It seems like its been forever, since i had my last breaking news update, but so much has happened since then. I thought i want to get everybody caught up and up to speed on all the news regarding the dji mavic throw mavic 3 pro so were going to just jump right into it. Now, um first im going to go back to what else was released friday after after i did my live stream and it seems like there has been just an awful lot of information on this. So lets go ahead and im going to jump to the article here now. Most of these articles, im going to be referencing, are from hey, kestelu and then won. Some pictures that came out today so lets go ahead and share my screen here now. Of course, the mavic 3 pro price, specs and release date is leaked from the dji manual uh, the mavic 3 pro price is – and this is the base model – is sixteen hundred dollars um and we have a release date of november, the 15th 2021 um, and you Can see here, these are actually from the manual itself. Mavic 3 pro is equipped with an omnidirectional obstacle obstacle: detection system and infrared detection system, a fully stabilized 3 axis gimbal with tele and a wide angle, camera that can capture 5.2 k, video and 20 megapixel stills dji uh proprietary technology, such as obstacle avoidance and intelligent Flight modes hyperlapse active track, quick shots, panoramic enhanced api assist; okay, now um.

This is a mavic 3 sena owners manual and well get to the different models here in a second well welcome: welsh drones, dumb tube welcome uh techx extra welcome, okay um. Now this is from this is um talking about the omnidirectional optical avoidance system. Um again, um with some actual um were actually pointing them out with the numbers, and you can go up there and reference this. Now. All these articles um all this information, theres links in the description for todays broadcast, so you can feel free to check these out on your own um, its talking about such things as takeoff weight, the camera um remote control, um, now theyre talking about and were going To get to the remote control here in a second um, it looks very similar. Now this is uh dji, smart controller v, 2.0 features ocusync 3.0 um and its claims a quadcopter camera up to a distance of 15 kilometers, okay um. So thats going to be very interesting here uh now this is from jasper, ellens, 27 leaks. This is where hey has been getting his information from um, and you can see right here. So i would highly suggest if youre on twitter to definitely follow jasper. Ellens 27 links here um, and you can see right here. These are, these are exactly what this is. Okay, now were going to go ahead and move on to what we have the dji mavic 3 cine premium. Combo comes with nice extras: okay, for the first time, dji will now launch a new combo for aerial cinematographers called the dji mavic 3 cinema premium combo.

The combination comes with a range of extra goodies and we offered the on the next dji mavic 3. The dji flash mavic 3 fly more combo. All this information comes from fellow dutchman, jasper, ellens, okay, um, the new dji mavic 3 cinepreneur combo uh will contain the mavic 3 mavic 3 cine uh remote controller pro. Instead of the regular controller. Three intelligent flight batteries, six dji mavic 3 low noise, propellers uh, rc, s2, smart controller, six pair mavic, 3 storage cover type c, cable, uh, one gig, uh, bps, light speed; data, cable, mavic, 3 battery charging hub 65 watt, portable charger, mavic 3 nd filter set uh And then theres a theres theres, two of them that are with this qcg and co jm vertical carrying bad okay – i, i guess thats convertible all right in addition to the list above the dji mavic, 3 cine premium can be equipped with dji cellular transmission, dongle mavic 3 wide angle, lens mavic, 3 propeller guard mavic 3 protector case in the table below you can see the different options available and theres the base. Mavic 3, the mavic 3 fly more combo and then the mavic 3 cine premium combo here, um and again uh jasper, allens, the i would highly suggest you follow him on out on twitter uh. Next one were going to go to are there were some pictures of the mavic 3 spotted out in the wild, so were going to jasper.

Allens again was able to get this picture up and on his on his uh twitter account heres a little bit of a clearer picture of that. Okay now this is this. Is this dji, the mavic 3 remote controller depends on the combo. You pick uh mavic 3. Will come with two different remotes the standard mavic 3 and mavic 3 fly more combo will come with the same remote. We already know from the dji air 2s only mavic 3 cine premium combo will come with the new rc pro, which is effectively djis new smart controller v 2.0 following images from jasper allens will show this in more detail. I know you can see and again this this diagram here – that labels everything on the new smart controller, um 1920 by 1080 pixels uh and preparing the remote control. These are very familiar for uh. What the current smart controller is: mavic, 3 and mavic 34. More combo. Will come with a remote controller? We already know from the air 2s see. Also, the graphic below – and here here is that remote controller here during the three versions of the mavic 3 explained and again this is taken from uh. The previous uh article here, um, the okay last mavic 3 leak manual update. I reckon the price of 1600 is for the drone. Only the basic mavic 3 comes with a standard remote uh, mavic 3 combo will come with smart con. Mavic 3 cinema will come with smart controller 2.

0. Three new features adjustable antennas for precision and mini hdmi port. At the bottom, okay now lets see lets go to the last one here uh, we have some new photos that just came out today. Um lets go uh or no. This is this was a day ago, im, sorry and uh. You can see right here now, theyre covering up the number on there. Just i dont know why you can see the camera and the mavic 3 pro itself right here, heres another one and one of the things you cannotice on here, um theres, a picture of it on a landing pad. One of the things you cannotice on here drone master, welcome um. You can see theres going to be plenty of cooling for uh for the mavic 3 pro, which is good um, and then they have that picture right. There um – and this was fully leaked on chinese social media, and here is both sides also from the back and remember my first sketch from march 19 2021 youre most welcome next week coming up feel free to follow me. If you appreciate my work, love you guys, you know, i would definitely go ahead and do that now. The last thing im going to show you guys is: these are the what is rumored to be the the box covers right here for the mavic 3.. So there you have that um, you know thats about it. I wanted to get everybody caught up to date here with all this uh, because theres just been theres, just been a ton of information come out since my last update, so i thought id go ahead and do another one um.

I didnt want to wait till tuesday for rotor talk live but be sure to tune in tuesday because were also going to be talking about autels big release on tuesday, which is the 28th of the nano and uh its going to be a pretty exciting day. For that so stay tuned for that were going to talk about that in depth on tuesday night and again any mavic 3. Pro news well be talking about that um. You know its about the only thing that were waiting on right now, um, and i expect that to drop just any day is the fcc grant id database that will be on there, and this will also tell our friends over in the uk and over in uh European countries uh, if its been approved for ce the ce stamp on there so im very hopeful for them and that it is so thats all i have for today wanted to make sure we get this out there to you and get this information, and if anybody Needs to know this please go ahead and share this information. Also uh. I do have the dji mavic 3 group out on facebook. Please do go ahead and join that uh. We just hit a thousand on that group. Uh theres, not many other groups out there, so um encourage other people to get on there because were gon na have all the greatest information so thats it for today. Um make sure you stay tuned for tuesday night for rotor talk live ron.

Brown will not be with me on tuesday night im, hopefully getting um getting some other people on on with me, because we got a lot to talk about as far as autel is concerned, so stay tuned for that um and make sure make sure you you patronize. Our other drawn channels uh, they all do a great job, especially their live, shows uh.