Pro all the latest information got that coming up next Music bill. The drone reviewer here, if you like the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button or ring the notification bell. So you dont miss any future content. With that lets begin. The other night i hosted rotor talk, live and was joined by mr marcus crawford and mr ron braun. We spent the better part of the evening discussing all the latest information about the dji mavic 3 pro, including brand new pictures and specifications, so without any further ado lets roll that clip in its entirety. During the new news, you know what its so much news popping out now bill. You and i are all time you know uh drone guys here and we get accused of pontificating. You could almost smell the mavic 3 in the air. Now, like almost like a jedi, you can almost sense being stocked at your local best buy dont. You feel its real close down bill. Oh yeah, i mean yeah. Well, you know today lets see here. First thing: im going to cover is, you know, um the specs came out today. Um were in a countdown in 10 days now, right, yeah were on were on 10 days. Okay, um heres, the article from drone xl mavic 3 specs leaked ahead of launch for dji drone um specs for the video um 5.1 k footage at up to 50 frames per second 4k up to 120 1080 up to 200 highest bit rate for video recording is 200 for h.

264 and 140 for h.256, the 3s hasselblad camera and the synthetic edition can record video on apple prores, 422 hq format, which is most significant distinction from the standard. Mavic 3 drone um the standard mavic 3 drone features eight gig of internal memory, whereas the uh mavic 3 cine has one terabyte of internal storage micro sd cards of up to two terabytes reported on both mavic 3 versions. Um five thousand uh hour battery allows for up to 46 minutes of flight time. Mavic 3 weighs in at 900 grams to reach an altitude of around four miles and a maximum flight distance of about 20 miles, but a transmission range of 10. According to that of three specs leaked by wind, future mavic 3 uses ocusync, 3 or 03 as its called now. However, elsewhere the spec sheets, occu, sync 2, is mentioned in the dji rc n1 remote controller were trying to get clarification on this, and this has been dropped in the um in the in the in the link. As far as the description is concerned ron, what are your thoughts on the specs? Well, i mean one thing just popped up since we just talked about the internal storage of the hubsan. So if you buy the base model, uh battery youre going to get the same, eight gig and basic storage that weve seen in the in the mavic 2. So they still have it up the storage. Unless you go all out and purchase the city pack thats kind of surprising bill yeah, i am real surprised at that ron um.

You know, you know, you know. Theyre talking about itll, allow up to a two terabyte sd card, but if youve ever ever looked a two terabyte sd card is not cheap. Okay, its gon na cost – you you know its gon na youre gon na have to break open a piggy bank to get it uh, but you know its still its nice that itll thatll support that. But you, a good point is made here: okay, hubsan has up to 128 on on a on a mini drone, but dji doesnt have it on the mavic 3.. Okay. I i just yeah that thats a kind of its kind of a head scratcher for me ron. I dont know about you but um, especially since they heard someones criticism with the air to us that they did increase it. Yeah yeah that thats really kind of surprising in mind and another spec it jumped out. I mean you mentioned about the um, the the the cinema, the cinepac model or cinema. Being you know the only one i could do the pro res, and so we kind of knew that, but do you think theres a mechanical difference between this the base model and the center model or its its all, just a matter of uh, more advanced firmware in There i think, its more advanced firmware, because, with the fcc filing they said they they tested the cina version and that they said all the mechanical specs are the same between both drones.

Okay, so its going to be its going to be the software um, you know – and you know the apple pro res and the one terabyte of storage is – are going to be the the big differences here now. These are some leaked pictures that came out, and i think this came out yesterday. Um and again, you know were not really surprised by this. You know we kind of expected at this point in time, and people are still complaining about the arms being too thin. They they think theyre going to be fragile, yeah and how many times pictures yeah and how many times ron have you heard anybody ever having a problem with arms from a mavic pro type drone yeah yeah thats, something for the old toy drone days, but yeah ive. Never heard that this isnt plastic, you know this isnt fiberglass its, not brittle its its its going to unless you, unless you crash this thing at 45 miles an hour, its its youre, going to be fine, youre not going to have a problem youre not going to Do that with your obstacle, voice turned on no no and heres the controller and its no surprise its the same that we see from the air 2s um. You know its the same type of controller here ron. Yes, so the control we all know and love and whats nice is with these pictures. They gave us a peek at the fly more combo for the base model right here, which is what you see and then the fly more combo, um, heres heres, another another shot of it: okay and then the center premium – and you can see there evidently theres going To probably be uh markings on the drone to identify it as cine and then theres a picture of it there another one there and then a picture of the fly more combo with the cine.

That shows the um, the new smart controller, which is really you know in essence its just kind of a im going to say a beefed up version of the original smart controller yeah. We sparked a spark control, 1.1.5 yeah, its exactly what this is and and how about you, get two sets of nd fillers with it: well yeah yeah, yeah and thats kind of thats kind of surprising and theres your multi charger yeah there. It is right there yeah yeah, and what do you think of that? Propeller guard thats, the uh thats, the uh, the most intense propeller guard ive ever seen interesting. Okay, i think and see you know, and i remember i may have been lauren correct me if im wrong, but i think you kind of cautioned us from using that on the mini, because you know the original mini had that guard on it. Remember that ron, yes and and look lauren put the pricing in the chat here its about five five things back. You want to pop it up on the screen for now youre in the middle of your big thing, but uh heres, some things inquiry minds want to know so laurens saying the uh base pack will be uh uh a 2049 is the uh. The combo pack will be uh 27.99, and the senate will be 46.49 interesting, very interesting lauren. Thank you for that information. Um, oh and i want bill. Thomas is in the chat bill.

Welcome tonight, um bills got a big halloween show playing tomorrow night, so uh. If you guys arent doing anything, uh put your costumes on and and join bill and billy kyle, and i think you know uh bob dempsey, the old fart hell be there, so its gon na be a lot of fun so tune in okay, uh, the shameless promotions. Over here and back to our regularly scheduled program so ron, what do you think about these prices? Uh 2049 for the fly more and 27.99 for the sena combo? Well, i mean between the us guessing in the pricing for a couple months. Now all these prices have been guessed, you know uh before we at one point we were at 1600, then we kind of got ourselves in that we expected the base kit to be 2000 and the city pack we had. We did have that up in the mid fours, but then some rumors had it lowered down to the mid threes, so uh we weve seen kind of a version of all these prices before but uh. Maybe this is the first time the praises of more than just a wild guess yeah. If its coming from lauren, you know its its yeah. You know you know its worth its weight in gold um. You know, as far as for me, im kind of surprised that from everything that ive heard that the cinna combo is only twenty seven hundred dollars, i was expecting it to be a lot more than that.

No no, it was it was forty. Lord had forty six. Oh four: five more was at 27., okay flymores at 27., okay yeah, he had 40., he had 46.49. I believe for the senate, which uh i mean early rumors had to be around 4 500, but then more recent rumors had about 3 500. So now they got it back up to that uh yeah 46., thats kind of what i thought i kind of thought it was going to land in that 4k kind of range. As far as thats concerned and like ive said – and you know one of the things – and i think weve talked about it before too this isnt a drone, the the cinecombo is not a drone for a hobbyist or even lets call lets. Call us like advanced hobbyists. Okay, its not its not for for us guys, okay, um its gon na, be for a true professional somebody who is really really into this okay um. You know in first of all, theres not a whole lot of us theyre gon na shell out forty six hundred dollars. Okay and then you got ta, go get that new, that new mac pro with that m1 accident to tear up that uh prores video when youre during the editing process so yeah, unless you already have a hot, like the professionals, already have a computer setup to handle That video to edit that video, you know to uh, render it out or whatever, but the amateurs are the you know the semi pros do not have the rig to handle that so theyre theyre theyre buying doesnt stop at the 46 of the drone theyre buying continues When they get the computer hardware and storage space to handle all this in the product, you would have to have have a system what you know raids on your on your computer and um.

You know it takes a gargantuan amount of storage and its going to take that that new mac to handle it – i mean your top. It needs a lot of processing power to handle this okay. Conversely, you know the videos gon na look great, of course, the videos gon na i mean for for all that and and then on top of that you know we dont know this is an unknown, but my guess is, you know: youre gon na have to re Up that license with apple probably a year down the road so that that is a wild guess, because you know lots of times if the prores comes built into the device, usually thats kind of a lifetime license in you know, standalone cameras, though i mean im, not Saying one way or the other, but its a big reach to say, thats a lifetime thing it could be, it could be yeah when its built into a device, its usually not so um yeah. We dont, we dont know at this point, so you know its like one of those things were going to have to have to wait until a week from friday to find this out so um. You know what what do you expect that friday morning? Do you expect just a little snazzy video and the uh and its up for sale in the dji website and then five minutes later, all your all your big time youtube channels, all your aldrins and whatever drop their videos? Is that how you expect were going to get our information its exactly besides the spec sheet on dji site, yeah, thats, exactly how i expect it now.

You know one of the things i will tell everybody is probably my guess, and this is just a guess, usually about 8 45 or so you can be able to start buying yeah. You can usually get it before that nine oclock uh yeah. Imagine yeah. Now, back to the packs a little bit bill because a lot of us, the only reason the regular people are talking about sims pack is because they dont have the smart controller. But here here heres a question. I i want to ask you – and i know, were pontificating again on day one at nine oclock next friday morning, when these, when these packs are released, do you think youll be able to a la carte, add the smart controller to the base package? Thats, a good question ron one day, one from day one one of the things that i think is, i dont think its gon na be available. I think its gon na be exclusive to the center combo for for a short time or for forever. I well my thoughts are hang on hold on to your hats because i think were going to see a new second generation. Smart controller come out in 2022, okay, so this this, this smart guitar will be exclusively made for this city pack and then later on. We will get the real smart controller right right and you know because i know a lot of guys were talking about. Oh, how can i get that the smart controller and uh you know and my advice is sit tight? Okay, um use what you have use your phone um.

If you want to get a triple tech tablet, which i highly recommend, which is something im going to be getting at the same time so im theres going to be our good friend mike right, has already ordered, and i think its coming in a couple days. Yeah im im waiting till i get my bonus coming up here in november. When i get my bonus check and and thats going to be, one of my expenditures is getting that tablet and im going to get a a thor mount for it to get. To put it on the mavic, 3. and thatll be perfect, especially here in florida. I you know its just the way the sun is with that, and you know – and i saw you know original dobo, just he he he really. He triple tech should give him tablets left and right for for the amount of tablets he sold because his video youre an android guy, so youll use as your full time tablet. Oh absolutely yeah absolutely and i can use it. I mean for for anything and whats nice, and i found this out ron is with you know, with the femi x8 se 2020, my mav mount will fit on there. Okay, so i could technically even use it with something something like that. So you know thats going to be thats going to be a real godsend and the price on that is very reasonable. I think, for you know its its right around 750.

I think i i think its real reasonable for that plus you know you can get a sim card, probably through t mobile or whoever just a standalone sim card, and you can actually get phone service. Itll actually function as a phone in an emergency. If you wanted to so um talk on the big phone yeah, its going to be a really really big phone now one of the things i kind of wanted and – and we joke with the phone thing you could you want it for the data you dont care About ever speaking on it, you just want that right, youre going to want it for for for the data plan. Absolutely and you know, hopefully, you know if you be able to do um live apps, you know, or you know, do a live stream from the from the mavic 3.. You know thats one of the things that im going to be trying. You know once i first get it thats. One of the things that im anxious to to try to to do is to see how how well that works. Think of live streaming. We all know that the the the flap has been updated for live streaming for both one i mean for android and ios now, but uh have have. We got any confirmation for sure what app the mavic 3 will run on. Uh the go for or the fly app i mean, i know weve seen speculation, im going to say, ive, seen more speculations with the flap ive seen for the go for, but but none of these leaks have have leaked that yet no theres been no confirmation of That but im leaning more towards the fly app because the code base has been updated, its current uh, its easier for them to update that code base than the go4.

The go4 is pretty cumbersome and remember. The go4 still supports the phantom 4.. So um, you know its kind of a legacy system as far as far as thats concerned so – and i know drone dj – did report when the ios up update came out for the flyout that it was now compatible with the uh, the mavic 3. You know they. They wrote that without any any verification or whatever so yeah yeah – and you know and again you know, the fly app is pretty intuitive its its very easy for a drone newbie to pick up. If you will um, you know they made it pretty intuitive. You know, and the thing the one, the big thing that i liked about it right right way. Ron and its my favorite feature on the fly up is its not theres only one menu you dont have to go drill down menu to make it yeah exactly hey real, quick. Let me chat just to learn the last two comments. He hes leaning towards the go4 app uh, as the you know, as the app thats going to write interesting, three uh, you know, and no i mean what you said is all true but its not a deal breaker either way for me if they say its to Go for you know, im fine with that. If they say its a fly, app im, you know im one of those people. I mean im not locked to either app yeah im, not im, not yeah either.

For me, you know i, i really dont. You know my big beef with with the fly app is you know those numbers appear in white and against the sky. You know a lot of times thats hard to see uh those numbers up there and you know right. So you know im kind of hope. Either way its going to be fine with me, i think im leaning towards the flyout, because it has the most recent code base and thats whats being updated, but it could be the go4 app, so we dont know or or or that, that day the go5 app Could be released yeah they could you very well could be they could be, throwing something brand new at us as f as far as thats concerned. So thats kind of like a wait and see worry about getting at least two thousand dollars put aside bill right, plus whatever state tax is whatever state. Whatever tax years. Whats your tax bill, seven, seven percent yeah – so you you need. You need a 140 on top of the 2000 to pay your taxes, yeah yeah, so and thats. If you just want the base kit, um, okay, you speculated that the smart control would not be available, especially at launch um. What do you, if you just wanted to buy a base kit and spec it out yourself by adding a um extra battery? What what do you just a ballpark? What do you think of battery thats going to run us im thinking the batteries probably going to run? Uh 125, 135 thats.

Just off the top of my head. You sound like a little bit of low but im, i hope, youre eight bill, and so you could probably spec it out with the second battery and the the base kit will probably not come with the case right. But i know right again, nice hard case so youre, not getting that soft side case isnt a big deal right bill that soft side case ron. I you know its nice but its not functional. It really is not functional at all. It holds. Let me put it to you this way: okay, it keeps the drone safe when its being transshipped to you all right or you know, um if youre ordering it uh and that to me thats its purpose, because you know im going to go out and get you Know either a pelican or go out to nanook. You know which uh barry markowitz is good friend. You know im gon na get one of those because theyre built rugged theyre built solid theyre, theyll theyll handle this um theyre theyre, specifically built to handle this kind of stuff. So you know the only reason i like the soft side, uh case and maybe ill have a hard case many times too, but soft side case, especially one dj. It almost looks like it could just be like a little bag or a little camera bag. So if youre going someplace with a lot of people around youre, not walking through with this big hard pelvic case, okay, first of all, you know somebody, may you know somebody may say hey that guys.

The drone over this could be trouble, but also you may have you know these and stuff. Oh man, that guys look at that case. He must have something really valuable. Sometimes you can go a little more kind of under the radar with that kind of like little soft case almost like you said just carrying a could be a diaper bag or whatever you know, thats a good point, ron yeah. So i, but i mean when you throw it in the back of your car or whatever yeah the hard case, is it you could throw that in the back of your sc suv, go out location, sometime, doesnt matter if it gets tossed around a little bit. So i mean i understand from safety standpoint. You know just you going out to remote location thats the way to go, but if youre, in a big crowd of people, whatever you look a lot less than speakers youre, not carrying that big hard case around and especially if its like neon orange or that bright, Yellow or something like that, that that will you know you stand out in a crowd when you do that kind of stuff question of the day.