Reports say a tentative release. Date has been set and that the drones actually going to arrive being larger than the dji mavic 2. reports online also say that theres going to be two versions and in this video im going to talk about the differences between the two and towards the end of The video im going to talk about the release date and is this a drone to really get excited about lets dissect the information thats available online and talk about the dji mavic 3. Music. Now, before i get in and talk about the two different versions of the dji mavic 3 – that we could see very soon, i just want to say if you like this video and you learned something new, please make sure to hit the like button and if youre New around here and like drone related content and havent subscribed, please make sure to hit that subscribe button, so you dont miss any of my upcoming videos. Now, before i jump in and talk about the information online, i just want to make crystal clear that this information is based on credible links and credible rumors off the internet. We dont know the exact details until dgi announces them, so weve got to go off the information that is available online. That being said, some really credible photos of the supposed dji mavic 3 have leaked online. Its come from the deals. Drone twitter ill put the link down below if you want to go and have a look – and this helps us get some information of what the dji mavic 3 could come with some information you read online is purely speculation, but some information is actually printed around the Camera on these photos – and this gives us a more concrete indication of what the dji mavic 3 will come with.

What feature would you like to see in the dji? Mavic 3 drop a comment down below id love to know what features you would really like to see in the dji mavic 3.. So why am i excited for the mavic 3? Firstly, i expect it to be a massive jump in camera quality. I think weve been waiting for the next big jump in camera quality for a while, and i think this is the drone to do it. Usually its the mavic pro range drones, the mavic 2, for example – that bring the big jumps in quality when it comes to drones. So i would expect that mavic 3 to come with a camera on it. That is leaps and bounds above what is currently available. I would expect it to close that gap, a bit more between professional camera, drones and consumer, or pro simmer drones. Im also excited about it because its rumored to have an extended battery life ill talk about that later in the video, and that means you can fly longer because i think its every drone pilots not number one problem, but certainly on their leicester problems. It just seems every time you get the drone up and and youre getting good shots. Youve got to bring it back down and change the battery. So any extension to battery life is very welcome. So lets talk about that camera and the rumored information that the specs that the dji mavic 3 camera is meant to have.

So, if you look at the photos, you can actually see its a cluster of two cameras. There are two cameras mounted vertically above each other and unlike the previous mavic 2, where you had to pick which camera you want it on the two different versions of the drone. So you had the mavic 2 pro and then you had the mavic 2 zoom, which had the zoom capabilities, and you had to pick which one you wanted on this youre, getting the best of both worlds on the drone, the camera between the two versions of the Mavic 3 is supposedly exactly the same, so you get a seven times zoom camera, and then you get the cinematic camera, which is an f 2.8 equivalent to 24 millimeters camera that can shoot up to 5.7 k its another collaboration with hasselblad, and this is the best Bit you can switch between cameras seamlessly you dont need to land it to do any changes to which camera you want to use. Why the drone is in the air, supposedly, according to the rumors, you can switch between the zoom camera and the pro cinematic camera instantly. Some rumors online also say that the drone will ship with a 16 millimeter adapter that lets you change to a wider field of view. This could potentially be magnetic or screw on, and that will again give you more flexibility to go between a a more narrow field of view and a wider field of view, and that would be very, very welcome.

The gimbal also potentially is going to ship with an automatic lock so that when you switch the drone off the gimbal doesnt move, this is one of the biggest hands with a drone. Is when youre trying to put the gimbal protector on it, the gimbals always moving about, and it can be a bit fittery to try and get the gimbal protector on with a nice automatic lock. That means that the gimbal will be locked in place and youll very easily be able to put a cover on it. This is more important when you have two amazing cameras attach that gimbal. So this would be a nice feature that is supposedly rumored to be coming on. The mavic 3 well just have to wait and see if thats what it actually comes with so lets talk about the two different models of the dji mavic 3. That will be supposedly shipping bear in mind. They both have the identical camera between the two versions. Hardware and chassis they look and for all intensive purposes. Apart from a few small things are the same, but then few small things make a big difference. The entry model will have no ssd. You must use a micro ssd in it, so theres, no internal storage. The second version will have a one terabyte ssd internal storage – if i was packing id, obviously go for the one with the one: terabyte ssd internal storage, theres, no real issue with using micro sd cards, but there is a few times i forgot to take a micro Sd card and having that internal storage gives you the flexibility to fly without that micro sd now lets talk about the battery.

One of the most important features for some people is how long you can fly the drone for so, according to leaks online. The mavic 3 will come with either a 5000 or 6000 milliamp r battery. Now, to put that into perspective, the mavic 2 only has a 3850mah hour battery. So what this suggests is that the mavic 3 could fly for over 40 minutes and thats a lot of flight time for one battery. You know even shots, which are quite far away or shots which require quite a lot of planning or even scenarios where you need a lot of shots. 40 minutes is a lot of time to be able to fly. Your drone for uh 40 minutes would give you more than enough time to get all the shots you need for one battery, and i think that would be a great improvement to the overall flight time off. The mavic 3 over the mavic 2 and according to rumors online, that battery will be inserted into the back of the drone kind of how it is in the dji mini 2. Currently rumors online also say that the drone will ship with a new remote control. Apparently the mavic 3 will come with a new controller. It wont look any different to the newest generation of dji controllers, but it will have upgraded hardware that supports audi sync 3.0, now obstacle avoidance. This is a massive one for any drone and its something we like to see.

Continual improvements in a lot of people say that obstacle avoidance is quite gimmicky and its not necessary, but i actually disagree with that statement. I think anything dji can do to make flying a drone safer for, firstly, anyone in the vicinity of where youre flying a drone, but also for the person flying their drone to protect your drone. Anything the dji can do to make the whole flying a drone. Experience safer is a big one for me, so the mavic 2 had amazing obstacle avoidance. So how does the mavic 3 improve on that? Well, the mavic 3 is rumored to have wide angle. Sensors moved to the front of the drone, and what this should do is this should improve the obstacle avoidance field of view and make it even safer when flying you know them. Trees that are just off the field of view of a mavic 2 will now be in the field of view of a mavic 3, and that one tree which you might have hit in the mavic 2. You will now not hit in the mavic 3.. That is the benefit of having them wider sensors on the front of the drone. Now this is the all important one lets talk about the release date. What is the rimmed release date of the mavic 3? Well, dji is coming under mountain pressure from competition from all angles, which is not surprising. The drone market is huge and so the rumored release date for the dji mavic 3.

Again i stress rumored is sometime in november and thats according to lakes online. It would be fantastic to see the mavic 3 released that soon and is it a drone that i would really consider buying? I think the answer is yes. Im excited for that next: big jump in camera quality in drones and to have two amazing cameras on one gimbal that you can switch between, while in the air, a great zoom camera and a great cinematic camera. I think thats a real win win and something that would really persuade people to buy that drone. Theres plenty of situations ive been in where id be not getting good shots and somethings been slightly far in the distance that i would have loved to have zoomed into and got a good shot off, but youre using a digital zoom and the quality is not that Great to have a seven times optical zoom, that you could just switch into zoom in and get that great shot. That would be fantastic and remember: zooming capabilities isnt, just for zooming in and objects in the distance when you zoom the camera in you can get even greater parallax shots, so you get even more cinematic looking shots and it just opens up the creative flexibilities you have With your drone, are you excited for the dji mavic 3? If you are posting the comments – and let me know why, and if youve liked this video and learned something new, please make sure to hit the like button and if youre new, around here and havent subscribed and like drone related content, please make sure to hit that Subscribe button, please make sure notification bells on, so you dont miss any of my other videos.