It looks good. So if this turns out to be true, theres going to be one hell of a drone, but before you go out selling all of your old drones before you justify it to the people, you love and your partners, how much you need this drone and how much It will bring to you and your family before you cancel christmas and sell your kids toys theres. A problem lets talk about that now. So were going to talk and look at these specs very soon, because some of them look fantastic, but from the leaks alone and from what ive been looking at and whats been mentioned, unfortunately being in the uk in europe, we are kind of shoved over with these Laws and take it as you will, but at the moment were in a transitional period. So if you have one of these bigger drones over 250 grams, you can fly with a2 course quite close to people, but from 2023 from january youre, pretty much screwed, youre gon na have to fly in the middle of nowhere. Go out driving to the countryside. Hope, theres no buildings around and just flight there. If you want to do that, then fine, fair enough, but from the rumors alone from this and lets see until its actually in our hands but theres going to be no ce stamp on this drone, its probably not djis fault its the actual the way. This is all just going its just a complete mess, so if theres no ce stamp on this mavic 3 pro on any of the three versions which should be coming out, it means, from january 2023, youre gon na fly this drone in pretty much nowhere where you Want to be able to actually fly it so youre gon na have to avoid beaches.

You have to avoid residential areas, cities, everything so youre kind of really limited about. Where youre going to be able to fly this drone. So really, are you actually going to buy it youre probably not going to buy this because you want to buy it. You know everybody would want to buy this drone. If you cant fly it really. What is the actual point of buying this drone whats going to happen is two ways: people just in the uk. Europe will not buy this drone theyll want to, but they cant because of these stupid laws or, secondly, people just buy it and then just fly and go yo. Im gon na fly anyway and those flight reckless and maybe not against the laws im not telling you which one to do but thats whats, probably going to happen so just calm down. Okay, dont sell everything. Yet lets wait until weve got this drone ive already seen on facebook on ebay people selling their old drones are two pros air 2 ss. Now those drones also dont have ce stamps youre going to be limited, flying lem me 2023 onwards, but at least youre not investing more money into it, and although this drone looks fantastic and absolutely i want this drone really, what is the need of this drone? In the uk, europe, if we cant really fly it anywhere, we want to fly it. You know, even if youre, using it for a job professional work, its going to be really difficult in areas you want to fly.

If this doesnt have a ce stamp, if it does have a ce stamp, you can fight in really decent areas. You can fly with actually less restrictions than we have now its going to have low power mode its going to enable you to fly in more areas. I dont think this is going to have a ce stamp that leakers who are leaking all these things, which every credit to them. This is brilliant for everybody involved, but theyre, saying the same, its probably not going to have a ce stamp. So, unfortunately, without this c stamp, if you just go the other line and go, you know what i dont mind im going to fly anyway and you post that content to social media to facebook and some rat reports. You then youre going to be in a lot of trouble, so just be careful ill, just hold off a little bit and then just see when this comes out. If its got one or not but boy, it looks good. So lets just look at the actual leaked specs now and then you can decide whether you want to get this or not. I certainly cannot wait to actually test this, but im fingers crossed at that small percent chance that this will have a stamp on it and then its going to be the best drone ever and then for sure. I will sell that air to us, but at the moment im having a lot of fun out of that, he still does everything i kind of want.

5.4 k is still a really good drone and then from next year. Hopefully, the ce debacle will get sorted and then us in the uk and europe can stop being penalized if youre in the us youre in different countries where you dont have them restrictions. Merry christmas youve got a fantastic drone, coming your way get selling, and then this is going to be perfect. So if youre, one of them or you just dont care – or you just want to get this drone anyway, because you love drones and you just go for it – then lets look at these specs now, oh by the way, this is being filmed on the iphone 13. Pro now this is using the cinematic mode so 1080p only but its keeping me in focus its building out the background a little bit pretty good lets, look at the specs, so theyre going overdrive with these leaked photos. Now weve seen one in the air were seeing one on a desk and these are good quality photos theyre, not just some really rubbish, poor quality leaks. You know these look really accurate weve, seen some instructions and quick guides in chinese and also the spec sheet lets. Just look at the specs now so its going to have two different lenses on this two cameras: youre going to have a wide angle, camera and a telephoto camera. It looks phenomenal. The weight of this is going to be the issue because its 920 grams, so thats.

Why we need that stamp because its going to be a heavy drone, but theres going to be three different versions of this as well? And this is what sort of interests me the most so were going to have the dji mavic 3, which is going to be your standard drone one battery and i would think the normal controller. Now it comes with the dji 2s and the mini 2.. Then you have the fly more combo, which were away youre, going to get some nd filters, youre going to have some extra batteries and extra propellers and probably still that same controller and then the third option, which is the option. I cannot wait to test. Someone really excited about – and this is the new cine premium combo, and this comes with the new smart controller, the version 2 smart controller. So if you remember the smart controller, it was refreshed, so it was compatible with the dji mini 2 and people going up buying. This and i was saying, dont go and buy this because its 700 6700 pounds, its two or three years old, do not buy this. Its all technology. You wont, go out and buy a three year old phone and pay full price. So it looks like were going to be seeing a new smart controller, its going to have a longer distance, its going to have a brighter screen. It looks brilliant and that will hopefully then come as a standalone package.

So, even if you dont buy this, then you could buy the latest smart controller to use with your other dji drones. So the specs are not just rumors, so we dont 100 know so lets not go too much in depth with them, because these are just rumors. But pretty much what its saying its gon na have a 5.4k camera youre gon na have sensors pretty much all around the body of the drone, including the side, so youre gon na be able to get really good side obstacle avoidance, and that means active track shots As well so thats really good youre going to have features like 20 megapixels stills. All the hyperlapse features, the quick shots, youre also going to have an upwards of 40 minute flight time. So thats really good off one battery its going to be a beast in the air i absolutely tank to fly. I cannot wait to fly this. We just want to see e stamp, give us the ce stamp, and this will be the perfect drone. The drone weve been wanting for absolutely ages, but its like everything, will give you all this. But then you can only fly it for 12 months and then well just take it all away so frustrating and good at the same time. But lets just see what actually happens. Let me know in the comments down below if youre in the uk and europe, if you are thinking of buying this drone, just not having a c stand, put you off or would you buy it anyway now? What about price? So we were looking at round about the two thousand dollar mark starting price, but what has been rumored recently is sixteen hundred dollars starting price.

That is going to be for that version, one model, so just the drone and the battery and then its going to go up. But if we think about that, that smart controller is normally 700, then that version 3 that cine premium model its going to be really expensive. If youre looking at six hundred dollars – and then i reckon two thousand dollars for the fly more combo, potentially two and a half thousand for that cine premium model – are you gon na buy that i know you wan na, buy it but thats what i mean its A lot of money to invest in this drone when in europe in the uk theyre going to be coming at you in a years time, and then you just put down two and a half grand on a drone which you can fly in the countryside, frustrating but Lets hope that doesnt happen.