possible as well. So one of the things that i suppose i find a lot of tedious with the air too, is when you bring it back to land, it can take an awful long time.

Sometimes you can feel like a lifetime getting that back down getting back on the ground or, if youre hand catching a hand catching it, but with the mavic 3, pretty much as you start to get that design going its really really rapid, you can get it back. You know youre avoiding having, i suppose, crowds start to gather around if you, if you, if you land in your drone and its quite a slow descent with the air too, but with the mavic 3, its actually probably down before more most people have actually noticed its Even about and thats another, its very small thing, the noise coming out of the props is a little, i suppose, softer it, obviously its still pretty prominent, but a lot softer, not that buzzing noise that you get from the mini 2 and the the a2 and a2s. So i suppose overall freight characteristics found in really impressive, yeah thats one of the biggest benefits i i would call out just now with the mavic 3.. So there you go theres five reasons why i think you can should consider getting the mother through just now. Five reasons why i think its a really impressive drone but, as i said at the top of the video that really does depend. So what id like to do now. Just walk through four reasons why you may wish to consider holding off getting the mavic 3 if youre, considering it and also maybe consider alternative drones as well, so lets jump into the first reason: uh and thats.

Quite quite simple, thats. The missing features on this drone. Just now so, in terms of this product, its known by no means finished, um weve got a lot of missing features. Youve got the high collapse. Youve got time lapses. Missing youve got waypoints missing um, so youve got quite a lot of features. Missed and youve got active track and just to name some of the key ones. So hopefully they will come in the firm where update in in january, but if theyre really important to you, you know youve got your master shots missing. Also quick shots missing active track. As i said, if theyre important and you need those now, this is not the drone for you, so you might want to consider either the a2s, which has all those features and also youve got the air 2, which has most of those features. Obviously, doesnt have massive shots and the same level of active track and functionality as well. So that would be reason number one, the level of features missing and for me its slightly disappointing, but it wasnt it wasnt. It wasnt a deal breaker. So if we move on to the second reason and thats got ta be price, so its quite a significant investment at around 1800 pounds, so thats, obviously a significant cost to anybody and in terms of, i suppose, alternative drones that you may wish to consider. If youve never owned a drone before and youre looking to just get into it and you, i suppose youve not youre, not really big on photography, but you you can perhaps considering getting a drone to get some videos and get some photos.

The mini 2 is an excellent entry drone, so that would be a drone id recommend, probably where it knows in that the mini 2s been out for a little while now, so it might be coming for a refresh. So you might want to either try and buy your time or see whether you can get a good deal on the mini 2. I suppose, if youre looking for an upgrading in your drone to get, i suppose, better low light, video performance and better low light and photographic performance, the a2 net 2s is absolutely um. Phenomenal comes in at around a thousand dollars a thousand pounds cheaper than the mavic 3, but the quality in in that particular drone in terms of low light is really really excellent, obviously wont you know quite match the the mavic 3, but you know i think, if Youre not looking to try, i suppose, do some professional work, perhaps or you really do – require the best possible footage and best possible photo performance in a foldable drone. Then the a2s, you know shouldnt shouldnt go ignored, so that would be. The second reason is the price, and also into the drones that you can get depending on what your needs are, so the third reason um, which just jumped straight off. The second point which i already covered off, really was around the alternative drones that are available. So, as i say, if youre looking to get into it into drones, a good really good, anti drug is that many too, and then, as i say, if youre just looking for a bump of performance just to re echo, what i said i know touch the point In terms of the cost element is that air2s is a phenomenal drone, so i think just consider your options really do think about what your use case is what your needs are and dont feel like.

You need to get the, i suppose, the highest spectrum, which does come with an incredible cost associated with it, so just consider your options and suppose, obviously ill talk to the ddi range there, but theres, obviously other drone brands that you can go after, which offer really Good performance youve got the hotel now and that you may wish to go often and considering youve got obviously the other drones in the hotel range that you may watch and may wish to go off in research too. But, as i say, dont feel blind to getting the mavic. There are other drones out there that could just suit your needs, and i definitely wouldnt recommend getting the mavic 3 if its your first drone start, you know, start off with a mini 2, something in that sort of size and range to really see whether drones are For you, i mean just start to make that progression, so yeah, dont, dont, feel obliged dont feel pressured. Consider alternative trends theres plenty out there, so the the fourth and final reason. So if youve made it this far, thanks for sticking with us well just be around theres been a lot said around. You know the telephoto lens, if you, if youre thinking, thats a reason to go from the the a2s to the mavic 3 or the mavic 2 pro to um to the mavic 3. You know the telephoto lens shouldnt be a deal breaker for you, so id say, as i mentioned earlier, i played about with it a bit at the moment, but again, thats missing features in terms of its restricted to full, auto, so youve got no manual options there.

In terms of managing your exposure and your shutter speed, etc, so um, even your your focus, is somewhat driven um automatically as well. So if youre thinking the telephoto lens is a is a feature that you require, i probably suggest it isnt at this stage be keen to see dji releasing a firmware update that gives us some manual control over that telephoto lens. So i think its useful its going to have its juices, you know some creative options, but as a currently standard, dont see it as a driver for upgrade to the mavic 3 itself, so theyre. The four reasons uh, as i say, i think for me that the primary one is really just do consider what your needs are and try and match those against the suite of drones that are out there that are available, and i just echo dont, feel obliged or Rush rushing into buying the mavic 3 just because its the latest piece of kit, you know, keep on emphasizing its a really expensive investment, so make sure its right for you before before you make that investment. So thanks for watching todays video ive been david. This has been drone captured moments in my next episode im looking to take a look at knife, photography in a bit more detail how it performs in low light and condition. So we look at low light video performance as well, but thanks for watching and ill see you in the next one please like and subscribe, and comment in the in the description below be good to get your thoughts on what weve covered today.