2 k, video gigabit data transfer well over half an hour, actual real world flight time. Three different versions to buy too much to talk about today, so ill be brief and straight to the point: Music, hello, im ian and i play with drones and as autumn rolls around so does the usual pre planned leak, fest start for djis upcoming models, thanks to The ever resourceful jasper ellens. We now have clear specs for the upcoming mavic 3 pro, which of course, will be the only dji model to sport, the mavic name after the air and the mini drop that label with the air 2ss 1 inch. 20 megapixel camera dji were always going to have to pack in some major extra specs into the new 3 pro to get people to pay the premium price. In fairness from what weve seen, i think they have. As said, it is supporting two cameras, an impressive cinematic standard, wide angle and a seven times, telephoto camera, both with very impressive specs. The standard widescreen camera sensor is the largest, yet with a four thirds of an inch sensor, making it a full third larger than the air 2ss or the two pros one inch sensor like the air 2s. It will still shoot 20, megapixel, stills and 5.2 k. Video. All with a field of view of 84 degrees, air2s is 88 degrees. The 2 pro was 77 degrees, so very similar, but, unlike the fixed aperture of the air 2s, the 3 pro maintains the variable aperture found on the 2 pro giving you a range of f over 2.

8 to 11, which is, i think, very, very good. To have this, the other camera is very interesting, its a seven times telephoto lens with a standard half inch sensor, 12 megapixels, similar to the air 2 or the mini 2, but it will be narrower 15 degree field of view. So this will be a very useful optical, zoom lens camera thats built in and can be swapped over in mid flight, which again, i think, will be absolutely insanely useful. The physical specs from what we see are very impressive as well. Weight is disappointing. 920 grams. Now, if this is correct, it will scupper any chance of being classified as a c1 under the asset regs with its 900 gram limit. But that said, the yeah limits apply to a maximum takeoff mass, which is a spec that is set by the factory and is usually higher than the actual weight of the drone itself and, of course, to be honest, theres still no word on retrospective classification anyway. So this may all be a bit of a mute point. If you ask me um, i dont believe either way that this, the three pro is going to carry any of the new c markings required for european rules, which is pretty crap. To be honest because, again, like all the other models that theyve released this year, it will be relegated to open countryside, 150 meters away from people and the like at the end of 2022, unless things change but um frustrating thats.

Another video all together for now lets just focus on the specs uh physical specs. As i said, interesting range and flight time, 15 kilometer range almost 10 miles as ever way way more than you can legally fly, but hopefully, as ever it will mean fewer signal dropouts under more normal flying conditions. Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance useful if youre flying low and even the older air2s could hit things when flying sideways, especially when using the intelligent flight modes like orbit and the like. So this will be a good feature to hopefully stop your pride and joy plummeting to the ground flight time. This is a big jump. The specs are quoting 46 minutes, which is longer than any other mainstream consumer drone dji usually pad their times out by a good 20. So to me, um, i think youre going to be getting at least 35, maybe knocking on the door. 40 minutes real world flight time, which will still be massively impressive and a much a really big jump from what weve got at the moment, you can see from the diagram the larger style battery sliding in from the back, similar to the autel evo 2 pro and Of course, the dji fpv, which supported these big batteries that slid in through the back three batteries, though with a combo, will give you a whopping one and a half hours minimum in the air real flying flight time, which is just massively useful. I think on the combos it looks like there will be a few options as well.

Basic drone, plus single battery plus basic remote, will be around sixteen hundred dollars, so im guessing thats going to be around fifteen hundred pounds, seventeen hundred euros. The combo brings two additional batteries: um. It brings a pack of uh nd uh, three filters: three nd filters, some extra props and the carrier bag so going by the cost of the batteries alone. Im guessing that the this basic combo is going to be around the 2 000 1900 pound mark then theres. This interesting cine premium combo. This adds a variant of the dji smart controller and, interestingly, a light, speed, gigabit data cable. Does this mean that this model is going to have even more internal memory, im unsure? Look the stingy, eight gigs that you got with the air 2s was, is way way overdue for upgrade. So i am hoping there could be a complete avoidance of any micro sd requirement with a huge amount of internal memory. Of course, that would need an extremely fast data transfer, which is precisely what a gigabit lead will offer. So that is going to be an interesting version to to confirm, but either way not only does the cine combo come with the same extras as the standard combo plus an additional set of nd filters. It also comes, as i said, with the variant of the dji smart controller, which is a great plus meaning no more mobile phone needed for flying, and whilst this is probably great for those of you that dont have the smart controller at the moment, the cynical side Of me thinks theyre doing this because theyll soon be releasing a new, even better, bigger smart controller early in 2022, with a larger screen to match autels impressive, new, smart controller, but whatever the reasons im thinking the smart controller and the extra memory uh will bump up A major major price tag on the cine package and i reckon its gon na be knocking on the door towards three thousand dollars or around just over two and a half thousand pounds to maybe two seven uh seven hundred euros either way out.

Um yeah on pricing. Look if these seem hugely out of reach, remember uh mini one and mini two were both released in novembers over the last two years. Is there any chance of the mini three being released before christmas? Well, look autel are about to push out their own sub 250. Gram model, which should have obstacle avoidance as well, so i think dji need to keep up and its my guess. They will be releasing a mini 3 very soon, anyway. Look thats my thoughts uh on the new specs, for what seems to be to me a major major upgrade from the uh from the two pro it looks like were gon na need to wait until the 15th of november. To get all of this and a lot can happen between then and now, as ever.