The early testers and reviewers launched kind of positive reviews and comparisons out, but we of course had to wait for peoples reactions. People started smashing. The drone complaining about an unfinished product, overpriced and not being innovative. A lot has been talked in the past weeks about firmware updates, a social title lens and in my past, livestream ive been really getting a closer feeling that people are not just unhappy, but they are actually considering even buying another brand. By the way 40 percent said they would yes consider buying an hotel which is huge, and this is really worrying, and then i thought you know what just let me ask some of the big names in the drone niche. The drone youtubers just one single question: why do you think there is so much hate against the mavic 3 simple question, yet very, very interesting? What youre about to listen to as im recording this intro? I have not yet seen or watched the videos that they sent me in. However, ill also give my own opinion at the end of this video, so huge. Thank you to the guys that took the time doing a video sending it to me and some of them. I didnt know some of them. I never contacted its been a pleasure thanks a lot and, of course, all of their channels are included in the description, nothing really to say. I really hope that you enjoy this premiere lets go hi im young hi, alex russ here from 51 drones, hey alex! Thank you for having me hi, alex amigo, huge thanks to alex for having me here on his channel to discuss the mavic 3.

hi alex russ. Here from 51 drones – and i think there are several reasons why the mavic 3 has been getting so much negative press since it was released, but im going to tell you the three reasons that i think its getting so much hate number one. The expectations were set. So far, ahead of time for the average flyer for the hobbyist for the consumer, like there were so many specs and photos and just everything that just kept bombarding us, and so although the hobbyists were like hey, i cant wait to get rid of my mavic 2. Pro or my mavic air 2 and spend a few more dollars and get into the mavic 3., but the problem is when it was released and we saw the pricing. I think most people realize that oh, this isnt a consumer drone. This is a prosumer drone and i was not expecting that so i think thats number one number two. It is a prosumer drone, but yet it runs on the dji flyout and that just does not make sense to me like it should have been dji go 4 or maybe develop a new app to go along with the mavic 3, but they dont go together. This is a consumer level program, app that runs a prosumer drone and that just doesnt make sense, and then, thirdly, and most importantly by far – and i think everyone else is going to say this as well – they released this drone before it was fully ready, like were Waiting for some firmware updates – and i get it some things happen like a couple weeks after a release – thats normal, but this is two months out before were going to see some of the most important features being available on this drone.

So people are like. Why would i buy a drone if i cant even use half of the things that are available on it, so thats bringing a lot of negativity as well, so why they made these decisions? I have no idea. I dont run a billion dollar multi billion dollar company. So i dont get to make those decisions, but maybe someday i will and i can make those kinds of decisions so anyway, thanks for having me on alex – and i cant wait to see what everyone else thinks that is a great question alice. But you know what i dont think that people really hate this drone. What they hate is, how is priced and the reason for that might be two things. One of them is because they call this thing mavic and when you say that automatically you create an expectation on people and right now that expectation not only in features but also in price, is completely disconnected. If you create a product that is called mavic and you put it under the consumer category, people would expect something in the range of the 18 or 20 hundred something like that. But if you create a product that is about four thousand, if you get the fly more combo or the 5000, if you get the cine, people are completely pissed off like its happening right now, so i dont think its a question of the drone itself. The drone is amazing, the camera is awesome and we have seen only the tip of the iceberg, but is the disconnection in the expectation of the public? What i think is wrong this time, so i was asked the question: why do people hate mavic 3 so much and to be honest, i dont hate mavic 3 at all.

I just think its a little bit pricey for what i do for me. Im still using air too, and i havent had a need to actually upgrade any further, because i do find air too still very sufficient. More than sufficient for my use as a small content creator. And if you compare the price between mavic 3 air, 2s and mini 2, then you can really see the price range is so different. And if any content creator ask me what drone i would recommend, i would definitely recommend either mini 2 or air2s, because i think the price range is just perfect, so i guess dji is not targeting mavic 3 to small to moderate content creator. Like me, perhaps thank you very much for inviting me to your video. I am tarcisio sanudo of mexico. My channel is bostonfly and this time i think there are many bad decisions of dji that are related to this kind of hate. And one is this: the remote controller, i dont understand how they put the same controller in the normal and the normal combo version, because this is an amazing, remote control. I use it a lot, but you are talking about the mavic 3. You dont even change the color too much with the drone. We dont have board buttons. There are real, really important buttons that we need. We we need another wheel, so yeah we have a um explorer mode. We need a wheel with that price.

You have to give something different. There is another thing that yeah for me was really example disappointing, because uh is is the finger, is that we dont have hyper lapses. Panoramas active track for me, hyperlapses is a very important thing. I have been doing it since the mavic 2 pro, so i was very excited to test in a camera so great that the camera that the mavic 3 has with the hyperlapses so yeah, if you dont, have the product ready, dont launch it. I understand there is many millions of dollars in game, but you can wait and do it next year. I think that was a bad decision, because you are like like entering with a drone that is in a really really high price. You need to do better in that kind of things you have to at least have it in the 95 percent ready, and there is another thing that i think is not a problem of dji and is the evolution, the evolution of the mavic series. If we remember five years ago, when the mavic pro arrived, it was a incredible drone, but it was not a professional drone yeah. It has a nice camera 4k, it its a really good drone, but it was not competition with the phantom 4 when inspired no, but many people start to fly drones because of the mavic pro. A lot of people just fly drones as a hobby. So when the mavic 2 pro came, it was a little bit more expensive, but with an amazing camera that now you can use it professional its a drone that i use it a lot professionally and for me, is a game changer, so yeah many people is angry Because they thought that the the mavic 3 will be similar in price than the mavic 2 pro, but we have to understand that the camera and many other things is a really really big update.

But i want to say this: the mavic 3 is amazing, for me is the best drone that i could have its a drone. That is really for me. A supe, 900 grams drone with this capabilities is the best tool that i could have todays hardware is there and its incredible, but there are many work to do in the firmware and yeah the remote controller comes so subtitles, please so thats all. Thank you very much. Alex thank you to your audience and my fellow youtube creators, its an honor to be in the same video ciao. Hey there, everyone hows it going. My name is billy kyle and a huge thanks to alex for having me here on his channel to discuss the mavic 3.. Now i just got back in after a very long and cold night of flying these three drones: the air 2s, the mavic 2 pro and the mavic 3, and tonight, more than other times that ive flown these three drones, i felt incredibly spoiled by the mavic 3.. Its got better range, its got a better signal, its got better performance, it can handle the wind better, its got a better camera, its got longer flight time, its got better obstacle avoidance. I mean the mavic 3 is obviously the best drone on this table. But like is it 2200 better than these other drones, the mavic 2 pro and the air 2s? So as soon as alex came to me and said, hey lets team up lets collab for a video.

I want to kind of get some other peoples opinions on the hate surrounding the mavic 3, because there are some people mentioning some things they dont like about this drone. The first thing that came to mind was the price tag of the mavic 3.. Now i think that you have to remember that the inspire and the phantom, which were like at the top of djis drone lineup havent, been updated in four five six years. Honestly ive lost count so now the mavic 3 has kind of entered that top spot. As the go to professional level, drone like right now, if im somebody thats gon na, be picking up a drone for professional aerial, video or aerial photo im. Choosing the mavic 3.. The mavic 3 has almost entered this fully professional level, and really i wouldnt recommend it to any hobbyists people that just fly for fun unless youve got the cash to spend and youre somebody that just wants the best of the best. But you know weve seen like the mavic pro always kind of be in that sweet spot like its, not necessarily the best drone that dji sells, but its also, not the worst so its like hey. This is the great sweet spot. Let me buy this drone and ever since then weve seen these price increases right, original mavic, pro 9.99 mavic 2 pro 1749. It ended up going to after the initial price hike and now weve got 22 hundred dollars for the mavic 3.

. So weve kind of seen this evolution of the mavic continue to be like djis top end drone, and i think that now more than ever, it really is prevalent that the mavic 3 is for professionals and the air 2s is for prosumers right. So the air2s is great for somebody that maybe wants to do work professionally, aerial, photography and videography, but its also priced perfectly for the weekend warrior for the hobbyist. That wants a great drone for the money with great flight time. Great obstacle avoidance system, great camera, great transmission system, the air 2s delivers on all of those things. But if youre, a professional that demands a larger sensor, a prores, workflow or lets say better range, better obstacle of wooden sensors. Then you go with the mavic 3.. So, in my opinion, do i consider the mavic 3 expensive yeah its definitely expensive, but i dont think its overpriced. I think what it delivers, its perfectly priced for the professional thats, going to be able to pick this drone up and make money with it. And i think that if you look at the specs, it really does tell the tale right being able to shoot in prores. Being able to use the rc pro being able to uh have you know, take advantage of the micro four thirds sensor theres a lot that this drone has to offer that you simply dont get really in any other drone on the market that can fold so yeah Thats my take on whether its overpriced or not.

Is it expensive? Yes? Is it overpriced? No, because for the professional it is going to be something they can make back in a day or two, because it is going to fit their workflow so again alex thanks for having me on, and i cant wait to hear what these other guys have to say. My honest opinion, guys djis strategy of constantly overlapping products may have gone a little bit wrong this time. Let me explain this to you until november 4. For me, the mavic 2 pro was king and in this channel, ive always defended the mavic 2 pro versus the air 2s very carefully, and all the tests showed that the mavic 2 pro was slightly better in image quality than the air 2s. But after the release of the mavic 3, the mavic 2 pro is just completely gone. Doesnt make sense anymore, nor for the budget note for the quality. Note. 4, nothing! Of course. Now the air 2s is the best drone value for price and lets be honest. The mavic 3 is here to replace the phantom land and thats a fact, as nostalgic people have always hoped for some kind of new phantom. But i got ta say that at this point i think its completely dead and it doesnt really make sense anymore. Unless a new phantom would replace the inspire line and heres the game right, what i mean here guys is that the mavic 3 doesnt make any sense anymore for the occasional traveler or the regular and average consumer.

There are way better options, especially if you care about the money. Of course, this doesnt mean that the mavic 3 is a bad drone. In fact, i do believe its the best consumer or prosumer drone that we have had until this point, even though a few things are really hard to understand, such as not releasing the drone with its full capabilities or that awful talent. But we know that christmas and black friday are the most selling events of the year. So in djis balance, what do we do? Should we release an unfinished product but get the sales from christmas and black friday, or should we wait for early next year and you know, release the drone with its full capabilities and we avoid people being so mad at us? They decided to go with the early sales with at some point, is kind of understandable. On the other hand, in terms of marketing, i do believe they made a great step until last year. It was kind of chaotic for someone that has no idea about drones. Stepping into the drone world and having all those names like mavic, mavic mini then only mini 2, then air 2 air 2s phantom 4 phonto4 pro v2, its been simplified. Now the name mavic, which is right now, the most powerful resource for dji, has become the pro line inside the consumer market. Of course it has become the pro land and there is only the mavic 3.

mavic 2 pro is not even in stock anymore. Then we have the airline, the air 2s in this case, which hopefully sometimes soon will become the air 3, which would be like the intermediate level best value for price. And finally, we do have the mini line, which is kind of the beginners entry level for anyone coming new into the world or someone that just wants a drone for some sporadic use. So thats easy and simple for everyone, however – and this is the most important – i do – have the feeling that its the first time that there is an open door for some other brands. I do believe that the gap between the air2s priced at one thousand dollars and the mavic through and the mavic 3, which is at least 2200 bucks, is way too big and heres the questions. What would happen if, right now hotel would release a drone with a decent micro, four third inch camera and all the good specs of these days priced at around sixteen to eight hundred dollars. Exciting times are coming, and i of course expect a much more higher priced air 3 in the future and, of course, dji wont ever let us down. So nothing really has to say guys. I really hope that you enjoyed this type of video. I thought it was interesting to have all these people answering to one single question, thanks again to every single one of them, taking their time, sending in their videos and explaining a little bit, something very honest and remember to sub to all of them.

They are nice. Lads people that know a lot about drones, so nothing brothers to say. I hope that you enjoyed leave the thumb if you made it this far, leave a comment.