This is bill jones. If youre here um wanted to get this out today. Of course, we will have rotor talk live tomorrow night at 8 pm eastern, but i had some news that i wanted to wanted: a break to everybody: im, not sure how how many people do know this. The launch is now scheduled for november the 4th at 10 p.m. Eastern time lets go ahead and look in an article that was put out by hey casterloot, so hang on just a second and well go ahead, and do that sorry for the impromptu notice of this. But i wanted to get this out. All right lets go ahead: official dji mavic 3 announcement november, the 4th at 10 p.m. Eastern daylight time this morning, dji tweeted the following message: imaging above everything join us november: 4th 10 p.m. Eastern daylight time learn more uh. The announcement comes as no surprise, and uh is hey puts out here. Interestingly, when dj i sent out an earlier tweet, which your drone maker announced the arrival of three new products, the company mentioned november 5th. We now know that they refer to the chinese launch date at which moment itll still be november, the 4th in new york. So again, this is november. The 4th 10 p.m. Eastern time now we will be live after this event, probably approximately im going to guess. 10. 15 to 10 20 p.m. Um save the day we are having a launch party im gon na have some surprise guests.

Im not gon na mention who uh, so you guys will will tune in and enjoy that and look forward to that now will best buy, be open at this time. Im not sure it will be open um. However, i think youd be able to order them and pick them up. The next morning would be my guest now one of the other things that came out today that i did see osinilev put out some pictures here and i wanted to go ahead and share those theres, a picture of the mavic 3 flying and then theres one on The ground right there, so you can see the battery in the back and the obstacle avoidance sensors in the back now heres a very interesting one. Okay, even though this is in chinese okay notice, this this is the dji fly app. This is not the go4 app, so it may be a new um. Its going to be definitely be an updated version of this, but you can see right here. You have all your information as its as its been so thats, some thats, some breaking news um finding out from this thats one of those little nuggets of wisdom that weve i found out today and uh, and here you can see you can see the filters for For the mavic 3 pro right here as well too so um that pretty much was it uh again. You know i want to remind people to go ahead and save the date here.

Um lets go ahead. Im going to see, if i can find, i do have it bookmarked here, so i want to make sure that i show this to you guys hang on a second here uh. So the easiest way to pull this up is to bring it up here. So okay lets go ahead and show im gon na go ahead and show my screen here again save the date. We will be live right after djis announcement at 10 pm eastern on november. The 4th 2021 and im guesstimating thatll be about 10 15 to 10 20 p.m. Eastern time this live event is going to be over in shenzhen. I imagine uh. There has been absolutely no notification of anyone attending a live event and its going to be at 10 p.m, eastern time anyway, so um. You know that was news today, too um. You know finding this out and finding this out now the launch party again will probably be starting around 10 15 to 10 20 p.m. I will be joined by excuse me. Several people not sure exactly who will be joining me but um. Probably you can exp. You can expect some some some good conversation. You know uh, one of the things that i can say is you can imagine probably about 15 minutes or so before the event this will be live on their website, thats, just a guest and thats just the way. Its been previously so for those of you who are interested in purchasing this uh, i would strongly suggest you do it immediately.

Um look for it about 9 45 p.m. Eastern time on, i would look on um djis website. I would also look on best buys website. Although they may be a little bit later in posting that out there im, not a hundred percent sure um and im gon na tell you this. If you wan na get it, you got ta jump on it right away, thats all i have for today. This was going to be pretty short. I wanted to go over this um. You know stay tuned for drone nation tonight. Ron and marcus will be talking about this. I am sure, and then tomorrow night, at uh, 8 p.m. Eastern on rotor talk live well, be having a pre launch: uh pre pre, launch party hows that um well be talking about the mavic 3 in detail. What we know, uh pricing, what we can expect and so forth. So um stay tuned for all this information and some recommendations from me and from um who i have on now. Ron said that he wont be able to be on for the full show, because hes going to be getting ready for spin up because hes leaving wednesday morning for spin up so um. You know well see if marcus can can join us as well. For some just good discussion about this, so stay tuned for that tomorrow, night at 8 pm eastern and definitely tune in on thursday night 10. 15. 10. 20 p.

m. Eastern um, that bookmark, is there, set a reminder on it. Go on to the go out to the posting out on youtube and set a reminder, so you dont forget: i have the time set at 10. 20 p.m. Eastern time, if its any earlier than that, i dont think its going to be any earlier than that. You know if, if its not more, it may not be more than 10 or 15 minutes is what im imagining so um thats thats pretty much about it. For today i wanted to get this information out there, because i know a lot of you are very interested in the mavic 3 and getting some good information on that um. You know we still have a lot of unknowns and were going to talk about some of those tomorrow night uh, like the smart controller, whether or not itll be available, a la carte um. Will the old smart controller work with the mavic 3 um? You know we did get the um app question answered with those pictures from acetylev, so thats some good news, so stay tuned. We still have some more things to find out, believe it or not. So i hope everybody has a great rest of your day and, as always, guys remember its a great day to fly.