That feature was first announced alongside the launch of the mavic 3, but was only made recently available with the latest firmware update that came out yesterday. Now, quick transfer basically allows you to connect your tablet or smartphone directly to the drone without having to connect it to the remote first, and it allows you to transfer all the high res content directly over to that mobile device using wi fi. Six at blazingly fast speeds in the past. You know if you have quite a few large files on a drone that youre trying to transfer over wi fi, it can be painfully slow. In fact, you can almost burn a whole battery trying to get all the content over now. This update isnt going to be super important to a lot of people just for the fact that most people do their editing and content management on a computer or laptop. So, in those instances youre just going to be plugging the memory card directly into your computer. For myself, however, i am a mobile content, editor and creator. I manage my complete digital portfolio with an ipad ipad pro to be exact. I edit all my content on an ipad, so its very important for me to have convenient ways to get my content over now ibm most of the time. I do just take the memory card over the drone and plug it into the tablet, but sometimes when were traveling, i dont always have that card reader with me so being able to get the content over quickly.

So if i want to do a quick, edit or share something to social media, its just going to be a nice convenient way to do it now, im not quite sure if this is available for android. Yet if you have an android device, let me know down in the comments if quick transfer is working for you now, the only reason i am mentioning that is because, with the rc pro it doesnt appear that that feature is active yet and ill kind of demonstrate That here, in a minute as well so basically to use it all we have to do is power on the drone. Now it might get a little noisy here with the drone fan running so just uh bear with me and again we dont have to power on our controller, and all you want to do is launch the dji fly app right away. You can see it comes up here. It says, switch to quick transfer mode, so all we have to do is tap on that to enter the quick transfer mode. The first time you go into it. Youre gon na have to do a confirmation on the drone, its gon na ask you to press the power button for two seconds, thats, just a one time thing once youve done it once you dont have to do it every time. So, as you can see here, im going to click on switch and what its going to do its going to connect to the wi fi that the drone is now broadcasting its a wi fi 6 protocol.

So again, its very fast when its connected, you can see on the graphic here, it says view album, and it also gives us our battery percentage of the drone. So we can click on view album now here its going to list everything that we have on the memory card now. One thing thats really important to note is you can only transfer video files that are 4k and under, for example, here ill just show you this one here is in 5k. You can see when i try to transfer it were going to get a message here. It says unable to download videos in 5k or above so that is an unfortunate limit right now. I dont know what the reasoning behind that is, but hopefully that does change again with a firmware update, because most of the filming that i do is in 5k 5.1 k. So that definitely is limiting. But lets go to a 4k file. Here all were going to do here is hit the download button, and you can see we get a message where we want to save it to we can save it to the fly app or we can save it directly to our phone album and if you dont Want to get that message every time you can put a check mark in there. It says to remember your choice, so im going to hit ok and its downloading there now and if we go over and we check the speed there, you can see its downloading at 30.

Well, speed keeps going up, but its quite fast right now, its downloading there at 43 megabits per second but ive, had it all the way up to about 70. and this file that its downloading right now is about four gigabytes. So, as you can see there, in a matter of about 10 seconds, we downloaded a four gigabyte file if we were doing that over traditional wi fi before they release this update. You know that would probably take us a good 10 minutes, maybe even a little bit longer. So at this point, everything we just downloaded is now going to be in the camera roll. The other thing you cannotice there. We have that yellow lightning bolt, thats, also signifying that were in that quick transfer mode, and we can disconnect from quick transfer just by clicking on that and now its going to switch back to regular flight mode. So right now its disconnected and you can actually click that lightning bolt again and that will reconnect to the drone now, as mentioned it doesnt appear to be working on the rc pro and it is a version of android, so thats why i was wondering if its Even available for android yet so well go into the album here and say we want to transfer the content from the drone over to the memory card that we have stored in the rc pro the thing youre going to notice right away. It didnt come up to connect via quick transfer, even if we bring up the file the same file that we were already looking at theres no option for quick transfer and when we go to download it so its going to download it to the memory right now.

If we go back and we check the speed, you can see there that its only downloading at 4.5 megabits per second, so pretty slow, well folks, just a quick video on the new quick transfer feature. Hopefully you enjoyed this video and got some value out of it.