All youve got to do you dont even have to land the drone just bring it down a little close twiddle this over here and you can darken or lighten the image just by a turn of the glass so thats. Why variable? Nd is perfect, im not sure what filter is good for now. The sun is coming in right over here. Im sure you can see it two is lighter and five is darker. Lets get this jack strap off, ive gotten quite used to this, so you got ta hold the camera still twist. The glass comes right off clean the inner glass of both. You can see that the under cover fits just like the original wow. Now this ones a little different, because this glass extends beyond the camera, which is kind of crazy that it extends beyond, but guess what you need coverage for everything thats on there. So the glass has to be wide um, its very light, though it feels very light. So here weve got two three four five im gon na go with somewhere between two and three all right lets get this bad boy up in here and see how she looks with nd filters. Good were up up and away. We are at f5 iso. 400. 4K. 60 lets drop the iso a little bit probably go to iso 100. I know people like to fly iso 100. I dont, but yeah so were at minus. Seven were just going to drop the aperture a little bit until we get minus three and zero im gon na go with minus three.

I can always brighten up my image. I know i have the details in there, but yeah here we go. Oh man looks good, looks good. This filter is looking good yeah, its got a nice and i got ta love these hasselblad colors man, these hasselblad colors. What i like about this filter doesnt seem to mess maximum flight altitude. I know i know it. Doesnt seem to mess with the with the colors, so thats nice, i dont, see any vignetting in the corners. Everything looks, nice looks, clean, looks, crisp, looks good there we go. I dont want to go too far because this one here is limited in terms of the altitude in which you can fly beautiful nice. I tell you boy, nothing flies like a mavic. Nothing flies like a mavic. So why did i slap on this filter right? I slapped on the filter, so i can keep my shutter at double my frame rate. You should know that now ive made a bunch of videos about it, but my frame rate is: is 5.1 k? 30.. Oh, my gosh. This looks gorgeous this bridge and the 5.1 k30 you you want to be double your frame rate, so 32s are 60, so you see my shutter is at 60 sixtieth, so thats double my my frame rate and as a result, normally your image would just look like Blown out, but because i have the filter on and of course i have my aperture up, because the higher you go in the aperture generally the sharper it gets until you go too high, but at this aperture yeah ive got a nice nice crisp, clean image, maximum Flight altitude, its nice, that the filter covers the whole spectrum, which is nice one glass that just covers the whole spectrum.

Who knows what the camera is using in terms of settings? But it is what it is so yeah if you, if youre into using this telephoto lens its good to know that these filters from pgy tech, even though theyre variable they cover the whole spectrum. And i dont see any um discoloration or any kind of loss in image quality in the corners. It looks just fine, so were going to put up the free, well filters next, which is not variable here. We go put that aside. Now this one has polarization which could affect the color a little bit depending on the polarization. I hate made a whole video here about polarization, so you could go check it out with another drone, but you know these drones are all the same in terms of how they operate in the cameras, so youve seen one pretty much youll know how to apply it To this one, so basically we just got to make sure we follow the shape at the bottom here, where the camera, where the camera has like a flat edge over here, you can see the filter has like a flat edge over here. All right put it in and twist it lock it close there. You go, of course now with the polarization you could turn the drone on and tweak it, but im just gon na set it standard at the mark where it comes lets kind of zero. It out lets, try these out and see.

If it looks any different, you tell me the light hasnt changed that much now you see the difference here is that, apart from the polarization it looks like a little color shift over here, there may be a little color shift going on. What do you think, but the ends look clean right of the image. I dont see any kind of problems with these filters. Everything looks clean. Everything looks good right, so i think any one of these two brands you go with its just personal preference. They both make solid filters and its good that the options are out there and its its much cheaper than just buying the fly more kit and just throwing all all your money in dji. Nothing wrong with that. If you, if youre a fan of dji and you want to support their business, but you know, if youre like me and youre watching every dollar, especially when this drone starts at 200 bucks and you want to save as much money as you can and still have. Your hands on the mavic 3, then then yeah so yeah. I think i see a little shift in the color. That could just be me ill put the two images up, so you can see im not flying the exact same path but ill. Try and there you go all right nice now for the hobbyist. This is probably the ultimate hobbyist drone. The creme de la creme of hobbyist drones right in terms of what you get from dji you go all right.

Lets stop lets bring it back big filters for a big guy right here. I dont think you can go wrong with either brand or either one of these filters huge thumbs up great way to save money lets see if the jack strap will fit with the yeah. The drock strap fits goes right up with the jack, strap, no problem chances of you taking off with the filter um when you dont need one is definitely less when using these because of the color and how the shape and just how they stand out. So i thought id mention that all right therell be links in the description section below now. With that being said, make sure you give this video a huge thumbs up, make sure you hit subscribe and hit the bell to get notified. When i release new mavic 3 videos – and with that being said, i will catch you guys whenever i can make sure you become a patreon guys, big benefits to patreon get direct access to me. Any questions im right here on patreon support this channel and theres benefits.