ive been lucky enough to make an official launch video for them. If you didnt see the video yet go, watch it ill leave it right here. Anyways, the mavic 3 has an improved battery life. The dji claims should be up to 46 minutes. I dont think ive got 46 minutes. Maybe it was more like 35 38. I dont know because i didnt track it, but today well discover it together. Overall, the battery. I think is my favorite feature on this drone. Its really huge this year, as you can see, also dji said that the battery life will be improved with the new update that hopefully comes in like two months, maybe january of the next year. Anyways enough talking, the battery is fully charged and lets go Music, Music, its quite boring right now i must say i mean the battery life on. This is amazing. If you cannot shoot what you need in 35 40 minutes, then the problem is not a drone Music. Okay, critical low battery time to come down.