. In case you dont follow jasper already. I have, as usual, left a link for his twitter profile in the description below. If you just want the highlights from what has been leaked, i can tell you that the drone will be positioned around 1600 us dollars. It will be announced on the 15th of november. It will have a dual camera where the biggest sensor is going to go for. Third. Furthermore, there will be a new smart controller available, as well as an increased range up to 15 kilometers. If that has triggered your interest, then lets take a closer look at some of the pages from the mavic 3 owners manual from the intro text. Here we can see that the drone will be capable of capturing 5.2 k video. It will be possible to do 20. Megapixel stills and it will of course include optical avoidance and intelligent flight modes like hyperlapse activetrack, quickshot panorama and something that is called enhanced. Pi assistant. Much of the information here has been translated directly from chinese, so there might be errors in the actual text. If we take a closer look at the drawing, we can see that it contains the dual camera system that has been previously leaked on this page. You will get an explanation of what all the numbers are, meaning and again we can see that the item number one theres an a and a b. There is a telephoto camera on this drone, as well as a wide angle camera also.

We have all the sensor systems. Of course we have electric motors and surprise propellers. We have an aircraft status indicator and yeah pretty much. Everything is what you would expect. So the biggest surprise from this list of information is the telephoto camera and the wide angle camera lets move ahead. This is sort of the spec overview. Whats interesting here is that the total weight of the drone would be less than 920 grams and a flight time. A max duration of flight time of 46 minutes. This is, of course under ideal conditions, but thats a long time. I know that from the ortel drone that can stay easily between 30 35 minutes in the air, on a single charge and thats a long time. That is available for filming, so under the sensor, you would see that the telephoto camera is a half inch sensor with 12 megapixel and the wide angle camera will be a four third sensor with 20 megapixel. These two cameras in conjunction thats, a quite powerful combo theres, a little bit information about the the taylor photo camera and the wide angle camera here, where you can see sort of the specs and the field of view. The iso ranges theres, no big surprises there. Theres shutter speed, theres, also no big surprises there, remote control, theres. Also, no big surprises there. Drone will support ocusync 3.0. Anything less would also be a kind of a disappointment. The last slide included is the new smart controller, its not clear if this is going to be included with the drone, probably not at the price point of 1600.

But this is the version 2 of the smart controller that features occu, sync 3.. It can transmit real time video up to 15 kilometers of range, based on my experience with the previous smart controller. They will definitely be interesting to test out if this holds up in real life, still theres a 5.5 inch screen with the 10 000 nits. I think its called in brightness in the 1080p, so basically the layout of the smart controller is very similar to the version one. So i guess theyve just improved the internals, but as far as i can see from the pictures, there are in not much of a difference compared to this one, so this is todays information or latest news about the drones out there. Let me know what you think about this kind of information: is it real or is it fake? At least there has been put quite a lot of effort into this if its the case that somebody would fake the user manual of the drone. I think this matches up pretty well what we could expect with the long awaited mavic 3 mavic free from dji. Do me a favor, go and check out jaspers twitter profile and then make sure to give him a follow or whatever you do on twitter, because he really deserves that. He is bringing premium news to the interweb, so the previous songs, oct lv, is surprisingly quiet around this, so i kind of wonder where he got his information from originally.

I hope you liked this video.